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Tongue-Tied by not_unlikely
Chapter 1 : Introduction to my life.
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Hi, My name is Danielle Marie Stevens. Though, better known as Dani. I'm sixteen years young and I'm attending Hogwarts for my sixth year now. I'm in Gryffindor, which is the most amazing house ever.
Okay well that's just my opinion, but whatever.

I have plain blue eyes and blonde hair. It always a mess and is abnormally straight.

My life is pretty normal. I've got a pretty cool family and exceptional friends, and the biggest crush ever. 

Okay so lets start off with my family. I have a mum, a dad, and a younger brother. My parents are so cool. My mom's a muggle and my dad is a pureblood, not that it matters though. I could care less what they are or what I am. I dont discriminate against muggle-borns, seeing as i am a halfblood and one of my closest friends is muggleborn.My dad attended Hogwarts, and is now working in the wizarding world. My mum's a nurse at a Muggle Hospital in England and my dad works at a quality quidditch supply store in Diagon Alley. 
My little brother's name is Agneous. Hopefully for him, he'll be starting Hogwarts next year. He's a great brother, though he's very loud and quite nosey. All the same, I love him though. I love all of my family dearly.

Next there's my great friends.
My two best friends in the whole entire universe are Haley Rebecca Jamerson and Kelly Anne Phypher.  I met them both in my first year, and they are the most terriffic friends that a girl like myself could possibly have.

First off, there's Haley. Haley is the sweetest, most kind hearted person ever. She'd do anything for you and she's always got your back, even when you may not think that she does. She's really smart, and she's also very pretty. She's a muggle-born, but like I said before, I could care less. She has short, wavy, chesnut colored hair with the prettiest hazel eyes. She's slim and looks good in just about anything that she wears. I'm so jealous of her figure. She's also got an adorable boyfriend named Jeffery. He's in Ravenclaw and he's extremely smart. I've had the kid help me with my homework a few times. Because that's the props that you get for having a pretty friend with an intelligent boyfriend.

Next, there's Kelly Anne. Kelly is one of the greatest friends ever. She's highly sarcastic and she definately knows how to have a good time. Kelly is really tough. She is one of the nicest people, but if you catch her on her bad side, you can bet that she'll probably be kicking your arse. Kelly is one of those people that you either love to love or you love to hate, but there's no in between. Most seem to just love her though, because to hate her would mean that you'd be getting kicked a lot.
She doesn't take crap from people. And she hates drama. It's not her scene, nor is it mine. She is pureblood, but she'd never let that go to her head. Kelly has Long, curly red hair. it's so pretty and I'd die for hair like hers. She attracts quite a few of guys with her hair,and freckles. Though she usually just flirts with the lot of them. She's not one to be held down in a relationship. I don't blame her though. With a face like hers, I wouldn't want to be held down in a relationship either. Not when I could be flirting with every guy in our year.

Last but not least there's my crush.
I've liked this guy since our very first year at Hogwarts.
Well technically since I first saw him on the train and heard him talking to someone that had red hair just like his. I've always had a sort-of fatal attraction towards him. It's kind of sad really. 
Everyone seems to think that he's an arrogant prat, which I really can't disagree with them. He always has a smuggish look on his face and he seems to think that he's better than everyone else just because he's a prefect. But that's what i like about him. He's not like other guys. He's extremely serious about his studies and his grades. And he always follows the rules.
Why I like him, still not fully sure. He's definately not Gryffindors most loved male prefect. 
My crush doesn't see me as anything other than a girl. To him I'm just an obnoxious, loud, too-funny-for-his-liking, kind of girl. 
He's never seen me as anything more. 
But this year is going to be different. This year he is going to notice me as more than just an average Gryffindor girl. 
This year, Percy Ignatius Weasley is going to see me as the girl.

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