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Harry Potter and the Final Countdown by Lopie
Chapter 14 : A Serious Problem
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Chapter Fourteen
A Serious Problem 


“Ow.” Harry said after a hard side kick to his stomach. “So you see what I’m saying?” He asked just as he jumped and spun with his right foot out and narrowly missed Kei before he landed and continued his spin to knock Kei’s feet from under him causing him to fall on his back.

“Ryo doesn’t think the woman understands what he feels.” Kei said as he pushed himself off the ground and landed on his feet. “He’d rather speak to someone who understands, like he did with you last night.” He finished just as Harry avoided his right cross.

“Exactly.” Harry said as he kicked Kei in the stomach. “He feels like he needs someone who can relate so they can understand it all. But he also says he wanted to learn because he doesn’t want to feel scared anymo- ooh.” He finished as Kei hit him in the sternum. Harry held up a finger to get Kei to pause for a second while he caught his breath.

“I understand that.” Kei said. “I didn’t like talking to her either. He could have told me that.”

“He was afraid you’d think he was arguing with what you told him.” Harry said, still gasping for breath.

Kei nodded. “I do that sometimes.” He admitted. “But I would have come around soon enough. Maybe we should just get Ryo and Takeshi here and talk to them about it. We both understand more than that doctor does. It might help you out more too.”

“What…” Harry paused and finally sucked in a deep breath. “What do you mean?”

“I think we need to take more drastic steps with your training.” Kei said. “You didn’t have the years of training we did and your body suffers a lot more because of it. Even showing you the proper way to take a punch and kick can only do so much. You need to get your body used to taking the blows.”

Harry nodded. “Okay, so we’re going to try training therapy for your brothers too then?” He asked.

“If you agree.” Kei said.

“Let’s do it.” Harry said. “How do you feel about them helping Hagrid look after the pumpkin patch and anything else he might be able to offer them?”

“It’s no problem, but aside from them making some spare money what is the point?” Kei asked.

“Just to keep their minds busy sometimes.” Harry said. “School work only does so much. Sometimes you need to be a bit distracted to keep your mind off of things.” Harry stood up straight and prepared for the next round of training.

Kei nodded and moved forward and attacked with a spin kicked that didn’t land. “Sounds like a good thing. Help them with responsibility too. I like i- ah!” He finished as Harry’s foot connected with his jaw. Kei held up a hand and shook his head for a second. “You’ve got a hell of a spin kick Harry.”

“Thanks.” Harry said.


“I’m glad you could all make it this evening children.” Dumbledore said as he looked at the three Gryffindors in front of him. “I trust you see one less player than you all expected. I have unfortunate news for you all on that situation.”

“What is it sir?” Ron asked curiously.

“Mr. Potter has asked me to inform you of his resignation as seeker of your team.” Dumbledore said to them.

“What?!” Ron yelled angrily. “Why would he do that? Why wouldn’t he at least tell us?!”

“Because, Mr. Weasley, his resignation was forced on him.” Dumbledore answered.

“What do you mean sir?” Ginny asked him.

“Young Mr. Potter had to make an exceptionally hard choice for himself.” Dumbledore said. “On one hand was to not let you three down, Mr. Weasley in particular. On the other hand he could help students achieve their goal in life, which seems even more important in the grand scheme of things. As such, he chose to resign as seeker to become a professor here.”

“A professor?” Demelza asked Dumbledore.

“Yes.” Dumbledore said. “Mr. Potter is currently teaching nine students here how to be aurors, and if his experience in his fifth year is being used I have no doubt he is doing rather well.”

“But why would you make him quit sir?” Ron asked. “He’s not that busy, is he?”

Dumbledore shook his head. “Unfortunately, it was not my decision to make. If it was you would not be hearing this but instead would planning your next practice with Harry already.”

“Why didn’t he tell us?” Ginny asked.

Dumbledore smiled gently at the young girl in front of him. “Harry has a flaw about him. You may have noticed it by now. He cannot bear the thought of hurting or disappointing his friends in any way. Not the worse flaw for a person, but a flaw in its own way. He felt this would be a great disappointment to Mr. Weasley, to the point of fearing that Mr. Weasley would feel Harry let him down. He could not handle that. It is as such that I volunteered to do the unpleasant task for him.”

“But he loves quidditch Headmaster.” Ron said seriously. “Isn’t there something you can do?”

Dumbledore shook his head. “I have tried all I know, including working with the Minister to go against the Board of Governors. We cannot make sway them on this decision.” He said.

“So he picked training us over quidditch?” Ginny asked sadly. “Why would he do that?”

Dumbledore smiled at her again then. “Because of the same flaw I mentioned earlier.” He said. “You all want to be aurors. He cannot disappoint you there either. So he made the choice he felt most important to you all.”

“But couldn’t someone else train us sir?” Ginny asked.

“The Minister only managed the training class now because of the mention of Harry’s involvement in it. If Harry is to stop training you all the class is cancelled permanently.” Dumbledore answered. “The Minister spoke to me at length about this after the end of term last year. I am sorry children. I ask that you not blame Mr. Potter for this situation as it doubtless hurts him as much as you.”

“It’s not his fault.” Ron said sadly. “I’m going to miss playing quidditch and knowing he’s there to catch the snitch first though.”

Dumbledore smiled at Ron. “I believe I agree.” He said. “It is always very entertaining to watch Mr. Potter when he is in a game.”

“Thank you for telling us Headmaster.” Ginny said.

“You’re welcome children.” Dumbledore said. “You may go. I believe you all have a lot of work since you need so many people for a new team. I wish you well, and I hope you win again this year. Good evening children.”


Hermione made her way to the Room of Requirement and opened the door. She was shocked at what she saw. Kei and Harry were both gasping for breath but talking between blows as they fought back and forth. She almost cried as she saw Harry take two kicks and fall to the floor, holding both his hands up for a pause which Kei easily gave.

“Harry!” Hermione exclaimed. “Are you all right?”

Harry coughed a few times. “I’m fine Hermione.” He said. “Just need to catch my breath.”

“What are you doing to yourselves?!” Hermione exclaimed. “Are you trying to kill each other?”

“No.” Kei answered. “We’re trying to keep each other from getting killed.”

“How?” Hermione asked angrily as she turned on Kei. “By putting yourselves in the hospital wing?”

“By strengthening our bodies to handle a physical confrontation.” Kei answered. “Not all attacks come at the end of a wand Hermione. A muggle born, above all others, should know that best.”

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked furiously.

“Think about it Hermione.” Kei replied. “How many muggles use a wand and magic to hurt someone?”

Hermione nodded her understanding. “But I still don’t see why you have to be so vicious! It’s pointless.”

“No it’s not.” Harry said as he stood up. “There’s a good point to it. Kei can take a punch and a kick. I can’t. Kei attacks me hard to get me used to the feeling. I have to be able to take it. If not I’ve got a weakness that can be exploited.” Harry shook his head. “I can’t let that happen.”

Hermione had tears in her eyes when he said that. She wanted to hug him and tell him everything would be fine and he didn’t have to do this anymore, but she knew she couldn’t. That is the one thing that hurt her the most. She felt for her friend, her brother, but she couldn’t tell him everything would be all right because she knew he wouldn’t believe it. He would know it wasn’t true.

“I’m sorry Harry.” Hermione said. “Maybe I should go.” With that she turned and went to the door.

“What did you want Hermione?” Harry asked.

“Huh?” Hermione asked as she turned back.

“What did you want?” Harry asked. “You’ve never come here before while we were practicing. You must want something.”

“I wanted to tell you I’m sorry.” Hermione said. “Jen told me about you not being able to play quidditch.”

Harry nodded sadly. “Its okay.” He said. “Just gotta handle bigger things is all.”

Hermione shook her head. “You don’t have to pretend with me Harry.” She said. “I know it bothers you.”

“Of course it bothers me Hermione.” Harry said. “I love to play quidditch. I’ve ended up in the hospital wing about once a year from it and I still can’t wait to get out there again. But what I’m doing now is important. Ginny and Ron will be able to get the job they dream of because of it. How can I say no to it now?”

“But why didn’t you tell Ron and me about it?” Hermione asked. “Or even Ginny?”

“Because Ron might not understand.” Harry said. “He stands a better chance of either blaming himself or thinking I’ve given up on the team. What’s the chance he would understand that I’m doing this because he’s my friend and I would do anything to help him? I couldn’t hurt him like that. I couldn’t even do that to Ginny. I just don’t want to hurt them like that is all Hermione.”

Hermione smiled. “I understand Harry.” She said. “Don’t beat yourself up about it too much.”

“No problems there.” Harry said with a slight smile. “I’ve got Kei to beat me up plenty, I don’t have to beat myself up.”

Hermione laughed. “How much pain relieving potion do you both have?” She asked.

“I’ll have to make some more tonight.” Kei answered.

“I’ll make some for you both.” Hermione said. “Just tell me when you two run low and I’ll make some more. Just come to the common room tonight.”

“Okay Hermione.” Kei said.

“Thanks.” Harry said.

“Just don’t get hurt too much.” Hermione said. “Don’t end up in the hospital wing. If you do I won’t visit you.”

“Deal.” Harry said as he pushed himself to his feet.

Hermione closed the door and walked to the common room thoughtfully. She needed to talk to someone about what she saw but she didn’t know who. She’d never seen anyone train like that before. It seemed almost like they were attacking each other. An idea came to her as she walked into the common room and saw two boys sitting down doing their schoolwork. She walked up to them and sat down.

“Can I talk to you two a moment?” Hermione asked.

“Hai.” Takeshi answered.

“Hi.” Hermione said.

“Baka!” Ryo said quickly. “Speak English!”

“Huh?” Hermione asked, now confused.

“Sorry.” Takeshi said with his head down. “I meant yes.”

“Oh.” Hermione said. She was now clearly confused but went on. “Do you two know about training?”

“Yeah.” Ryo said. “We’ve been training since we were four.”

“Is it normally a violent thing?” Hermione asked.

“All fighting is violent.” Takeshi said. “That’s what Dad always said.”

Hermione nodded. “But is it normally so violent that the people end up hurt bad enough for pain relieving potions every day?” She asked.

Ryo looked thoughtful. “I’ve been sore while training before.” He answered. “That’s not uncommon.”

“Not sore, but actually hurt.” Hermione said.

“Not normally no.” Ryo said. “But there are times when sparring goes a bit too far.”

“What about training to take a punch or a kick?” Hermione asked.

“That’s just a lesson in how to release your breath at the proper time.” Ryo said.

“Unless she means handling it.” Takeshi said.

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked.

“The basic training for taking a punch is just learning to release your breath when hit in the body and move your body with the punch or kick.” Takeshi answered. “But when strengthening the body to handle a punch you go through a lot of pain. It took me almost a year to be able to take a kick from Ryo, and Kei can still knock the air out of me.”

“It all depends on which one you mean.” Ryo said. “But I’ve never heard of anyone learning to handle blows every day.”

“What would happen if someone did?” Hermione asked.

“The body would get used to it quickly, but they’d need to be examined every week to make sure there were no internal problems.” Ryo said. “Dad would have us checked out every two weeks because he once had a student who ended up in the hospital because of kidney problems from receiving too many blows without proper medical attention.”

“Does Kei know this?” Hermione asked.

“I don’t know.” Ryo said. “I know it happened before I went to school. I’m not sure if Kei was around then or not. I know that Kei never trained us to handle that before.”

“Why are you asking us all these questions?” Takeshi asked curiously.

“Nothing serious.” Hermione said. “I was just curious is all. Thank you both.” Then Hermione left the common room as she heard Takeshi speak once more.

“Aitsu wa baka no da.” Takeshi said.

“No more than you.” Ryo said. “And speak English.”


“Okay, are we all ready to begin today?” Harry asked.

“Let’s do it.” Ron said with a grin.

“Good, I’ll take that as a yes from everyone.” Harry said. “If you look to the back of the class room you will see two things. One is a table full of books. The other is a door. We’re going to work in there today. On the way I want you all to take one set of the books and put them in your bags. They will help you with the assignment. Let’s go everyone. Today will be fun.”

As they all walked to the back room Kei turned to Harry. “What are we going to do today?” He asked.

“We’re going to work on stealth.” He said. “If you don’t mind helping with that.”

“Not a problem at all.” Kei said. “But how will a classroom do that?”

“You’ll see. Let’s go.” Harry said and they both walked into the room.

The other room was just as Harry asked for. It was huge by comparison to most of the classrooms, being about the size of the great hall. Harry smiled as he saw it. The room had no windows that didn’t have heavy shutters on them. Even better was the objects placed throughout the room to hide behind.

“Not the training room again.” Ginny whimpered.

“Get used to it Gin.” Harry said as he heard this. “We spent the better part of a week in the room you’re talking about.”

“Wasn’t that like six months of the actual training though?” Ron asked.

Kei nodded sadly. “Ah, hell week.” He said in a depressing tone. “How I still cannot fathom missing you.”

Harry laughed. “Me either.” Harry said. “But this time is different. We’re making them go through it while we act like Tonks and Kingsley.”

“I refused to be stunned repeatedly.” Kei said with a laugh.

“Me too.” Harry said. “Maybe Rena would find it interesting.”

“Doubt it.” Kei said.

“Me too.” Harry said.

“What are we supposed to do here?” Sally-anne asked.

“Well, if your auror was really training you right there’s a good chance you’d hate this place near as much as Ginny does.” Harry answered.

“I remember this place.” Ron said. “Kind of enjoyed it myself.”

“So we do have one psychotic person in the bunch.” Kei said with a grin.

“Today we are going to teach you all the value of stealth.” Harry said. “And exactly how important it is.”

“How are you going to do that Harry?” Ginny asked curiously.

“Simple.” Harry said. “There are nine of you and two of us. Your goal is to stun us before we stun all of you.”

“That doesn’t sound so hard.” Hannah said seriously.

“You haven’t tried it.” Susan replied. “It’s bloody tough to get them.”

“Now here comes the trick to it all.” Harry said. “No magic that isn’t wordless. If I hear you speak a single spell you fail. Then it goes by time. The longer you last the better your grade. Oh, and Sally-anne.”

“Yes?” Sally-anne asked.

“No sacrificing.” Harry said with a slight grin as the other students laughed. “Teams of two people. Ron and Susan, Padma and Parvati, Lavender and Ginny, which leaves Hannah, Sally-anne, and Colin together. Before we begin, are there any questions?”

“How exactly is this a stealth exercise?” Ginny asked. “We can all see you perfectly and you can see us as well.”

Harry walked to one corner of the room and Kei followed. Harry looked at Kei. “Know the layout of the place?” He asked.

“In my sleep.” Kei said. “It’s just like the training room.”

“Good.” Harry said. Then he turned to his students. “The training exercise begins when I say go. Got it?” They all nodded. Harry smiled and waved his wand at the windows. Once all the shutters sealed shut the room was thrust into darkness which caused Kei to laugh. “Go!” He yelled and moved quickly as he saw nine spells strike out at the same time.

He knew that it might be considered cheating but he used his glasses to let him see in the dark. Harry wanted to see how they worked in this situation and not watching them would be a mistake in his mind. He observed everyone carefully before checking on Kei. He saw him at the opposite end of the room he was at earlier and smiled as he knew no one heard him. Then he looked on his students again and a smile crept up on his lips.

“Kei! Attack on sound!” Harry yelled and moved behind a block as nine spells came for him.

“We got him!” Colin exclaimed and Harry looked up and fought the urge to laugh as he saw Kei cast three of the fastest stunning spells he’d ever seen. This caused Colin, Hannah and Sally-anne to fall in a matter of seconds.

“Even if you did, which you didn’t, you still have me to worry about!” Kei yelled loudly. Harry watched him move just as quickly to move away from six stunning spells aimed at him.

Harry then went back to watching the students work. He was impressed most by Ginny. He knew Tonks taught her well, but he never imagined that she was taught that well. Her footsteps were unheard and he knew she hadn’t cast the silencing charm on her shoes because of the way she moved. Her steps were tentative and slow, but she never came close to an object.

Lavender went down two minutes in. She walked right into a pillar just as Ginny tried to stop her movement. Ginny ducked as the sound was heard and almost pulled Lavender out of the way when Kei’s stunner hit her.

“Oh shit!” Ron exclaimed three minutes later as he walked into a wall and Harry stunned him at the sound while Kei stunned Susan.

Ginny was still moving well, and Harry smiled at this. Padma and Parvati were doing brilliantly as well. They seemed to be in their element now. This seemed like just another day at the park for them and so Harry decided to step this up a notch.

“Kei, wanna play a game?” Harry asked and avoided the three stunning spells that came in his direction.

“What’s that?” Kei asked before he dodged the spells as well.

“Tag!” Harry said and dodged the spells before apparating across the room. “While this class is going on the apparition wards are removed from this room.” Then he apparated again.

“Who’s it?” Kei asked from the other side of the room than he was on a second ago before returning to it.

“We are.” Harry said and apparated behind Ginny.

“Sounds fun.” Kei said from Harry’s right which told Harry that Kei was already to his left and moved to again be behind Ginny.

Harry took a soft breath and got close to Ginny’s ear. “Tag, you’re it.” He said before apparating behind Padma and Parvati. “Tag!” He yelled then apparated behind Ginny as she managed to take down Padma. “Over here.” He yelled and Ginny ducked as a spell came her way followed by the sound of Parvati falling to the floor. Harry appeared next to Kei and whispered. “Gin’s good. She knew what was going to happen.”

“Why don’t you take her out?” Kei whispered back.

“That’s cheating.” Harry replied. “I only stunned Ron cause he talked. Colin could have done that.”

“Where is she?” Kei asked.

“Center of the room. Closer to the other side though.” Harry replied. “Don’t use that though. Wait for sound or a spell. Same as the others.”

“Got it.” Kei said. “You going to get in on this game though?”

“Yeah, I’m moving now and going blind.” Harry said. “I’ve seen enough.”

“Okay.” Kei said.

Harry apparated to the other side of the room and took one last look at Ginny before setting his glasses back to normal. Then he smiled as he realized that Ginny had passed this test brilliantly so far. Time to test the last part of it all.

“Hey Gin, you’re killing the curve you know.” Harry said and prepared to dodge a spell when he saw her spell shoot in the opposite direction and heard Kei fall. He laughed and stunned her in that second. When he heard her fall to the ground he opened the shutters again and looked around the room with a grin. Sure enough Ginny was unconscious, but so was Kei. Harry woke Ginny up and pointed to Kei. “Well, you took one of us down at least.”

“I thought it would have been you.” Ginny said. “That was a mean trick getting someone else to almost stun me.”

“I could have stunned you myself.” Harry said. “Besides, you stunned Padma.”

“Oh god!” Ginny exclaimed. “I didn’t mean to!”

“It was an accident.” Harry said. “Had she ducked like you did you wouldn’t have.”

“Okay.” Ginny said.

“Good.” Harry replied. “Now, for doing so well you get to wake everyone up. I’ll get Kei.”

“Okay.” Ginny said and got to work.

Five minutes later everyone was sitting back in the classroom and waiting eagerly to hear their scores. Harry was speaking with Kei trying to figure out if he agreed with what Harry thought. After a few more minutes Kei sat on the table at the back of the class while Harry wrote down their grades for the day. Then he walked around his desk and sat on it to talk to the students who were looking more eager than ever.

“Well, did you all have fun?” Harry asked with a grin.

“I got stunned and walked into a wall.” Ron said. “Not the best experience.”

“For me either. I trained you and you were still thick enough to yell during a stealth exercise.” Harry said firmly. “What does that say about me when I’m saying the others weren’t trained well?”

“Sorry Harry.” Ron said.

Harry shook his head. “That’s why this is training everyone!” He exclaimed. “So you have the chance to say your sorry and learn from it all. Now, for about half of you this was a very new experience. I understand that well. Now, we can do this the nice way and I won’t tell anyone their scores, or I can tell you your scores now in front of everyone before we leave. Either way, you have stuff to work on and you’ll get that before you leave. So raise your hand if you want to know how you did.” Harry said six hands raise quickly. Harry smiled. “Colin, Hannah, and Sally-anne, why don’t you want to know?”

“We all got Troll didn’t we?” Hannah asked.

“No.” Harry said. “You and Sally-anne got Dreadful. Colin got Troll.”

“Why do I get Troll?” Colin asked in a hurt tone.

Harry seemed to get enraged by this. “WHY DID YOU GET TROLL?! WHY?! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU DID?” He bellowed, then stopped and took a deep breath. “No whining in this class ever again Colin. In a real mission your entire team would have been dead because of you! You would have been responsible for their deaths as well as your own! You’re lucky I don’t have a lower grade to give or I would! Inexperience is no excuse! Never celebrate till the missions over, and possibly not even then! Do what you must and get out safe! Never cheer yourself on!”

“Harry!” Kei yelled. “Calm down.”

Harry took a deep breath. “You’re right Kei.” Harry said. Then he turned his attention to Sally-anne and Hannah. “You two didn’t even bother to block the spells or look out for your team mates. You both fell immediately along with Colin in the first minute. Do I have to explain your grades further?” When they shook their heads wide eyed Harry continued. “Ron, dreadful. Never open your mouth on a stealth exercise again. Next time I’ll put a parseltongue silencing charm on you for a week so you get the point. Got it?” Ron nodded quickly. “Lavender, Acceptable. You were silent up until you walked into that pillar. I want you to work on your footwork more. It’ll help you to survive in the future.” Lavender smiled at this and nodded quickly.

“Padma and Parvati, Acceptable. You two stood out well today. Your movements were fluid and calm, you never seemed out of place, and you lasted almost the longest. Padma, I’m going to keep you on your dodging for now because that’s what got you stunned today. A surprise and you were out. Good work you two.” Harry continued and the two only nodded. “And for today’s best. Ginny. I can’t give you full marks cause you did make the mistake of stunning Padma instead of me. But you also learned from the situation and managed to surprise Kei enough to stun him. You also lasted the longest and tried to save your partner when she made her mistake. I understand why Tonks talked about your stealth so much yesterday. You did Outstanding.” He said with a grin. “I’m proud of you.”

“Thank you Harry.” Ginny said.

“How do you know all this?” Sally-anne asked. “It seems to me you are just making things up.”

“Really Sally-anne?” Harry asked. “You think because all of you were blind in the dark I was too?”

“How could you not be?” Sally-anne asked. “No one else could see.”

“No one else has the skills Harry has either.” Kei said sternly from the back of the room. “I’ve seen Harry see through darkness powder, and that’s darker than that room was today. If he’s telling you something it’s true. Don’t get above yourself by thinking without all the knowledge of something. If Harry wanted he could have stunned every one of you in the first minute and he could have led my wand right to Ginny and let me stun her, but instead he wanted it to be fair. The only person he stunned while looking through the darkness was Ron and that was because he talked during a stealth exercise. But since you question his knowledge I’ll be sure to let Tonks know so she can come and speak with you personally.”

“He was right.” Sally-anne said under her breath.

“Who was right?” Harry asked.

“Darvion.” Sally-anne shot back. “He said you all thought you were so much better than everyone else because you all have the Order of Merlin, but he said you never even had a real mission before! You’re just fakes! The only reason you’re aurors is because you’re the boy who lived!”

Harry stood up then and looked at Sally-anne with a look that terrified everyone else. “Do you want to know what a real mission is Sally-anne?” He asked. Then he turned to the clock before looking at Kei. “You want to hear this one?” Kei closed his eyes.

“Tell the whole thing.” Kei said softly. “Even why.”

Harry nodded. “Well, little Miss Perks, you’re in for a treat.” He said. “A few weeks ago Kei father, and Jen’s parents were murdered by death eaters. Kei and Jen were kept from this mission because of it. Tonks, Kingsley, Rena, and I were sent into a warehouse full of death eaters to bring- bring them back. By full of death eaters I don’t mean one or two. I mean along the lines of twenty to thirty. Only two death eaters managed to be arrested.”

“So you let the rest get away!” Sally-anne exclaimed. “Just what I thought!”

“You little git!” Ginny yelled as she aimed her wand at Sally-anne. “None of the others were arrested cause their dead! And if you don’t start treating Harry with respect you’ll wish you were!”

“Ginny!” Harry yelled. “Sit down!” Ginny jumped at the look on Harry’s face and sat quickly. “Fifteen points from Gryffindor. There is no wand pointing or threatening in this school! Sally-anne, I want you out of my class now. Forget this career choice and go into something that requires less intelligence.”

Sally-anne stared at Harry angrily. “You can’t do this! You don’t have the right!” She exclaimed.

“I do have the right, and I am doing this.” Harry said. “Get out, or I’ll have Kei remove you. We all know how he loves to give you the attention you deserve. Tonks will receive your resignation as soon as class is over.”

“The Headmaster will hear of this!” Sally-anne exclaimed as she grabbed her books and stormed out of the class.

“Like he can stop me.” Harry muttered. “Anyone else want to leave or complain to the Headmaster? Let me tell you all now. The school is not actually in charge of this class. Tonks is in charge of me and I’m in charge of this class. Complaints should be made to her and not the Headmaster if you have any.” Harry stated and then took a deep breath. “Ginny, I appreciate you and your urge to protect me but if you can’t control yourself here I’ll have to remove you from the class. I can’t let you get away with acting like that here. Understand?”

Ginny nodded. “Sorry Harry.” She said.

“Be sorry after I get in trouble for it.” Harry said. “Now that Sally-anne is gone, on to what you all have to work on. Colin, Hannah, and Padma, you’re on dodging still. Colin, I want you to write me a one foot paper on what you did wrong during the exercise. Ron, dodging and a foot and a half on how to act properly on a stealth exercise. Parvati and Ginny, you both did brilliantly today. If Ginny hadn’t stunned Kei I’d have given you both Outstanding, but Ginny set the curve rather high for you all. All of you need to keep working on the Unforgivable Curses essay. I want you all to meditate for at least thirty minutes tonight. Keep up with your exercises. Now, go and have a good day with the rest of it.”

Harry went back and sat behind his desk and just took very deep breaths while they left. When everyone was gone Kei walked up to him. “Are you okay?” Kei asked.

“I just had to yell at Ginny and take points off Gryffindor because of it.” Harry said. “This is a very difficult situation to be in. How can you feel okay about trying to have a relationship with someone and still acting like they’re a student and scolding them like that?”

Kei sighed and sat on the desk across from his. “I don’t know Harry. I’ve never been in that situation. I’m still afraid of trying to talk to the one decent seeming Slytherin girl just because she’s a Slytherin. How is that normal?”

“A Slytherin not wanting to date a Slytherin girl?” Harry said. “As bad as it sounds that sounds like a good Slytherin right there.”

“Ha, ha.” Kei replied.

“But if she seems decent then just talk to her.” Harry said. “If she is… the wrong sort of Slytherin, then you’ll know and you can move on with it. Otherwise you’ll be stuck regretting it if you don’t.”

Kei nodded. “I know.” He said. “It just doesn’t seem to be the right time. I feel like I should be devoting myself to my brothers right now and not thinking about any girl.”

Harry looked thoughtful. “A girl can’t change your connection to your brothers. Just remember to spend time with them. You don’t have to devote your life to them. You’ve got to have a bit of it for yourself too. Don’t worry about them so much. I’ll keep an eye on them as well.” He said.

Kei sat quiet for a minute, thinking. “You sure it wouldn’t be wrong?” He asked.

Harry smiled. “What if its love your giving up by not talking to her?” He asked. “What would your father say about that?”

Kei smiled. “He would say ‘Family is important, but don’t forget yourself.’. He was very firm about the idea that we should all find love in life.” He said.

“Then you have your answer.” Harry said. “From your father as well, so you know it’s good advice.”

Kei nodded. “I’ll try tonight.” He said. “After our training. Ryo and Takeshi are going to help you out a bit. It’s really going to be hell on you though.”

“Great.” Harry said. “Can’t wait.”

“Good.” Kei said. “But I have to go now. I’ve gotta get to class.”

“See you later.” Harry said.


“I’ve never seen Harry so angry Hermione.” Ginny said as she sat down next to her. “He nearly bit my head off. Took fifteen points from me and everything!”

“Ginny, you threatened someone in his class!” Hermione exclaimed. “That at least had to undermine his authority. Not to mention you broke school rules that are punishable by detention. Fifteen points is nothing compared to that.”

“I just don’t see why he was so angry at me.” Ginny said.

“It wasn’t just you Gin.” Ron said to her. “He was angry about a lot of stuff today. Even me.”

“What did you do?” Hermione asked.

“I screwed up in the stealth exercise.” Ron said. “He was right. I was being thick to have shouted in the middle of it.”

“Harry said that?” Hermione asked.

Ron nodded. “Like I said, he was right.” He said. “He worked with me a lot because of that the first time I was in the training room at the Ministry. But it wasn’t just that. Ginny made the mistake of doing what she did while Sally-anne had him angry about her as well as the story he told.”

“But why is that story so bad?” Ginny asked.

“You weren’t there that day Gin.” Ron said. “He came back and went straight to a shower and then bed. He didn’t leave that room till Kei went in there a day and a half after. Something hit him hard that day. But you did make your own mistake today too. He told us he was going to be hard on us. You just made the mistake of breaking the rules when he was already angry.”

“How did you two do today?” Hermione asked, trying to bring it to a happier subject.

“I did outstanding.” Ginny said. “I was the only one too.”

“That’s another reason I think he got angry.” Ron said. “You did great and then he had to yell at you. I did dreadful. Better than poor Colin though.”

“What happened to Colin?” Hermione asked.

“He got Troll.” Ginny said softly.

“How bad did he do?” Hermione asked.

“Worse than me.” Ron said. “He cheered thinking that we all hit Harry and Kei stunned him, Hannah, and Sally-anne because of it.”

Hermione winced. “Harry didn’t take that well at all did he?” She asked.

“He probably would have been a lot better if Colin didn’t complain about it.” Ginny said.

“He didn’t?” Hermione asked shocked.

Ron nodded. “Like a whiny git too.” He said. “I don’t really think Harry was kidding when he said he was going to be our toughest teacher.”

“True, but he’s not as mean as Snape.” Ginny said. “Even when he yells he normally explains himself afterwards and he never insults us badly. I think you got the worst of it by being called thick.”

“Aside from Sally-anne.” Ron said with a grin. “But it was brilliant to hear him get on her like that today. She deserved it too.”

“I would have done a lot worse.” Ginny said grimly.

“Almost did.” Ron said with a laugh.


“Okay Harry, remember when I said this would be hell?” Kei asked.

“Yeah.” Harry answered.

“Well, it’s only going to be hell for you.” Kei said.

“Great.” Harry said.

“Ryo, Takeshi, I want you to meet your new punching bag.” Kei said with a grin.

“So we beat him up?” Ryo asked.

“Keep it contained from his waist to his neck.” Kei said. “He’s going to need it.”

“Are you sure you want us to do this Kei?” Ryo asked.

“He needs it you two.” Kei said. “You saw what happened to him over the summer.”

Takeshi nodded. “He has to be strong.” He said.

“Stronger than the Amerikajin too.” Ryo said. “Him and Kei fight tough people.”

“Very tough.” Takeshi said. “When do we start Kei?”

“Right now.” Kei answered.

Harry doubled over after Ryo gave his first kick. “Stand tall, Harry.” Ryo said. “Remember how to take a kick. Use the knowledge well.”

Harry nodded. “I will.” He said.

“Harry told me you talked to him the other day Ryo.” Kei said. “And he told me you didn’t want to talk to a doctor.”

“I just don’t think she can help me.” Ryo said as he punched Harry in the stomach. “She doesn’t know Dad, and she doesn’t know me.”

“But I know you.” Kei said. “So does Harry. We both knew Dad too. Would talking to us help?”

Ryo kicked Harry in his side and Harry bent slightly to the side and winced. “Good work Harry.” He said before answering Kei’s question. “Talking to Harry helped a lot. I don’t feel so frustrated anymore.” He replied before giving Harry another punch to the stomach.

“Takeshi, how about you?” Kei asked. “Would you rather talk to the doctor or to Harry and I?”

“I don’t know what to talk about.” Takeshi replied. Then he kicked Harry in the side. “I mean, I miss Dad, I wish he was around, but I know he can’t be anymore. What am I supposed to talk about?”

“How do you feel?” Kei asked.

“I feel terrible some days.” Takeshi said. “There are times when I wish I could see Dad just so he could yell at me to try harder, cause at least I’d get to see him. Then there are days I just want to cry. But most days I remember what Dad always said to me when I was used to ask about Mom.”

“What’s that?” Kei asked.

“Just because I can’t see her, doesn’t mean she can’t see me.” Takeshi answered and he delivered another kick to Harry’s side, causing him to groan. “And that I should live every day trying to make her proud of me so when I saw her she’d be even more happy to see me than she already is.”

“Kei, is Harry okay?” Ryo asked. “He doesn’t look so well.”

Kei looked at Harry. “Are you okay?” He asked worriedly.

“Fine, this is just different from what I’m used to.” Harry answered and groaned agonizingly when Ryo kicked him in his side.

“Takeshi, stop!” Ryo said quickly before turning to Kei. “Have you been doing this to him every day?”

“We’ve been sparing with full contact every day for a few weeks.” Kei answered. “I’ve been concentrating on his stomach and sides to help him handle blows better. So yes. Why?”

“Have you had him checked out by a doctor?” Ryo asked.

“Why would I do that?” Kei asked. “He’s just having a hard time of it because he hasn’t had a lot of physical training like this.”

Takeshi’s eyes widened. “He’s been taking pain relieving potion every day hasn’t he?” He asked.

“Of course, but so have I.” Kei said. “What does that have to do with anything?”

Ryo answered by using and very hard spin kick to Kei’s side, making him gasp and grab his side. “How much do you want to bet if I did anything with even a quarter of that much force he’d be in the hospital for a month?” He asked.

“What are you talking about?” Kei asked.

“Dad used to make us get checked out during this to make sure we didn’t get hurt!” Ryo yelled. “Why didn’t you get him checked out?”

“Dad never got me checked out.” Kei said.

“But you weren’t doing this every day, and I know you weren’t being trained like this!” Ryo exclaimed. “Dad started us slow and worked up. You’re jumping in at the end! You’re going to kill him!”

“Come Harry.” Takeshi said quickly, and draped Harry’s one arm on his shoulders. “We’ll get you looked at. I think you need help. You’re too hurt for a few kicks.”

“Baka!” Ryo yelled at Kei before helping Harry from the other side. “I think you should calm down some Harry. No good to have a strong body if you’re dead. You tell us where to go and we’ll get you there.”

“I’m fine guys.” Harry said and stood on his own. “My sides are just a bit sore.”

“Just a bit sore huh?” Ryo asked. “Tell me if this hurts.” He finished and gave a short, stiff punch to Harry’s side and Harry nearly fell to his knees. Ryo resumed his position beside Harry. “As I said, you tell us where to go and we’ll get you there.”

“Follow me.” Kei said quickly. “Better yet.” Kei transfigured a training sword to a stretcher. “Lay him on that.” They laid him on the stretcher and Kei levitated it. “I’ll get him to the hospital wing. You two find our friends and have them come to the hospital wing. Follow them and they’ll show you where it is.”


“Ron! Hermione! Ginny!” Takeshi yelled as he burst through the portrait hole. “You have to go to the hospital wing!”

Ron jumped up quickly. “What happened to Harry?” He asked quickly.

“I’ll explain on the way.” Takeshi said. “But I don’t know how to get there.”

“Come on.” Ginny said and rushed out the portrait hole with three others close behind.

“Now what happened?” Ron asked.

“Kei never got checked by the doctor.” Takeshi answered with a look at Hermione.

“Oh no.” Hermione said.

“What the bloody hell does that mean?” Ron asked.

“Harry’s been killing himself in training.” Hermione said. “He might have done it literally.”

“Not that bad.” Takeshi said. “Be grateful Ryo saw the signs. If Kei hadn’t brought us in he might have. Those pain relieving potions he was taking blocked all the signs from everyone else.”

“Oh god.” Ginny said and they all moved a faster than before.

They got to the hospital wing and burst through the doors quickly to face an angry Madam Pomfrey. “I do NOT need more students in here! I need a potions master! I also need someone who understands these injuries! If none of you can do either then get out of my workplace!”

Hermione stepped forward quickly. “What can I do to help?” She said.

“Can you fix a near ruptured spleen, kidney damage, a rib poking through a lung, a lung that’s filling with blood, and internal bleeding?” Madam Pomfrey asked.

Hermione’s eyes widened in shock. “No, but I’ll do whatever else I can to help.”

“Fine, GET OUT!” Madam Pomfrey yelled. “Get me a professional!” She yelled at them.

Hermione turned to them all and nodded. “Let’s go to the headmaster.” She said.

“Call him from Harry’s office.” Kei said. “It’s above his class.”

“Why aren’t you out of my sight?” Madam Pomfrey asked angrily of Kei. “You’re lucky I don’t have you arrested for all the damage you’ve done to him!”

“Because I actually understand the damage done, and can brew healing potions to help!” Kei replied. “Now you shut your mouth yelling at me and point me to your stores!”

Madam Pomfrey was taken aback for a second. “There in my office. You better brew fast boy, cause I don’t know how long I can keep him from falling unconscious, and I don’t know how good he’ll be after that.” Kei heard this and rushed to her store room.

“Oh god.” Ginny said as she heard that and rushed from the room quickly.

“Where’s his office?” Takeshi asked. When no one answered he grabbed Ron and Hermione both. “You have to help! Where is his office?”

This shook Ron out of this and he rushed out of the hospital and Takeshi followed quickly behind him. They bumped into the Jen, Rena, and Ryo as they rushed out. “Where are you going?” Ryo asked.

“We have to call the Headmaster from Harry’s office. He’s worse than we thought.” Takeshi answered.

Ryo switched directions and followed his brother immediately. “How bad is he?”

“Worse than anyone else we’ve ever seen.” Takeshi answered. “Kei is making a potion to help him, the nurse is worried he won’t be okay, we need to tell the headmaster to send professional help.”

“Damnit!” Ryo yelled. “Where is this office at?”

“Follow me.” Ron said as they kept walking.

Ryo noticed McGonagall in her classroom and walked into the room. “Professor, can you please contact the Headmaster immediately please?” Ryo asked urgently.

“What is the problem Mr. Mori?” Professor McGonagall asked.

“Harry is badly hurt and the nurse said she needed a professional.” Ryo said quickly. “Please Professor, can you call?”

McGonagall moved at a speed Ryo never expected and he heard a door slam open. Seconds later he heard her voice speaking quickly. “Albus! Send for mediwizards, Potter’s been badly hurt. Poppy needs help immediately!” Then he saw the Professor emerge from her office and look at him worriedly. “Let us get to the hospital wing.” She said to him and they made their way to the hospital wing once more.

A/N: Thanks for reading everyone, and thanks to those who reviewed. Now, as of yet I'm writing out Harry's first Christmas when I get there. If you guys  don't want me to at least three more people have to argue. I hope not, cause if I write it I'll want to use it. I wish HPFF had a deleted scenes section where I could put stuff like that. I've got a lot of things like that for my other stories. Anyway, I'm rambling. Have fun everyone. The next chapter should come tomorrow unless I can't finish up the chapter for the story I'm working on. Hope you all enjoy it.

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