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Interview with a Mudblooded Malfoy by GirlBehindTheRedDoor
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7 – Suspicious Character
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Chapter 7 – Suspicious Character

Hermione had been on cloud nine all day, she felt as if she floated to class and that nothing could bring her mood down. She had had the most incredible kiss with Draco a few hours before in their common room and she just couldn’t have been happier. He hadn’t pushed her away, said rude comment, or did anything she had expected. Instead he simply said they should have gotten to breakfast.

Hermione’s face was a lit with a glow as she entered potions class, a small smile never leaving her face. She had class with him this hour and as much as she tried to hide her enthusiasm it wasn’t as easy as expected. She found her way to Harry and Ron, of course avoiding eye contact with Ron for the obvious reasons.

After comfortably sitting in her seat she stole a glance towards Draco and was unsurprised at the site she saw. Pansy was all over Draco once again. Hermione wasn’t upset at this, she didn’t know if she should be or not. Jealously loomed over her slightly but he wasn’t hers. He belonged to the school, the Slytherins, his ego, but not her.

While enveloped in her thought she didn’t noticed the constant tapping on her shoulder.

Tap Tap Tap…

Aggravated without a second thought she slapped the hand on her shoulder.

“Bloody hell, Hermione.” Harry growled slightly under his breath. Hermione turned to him and with a glare asked.

“Can I help you?” She asked sarcastically folding her arms over her chest.

“I just wanted to…” He swallowed the lump in his throat his mouth suddenly feeling dry. “Borrow…” He was instantly interrupted.

“You want to borrow a knife to stab in my back?” Hermione asked calmly. “Don’t worry I keep a spare one next to my wand, just for you.” She gave him a sweet smile.

Harry just looked at her. “I… I’m sorry… can’t we just talk about this?” He asked pleadingly.

She chuckled slightly and shook her head ignoring him as Professor Snape came in.

The next two hours had been a game of ‘fake cough’ for Hermione. Normally she wouldn’t had been so immature about a situation but she was truly hurt by what Harry had done and what Ron had done to fix it, nothing. Whenever Harry or Ron turned to her to ask her a question to simply ignored them and coughed as if she was to busy with her mouth to answer them. They weren’t ignorant they knew what she was doing and they knew they deserved it.

When class was dismissed Hermione didn’t give them a second look as she calmly walked out. She ignored the looks and whispers and whatever else her fellow classmates felt was appropriate to say to her. She looked over her shoulder for a second to see if Ron and Harry were following her or not. Once she was sure they weren’t she turned back around but was too late. A hand out of nowhere grabbed her and pulled her into a small cramped closet.

“What the…” Was the first words that came out of Hermione mouth but she wasn’t able to finish them when she suddenly felt two lips collide with her own. She smiled against his lips wrapped her arms slowly around his neck.

Draco broke the kiss and looked down at her smiling face.

“So I hear you have quite a cold, I won’t catch it now will I?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Hermione looked confused, “What are you talking about?”

He laughed slightly, “The coughing.”

“Was it that obvious?”

Draco nodded and smirked slightly. “I have to admit… it was… cute.”

“Uh oh Draco Malfoy called me cute, for the love of god call the nurse.”

Draco did not look amused. “Now that was not cute.”

It hadn’t been long before dinner rolled around and any on looking observer could tell that a few things were just out of place.

Hermione was sitting between Ginny and one of her friends while Ron and Harry were sitting across from each other at the very end of the table. They looked her way occasionally but the look was never returned.

“Think she’ll be mad forever?” Ron asked picking at the biscuit on his plate.

Harry shrugged, “I would be, I mean I fucked up pretty badly and she’s so distant now. I know it’s only been a day but seems like she’d rather forget we were here than try to solve anything.”

Ron nodded. “Give her a few days. It was like when Bill broke my play wand when I was little, took me three weeks to talk to him again, but I was a kid she’s grown. She should just let it drop.”

“Maybe that’s why. These things hurt more when you’re older. You expect for some people to hurt you but when a friend does it, it hurts more.”

Ron simply nodded he didn’t really understand it but Harry seemed to and that was enough for Ron.

While Ron and Harry were babbling on about Hermione, she wasn’t even thinking about them. She was too concentrated on a certain Slytherin.

She wanted closely as Draco ate the food on his plate and then watched as Pansy’s hand lingered on his shoulder. Hermione wasn’t eating, only staring, and no one even noticed. Pansy’s body was completely turned to Draco’s while his barely was acknowledging hers was in existence. She saw Pansy’s hand slowly moved down his chest and disappear under the table. She couldn’t see from where she was sitting so she casually pulled her want from her robes and dropped it onto the floor.

After making a sound that resembled ‘opps’ she leaned to the floor picking it up but she paused for a second to see if she could see past all the other student’s legs to Draco’s but she couldn’t. Not very surprising considered she was on the other side of the huge hall.

Giving up on cause she sat up and came face to face with Ginny raising an eyebrow. “Looking up someone’s skirt?” Ginny asked with a small laugh as Hermione came up. She smiled and shook her head.

“I dropped my wand.”

Ginny rolled her eyes. “Whatever you say”

At the Slytherin table the conversations were a bit… different.

“Feels like someone can’t rise to the occasion.” Pansy said with a lifted eyebrow as she eyed Draco. He pushed her hand away for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

“Maybe I don’t want to rise to you.”

Pansy ignored his comment and continued to rub his thigh. “Someone’s being mean to me, Draco and it’s you.”

Draco decided he had had enough of that and of her. She had no common sense what so ever and never seemed to be able to get a clue. He finally put his hand over hers and grabbed it tightly bordering on painful before slamming her hand down on the table.

The whole Slytherin table turned their head s to Draco after they heard a yelp come from Pansy’s mouth. Draco looked absolutely furious and Pansy looked like she was on the verge of tears. Draco had finally had enough and didn’t care about her or the other Slytherins that were watching.

“Did that hurt? What didn’t enjoy it? Didn’t get off on it? Now Pansy we both know you better than that.” His voice was low and to the point for a growl. Before anyone had a chance to say or do anything Draco was up and walking out of the great hall. No one noticed his departure other than the Slytherins and they all sat there kind of surprised but they were far from shocked.

Blaise turned to Theodore Nott with a smirk. “Pay up. I called September though November.”

”Damn I thought he’s last longer. He lasted 7 years with her hand down his pants I thought he could finish out the year”

“Oh you’re a naïve boy.” Blaise expressed with a smirk.

About an hour later everyone had finished their dinner and was now heading off to their common rooms to study, chat, or get ready to sleep.

Hermione had chatted idly with Ginny over old assignments she had had last year and could help her with. Ginny had done what she always did and gave Hermione a playful nod and a smile.

She had made her way back to her common room and the moment she walked in she saw Draco sitting on the couch looking rather aggravated. Not sure if she should try to talk to him or to ignore him she approached him slowly.

“Hey…” She said timidly; no clue with why he looked so distressed.

Draco didn’t respond to her, he just stared at the table that he had he feet up on. She took that as a hint to just back off and go to bed. She passed the sofa on the way to her room when she felt his hand on her wrist and a slight pressure pulling her towards him.

She followed his lead and moved closer to him still unaware of what to do. Draco pulled her down onto the couch next to him and he kissed her softly on the lips. She kissed back just as gently; he moved his hand to the back of her head pressing her lips harder against his. She felt his tongue trace her bottom lip. Giving him permission she opened her mouth slowly letting his push his tongue into her mouth and caress hers.

Hermione was taken back instantly, not only was the kiss soft but when she had thought of someone shoving their tongue in her mouth she had been instantly disgusted. Till now, anyways. This was nice, soothing, and sweet.

He snaked an arm around her waist pulling her into his lap and the kiss ended.

Draco noticed her cheeks were red and her face was flushed. The idea that a kiss from him could fluster her that much made him smile.

After a moment of no words being shared Hermione moved slowly off of him and she stood her hands instantly went o her sides to straighten out the wrinkles she had gotten on her robes.

Hermione waited for him to say something but he didn’t. Not knowing what else to do she started walked away like earlier and again she felt his hand. This time it wasn’t as some place as restricting as her wrist, this time it was on her hand. She felt her heart skip a beat and she turned her head to see him.

That was it, that was picture Pansy saw as she pushed open the painting on the wall and saw them.

She was more shocked then one would think, he heart had sunk to see the man she enjoyed touching the hand of a filthy blooded muggle born witch. The idea made her feel dirty and disgusted.

“What a scene.” Pansy said her arms crossed and her eyebrows raised.

Draco saw her first and the moment he did he dropped Hermione’s hand just in time to see Pansy leaving. Draco followed his first instinct and he followed after her.

AN. Angst angst Pansy drama coming soon. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I’m just kidding. Hope you liked it. I GREATLY enjoyed writing it.

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Interview with a Mudblooded Malfoy: Chapter 7 – Suspicious Character


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