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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 2 : going to gp
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A/N - us again. here is the second installment of our story it's going to be gettig interesting soon :-) people find out exactly what she is ...anyways let us know what you think

disclaimer: we only own Lucida and the plot



Lucida sat up in bed and looked towards the door. Arthur said that his friend Severus was going to come see her. She had gone to see Arthur everyday and usually spent the morning with him. He had given her a jumper with pictures of bats on it, which Molly had knitted for her for Christmas, which was the day that they had met Lucida. Lucida said she loved it and put it on straight away, she also got given a box full of mince pies and sweets.

Arthur had described to her what Severus was like. He said that he was a potions master at Hogwarts, and that he had been a vampire since he was a young boy.

Arthur also described Hogwarts to her. He said that the headmaster there was a kind old man, although he was slightly mad. He said that he would talk to the headmaster about seeing if Lucida could join Hogwarts, seeing as she couldn’t go back to being home tutored.

He told her how all of his children had gone to Hogwarts and that four of them were still there.

Lucida was just thinking of going to talk to Arthur when the door opened and in walked a tall man with long dark greasy hair and a hooked nose, he had very pale white skin.

“Hi, im Severus” he said sitting down smiling at her

“Hi, im …”

“Lucida, I know Arthur’s told me about you”

Lucida smiled

“I’ve been told by Dumbledore… the headmaster at Hogwarts...,” he added seeing her confused look “… that he looks forward to seeing you at Hogwarts”

“I’ve been accepted?” Lucida smiled more broadly

Snape nodded “so from what I can tell you can no longer be home schooled? Is this because you were bitten?”

“Yeah … my parents say that they can’t deal with me being what I am”

“That’s bad especially over Christmas, My parents didn’t like it when I was bitten”

“Did they say that they couldn’t deal with it?”

“So I take it you have no where to go” Snape said ignoring the question

Lucida shook her head

“Ive been given strict orders from Dumbledore to say that you’re going to live at Grimmauld place with the others”


“The other people from the order”

“What order?”

“I can’t go into detail here, but when I take you to Grimmauld place I will tell you more. So I need you to get your stuff packed”

“What Im coming now? What will the healers say, surely im not allowed to go out like this”

“Don’t worry about the healers”

“But …”

“Get your stuff ready” Severus butted in

Lucida started packing her bag, when a healer walked in

“Lucida what the hell do you think your doing?”

“I…” Lucida started but Severus butted in by standing in front of the healer and looking straight in her eyes and saying

“She is coming with me, you will allow her to go without a fuss, and you don’t ever recall a girl named Lucida ever being in this hospital”

The healer nodded

“You will now leave”

 “What? … What did you do?”

“I changed her mind”

“But how did you do that?”

“I will explain later, now have you finished packing? We need to get to the portkey in ten minutes outside the hospital”

“Is Arthur coming with us?” Lucida said as she pulled her jumper over her pyjamas and put her hood up, she then put on her shoes, before putting her bag on her back

“He should be back soon, his staying at Grimmauld place with his family” Severus went out of the room, Lucida following close behind

“Now ill need you to be quiet till we get outside and if anyone asks you’ve been discharged early ok?”

Lucida nodded as they went down a flight of stairs to the main entrance, where there was a crowd around the front desk.

A minute later they were outside.

“Now hold on to this” he brandished a newspaper and Lucida put her hand onto it

Next thing she knew she was being pulled by her navel in the air, and before long the moving stopped and she fell face first into grass.

Severus laughed as he helped her off the floor, “sorry”

He took a bit of paper out of his pocket and gave it to her

“What’s this?” Lucida asked opening it to find the words 12 Grimmauld place written on it

“I don’t get …hang on a minute where did that house come from?”

“Quick we need to go inside before I can answer anymore of your questions” Lucida followed him up the steps and he knocked on the door.

Lucida jumped as she heard a scream from inside, and jumped again when the door opened and a man’s head appeared in the doorway.

“Sniffelus” the man smiled as he opened the door even more, he looked at Lucida. “And you must be the new girl, hi im Sirius”

“Are you going to let us in or are you just gonna stand there and act like you have something important to do?”

Sirius scowled as he moved out of the way for Severus and Lucida to walk inside. When Sirius closed the door it got pitch black, Lucida looked around, she could see something in front of her; she walked around it and followed Snape, into a room.

The room was a kitchen, looking around she saw a table in the middle of the room.

“Have a seat Lucida” Snape said pulling out a chair for her Lucida sat on it, she put her bag on her lap and looked around the room, her gaze fell upon Sirius, who was looking daggers at Severus.

Molly walked into the room and said “Lucida! I Thought I heard the door go, how are you?”

“I’m fine, how are you?”

“Good, Arthur’s coming home today, he’ll be here any minute”

Lucida smiled

“Molly can you please take Lucida up to the others? And can you tell Harry to come down here?” Snape asked

“Ok, follow me dear” and Lucida followed her out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Molly stopped outside the door and poked her head in the room “Harry dear could you come down to the kitchen professor Snape would like a word with you?”

After a while a voice said, “Squash him! Squash him, his only a pawn you idiot … sorry Mrs Weasley what did you say?”

“Professor Snape dear his in the kitchen he’ll like a word”


“Professor Snape dear, now come on quickly he said he can’t stay long”

Molly withdrew her head from the door and turned to Lucida “ok dear as soon as Harry goes ill introduce you to the others.”

Lucida nodded, as a boy wearing glasses came out the room and walked past them and went down the stairs.

Molly opened the door to find a boy and two girls trying to stop a cat from eating chess pieces

“Crookshanks no!” one of the girls with bushy brown hair said

“Get your damn cat away from my chess board!” a boy with red hair shouted

“Ronald! Mind your language” Molly said

Ron jumped and turned around “sorry mum” his gaze fell upon Lucida “who are you?”

“This is Lucida, she’s going to be living here now”


“It’s of no importance to you, so i forbid you to ask her, now I need to go meet your father. Hermione I would like you to show her around please”

“Ok Mrs Weasley”

Molly smiled and walked out of the room

Hermione indicated for Lucida to sit down next to her, Lucida sat down and had Crookshanks jump on her lap and stare at her

“That’s strange he doesn’t normally do that”

“Yeah he normally jumps on peoples heads, or attacks their pets,” Ron muttered

“Now don’t start that again”

And before they could start arguing, there was a sudden crack and two twin boys had apparated into the room. Lucida jumped when they appeared and the two boys looked at her

“Who are you?” one of them said

“Who are you?” Lucida said back

The boy looked at his twin and said, “I’m George, and this is Fred”

“Im Lucida”

Fred and George both walked forward and shook hands with her at the same time “nice to meet you” they both said

Lucida laughed “its nice to meet you too”

“Well anyway we’re here to tell you that dad has arrived”

“Really? Arthur’s back?” Lucida said quickly standing up

“Er ... Yeah, how do you know dad?”

“I met him at the hospital, he’s the one who arranged for me to come live here and go to Hogwarts”

"well in that case how about you come down and see him too" George said reaching forward and grabbing her hands to pull her up from her seat, and with the help of his twin pulled her from the room.

Hermione stood up and turned to Ron "well she seemed nice"

Ron could only stutter, Hermione shook her head at him and walked out of the room.

Before Lucida could say hello to Arthur properly a rucus occured in the kitchen, between Sirius and Snape. without time to make sense of the words being shouted a dark figured stormed out of the room, angrily slamming the side of his fist against the dirt ridden wall.

"um...Severus are you ok?" Lucida asked a quizzical look on her face

Snape looked up at her and straightened himself out

"er Lucida I..."

"stop punching my property!" shouted Sirius from the kitchen

"i'm not touching your property" Snape yelled back angrily

"fellas please clam down" came the voice of a newly healed Arthur.

"you greasy haired, snivelling son of a..."

"SIRIUS!" came Molly's stern shout covering Sirius' swearing

so instead Sirius made a rather rude hand gesture

"Sirius there are children present!"

Snape took his hand away from the wall and dusted them off a look of disgust on his face.

"well at least i'm cleaner then your flea bitten house, you mangy dog" and with a slight smirk he bid Lucida goodbye and walked from the house. Sirius meanwhile trying to get at him, but being held back by Lupin.

"how dare you! i am not flea bitten or mangy!" he said scratching his neck. he then stopped as he noticed that everyone was looking at him.

Sirius ripped away from Lupins grip and stormed from the kitchen muttering angrily to himself.

"well i think we should start again" Molly said cheerily turning to Arthur and leading him over to a chair

"arthur you remember Lucida" she said pointing at the pale girl, her hands still being gripped by the twins.

"yes of course Lucida how are you" he said holding out an arm to shake, Lucida took a stepp forward but the twins wouldn't let go of her hands.

"boys!" Arthur laughed

"now Lucida" Fred said sitting her down on a chair "tell us all about yourself!"


"dreadful childhood? same as ours" George cried dramatically throwing a hand to his forehead

"er..." Lucida said again confusion etched over her face

"i grew up with such a terror, i'm suprised i made it this far"

"i was really bad in my younger days" Fred said proudly

"i'm sorry dear, they are always like this. you'll have to get used to it" Molly said "now you two, get out and leave her alone" she grabbed hold of them to usher them out

"we were regularly beaten!" Fred cried as Molly pushed them towards the door

"i still have the scars!" George yelled

"i'll give you scars in a minute if you're not quiet" Molly hissed

"sorry about them" Arthur apologised as he shook his head, "you do get used to them after a while"

"oh i don't mind they seem quite funny" Lucida shrugged

"trying would be the word i would have used"

suddenly there was a big bang as Fred and George apparated back into the kitchen

"they've chained us up in the basement!" cried Fred as George grabbed hold of Lucidas leg and held onto it as if his life depended on it

"are you trying to embarrass us?" Arthur asked, as George sobbed into Lucidas knee.

"if you're chained, how did you manage to get here?" Lucida asked

Fred and George stood up and frowned at her

"you're good" Fred stated shaking a finger at her looking rather impressed "you're very good"

and without another word they apparated out of the room

"well i'm glad we found someone able to manage them" Molly sighed

Lucida and Arthur had a good long chat in the kitchen with Molly and Lupin, before Molly sent her upstairs to get ready for dinner, on her way up the stairs she passed Ron and Harry who were on their way down towards the kitchen themselves.

as Harry and Ron neared the kitchen they heard the adults conversing in hushed tones

"do they have a right to know?" came Molly's voice from the kitchen

Ron and Harry looked at each other

"i think we should go" Ron mouthed

But Harry merely waved his hand at Ron to silence him and moved closer to the door

"it's entirely up to Lucida Molly"Lupin said

"she's not dangerous dear" they heard arthur say reassuringly

"oh i know she's not she seems lovely"

"dangerous?" Harry mouthed, ron looked a little anxious

"well...she's dangerous...."


"we can't hide what she is Molly, she's a vampire, of course it's risky having her in the house"

Harry and Ron's mouths dropped and they stared aghast at each other, until Harry snapped out of it

"she can't....she can't be a risk...." he whispered

this time it was ron's turn to wave him into silence as the adults carried on talking

"how can you say  that when you're..."

" a monster?"
"no remus ..i was going to say werewolf"

"i never forget what a danger i am, but i've learnt to control myself, i've grown up with it, it's only just happened to her"

"yes but with severus' help, she'll get through it"

"snape?" Harry said a little too loudly, he clamped a hand over his mouth as ron stared at him

at that moment all in the kitchen fell silent listening for the noise outside

ron and harry began to back away from the door quietly, knowing they'd heard enough when suddenly there was a loud crack

"who's dangerous then?"

they heard molly let out a liuttle shriek of surprise as george and fred apparated into the room

"maybe it's vampires!" Fred joked, outside ron winced a little as he stepped back and then looked down, he realised that he had just stepped on an extendable ear, he looked upstairs and saw it trailing up to the twins room, he shook his head a little as the twins laughed. slowly they trailed off.

"ok...who's a vampire" George asked seriously

Harry didn't know what he should be more surprised about, lucida being a vampire, or her being helped by snape, or the twins being serious

There was a long silence in the room as they contempated whether they should say anything.

"it's not for us to say Molly" Remus stated as Molly opened her mouth to say something. he turned to Fred and George "would you like to bring in your acomplices?"

"acomplices? we are original!"

"Harry, Ron you can come in now"

Harry and Ron looked at each other before they made there way into the kitchen.

"we didn't mean to listen we..."

"well you heard just as well as the twins did" Remus said sternly and Harry felt bad "it wasn't for us to tell you"

"well you didn't tell us sir" Ron said

"that still doesn't answer who the hell is a vampire!" Fred said loudly pointing at his parents

"...i am..." came a small voice from the open door. they all turned to see Lucida a calm but livid expression on her face.

A/N - let us know what you think

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