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+*+ Games & Surprises II +*+ by candz
Chapter 3 : +*+ The Dare +*+
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A/N: Third chapter here it is. I'm sooo happy about the good reviews I have got so far. Keep reading and lets just say, theres a lot going to be happening. Thanks again xXXx
P.S Paragraphing is probably bit crap, so sorry. just please get along with it && dont leave comments about it, I already know! =] xx

Mya looked at Blaise and smirked. She went between him and Draco

“Thanks Blaise, good punch!” said Mya seductively

“Anytime” blaise replied. Draco didn’t say anything and just walked in

“Obviously still pissed off from this morning’ said Jade 

“Yeah but he’ll live” Said Mya “Hey guys, where am I going to sit?”

‘Slytherin side obviously, in the middle of me and Blaise” replied pansy

“Okay” Blaise sat next to Draco at the back and then Mya sat next to Blaise and Pansy +*+

The potions were all bubbling and everyone was chatting or writing notes. Draco was writing something and passed it to Mya. She looked at him confused but he had looked away. She opened it and it read:


I need to now what happened this morning? I personally am forgetting it but I just wanted to see if you had just forgot it as well


P.s.: I hope we’re friends at least

Hermione’s P.O.V

Hah! So I finally messed with Draco’s mind. I wrote back a quick response: Draco, fine with me. We’re friends J XmyaX and then the lesson ended just as I’d passed the note back to Draco. We walked to whatever lesson we had next. Pansy and jade came up to me

Normal P.O.V

“Snape winked at you!” “What’s going on between you and Draco?”, “what about blaise?’ They said at very fast speed

“Woah girls” said Mya smiling “I know snape winked at me…disgusting!” The girls giggled “Me and Draco are friends, we made up and me and blaise…Hey! What dya mean by me and blaise?”

“Blaise fancies you” said someone just behind them. Millicent was there.

“How do you know Millicent?” asked Mya

“Millie please” she smiled “He just told me”

“You’re kidding?!” said Mya, pansy and jade. They all laughed.


“Well what?” 

“Well what you going to do?”

“I’ll think of something I’m sure” Mya smirked glancing over her shoulder “Anyway what we got now?”

“Free period” replied Jade

“Cool”. +*+

“Truth or dare Mya?” asked Pansy

‘Truth” answered Mya distractedly walking out of the door to call up Leah and Ryan. Pansy, Jade, Millie and Mya were all in the girl’s dormitory. Mya was talking to Ryan and Leah but the other girls were playing truth or dare

After talking for about 15 minutes finding out a lot of information about leah and ryan going out and how Matt had punched Ryan once and Leah had nursed Ryans bleeding nose and they'd kiss. Mya found them the cutest couple ever! Mya told them how she was friends with the popular and most likely evil people in the school. 

She bid them goodbye after a while as she thought it would be better to get back to the game with the girls.

“Mya! Finally you’re off that thing” exclaimed Pansy

“Chill, I’m here!” 

“Right you’re doing a dare” said Jade

“Am I?” Said Mya. Pansy, Jade and mille nodded

“You’ve got to sit on Blaise’s knee and whisper a load of sweet nothings in his ear, make boys curious and jealous” explained Pansy. 

Mya shook her head in disbelief and said

“Okay, I’ll do it but only because it’s a dare and I don’t back out on dares”. They all went downstairs. 

Mya went over to Blaise whilst the other girls were around listening but couldn’t be seen. Blaise was with Draco in the common room; they seemed to be chatting animatedly but were interrupted by Mya joining them. They both looked her up and down, admiring the view. 

Mya’s P.O.V

Ok I can do this; this wouldn’t be such a hard dare if Draco wasn’t right in front of us. We’re friends at least now but this dare might ruin it for us both. Hmm, I’ll just have to tell Draco afterwards that it was all a dare. No turning back now!

Normal P.O.V

“Hey guys” said Mya looking at Blaise, and then licking her lips. No one would have guessed she was nervous as hell. 
Mya placed her hand on the back of Blaise’s head and sat down on his knee. 
She played with the hair where her hand was placed, gazing into his brown eyes. She leaned in a bit, towards his ear and whispered

“Hey gorgeous, I couldn’t help but notice you needed a bit of company” This was a big lie, obviously because he’d got Draco right in front of him. She lightly flicked her tongue over Blaise’s earlobe.

Draco’s P.O.V

Oh my fucking god! She’s a joke! Blatantly flirting with my best mate, right in front of me! For fucks sake, we kissed and she does this! I can’t stand this anymore!

Normal P.O.V

Draco got up and walked around Blaise’s chair. Mya noticing that Draco had moved looked at him and smirked. 
Blaise didn’t notice a thing as he was too busy stroking Mya’s back. 

Mya kissed her middle finger, putting the others down so she was swearing and she bit her lip in a mock-cheeky way. 
Mya giggled and looked at Blaise who thought Mya had giggled at him not Draco.

“Oh yeah…I was in desperate need of company, quite glad you came along” said Blaise, not realising Draco had left at all. 
Mya licked her lips whilst looking at Blaise’s, which made him have a naughty gleam in his eyes. Mya moved closer to his lips and seductively said

“Do you know what I heard today?” Her voice was so husky; any guy would’ve fallen for her right there and then. 
Blaise shook his head, still gazing at her lips 

“I heard you fancy me, weird that isn’t it Blaise?” 

He never replied, he just closed the gap between him and Mya and kissed her. Mya was quite shocked that he had done this. 
She looked towards Pansy and her other friends and they were grinning and giving her thumbs up. She closed her eyes and kissed him back. After a while, they broke apart, Blaise smirked at her. 

“So Mya, will you be my girlfriend?” He held her chin and just pecked her lips quickly with his. She smiled and nodded. They kissed again whilst guys who were mates with Blaise, whistled at them and Mya’s mates came out of their hiding place and stared clapping

Mya’s P.O.V

Whilst kissing him, I begun to think of what I’d done to Draco, I denied kissing him yet I’m kissing blaise, well now I’m going out with him. Am I doing right? So blaise fancies me, so do other guys. 
Why do I choose to go out with him? I don’t wanna make Draco jealous, there’s no need, he already is anyways. We were friends. I think I’ve just really fucked it up.
I broke away from Blaise, putting on a brave face to him and said I’d see him later and that I was going to spend some time with Pansy and that

Normal P.O.V

Mya left the common room with Pansy, Jade and Millie following; no one talked until they were in their dormitory. Questions were flied at Mya

“How was it?”

“So you’re going out with him?”

“I thought you wanted to be single?” Mya held her hand up to half the questions. She smiled at the girl’s excitement.

“Well, it was alright, pleasant, not too much tongue or saliva” Mya chuckled as Pansy laughed “Yeah I’m going out with him and I know I wanted to be single but blaise seems alright” 
All the girls squealed but then Pansy put a serious face on.

“Wait up girls” she said looking at every girl, they stopped talking. Pansy looked clearing at Mya “What about Draco?"

Jade and Millie said “Yeah…?”

“We did see what you did to him when he was leaving” joined in Jade. Pansy and Millie nodded as well. 

Mya looked away, thinking of what happened in the matter of a few days. Draco crying, the portrait, becoming friends and now her with blaise.

“Oh well, that’s just to piss him off, you know keep him on his toes” Mya winked. She wouldn’t let the others know what had happened between her and Draco. 

Jade and Millie giggled and started a pillow fight and for a moment Pansy did doubt Mya’s words until she got hit in the face by Millie. She faked shock and dramatically hit Millie back. +*+

Draco walked out slytherin common room, seething

‘How dare she?’ he thought. 

He passed many people, not really paying attention who they were. They were people who also liked Draco and just like Mya, lots of people loved to check him out. 
He got the same attention from girls as Mya did from guys. Today though Draco didn’t want to pay attention to girls, he was too angry at Mya. 

‘Bet she’s shoving that tongue of hers down his throat, blaise is very lucky and if he wasn’t my best mate, I would’ve killed him by now. He better not use her or anything ‘cause then he’ll have to answer to my fist’. Draco walked to lunch even though it was too early.

At dinner, most of the slytherins were sickened including Mya. Blaise demanded that he would feed her pudding- strawberries dipped in chocolate. A weakness for Mya but she didn’t let it show. She shook her head after realising that everyone was looking away from the repulsive site of a ‘loved up’ couple. 

“I’m full thanks Blaise” Mya said kindly. She thought she’d have to step carefully with Blaise; she got the vibe that he was very possessive 

‘He probably only likes me for my looks anyway, unlike Draco…’ she thought and she gazed away when she thought the name ‘Draco’.
Her eyes wandered but then something caught her eye, over at the Gryffindor table. Harry was glaring at her, very menacingly indeed.

“What you looking at babe?” blaise said, being defeated so putting the strawberry down. He followed her gaze and realised potter was glaring at her. His girlfriend. Blaise coughed politely and he got up. 

Pansy, jade and Mya looked at him curiously, wondering what he was going but no said anything. They watched as blaise walked over to the Gryffindor table, Blaise bent down to potter’s ear and said, quite clearly 

“Now I know you’re jealous but please stop starring at my girlfriend!” At this time, Draco who had been very quiet throughout the dinner, chocked on his dessert at what Blaise had said.

“Steady Draco” said pansy. She looked at Mya, a silt word of warning whilst passing Draco a napkin to clear up. As Mya’s and Pansy’s eyes met, Mya looked down to her plate. Suddenly wishing Blaise hadn’t said anything about them being a couple out loud.

“Aww, you not single anymore Mya?” asked Adrian, who was next to Draco. Mya smiled, inwardly groaning and said

“Nope sorry A.D” Adrian pulled a mock sad face but then smiled cheekily at her.

‘Urgh, I could’ve got with A.D, he is quite nice. Damn this’ Mya thought. 

Blaise came back to the table as potter hadn’t said anything except his girlfriend told Blaise to fuck off. Though a slytherin wouldn’t obey any Gryffindor command, Blaise thought it would be better to get back to his girlfriend as he saw Adrian and her talking. 
Soon, people were leaving for their lesson as the favourite slytherins were talking animatedly. Then Mya got her stuff together, they all looked at her

“I know I ain’t a Gryffindor but I still wanna get to lesson in time” she chuckled.

“Trust you” Jade said. Pansy was doing her hair, neatly brushing her short hair, after she had done, she out her lip-gloss and put some on her own lips. She passed it to Mya, Mya paused and then thought ‘Oh what the hell?’ Mya got the lip-gloss and the mirror that Millie had also passed and pouted her lips. Please with the result, Mya looked at Blaise and said

“What you think?” He kissed her cheek and said

“Gorgeous” Pansy, Jade and Millie giggled but Draco interrupted then

“You don’t need make up, you’re already beautiful” He said. Mya looked quite shocked at him and Pansy’s eyes grew large. Mya blinked a few times.

“Erm thanks Draco” she replied. Blaise, completely oblivious to what was going on between Mya and Draco, hugged his girlfriend and added

“Isn’t she just?” 

Draco looked up and made contact with Mya’s for a brief second before he looked at pansy who was still shocked and he shrugged. Mya got up to leave, quite uncomfortable with the situation but Blaise held her wrist.

“Let me walk you to your lesson” Mya shook him off quickly.

“Its alright, I’m going to go toilets before anyways. See you later” she kissed him slightly on the lips and hurried out of the hall. 

She found the nearest toilets and found an empty cubicle. Mya put the seat down, sat on it and went into her bag in search for her cigarettes and lighter. 
She found them and inhaled her cigarette. It soon calmed her. She put her hand on her forehead and thought about what happened in the hall.

Mya’s P.O.V

He called me beautiful! Whilst Blaise called me gorgeous, obviously Draco still likes me, he doesn’t seem himself at all, someone’s going to notice and I hope it ain’t Blaise because I have a feeling he will flip. God, what am I doing going out with a guy when I really like his best mate?

Draco’s P.O.V

I noticed Mya leaving but not before giving her oh-so-wonderful boyfriend a kiss on the lips. I did mean to call her beautiful but Blaise didn’t really notice. And he doesn’t really treat Mya really good because he called her gorgeous, not really a compliment. I should go back to the way I normally am, people are going to notice I’m acting differently. I think pansy’s already got an idea in her head. Right that’s it. I’ll be the old me, or how I was yesterday. Whatever! +*+


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+*+ Games & Surprises II +*+: +*+ The Dare +*+


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