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A Second Glance by sammm
Chapter 17 : Divorce & Unintentional Accidents
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Dance Lessons

Chapter 15: Divorce And Unintentional Accidents

The sun slowly rised as the hours grew weary. The sky musty with grey clouds, and if looks could kill, there’d be a thunderstorm. Draco woke with a start of the lightening bearing outside his bedroom window or any case the guest bedroom from Blaise’s flat.

He knew waking up this early in the morning, not his usual time that something was not right. Tried as he could, there was no possibility that he was going to be able to get back to sleep. Which deprived him even more for he hadn’t slept a wink the other night. Everyone else was still sleeping and Draco wished that he was too but it was no use.

Walking into the living room and pulling out a book from Blaise’s bookshelf and began to read any book that caught his eye. The hours seemed to turn quite heavy when the next thing he heard was an owl screeching from outside the window scratching trying to get in. Draco wanted to refuse but the owl wouldn’t leave him bloody alone. He got up from the couch and opened the window for the annoying owl. He wasn’t expecting any mail, but to his surprise, the owl perched himself right in front of him, holding out his leg with two letters attached.

Draco took the first letter from the owl, and placed the other on the kitchen table. He’d get to it later, opening it, found out that it was signed with the ministry sealed stamp which could only mean one thing.

‘Dear Mr. Malfoy,

As of February 21, we hereby declare that your marriage to Ms. Pansy Parkinson-Malfoy is now destroyed and finalised. We are sorry for the delay as the ministry is quite busy at the moment, and we currently only finished reviewing the papers. We had a hard time with the evidence that was provided considered of time consuming critism. We would like to thank you and congradulate you as you are now a free man and are no longer obligated to your wife as of this letter.

P.S. March 4, is your trial for child custody testimony. Please be there at 10 sharp and prompt.

Have a good day Mr. Malfoy.


Dante Lavish
Wizard and Witch law enforcements firm
Ministry of Magic Corporation’.

He stuggled with the information and had to sit down, knowing that this was his chance. He’d been cooped up in hell for so long that he didn’t have to worry about his wife-no-sorry-ex-wife. He pushed his thoughts to the back of his mind and was about to open the next letter when he realised it wasn’t just a letter, it was a howler. He couldn’t remember the last time he recieved one, from the last of his time at Hogwarts he could remember recieving one from his father, before the final battle. He talked about Voddermort’s plan and for him to be ready when the day was to come and if he wasn’t, well there’d be hell to pay for.

The howler opened and Draco recognised the irritating scratchy voice immediately.


Draco sighed in his chair, he knew it was going to be bad once the papers were signed, and this howler just prooved that Pansy was going to stop at nothing to get what she wanted. It fazed him how Pansy hated their daughter but when it actually came down to the truth, she needed her. The only reason why Pansy wanted Jade was for publicity, for the Malfoy’s image was everything to her. Only now Pansy wasn’t married to him anymore, so she’d have nothing. He knew that because he wasn’t married anymore, many or so women would be after him, but after nine years of hell he didn’t know whether he could handle it. Pansy would definitely be wide open to new men in public and Pansy would have no problem flaunting it either. Draco didn’t know how long Pansy had been cheating on him, nor did he care and he wasn’t about to ask her either.

He was done speaking with her, unless it had to if neccessary to talk about Jade. Jade was his pride and joy in this life and would do anything for her. Nothing Pansy or anyone else would say would get in the way of that. As Draco looked back on the years, his job had taken over most of his life. He had spent two years in the ministry but found out he didn’t like it all that much, and besides the ministry didn’t exactly trust him either. He still had the dark mark on his arm, and would never forget it, and for those reasons alone the ministry kept a close eye on him. He was surprised after the war, that he wasn’t sent to Azkaban like many other Death Eaters.

He hadn’t kept contact with anyone from Hogwarts except Blaise, and he wished he had. Though he had seen many people over the years briefly he never did get the chance to actually get to know them. Granger was a surprise to him, after nine years of never seeing her, and now this. His daughter was taking dance lessons with her as a teacher. He didn’t really have a problem with it, nor did he care as long as his daughter was happy.

Draco glanced at the clock in the living room set up on top of the television Blaise had bought not that long ago. Blaise was never a muggle hater, and even in Hogwarts he had kept quiet most of the time. Blaise being a Slytherin, did tend to do some evil doing in his day. Becoming a death eater as one of them. Blaise had done a bit of growing up in his time, his image was more masculin and he’d grown slightly taller. Blaise did in fact work with Potter in the ministry and it was sometimes hard to believe that a Slytherin and a Gryffindor could get along. But the truth was innevitable.

The clock read 5:00 am. He couldn’t believe the time had passed quickly, he had work in two hours. He walked back into the guest bedroom he’d been sharing with Jade for the past month. She was sleeping peacefully, without any snoring could be heard, thank god! She had her tonsels removed at the age of five due to some throat problems. Her blonde hair was sprayed everywhere, and the covers covered her from shoulders to her toes. The rise and fall of her chest showed that she was still breathing despite the fact that there was no sound coming from the room. Aside from Draco’s footsteps.

Draco decided to get ready, knowing if he didn’t now he’d never get it done.


For what seemed like hours, driving didn’t even seem to faze him when Draco knew he could have just apparated to his work. In the car, the radio was blasting and he was getting a headache. The lack of sleep he had was starting to get the best of him, and if he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore he didn’t know what to do. He could have possibly gotten out of the car and apparated but then someone would have seen him and stolen his car. The thought of that, just drove him over the edge. His daughter was possibly just waking up now, getting ready for Blaise to take her to school. Blaise didn’t start work till 9 in the morning while Jade started school at 8:30, so Blaise had plenty of time to spare, so he offered.

More to the point, Draco’s vision was now getting blurry, and if he didn’t pull over he would have definitely crashed into another car. He wasn’t the best driver and he knew that considering no one taught him how; he’d had to learn on his own. Before he could fully conprehend what was going on, the lights turned a flashy red, and he blacked out.


Hermione’s shift at the hospital couldn’t have been any busier. She had started to work at five in the morning, and her shift wasn’t about to end till 12. By nine a’clock she had gotten news of a car accident that had happened at 7:03 am. Apparently the young man who had gotten hurt was now in surgery. From what she found out from another nurse who was aiding the doctor during the surgery, was that he hadn’t been hurt too badly, a broken arm, a couple of brused ribs and his leg was spranged.

Hermione had always cared for every single person who’d been and out of this hospital. Despite the fact that a healer wasn’t her chosen career that she wanted to pursue didn’t mean she didn’t like working at the hopsital. St. Mungoes was a fine hospital, the only one in the wizarding world that she knew of. She felt concerned for this young man, despite not knowing who he was.

“Mrs. Bargleson?”

“Yes Ms. Granger.”

“How is the patient doing? Has he awoken from the surgery yet?” Hermione asked one of the many nurses working on the floor.

“He’s actually just gotten out, so he should be awake in an hour. He got pretty lucky.”

“How’s that?”

“Well from what the doctor told me, was that the windshield from the car ripped right open and it shattered upon the man. The car who had crashed into him, his bumper is broken into at least three pieces. The other man made it out alright, he just has a broken arm that should heal in a week or so.”

“What was the man’s name; who got injured?”

“Ummm-” She checked the charts in her hand. “Mr. Malfoy, I believe.”

“Are you talking about Draco Malfoy?” Hermione was shocked at first.

“Yes, the only Malfoy still living I pressume, well it says here, he also has a daughter.”

“Was- his daughter, I mean in the car...with him?” She asked nervously. She had become attached to Jade without realizing it, and couldn’t help feel her heart shattering if anything had happened to her.

“Fortunately no, Mr. Malfoy was alone in the car.”

Hermione sighed with relief, she was glad that Jade was alright, but she was still slightly unnerved by the fact that Draco had gotten injured. Despite their past, Draco didn’t deserve what had happened to him.

For the next hour, Hermione had been patroling the halls on the six floor. She had treated some of the patients with medication and antidotes of special potions specified by the doctors. She was walking past the halls of the recovery rooms when the doctor came up to her.

“Ms. Granger?”

“Yes Doctor?”

“Would you go by Mr. Malfoy’s room to check on him, it seems none of my nurses are available at the time?”

“Yes of course, Doctor. Would you like me to give him any medication or anything?” Hermione asked.

“Yes actually, two bottles of sleep drought potion should probably do the trick, and he can leave as soon as he feels better. The surgery went well, and he should be waking up any minute now.”

“Alright doctor, I’ll tell him.”

“Thank you once again Ms. Granger.”

Hermione left the doctor to go through the recovery room, 103, where Draco Malfoy was resting. She placed the bottles of sleeping drought on the table next to his bed, where she could see him sleeping peacefully despite that he’ll feel much amounts of pain when he woke up. She sat in the armrest next to the bed and watched him for what seemed like hours which in reality was only 15 minutes. Hermione was sure that the doctor had contacted Blaise and Jade by now and could only imagine that Jade was hurting now. Draco was the only one left she had in her family and Hermione couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

Draco stirred for what seemed like the millionth time, he felt this pain shattering through his body in a matter of seconds and almost had the guts to scream, but he held back and forced himself to wake up. Once his eyes ajusted to the light he wasn’t sure where he was. He remembered sitting in the car and the lights flashing and he had blacked out.

The only thing he recognized was the white walls. He hadn’t meant to say it out loud either.

“Where am I?” he asked.

“St. Mungos.” A voice replied which sounded vagely familiar to Draco, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

Hermione got out of the chair and approached Draco himself who was still lying down, face motionless.

With recognition that came so fast, Draco reacted quite differently. “Granger?”

“Good morning Mr. Malfoy, or should I say late morning, almost lunch actually.”

Draco looked at her puzzled for a moment. “What happened?”

She looked at him with great sadness. “You were in a car accident, don’t you remember?”

“No not really.”

“I don’t know all the details,” Hermione explained. “But I do know that you were hit while driving, you could have got yourself killed, what were you thinking!”

“I guess I wasn’t thinking.”

“Draco, how are you feeling?” She asked seriously.

“Pain, that’s what I’m feeling Hermione.”

“Come on, I want you to try and sit up.” She insisted.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, I just woke up from surgery and you want me to sit up.”

“The faster you get up, the faster you can leave. Would you rather stay the entire weekend or leave today?” Hermione asked.

“You know I’d rather leave today.”

“Well then try getting up, here I’ll help you.” Hermione walked towards Draco’s bed and held out her hand.

Draco looked at her hand hesitantly before grabbing it to raise himself up. He could feel the pain through his body begin to reach it’s limit. He didn’t know how bad he had injured himself but he couldn’t figure out how he’d gotten in the situation in the first place.

“Your lucky you know to living right now.“ She commented.

“Why’s that?”

“Well you’ve bruised a couple of your ribs, your right arm is broken and I believe your left leg is spranged.”

“What’s that?” Draco said as he pointed towards the potions on his night stand beside the bed.

“Sleeping potion draught. Draco when was the last time you’ve had a good decent nights sleep?”

“Two weeks.” He answered honestly.


“You really want to know why?” Hermione nodded her head. “Well there’s a lot of stress at work, and dealing with Jade’s custody against Pansy. I got the divorce papers finalized today after two weeks of waiting when it should have been dealt with long ago.”

“What do you mean custody?”

“Pansy wants to fight for custody of Jade.”

“What! You can’t be serious, why would Pansy want to do that?” Hermione asked surprised.

“Because if Pansy and I aren’t married anymore, she still wants to keep the image of her having the perfect family, despite the fact that everyone knows Pansy hates Jade.”

“What’s going to happen to your Manor?”

“I don’t know, technically it’s mine, but to be honest I don’t want it.”

“Oh,” Hermione checked her watch, her shift was over in 15 minutes, she had plenty of errands to run, the wedding was in two months, and they didn’t have much planned.

“Listen, I’m going to go to the front desk and see when you are allowed to be released. If you want I could drop you off to where you need to go. Where exactly are you staying right now?”

“I’ve been staying at Blaise’s for the time being.”

“Oh alright, I’ll be right back.”

Draco took this moment while Granger was gone to remember exactly what had happened this morning. He knew he was tired and he hadn’t had a good nights sleep in weeks. But what caused him to get into a car accident? It just didn’t make any sense. Granger he knew back in his 5th year would have never helped him like she was helping him now. She had definitely changed, no one could doubt that.

Hermione returned three minutes later with a bag, and a male nurse at her heal. “Draco, this R.J Anderson, and he’s going to help you get dressed because you are not going out like that in public.”

Draco looked down at what he was wearing; hospital robes, puke green robes. “Why what’s going on, I’m getting released now?”

“You will once your dressed and I heal your bruised ribs and broken arm. Your spranged leg will have to heal on it’s own since it isn’t broken.” Said Hermione.

Hermione left the room for 10 minutes till R.J came out and told her that Draco was dressed. She would have done the dressing for him but she knew what Draco was like and would have refused her help immediately.

“Ready to go?”

Draco was persistent, he didn’t feel ready to leave the hospital. He was in a lot of pain, and he could barely stand on his own two feet.

“Here why don’t you sit down, while I heal those bruises for you.” Hermione said.

Draco grumpily sat down on one of the chairs in the room. He winced when he felt Hermione’s hands on his wounds. He was surprised none the less on how gentle she was being. He could remember the time when that same hand had been stuck down upon his face in his third year at Hogwarts. He knew then when to mess with her, obviously it had taken him a long time to accept it.

“Does this hurt?” she asked.

“No,” he winced trying not to show much pain he was actually in. He did not want to let Granger have the satisfaction of her taking advantage over him. She let out a small laugh, deciding whether she should make a comment about Draco’s stubborness.

Draco stared at her, taking in her looks, her laugh. Something was definitely different about her. The last encounter he had with her had been at the bar she was working at, like that hadn’t been awkward. He didn’t know what to make of her situation. He felt sympathy for her, truly no one should have had to go through pain like she had. But what is done was done, and no one could change the past.

Once it seemed Hermione had finished she stood up, taking off her hospital robes and placing them behind the door of the reception room.

“There, stand up and tell me if it feels any better.” Hermione said.

Draco did relunctantly as he was told. He could feel his muscles relax better than he had felt before the accident.

“I hate to admit this Granger, but you’re quite good as a healer.”

“Why thank you Draco. Now come on, we’re leaving.”

“Right now?” Draco asked surprised.

“Yes, I have a lot of things to do.”

Hermione walked over to the receptionists and took out a file, and signed it stating that the hospital authorities granted Draco Malfoy to be released. Draco followed her with crutches as one of the healers had called it, handed it to him.

Once they were outside in the freshness of the outdoors, Hermione started to walk towards her car. Draco followed her limping all the way.

“Do you even know where Blaise lives?” Draco asked her. “Maybe I should drive-“

“Don’t even finish that sentence Draco, you’re in no condition to drive at this moment. The doctors have said you’re allowed to leave but it doesn’t mean you can go back to driving just yet. You were in a car accident not mere hours ago!”

He felt silent. “Then where are we going?”

Hermione opened the front doors of her car, motioning for Draco to sit in the front seat, while she took the drivers seat. Starting the engine, with her keys dangling from the key whole. Draco strapped the seatbelt into place; placing the crutches into the back seat.

“You’ll see.”

Author’s Notes: Another chapter finished, hope you like it. Sorry to leave you with another cliff hanger. This story is almost at midpoint in the story. More information will lead to the plot. So just keep reading!

Please Read & Review!!!


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A Second Glance: Divorce & Unintentional Accidents


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