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Markings of an Inmate by Ana_Griffin
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: ...Scars from my past...
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Chapter One: Scars from my Past

My eyes stared at the man I have become. I was not the same little boy I was last year. I was not the one that was arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, pompous, or any other traits my fellow classmen would have loved to call me. What happened over those last three months could change any teenage boy, and it did. It changed me.

I looked into a mirror and examined the intricate, metallic blue, markings that traced my torso. They laced spells in the ink, for probation. It was the reminders of why I was supposed to be in there. My punishment for the fabricated crime I committed. The crime that I was going to commit before one stopped me. I was saved by an angel in my case, an angel from the devil himself.

The tattoos glinted in the soft light from the candle. I watch as the silver in them swirled with the dark blue. The reminder tortured my mind with memories. The memories of Azkaban were still fresh in my thoughts. The screams and cries of the inmates stung my ears as if I stood beside them still. The smell of dying, rotting bodies burned intensely in my nostrils. The cold damp floor of the cell still sent the chills down my spine. Those memories are some I would never forget.

I looked at my chest one last time before I pulled a long-sleeve shirt over my head to conceal the blemishes. I smoothed out the wrinkles making the clothing perfect, shouldered a messenger bag, and looked once more into the mirror.

I was not my father anymore. My blonde hair was pulled back into a messy short ponytail, my bangs shadowed my face. My eyes were not as blue as they once were, the accents had taken over. They were now a steel gray, which made my demeanor even more mysterious. The skin beneath my eyes was a light shade of blue from the sleepless night. I was no longer the prefect son he would think of.

I made my way to Kings Cross on the underground. The hordes of people stared at me with confusion as I pulled a trunk onto the subway. They looked somewhat frighten when they saw my hawk in a cage beside me, though I did not blame them. If I were a muggle and saw someone who looked like I with a hawk that snapped at random people for looking at it oddly, I would be frightened too.

The ride was about an hour long which meant I had about fifteen minutes to get to the train station. I walked for a little until I saw the Kings Cross sign that hung from the entrance. I made my way quickly to the brick wall and made sure no muggle was paying attention and made my way onto platform 9¾. I looked around for my best mate before I boarded the train.

The tall Italian was leaning against one of the tall pillars. His golden eyes scrutinized the crowd, until they fell onto me. A smirk appeared on his face as he pushed his body off of the stone with grace and walked toward me. I set my luggage down gently as he came closer to me. He wrapped a brawny arm around my shoulders as he pulled me into a brotherly hug. Once I returned the gesture he let go and we walked toward the train in silence.

There was no discussion about this summer because we both knew where the other had been, in the cell beside each other. Yes, he had endured the same process I had this summer, and from the same person. He knew well about my problem. He was the one that monitored my probation and I his. I knew the next few months were going to be long.

My probation was simple enough, I was not allowed to be associated with Death Eaters and I was not allowed to have any sexually conduct with a female. His on the other hand was not to be associated with Death Eaters or to practice any dark magic. Maybe his was easier then mine.

We arrived to the compartment that we normally would occupy, but I shook my head and tugged at my robe. Blaise tilted his head and saw the silver badge that was pinned to my chest. He simply rolled his eyes and nodded. I walked toward the head of the train when I heard two voices arguing.

“Ronald, I can’t believe you.” Hermione Granger’s voice said in a hush tone.

“Hermione, I didn’t mean too.” Weasel’s voice replied.

‘You didn’t mean too?” Her voice rose and octave.

“Hush,” he pleaded with her.

“No, Ronald! Leave me alone.” As soon as I began to walk again Grange came out in a rage and ran into me. My arm wrapped itself around her small waist securely. Her bag fell to the floor, and when I looked at her tears stained her face. “I’m sorry,” she said in a quiet voice not noticing who held her.

“It’s okay,” my voice was foreign to my own ears, and with my words she looked up at who held her.

“Malfoy?” I let go of her when I knew she was stable, and then I nodded as I kneeled to pick up her bag and books that had spilled onto the pathway. Once I had put them back into the brown bag and I handed it to her. She looked at me skeptically, but muttered thanks and took her belongings. I nodded again and continued on my way.

Once I got to the head’s compartment I put my trunk above my seat and dropped into the soft cushions. I pulled the black rubber tie out of my hair and shook it to make it fall naturally. I reached into my bag and pulled out a muggle piece of literature, Dante’s Inferno. I scanned the pages in interest, and then the door opened once more revealing the same girl that ran into me twenty minutes ago. She never looked at me, and that was fine with me. I didn’t crave the attention that I once did, so I spoke nothing to her.

Granger spoke first. She must have been accustomed to the constant chatter of Potter and Weasel, and this silence must have been some sort of new atmosphere. “How was your summer?” Of all the questions it had to be that one, but all the same I marked my page and set the book down and turned my attention towards her.

“It was quiet with father in Azkaban and mother in St. Mungo’s. I had a lot of time to myself.” I replied. My mother had gone insane when my father was finally sentenced to the dementor’s kiss, which would commence tonight at ten. Granger was quiet not sure what to say, so I did the only things I knew what to do. “And yours?”

“It was the same.” She spoke to me as if I knew what she did everyday. I presume my confused expression expressed my thoughts because she continued. “Most of the summer I spent my time with Ron and Harry.” I then nodded.

We didn’t speak a lot after that until Professor Snape apparated into the compartment, which startled Granger slightly, though I had accustomed to it.

“Mr. Malfoy, Miss Granger, as you can tell you are the heads for this year.” He paused for a moment and look toward me to find my face completely unreadable. His face was saddened, but he continued with the speech. “As you both know you will have rules and regulations to follow, you two must set an example for the younger students and the rest of the school.” I turned my head toward him and I noticed that Granger watched our interaction with interest.

“Do you both understand me?” Granger nodded and I nodded with her. “Now Miss Granger will you please inform the prefects of the meeting that will be held. I must speak to Mr. Malfoy?” She again nodded and walked out the door.

“Draco, how are you?” He sat down across me. I looked at him and let all the walls in my mind down. He experienced all the memories that I had the last three months in those few seconds. His head fell and his hand went to his temples before he apparated back to Hogsmead.

Hermione walked back in about thirty minutes later with prefects following her. A quick pain ran through my body, and I noticed that McNair had walked in with Greengrass at his side. The longer he stood there the more pain seared though my body. Granger looked at me with a look of confusion when I gasped in pain. I shook my head and indicated that for all to sit down.

The pain that coursed through my torso caused my attention to be anywhere but in the meeting. Granger looked at me concerned but I only shook my head when she did. The meeting lasted about an hour, in which the longer a Death Eater was in my presence the more misery I suffered. Finally the meeting ended and all but the head girl filed out the door.

My body dropped fully into the seat, my chest rose and fell quickly as the agony gradually departed. I gritted my teeth every once in a while as it left, and the worst thing of alll was I felt the tingling sensation of one that watched me.

I opened my eyes and saw Granger staring at me deeply confused. Her mouth opened as if she was about to speak but she quickly closed it and I let my head fall back to the cushioned seat.

“What going on?” Her voice shattered the silence of the room.

“I am fine,” my voice was soft and ragged.

“That is not what I asked, Malfoy,” I pushed myself up into a sitting position and looked at her.

“Okay, nothing is going on,” she rolled her eyes and sighed, before she walked over to me. She sat down beside me and I looked at her incredulously.

“Something is up,” her eyes had softened to true desire of knowing what was wrong.

“Don’t worry about it,” a small smile appeared on my face, for reason I was unsure of. And at that moment Blaise walked in with the same expression of pain as I had moments ago. “Mate?” As I stood up he fell into my arms.

His body was limp, eyes were closed, and his breathing was barely noticeable. With the strength I had I pulled him up into my arms as if he were a child and laid him where I sat before. His curly black hair fell softly into his tanned face, he looked peaceful at the moment, but I knew the pain was still present, for his hands were still secure into tight fists.

Hermione stood at my side, panicked. I turned to her and pressed a rough hand against her lips to silence her. She fell quiet quickly but danced anxiously on the balls of her feet. I looked at her annoyed and she stood still for a few moments, then her hand began to shake and tears sprouted to her eyes. I inhaled deeply and looked at her once more this time my gaze was softer then before.

“He will be okay,” I stood at her side and wrapped an arm around her shoulders and sat her down in the seats across from him. “I promise, he will be okay,” she nodded silently not completely understanding her surroundings at the moment, and I knew when the shock wore off she would demand answers. I had to make sure I was not it the compartment.

Because in all reality I was scared for Blaise, I had never seen this happen. Although we had only gotten out of the asylum a week before, we had no time to be around these people. I don’t understand why his attack of pain was worse then mine, unless he practiced dark magic, and with that thought I close my eyes and inhaled sharply.

We sat there in silence. I sat at Blaise’s side, leaning my head against his stomach. I listened to his breathing, the slow rise and fall was reassuring to me, at least he was alive. I kept my eyes either at his fist or at the brown carpet. That was where I stared when Granger gasped.

I looked up and saw her eyes were fixed on Blaise’s body. I turned to see his hands had relax but his breathing had became irregular. I rose quickly and pulled him into me, his back against my chest. I inhaled deeply and whispered into his ear for him to do the same. I told him to breath with me. I exhaled slowly and prayed he would do the same.

It took him a while until he began to mimic my actions but he soon understood what I was trying to do. After a few long moments his breathing was normal and his eyes opened. He pushed away from me gently and looked at me with tears in his eyes and shook his head.

I rubbed my hands against my face to whip the tears that had come to my cheeks in the thought that he may have not made it. Tears fell lightly on his face as he wept I pulled him into my chest and his tears became quiet sobs. I knew he was frightened. I would never blame him.

His face was buried against my chest when I looked up to see Hermione staring at us in shock. Her eyes moved to mine and she smiled softly before leaving the room so he could have some privacy.

AN: I know it is short but this is my first Draco/Hermione. Please I need advice. Just so you know I do not own any of J.K. Rowling's idea's or characters.

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Markings of an Inmate: Chapter 1: ...Scars from my past...


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