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Harry Potter and the Final Countdown by Lopie
Chapter 12 : Returning to Hogwarts
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Chapter Twelve
Returning to Hogwarts


Harry, Kei, Jen, and Rena apparated with Ryo and Takeshi to Platform nine and three quarters and left there trunks to be loaded before hanging around to wait for their friends. Ron and Ginny showed up with their parents shortly after followed by Hermione. Tonks and Remus came a few minutes before the train left to wish them a safe trip.

After they were all packed into their compartment they sat silent for a long while. It seemed a heavy tension hung in the compartment. No one seemed very comfortable there. Harry finally tried to break the tension.

“Well, here’s to hoping it’s a very calm year.” Harry said.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Rena said. “Last year was a bit too trying.”

“The last six have been trying.” Ron said. “I would love this year to have no adventure and our only problem be our NEWTs.”

“I don’t think we’d ever be that lucky.” Hermione said. “But I’ll hope.”

“Harry, did you ask Kei yet?” Takeshi asked.

“He did.” Kei said. “We’ve also talked to the headmaster. We can teach you once you two get settled.”

“Settled?” Ryo asked.

“I don’t want either of you using the magic we’ll teach you till you’ve spoken to that woman at the Ministry.” Kei said and held up his hand as he saw them planning to speak. “No arguments. If you try you won’t learn anything at all.”

“Yes Kei.” Ryo said.

“I’ll talk to her soon.” Takeshi said.

“Good.” Kei said with a slight smile at Takeshi. “You’ll find it’s not so bad as you think.”

“Okay.” Takeshi replied.

“Who’s teaching the auror class?” Ginny asked.

“What?” Harry asked, perplexed.

“It seems that only the people who were at the training program were told to buy that book.” Ginny said. “I saw on your list that you didn’t have it even though you said you did so we didn’t feel like it was a Weasley thing. So who’s teaching it?”

“No idea.” Harry answered. “Tonks recommended I find it so I considered it part of my schoolbooks.”

“I wonder who the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher will be.” Hermione said thoughtfully.

“I hope its someone who can do the job at least.” Ron said. “No more Umbridge style teaching and we’ll get along well enough. Even Snape taught us something, though he was a git about it.”

“He was definitely a git, but he was a good teacher.” Ginny said. “I learned a lot from him.”

Harry nodded. “He’s a good teacher when it comes to the knowledge but his people skills could use some work.” He said as he pulled out his father’s snitch and began catching it in the air.

“Where did you get that?” Ron asked.

“Remus gave it to me for Christmas.” Harry said. “It was my Dad’s.”

“Wicked.” Ron said. “Any chance we’ll get new brooms this year too?”

Harry laughed. “Not happy with that firefly already Ron? I figured it’d be fast enough to last you through school at least.”

“I still love it but I was thinking of an edge against the other teams.” Ron said.

“I know how much those brooms cost.” Harry said. “I don’t think anyone is buying them for a whole team yet.”

“That expensive?” Ron asked curiously.

“More than you know.” Harry said softly then smiled. “But they made you all happy so it was worth it.”

“We’re going to need a lot of new players this year.” Ron said.

“You have no idea.” Harry answered.

“Really?” Jen asked him and he met her eyes and sighed. “Sorry about that. It just happens at times.”

“It’s okay.” Harry said.

“Harry, we should check out the train.” Kei said. “Just to make sure there are no problems.”

Harry nodded and stood. “Let’s do it.” He said as he put his snitch away.

The train ride passed much quicker than Harry expected. Every fifteen minutes the train was checked from front to back by two of them. They had small conversations but were normally silent and calm about it. None really had much to say. The train ride passed without incident.

They left Takeshi and Ryo with Hagrid and made their way to the castle in the normal fashion. As they all entered they saw that they were behind a very large crowd of students making their way to the Great Hall and just stopped and waited.

“Mr. Mori.” Snape said as he walked up to them.

“Yes sir?” Kei asked.

“I am sorry about your father.” Snape said, then turned to Jen. “And your parents as well. I would have offered condolences sooner but I only found out recently.”

“Thank you Professor.” Kei said.

“Thank you sir.” Jen said.

“Mr. Mori, please report any problems you may have with any Slytherins to me immediately.” Snape said.

“Yes sir.” Kei replied. Snape merely nodded curtly and walked away. “That was weird.”

“Very much so.” Harry said. “Let’s get to the Great Hall and see the cryptic warning this year.”

“It wasn’t cryptic last year Harry.” Ron said. “It merely said that the houses should unite in the face of evil.”

“So the same as fifth year then?” Harry asked.

“Basically.” Ron replied as they entered the Great Hall. “Looks like it could be trouble this year.”

“Why?” Harry asked.

“The Defense against Dark Arts teacher’s a woman.” Ron replied.

“What does that mean Ron?” Ginny asked. “Can’t a woman know about magic?”

“Of course they can.” Ron said defensively. “What I meant was that the only other woman we’ve had teach that class was Umbridge.”

“You know something?” Harry asked. “He’s right. There’s always been a man teaching except for Umbridge.”

“Oh dear, they have a point.” Hermione said with a glance at Ginny. “We’ve only had one female in that position.”

“Let’s just hope the Minister isn’t a complete idiot then and we won’t have any trouble.” Ginny said.

“I don’t see the Minister as one to hide Voldemort’s return now.” Harry said. “He’s already admitted publicly that Voldemort was back.”

“If she is a dolt we can always just start the DA again.” Ron said with a grin.

“I think we could at that.” Harry said thoughtfully. “But lets give her a chance first. Dumbledore picked her and he’s never made a bad decision except for Lockhart.”

“It wasn’t Dumbledore’s fault.” Ginny said. “No one knew he lied about those books till it came time to prove what he knew. Dumbledore just trusted him like everyone else did.”

“Then let’s hope this one isn’t trying for most charming smile.” Ron said with a laugh.

They sat down and made little noise through the sorting. When they heard Ryo’s name called they all listened closely and cheered when he was pronounced a Gryffindor almost immediately. “I told you he would be.” Kei said to Harry and Harry only nodded. Takeshi was called next and sat on the stool and seemed wrought with concentration. After a few minutes the hat exclaimed that Takeshi was also a Gryffindor and this sent even more cheers from the table. “I’m happy for him.” Kei said. “At least they’ll be together.”

“Very true.” Harry said. “And you have a lot of friends there to keep an eye on them.”

“That’s true.” Kei replied as Takeshi sat by him and Ryo.

“It’s good that I’m in this house, right Kei?” Takeshi asked. “It said it was here or Hufflepuff.”

“Either house is good.” Kei said. “This just means you’re very brave.”

“Awesome!” Takeshi exclaimed.

“Welcome to Gryffindor Takeshi.” Harry said with a grin. “It’s a very fun house to be in.”

“Good for quidditch too, since they need a lot of new players.” Kei said with a smile.

“Really?” Takeshi asked. “Can I play?”

“You’ll have to try out mate.” Ron said with a smile. “But as long as you aren’t horrid there will probably be a position for you. We have so many open this year.”

Dumbledore stood when the sorting was over and motioned for silence. “Welcome to all the new students and welcome back to those who have returned. We have seen much in the last year and I hope that this year will be more to everyone’s approval. I am glad to see so many bright and intelligent children fill this hall once more. I know that many have had casualties to their families and I wish to offer my apologies. But we must move forward always, and live well for the people we have lost as well as ourselves.

“The following announcements are held to all. The current list of forbidden items also includes all items obtained from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. The forbidden forest is, as it always has been, forbidden. This year two new teachers are to be welcomed to Hogwarts. One shall be announced to the students of the newest class during the first lesson. But for the Defense Against the Dark Arts we have Professor Eileen Pithman to teach you all how to be defended.” Dumbledore said with a nod in her direction. “And with that I tell you all to enjoy the feast.”

The feast was amazing as always. Ron was eating as much as he could, Hermione was complaining about how Harry and Ron should study more, Harry was quietly listening, Ginny was talking with Rena of their new wardrobe, and Kei was merely sitting there listening to it all with Jen doing the same. When the feast was over everyone went to the dorms. There was no one to brighten the mood with Fred and George gone so everyone drifted off to the dorms to sleep.

The next morning was a very rushed experience. Ron and Harry overslept and rushed into the great hall quickly and started shoving food into their mouths as their schedules came. Harry just glanced at his and went back to breakfast but Ron was confused.

“What’s this advanced class?” Ron asked.

“What are you talking about?” Harry asked.

“I have it right after lunch.” Ron said. “There’s a note that says the class is three doors down from the Defense Against Dark Arts classroom, but not what it is.”

“I have it too Ron.” Ginny said. “At the same time.”

“What are you two going on about?” Hermione asked. “I have arithmancy then.”

“That’s when I have muggle studies.” Jen said.

“All I’ve got is a free period.” Rena told them.

“Worry about that at lunch.” Harry said. “What’s the first class?”

“Potions.” Ron muttered. “Then Charms and Transfiguration.”

“Well, not the worst morning in the world.” Harry said. “When do we have Defense against the Dark Arts?”

“Tomorrow, last class.” Ron said.

“Then we have a whole two days before we figure out whether the teacher is good or not.” Harry said. “That’s one thing off our mind.”

“Well, we’ve not got much going for us but that.” Ron said. “I don’t think I can keep up with waking at four in the morning though Harry.”

“Don’t try.” Harry said. “Just make sure you keep exercising. Never forget what I taught you.”

“I won’t.” Ron said.

“Harry, do we have anything we’re supposed to keep an eye out for?” Rena asked curiously.

“Not that I know of but keep your eyes open just in case.” Harry answered. “Anything suspicious gets reported immediately.”

“Got it.” Rena said.

“Is a Slytherin sneaking out at night considered suspicious?” Kei asked.

“I’d say a Slytherin sneaking out in the daylight is suspicious if it isn’t you.” Harry replied. “It’s no big secret who they are related too.”

“Well we’ve got a few suspicious people then.” Kei replied. “About five total. I should’ve followed them but I was tired.”

“No problem. Keep an eye on them for now.” Harry said. “If it turns out to be something then we’ll deal with it.”

“I got you.” Kei answered.

“Good.” Harry said. “But for now its time for class.”

“Unfortunately.” Ron said in a downtrodden voice.

They made their way to the potions dungeon. They found seats quick enough and got their things ready for class. As soon as Snape walked in everyone was silent.

“I see that you all managed to get into this class for your final year.” Snape said as he made his way to the front. “However, I am not Professor Slughorn. I will not pass you simply because of your popularity. Those who managed to make it this far because of that will find that you will fail your NEWTs. That does refer to you Mr. Potter.”

“I understand sir.” Harry said.

“Good Mr. Potter.” Snape said venomously. “I want you to brew the perfect sleeping potion by the end of class.”

“Yes sir.” Harry said and went to work immediately.

“The rest of you will begin brewing Polyjuice Potion. I expect the first part finished by the end of class. The directions are on page seventy three. No talking.” Snape said and sat at his desk.

The class seemed to be longer than it was since it was silent. Harry worked exactly as he was supposed to and when the class finished he brought a vial to Snape. Snape looked at the potion and then back at Harry.

“How did you learn how to make this?” Snape asked.

“I studied.” Harry answered. “I learned to make a lot of potions while I was away last year.”

Snape nodded curtly. “Acceptable.” He said. “You’ll have to do better next time Potter.”

“Yes sir.” Harry answered and walked out of the class with Kei, Hermione, and Ron.

“How did you do?” Hermione asked Harry.

“Acceptable.” Harry answered. “Not a bad grade for a perfect sleeping potion. At least, not a bad grade from Snape.”

“At least you didn’t fail.” Kei said. “What more can you ask for?”

“Nothing.” Harry said. “I guess we’re on to Charms next. Right?”

“Yeah.” Ron said. “Then Transfiguration.”

“Well, at least I’ll pass those two well enough.” Harry said.

“Don’t worry Harry. Snape doesn’t grade the NEWTs.” Hermione said.

“Then I’m a lock for the potions NEWT.” Harry said.

“Come on, let’s enjoy the class.” Hermione said. “Charms is almost always the most fun.”

The class passed smoothly for them. They learned the disillusionment charm, a charm Harry didn’t know. By the end of class all four of them were using it well. In transfiguration they learned how to create pillars of stone from needles. Harry found this very interesting and wondered if it was what Fred and George used to make the obsolete obstacles. During lunch Ron and Ginny couldn’t stop talking about the secret class they had that day.

“Can anyone tell me what its about?” Ron asked.

“Not today.” Harry said. “Ask me tomorrow after I ask you about it.” He added with a grin.

“Real funny Harry.” Ron said.

“You’ve got ten minutes till you find out about it. Why don’t you just wait?” Hermione asked him.

“I’m just curious is all Hermione.” Ron said. “I’ve never had a class I didn’t know about.”

“You’ll learn soon enough.” Kei said wisely. “Then you may wish you didn’t know about it.”

“Mr. Potter, might I speak with you a moment?” Dumbledore asked.

“Certainly Headmaster.” Harry said and grabbed his things. “I’ll see you all later.” Then he followed Dumbledore to the staff table.

“I’m pleased you continued to agree to the class after you heard about the status of your quidditch position.” Dumbledore said.

“Thank Remus then.” Harry said. “I almost quit right then and there.”

“I would not have blamed you for that.” Dumbledore said. “I apologize for the injustice they have shown you. Do you have a clear idea what you will be teaching?”

“Yes, but I have no set plan on when to teach it.” Harry said. “Today I’m just going to see if they learned anything over the summer.”

“That is a good place to start.” Dumbledore told him. “I’ve spoken with Professor Pithman and I feel that you two should work together in the defensive part of that class. If it can protect a potential auror, it can protect anyone.”

“I understand sir.” Harry said. “Maybe we should wait till after I’m in her class to see how she does on teaching. There is a bit of nervousness as to the potential she has at the moment. I would like all the students to trust that she’ll teach them before I start working along with her.”

“Very well Mr. Potter.” Dumbledore said with a slight smile. “I have a feeling once you meet her you will believe in her abilities.”

“Okay sir.” Harry said. “I guess I should go now. I have to teach them after all.”

“Teach the children well Harry.” Dumbledore said to him.

“I will sir.” Harry said.

As he walked to the class room he checked to make sure he had what he needed. First he put on his invisibility cloak and waited till it was time to start the class. Then he threw a smoke stack into the room and quickly gathers ten wands and set them on the teachers desk before removing his cloak and sitting on the desk. When the smoke cleared everyone stared at him confused.

“Ron, Padma, Parvati, and Susan, I’m very disappointed in you.” Harry said. “I thought we taught you never to be surprised by anything. I guess we messed up on that job.”

“But it was completely-“ Ron started than lowered his head. “Sorry Harry.”

“I want everyone to come get their wands.” Harry said. “As you’ll be able to tell they are not where you left them.” All ten came to the front, got their wand, and then sat back down. “If you were aurors and in a situation like this you’d all be dead.” He paused as the students eyes widened and some gasped. “Yes, that’s right. I won’t lie to you. I won’t be nice to you here. If you thought that when you saw me this class would be easy and nice, you might want to leave now.

“If you make a mistake I will bring it to your attention immediately.” Harry continued. “People learn from mistake to mistake, but on a job a mistake can mean death. First things first. Who has been doing the exercises in the book I told you all to get. Raise your hands if you have.” Harry saw seven hands raise and he looked at the other two. “Colin, why haven’t you been doing them?”

“I couldn’t get a book.” Colin said sheepishly. “They were out when I went. I have one ordered but it hasn’t come yet.”

Harry tossed Colin his copy. “Now you have a book. Three hours a night for the next month. Then two hours. No excuses.” He said and when Colin nodded he turned to the other student. “What’s your name?”

“Sally-anne Perks sir.” She said quickly.

“Why didn’t you do them?” Harry asked.

“Because the auror I trained with said there was no reason for it.” Sally-anne answered.

“Did you ask that auror if anything from Transfigurations was needed?” Harry asked. She shook her head. “How about Potions?” Again she shook her head no. “Maybe Defense Against the Dark Arts?” She shook her head. “Then surely you asked of Charms.” She shook her head again. “And yet you asked after this book. Why?”

“Because its just exercise. Muggle style work.” Sally-anne answered.

“I see.” Harry said. “Are you above working like a muggle?”

“No sir, I just thought-“ Sally-anne started.

“No, you didn’t.” Harry said. “You wanted a way out of something. Well here’s your chance. You can walk out this door right now and I’ll cross your name off the list.” He said and pointed to the door. “You have five seconds to make up your mind.” He waited and when she didn’t leave he continued. “Ron, what is the one thing I made a point to tell you repeatedly this summer?”

“Strong body, strong mind, stronger magic.” Ron answered quickly.

“Exactly.” Harry replied. “Ten points to Gryffindor. That is the motto of this class. Miss Perks, your auror said it was unimportant most likely because that auror is a lazy git who does nothing without magic, and you listened to him instead of following your school assigned work because you wished to take the easy way out. Four hours every night for the next month. Then two hours. Any complaints and you walk out of the class permanently. Any questions?” When the girl again shook her head he continued.

“You lot want to be aurors and I’m going to help you on that path as long as you help yourselves.” Harry said. “Who wants to continue now that you’ve seen how I am as a teacher?” Everyone raised their hands and Harry nodded. “Very well. Put those books away for now. You’ll use them to practice every night. No less than two hours except for Colin and Sally-anne who have their own minimums. Ginny, how did Tonks grade you?”

“I managed up to a half hour in stealth, I am accurate at forty five yards, and I can manage the endurance training for two hours before I get too tired to continue.” Ginny answered quickly and firmly.

“Very good. How about knowing your surroundings?” Harry asked.

“She never taught me that yet.” Ginny said.

“Dodging?” Harry asked.

“That was part of the endurance training.” Ginny answered.

“Good. I now know for certain that there are five here who were trained well enough to start.” Harry said. “Does anyone else know of the things I just talked about?” No one made a move and Harry shook his head. “Lazy bastard excuses for aurors! We’re going to fix that soon. I’ll have you all training in dodging soon. That will help you all a lot in endurance. Next issue, knowing your surroundings and always being ready. You all fail that. All of you.”

Harry sighed. “Do you know what happens to aurors who don’t know their surroundings and aren’t always ready?” He asked. Everyone shook their heads. “They quickly become dead aurors. Just this summer three great aurors were killed and they knew these lessons well. What chance will you have if you aren’t ready?”

“Sir.” Hannah Abbott called.

“Yes Hannah?” Harry asked.

“Are we in trouble?” Hannah asked. “You’re teaching seems much like Professor Snape.”

Harry nodded. “It probably does seem that way right now.” He said. “The truth is this is what you’ll face if you fail an assignment as an auror. That’s a part of the learning experience. I’m not so much angry as I’m disappointed that the basics weren’t given to you enough to keep them with you always. Much like Mad Eye Moody, you must remember to have constant vigilance.

“To help you all learn to keep up with your surroundings there are four aurors in this very school to test you. You may never know where and when, but you can be attacked at any time. They will only use the stunning spell but to get hit is bad. We will not stop until all of you are aware of your surroundings and always prepared for an attack.”

Then he sat back on his desk calmly and placed his hands on the desk. “Now to see what you know. The questions are worth two points to your house each. First question. What is the best way to protect yourself from a spell?”

“Sir!” Lavender called and raised her hand.

“Lavender?” Harry asked.

“A shield or defensive charm.” Lavender answered.

“Wrong.” Harry said. “Who’s next?”

“Sir!” Padma said quickly.

“Padma?” Harry asked.

“Get out of the way.” Padma answered quickly.

“Two points to Ravenclaw.” Harry said. “Many spells cannot be blocked with the shield charm, and a defensive spell can blow you up if it backfires. Also, there are spells that can’t be blocked anyway, such as the unforgivable curses. Many dark spells won’t be blocked and if they’re wordless many look like more mundane hexes and curses. The stunning spell and the entrails expelling curse both have the same shade of red, but the entrails expelling curse can’t be blocked and it’s deadly. Best chance to survive a spell is to get the hell out of the way. Colin, no notes! Memorize it or don’t but do not write it down. That gives you an excuse to forget cause you have it on paper.”

“Sorry Professor.” Colin said quickly and put his quill away.

“No problem, you didn’t know.” Harry said. “What are the three easiest ways to fall to the dark arts? Each one comes with two points.”

“Sir!” Ginny said quickly.

“Give me a good one Gin.” Harry said.

“Using anger or hate to fuel your spells. Any spells.” Ginny answered.

“Two points to Gryffindor.” Harry said. “Do you know any more?”

Ginny smiled. “Excessively using violent spells and trying to use very strong magic quickly to advance.” She said.

“Four more points to Gryffindor.” Harry said. “Ginny, you’ve learned a lot.”

“Thanks Harry.” Ginny said.

“But you still need to remember to hold onto your wand.” Harry said and held her wand up. “Never forget what you’re main point of defense and attack is. Come get your wand.” She got her wand and sat down quickly while she grumbled to herself under her breath. “Don’t take it personally Ginny, I also have the wands of Parvati, Padma, Lavender, and Ron. I even got Colin’s when he put his quill away.” He then set them on Ron’s desk. “Collect your wand as the lot of them pass to you. Ginny was right on all three. Never try to rush your learning. If you want to be strong fast then you fall to the dark arts. No one should become too strong too quickly. Only bad will come of it. Anger and Hate are the main factors in falling to the dark arts. Using them to fuel spells will make the spells stronger but will make you hate and become more filled with anger more often. Violence for violence sake will lead to the dark arts as well. I’ve never used violence if it wasn’t called for. Don’t use any of those three and you’ll stand a very strong chance of never falling to the dark arts.”

Harry stood then. “Next question. In what situation should you use violence to settle a situation?”

“Sir!” Colin called.

“Colin.” Harry said.

“Never sir.” Colin answered.

“Wrong.” Harry said.

“Sir!” Hannah called.

“Yes Hannah?” Harry asked.

“You should only use violence if there is no other way but to use it or if the violence can protect another. You should never use violence in the heat of action just to end a fight, but if by killing, maiming, or through other acts of violence you can save another then you stand justified in your action.” Hannah said.

“Right and wrong.” Harry said. “Two points to Hufflepuff for answering the question right and well. But let me make this clear right now. Taking a life is NEVER  justified! It may be necessary, but never justifiable. I used to lie to myself and say that it was, but it’s not! You cannot justify the death of another person. One thing to always remember. While the people you face will be dark wizards and witches they leave behind wives, husbands, children, parents, and friends. If you ever have to take a life you will be destroyed by it. I know this personally. Never try to justify a death.”

“Sorry sir.” Hannah said softly.

“It’s all right.” Harry said. “Last question. What is the smartest plan for confrontation?”

“Sir!” Ron said quickly.

“Ron.” Harry said.

“Plan well.” Ron said.

“Wrong.” Harry said.

“Sir!” Padma called.

“Padma.” Harry said with a nod.

“Prepare well.” Padma said.

“Wrong.” Harry answered.

“Sir!” Colin exclaimed.

“Colin.” Harry said.

“Be ready for anything.” Colin said.

Harry sighed. “Wrong.” He said.

“Sir.” Ginny said.

“Ginny?” Harry asked.

“Never be in a confrontation if you can avoid it.” Ginny said.

“Good!” Harry said with a grin. “Tonks taught you well. Two points for Gryffindor.”

“What?” Sally-anne asked. “That’s the best plan for confrontation? I think that’s favoritism there!”

“I’m going to have trouble out of you aren’t I?” Harry asked curiously. “Who here wants to fight death eaters?” No one raised their hands. “Exactly. The best way to deal with confrontation is to not be in the confrontation to begin with. Since Miss Perks needs proof of this I have four students who’ve seen a highly explosive situation with aurors. Ron, when you went on our mission did you see me try to cause a confrontation?”

“No sir.” Ron said.

“Padma, did you see Jen attack in the open if she could avoid it?” Harry asked.

“No sir.” Padma said. “She used the shadows and used sneak attacks whenever possible.”

“Parvati, how about Kei?” Harry asked. “Was he confrontational?”

“Not until I alerted everyone when I tripped.” Parvati said. “Till then he got them all quietly.”

“Susan, since Rena is the most unorthodox she must have tried to get in the middle of a confrontation immediately. Is that correct?” Harry asked.

“No sir!” Susan said quickly. “Rena acted nearly paranoid about being quiet and getting people from behind.”

“So you see, Miss Perks, Ginny’s answer was correct.” Harry said. “And for questioning my teaching write a foot and a half on the benefit of stealth and sneak attacks. Be sure to include the best spell for stealth as well as the benefit of wordless magic. I’ll expect it by the next class.”

“Yes Professor.” Sally-anne said dejectedly.

“I’ll assume you all want to jump right in and learn magic.” Harry said and everyone nodded. “That doesn’t happen for a little while though. Soon I’ll teach you to meditate and expect you to do so for a half hour each morning. That will give you a clear, strong mind. The stronger your mind and body, the stronger your magic. The stronger your magic, the better your spells come out. Next class I’ll teach you one of the best spells to help with stealth. But class is almost over and all of you need your wands again.” He added with another laugh. “You can get them and leave. Have a good day.”

A/N: Okay everyone, I've come to a problem.  A part of one of the soon to come chapters depends on you all. Do you want to hear of Harry's first Christmas or not? Either way works for me, I just don't know whether you'd like to see it or not. Let me know please.

Also, sorry for taking so long on putting this up. The music that I was listening to wasn't right for this story and was slowing me down a lot.  So I found some that worked and finally managed to get my writing going again. Expect more soon. Have fun, thanks for reading, and please, please review and tell me about the Christmas scene.

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