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Look at me by DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend
Chapter 6 : Still no good news comes
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Look at me...

part 6

Still no good news comes

After a long two weeks of peaceful slumber in which they had been living, no good news was spread yet. Her mother worried and sent her to a healer.
The news was not that happy.
Her stomach had been hit to many times and a baby was not an option any longer. At least not for another few years anyhow. The tears ran down her cheeks and the pain she felt in her heart was more then she could bare. Emptiness was all she felt and her days of worry free times were long gone. Her life had hit another wall and this one she could not get around.

She would never have the feeling of a little being growing inside of her body. And she would never get to go through labour. She would never enjoy the happiness of giving birth to her own baby boy or girl. She would never. Never.

Her heart broke into tiny little pieces and as she tried to glue them together they were stomped upon. Her life would never be the same again.
Yet nobody the saw her heartbreak as the fighting outside went on more fierce full now.

The first death close to home, was far to close for her liking. Though her stepfather had been killed a few days earlier she did not mourn for him. He had never received her love and neither would he get her to grief. He was never a person that could be loved by those around. No monster had ever accomplished that.

No it had been the one death after that that caused the glue to let go and shatter the small pieces even more.
They had killed her mother. The one person she had known her whole life and the one person that had never left her before. The one person she trusted more then anyone and the one she loved more then life itself. It wasn’t fair and she began to think that God just did not want her to be happy.

One day long she cried and one day long she did not speak to a single soul. This ended however when Bellatrix showed up in her room, telling her to get it together and stop whining.

“People die all the time, why keep crying” she had said to Rosabella.

“Don’t you dare say such a thing again. Not in my house!” Rosabella screamed and Bellatrix looked unaffected at the sad looking girl.

“you don’t get to say such things. Just because you don’t know what it’s like to lose a loved one, that doesn’t mean I can’t mourn for my losses!” Rosabella added still yelling on the top of her lungs and Bellatrix’ face darkened.

“I don’t know?!? You think those people were all strangers to me?” Bellatrix replied a little confused by the reaction she got from the girl before her. She had always seen Rosabella as a weak little girl and she knew that the girl made her cousin, dear Regulus, weak as well. She had never seen the girl step up, this was a first yet she hated this even more then the quiet girl Rosabella usually was.

“Sure you knew them, but I’ve come to the conclusion you don’t love. You are incapable of loving any human being. Your heartless and cold” Rosabella screamed and pushed the woman out of her room.
Yet after that argument she walked into her bathroom and cleaned up, it was time to live. It was time to do something with herself. She was not going to sit in her home and be the good little trophy wife, not anymore. She had some visits to make.

As she walked hurriedly across the streets she hoped to find those whom she had been looking for all along.
The streets were empty these days and people dared not to step outside unless truly, utterly unavoidable.
A few people walked out from a small store near her right and both parties responded with a small shock before quickly scurrying of the other way, hoping their cloaks had kept their faces hiding from the other.

Rosabella walked further along the empty street and quickly jumped into the hall of a old building. This building was housing many witches and wizards, she knew. And it housed the one person she needed to see so badly.

Counting the doors she stopped at number 12. A little ironic and yet she was sure it would be the right number. Knocking softly twice in an all to familiar tune the door opened only slightly and let her in.
And there he was the one person she had been yearning for. The one person she needed to see at this moment in time. Sirius Black.
His faces had aged in the year a half they had spent apart but still she only saw the handsome unharmed man she loved to dearly.

“you should not have come here, it’s to dangerous” Sirius said while walking steadily closer.

“I know but you know it’s necessary and we’re running out of time” she said and smiled while pulling him into a hug. And he hugged her back as if his life depended on it. And maybe it did, in a way.

“I’ve missed you so much” he whispered softly and she just smiled as tears trickled down her cheeks onto his shoulder.

“We need to act quickly” Rosabella whispered and he grabbed her hand while concentrating hard on where they were to go.
As her feet felt solid ground return beneath them she slowly opened her eyes and looked at all the faces before her, looking in wonder but assured that Sirius knew what he was doing.

“Time’s moving quickly and you need to act fast” Rosabella said and all understood. Voldemort would soon be coming after the most prized order members. Bellatrix had finally returned to the house of Blacks.
“You’re sure?” Lily Potter asked holding a small baby in her arms and for a moment Rosabella could only look at the small bundle in her arms with great grief. But remembering her purpose she tried to shake off the feeling and looked back into the eyes of the woman.

“Bella came to me today, she was as cold and calm as usually. Time has come” Rosabella said and hugged Sirius on last time before leaving the room and walking out of the house they had apparated too. Tears brimmed her eyes again but at least she could assured his safety. Now she had to try and safe her husband. It was nearly a year since they had been married and she could not wait to have a quiet evening alone with him. Which she knew she would get as all around her still hoped she would help continue the line of Black. She smiled ruefully at their foolish thoughts because her hopes had long vanished but still she did not voice it.

Lost in her thoughts however she missed the eyes of a tall dark figure hidden in the shadows as she left the house.

The icy eyes of Lucius looked at the leaving the street and he smiled. He would finally be able to push the noble black Regulus from his throne.

And as Rosabella looked at the clock two weeks from her encounter with Sirius, she did not miss the absence of her husband. The tension had been growing ever bigger the last two weeks and Voldemort had been running in and out of this household, while another death eater was asked to adjoin every time. Last week however he had asked for a house elf and Kreacher was sent. When he returned without the little elf, Rosabella knew Regulus would act out.
Though she never voiced those thoughts not even to his own mother, she knew he cared for the creature and the creature cared for him. Regulus had always been kind. Now a week later her husband did not return home and it would only be a matter of time, she knew.

Quietly she went upstairs and packed her bags, ready to leave at any time. With futile hope she also packed his clothes but as the screams downstairs became clear she knew she was once again all alone.

“He’s gone! Regulus Black is dead” Bellatrix Lestrange screamed and footsteps could be heard pounding up the stairs, there was nobody to protect her now. They were nearly there and Rosabella was torn. Should she stay and face her doom? Or should she leave and flee for the rest of her life. The door she had barricaded but it would take a few seconds only to get through and she needed to decide. The door splintered and Rosabella was forced to act quickly a decision quickly made. Hopefully the right one.

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