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A Little On The Odd Side by nazozink
Chapter 4 : lost room
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A/N: so sorry for the incredable long waits on this. I actually have a good excuse this time my friends mom died, and she was like a second mother to me so I have been dealing with that. Other wise this was a good destraction from all of the choas here.

Everything was fading into a deeper purple, my head was feeling slightly dizzy and I think I was going to pass out. I felt a sharp tug on my arm. And everything started blending back into its natural purple-ness. Dorko was looking at my with one eyebrow quirked and his head slightly to the side giving him a “What in the-,” kind of expression.

“Are you trying to rush all the blood to your head?” he asked. Ignoring him I started to twiddle my fingers together. “Well are you?” He asked slightly more annoyed.

I leaned back flipping over the side of the common room couch. He pulled me back up.

“Don’t do that!” I grinned and pulled back. He let go of my arm and I tumbled backwards landing not so gracefully on my neck/upper back. It hurt like a seagull peaking you broken arm while you crushed underneath a grand piano. Trust me I know.

I rubbed my neck as I walked to the front of the sofa again. Sitting this time straight in my seat. It didn’t help much that Dorko had a big grin plastered on his face. I tried to ignore him and go back to my work but he kept humming this insufferable tune that was a tie between both polka and jazz. I grabbed my books and decided to head back to the room, my room, the room on the floor.

I walked up to the floor it was last night, now here’s the funny thing it wasn’t there anymore. It just wasn’t. This. Was. Not. Good. I ran up and down the school even calling it to me.

“Here roomy roomy here boy or girl.” It didn’t work but I did get a few odd looks from the other students. Actually that was sort of a plus. I don’t know what it is but when ever someone gets that look that says “hey I think we should call those nice chaps in the white suits.”

I put my hands on my elbows just like genie and blinked my eyes. I stack of papers with a door and a big question mark over it appeared. I don’t why people make big fusses over every little thing magic is EASY! I ran all through the school putting up the flyers and folding up one, putting it in my wallet to whip out at any chosen time to ask them if they have seen it.

At days end however surprisingly no one had seen it. I slumped down against a wall next to the entrance to the common room banging it slightly with my head on the way down. I had found a utopia free from all things Malfoy and I lost it. Poof. Gone.

With a groan I noticed who was approaching. The dwebs. Pansy, Dorko and some girl I hadn’t met yet all walked towards the Slytherin entrance.

“Idiot Idiot go away don’t come back another day.” I sang.

“It’s not even raining?” Pansy whispered to Dorko. I rolled my eyes in her general direction.

“What do you people want?” I asked.

“Not much, we’re just going to the common room.” Dorko replied, I gestured for him to proceed; the two girls went in while the major dork stayed outside with me. He shut the door after me and joined me at the ground.

“Nazo?” He asked as casually as he could.

“Yes, Dorko?”

“The Hogsmeade trip is this weekend.”

“Yes I know that.” What did he think I was stupid or something?

“Yes, actually I was wondering if you wanted to go.”

“I do want to go as long as I don’t have to be anywhere near-,” I didn’t get to say anything much else. He kissed me.
A/N DUN DUN DUN DUH!!!!!!! cliffy!

Disclaimer: I own nazo my socks and my coca-cola cherry flavored lip gloss but none of those even start with a h or a p so I obviously dont on Harry Potter.

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A Little On The Odd Side: lost room


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