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All Alone In The Moonlight by Nymphie Lupin
Chapter 1 : All Alone in the Moonlight
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All Alone in the Moonlight

“Ready or not! Here I come!” ten-year old Remus shouted out.

There was an hour of light left on this cool, summer night in England. Nights like this were perfect for a game of Man Hunt in the backyard. It was chilly enough to wear a dark sweatshirt, warm enough to get away with wearing shorts, dry enough to run fast through the grass without tripping, and the full moon would soon be bright enough to see where you were running but dim enough for your hiding spot to be concealed in the dark. Man Hunt was the boys’ favorite summer-time game. It was Hide-and-Seek, however not as girly. There was a catch to the game that made it more fun for everyone.

Remus turned around from the safe spot, which was the white picket fence that enclosed his yard to separate it from the surrounding woods. He was It, and the rules of Man Hunt stated that whomever was It had to look for the others and catch them before they touched the safe spot. Whichever person was caught first would then become It.

The young boy spent five minutes looking everywhere in his summerhouse yard on the Cape, but none of his friends were to be seen. He checked the tree house, the swing set, his little brother’s sandbox, and even his parents’ garage.

“Guys,” He shouted, praying that his friends could hear him. “You know that we weren’t supposed to leave the yard! Mark! Sean! John! C’mon guys! This isn’t funny!”

Being a very competitive boy, Remus knew that his only choice to win this Man Hunt game was to go through the wooded area. However, his parents forbade him earlier that summer from leaving the property while playing Man Hunt at night.

Remus ran into his house to ask his parents for permission to leave their property.

“Yes, Fenrir,” Mr. Lupin chuckled as he gulped down some more of his wine. “That is quite an excellent idea for our company.”

“Ummmm… Mum, Dad?”

“Oh! Hello there, young Remus.” His jubilantly drunk father smiled. His rosy cheeks were pinker than usual. “Have you met our business’s vice president, Mr. Greyback?”

“Yes, dad. Tons of times.” Remus rolled his eyes at his father’s silliness. “Good evening, Mr. Greyback.”

“Good evening to you to, Mr. Remus Lupin.” Fenrir beamed oddly, almost evilly, as he took a small sip from his glass of red wine.

“Darling,” his mother cooed sweetly, as if she thought he was a two-year-old. “What brings you back inside so early tonight? I thought you and your three friends were playing that game of yours.”

“Yeah, we were.” Remus said as he nervously tugged at his sweatshirt sleeves. “But I was wondering if we could maybe, please, play in the woods and on the beach.”

“But we told you that you couldn’t, sweetheart. So I’m sorry, but no.”

“But mom! Please! It’s not fun only playing in the backyard!”

“No, and that is my final answer.”

“What if I promise to… take out the garbage all week next week and play with Kevin… Oh mom! PLEASE!”

“Yes, Dianne. It would seem only fair that the boy play in the most amusing of places.” Fenrir intervened, his eyes glowing with an entrancing golden shimmer. “And it’s not like the lads will be up to any mischief. Will you?”

Remus nodded his head, knowing that Fenrir was helping him out immensely. Nevertheless, he couldn’t shake the feeling that Fenrir couldn’t be trusted - there was something about Mr. Greyback that made Remus uneasy.

“Well, I’m not sure. Fred, how do you feel about this?”

“If my Greyback says it’s fine, then I don’t see a reason not to let the boy have fun.”

“Thanks!” Remus shouted back to the adults as he scooted out the door and ran back to the yard.

Instead of wasting valuable searching time by going through the white gate that led out to the forest, Remus jumped the fence. The boy sprinted through the wooded area, sticks and thorns constantly attacking his legs. Hoots from owls and the crinkle of the leaves in the wind made the hair on the back of his neck, stand up straight. He finally came to the beach that the forest lined.

He stopped running and panted to catch his breath. England’s shores were amazing, especially at night. Remus listened to the waves of the Atlantic Ocean roll smoothly together. The old lighthouse way down at the other end of the beach illuminated the night with its amazingly bright light. The last glimpse of daylight danced across the skies into the horizon, not to be seen again until the next morning.

In the distance, he could hear his parents and Mr. Greyback guffawing loudly as they must’ve been escaping the house for the fresh air outside. Then an ear-piercing scream erupted from his mother’s throat.

A howl to the moon escaped the lungs of a creature not native to the country. It sounded out again, eerily worshiping the white full moon. Surprise over-took Remus, for he couldn’t believe his ears. A wolf was in his yard.

Another screech of terror echoed out throughout the woods. “NOT KEVIN! NOOO!!!”

Remus’ heart began to beat faster, adrenaline rushed through his body. His little brother was in trouble, and he knew that he needed to do something to help him. Remus began to sprint back through the woods at full speed. It took him half as long as before for him to run through to the other side.

What he saw in his own backyard managed to tear his heart into two broken pieces; one deciding to lump up in his throat and the other half settling inside his stomach’s growing pit. Churning bile caressed that other half of his heart and stung it with its acidic properties. Remus’ legs froze to the ground and his jaw dropped in shock, as he tried to convince himself that what he was looking at wasn’t real. White hot tears threatened the boy’s eyes and conquered his body as they traveled down from his big blue eyes.

His mother and little brother were lying on the grass dead, their tawny-brown hair - the same color as his - speckled with deep crimson red. Terror had painted its way across their faces before they passed on and their necks visibly mutilated. The mangled bodies were just lying there, lifeless and cold.

The wolf that had mutilated his life in a matter of minutes was circling his horrified father.

“Remus!” He shouted to his son when he looked up. “RUN!”

The blackish-gray wolf turned his attention to the child. His wild eyes shone bright gold in the light of the moon. The creature started walking towards Remus.

He knew that he needed to get away. Remus began to run back through the woods, sprinting as fast as his legs could allow him and using enormous amounts of adrenaline.

The animal leaped over the picket fence and began chasing his prey, running through the woods. It dodged the trees and woodland obstacles like a seasoned professional. The predator was relentless in his pursuit and quickly caught up to his prey. The demon’s feet carried him so gracefully across the ground, it was almost as if he were gliding.

Remus swiftly dashed to the beach, then made the mistake of looking back to see if he had lost his foe. The mad wolf bounded forth towards Remus and jumped, tackling the boy down.

Pinned to the wet sand, the child did everything to protect himself from the wolf. He kicked, punched, squirmed, screamed, and kneed the ferocious monster. The wolf held him there, waiting for the young man to stop fighting for his life and surrender to his fate. It found more pleasure in taking his victim’s lives away once they resigned. However, Remus didn’t admit defeat to his fatigue and persevered to save his life.

Finally losing his patience, the wolf gave in to his blood lust and bit the boy’s small neck with his large, canine teeth.

Pain erupted throughout the ten-year-old’s being. It felt as if thousands of pins and needles were poking through his skin. The boy quivered in pain and fear as the wolf’s fangs dug deeper and deeper into his skin. Remus shrieked from the throbbing aches that plagued his body. Warm blood made its way down Remus’ neck and caressed his attacker’s fur.

His heart began to race, adrenaline pounded through his body, and an instinct to kick the predator off overcame Remus. With a new, supernatural strength, Remus was able to throw the full-grown wolf off him. It quickly recovered and composed itself to launch at James. The ten-year-old stood his ground, and pushed away the animal when it attacked.

The creature made one last attempt to pounce on Remus. Nevertheless, Remus was able to dodge the blow in time for the wolf to lose his balance and tumble to the ground. Hurt and humiliated, the beast limped away. After all, his task to ruin a life was complete and if he stayed any longer, he would become even more severely hurt.

The snapping and cracking of twigs and sticks sounded out from the forest. Remus’ father came out, holding a gun.

“I’m going to kill Greyback!” he shouted, a glint of lunacy in his eye.

“Dad! No! Shoot the wolf!”

“That’s him, son.” Fred told Remus as he set himself up to get a clear shot at the hobbling animal. “He changed right in front of your mother and I. He’s a werewolf!”

“No, that’s impossible.”

Mr. Lupin pulled the trigger of his gun. The bullet flew through the thick ocean air and punctured the wolf’s body. It merely flinched, and sprinted at a most amazing speed across the beach to the forest, never again to grace the presence of shore.

“It didn’t even kill him.” Remus said, dumbstruck by the phenomenon that had just happened before his eyes.

“Oh, I should’ve known.” Fred cried out, smacking his head with a fist. “Only silver bullets will kill a werewolf!”

“You honestly think that that… thing… was a werewolf.”

“Yes, son.” His father told him, tears beginning to form in his eyes. “And it killed Dianne and Kevin.”

Father and son, both overwhelmed by melancholy for they had lost all they held near and dear, sat down on the lonely beach and looked out towards the regal sea.

“Dad,” Remus whispered when the shock had begun to settle in. Bile rose in his throat and his words were almost lost in the hours of darkness, “Fenrir bit me.”


A/N This was originally written for something other than fan fiction, however I lost the inspiration to continue with that dream and decided to make it into a fan fic by changing the names to Harry Potter characters. I really don't think this is some of my best writing, but whatever. I hope you enjoyed it at least somewhat and I’d appreciate reviews. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Both beautiful graphics were created by the wonderful and talented alternativerocker.


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