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Blind in Love by HPFchamber
Chapter 2 : Singing Heart
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Chapter Two- Singing Heart

The mellow roar of many conversations filled my ears as I sat down on the bench of the Gryffindor table, carefully positioning myself so that I could easily watch Rose. Sirius and James shook their heads at me as they sat down, but I paid no mind, instead focusing on the conversation that Peter was having with me.

“You need to write a three foot long essay about the properties of moonstone and when and how it was discovered,” he was saying, ending his monologue about what Slughorn had been saying when I wasn’t paying attention.

“Okay,” I said, taking a sip of the pumpkin juice already at my setting.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Professor Dumbledore walk up to the staff table and remain standing. The room fell silent as Dumbledore spread his arms.

“I would just like to remind everybody third year and above that tomorrow is a Hogsmeade weekend,” he said once the room had quieted. “Enjoy your dinner.”

He sat down and the platters filled with food. Piling my plate high with all of my favorite foods, I began my normal dinner routine of watching Rose while I half listened to the conversation that my friends were having. I watched as the morsels of food disappeared behind her perfect lips, smiling when she did at something that her friends said. I had no clue what she was smiling about but it made me happy to know that she was happy.

Her eyes locked with mine in one of her roaming glances around the room and I felt my heart clench with panic. Had she figured out that I always watch her at mealtimes? Did she think that I was a freak because of it? Why was she smiling the way that she was? Her mouth was curved in a cute little half smile and she winked at me before turning to her friends to say something that they giggled at.

I looked at my friends and, realizing that I had a forkful of mashed potatoes in front of my face, quickly shoved the bite in my mouth before putting the fork down on my plate in a clatter that seemed rather loud to me but didn’t faze my friends a bit. I sat there for a moment just thinking about the possible reasons that she had winked at me before interrupting Sirius in the middle of what he was saying.

“Rose just winked at me,” I said, still totally in shock.

“Are you sure?” Sirius asked, sounding excited and turning to look at Rose.

“Don’t do that,” I hissed in a panic at my fellow Marauders who were now all looking at Rose.

“Why not?” Peter asked. “It isn’t like she has noticed it when you have stared at her for the past year at three meals a day.”

“But today she actually looked at me, smiled, winked, and then looked back to her friends,” I said, trying to make them understand. “She will notice if all of my friends are looking over there at her.”

“Not all your friends,” James said, his voice a little bitter. “Lily isn’t looking at her.”

I knew that he still hadn’t gotten over the fact that I wouldn’t tell Lily that he was a great guy to make her go out with him. I had been friends with Lily for years and I wasn’t going to have her getting mad at me because I tried to get her to go out with my lovestruck friend.

“What do I do guys?” I asked, ignoring James’ bitterness. “What if she actually decides to talk to me or something?”

“Then you talk back to her and don’t make a fool of yourself,” Sirius said, taking a bite of chicken parmesan.

“But what if I do?” I asked, not in the mood to eat any more. “What if I look like an idiot? Then she will never go out with me.”

“Moony, just stop panicking,” James said. “You are going to be fine just as long as you don’t panic.”

I nodded and watched as the golden plates cleared themselves to sparkling again as the platters and bowls up and down the table filled with deserts. My friends piled there plates high with sweets, their favorite part of the meal, but I was only put on my plate a piece of chocolate cake and a brownie. If I was going to be calm if Rose talked to me later then I knew I would have to eat chocolate.

I was quiet as we all ate our deserts and before I knew it the meal was over. I felt sick but I willed myself to get up from the table, start heading toward the door, and not let myself get worried about wheter or not Rose was going to talk to me. All of my will wasn’t enough though and I felt the butterflies start up as I saw Rose coming toward me, a look on her face that didn’t leave any doubt that she wanted to talk to me.

“Hi,” she said once she was near enough to me. “You’re Remus Lupin right?”

I looked to my friends for help and they nodded their heads wildly, obviously not wanting me to screw this up.

“Remus Lupin,” I said, my voice scratchy from nerves. “That’s me.”

“Do you have a date yet for Hogsmeade weekend tomorrow?” she asked, smiling and flipping her hair over her shoulder.

“No,” I said, my nerves tripling as I realized what she had approached me for.

“Want to go with me tomorrow?” she asked, putting on a puppy dog face. “I’ll probably bore somebody as smart as you but I will try to make some intelligent conversation like you are used to.”

“I would love to,” I said, my face alight with happiness. I felt like I was walking on air. The girl of my dreams had just asked me out and I had not screwed it up.

“Great,” she said. “I will meet you in the Entrance Hall tomorrow then.”

With that she flounced off with her friends, leaving me behind with my friends and a singing heart. 

A/N- I am having quite a bit of fun writing this story. I will have the next chapter up as soon as I can. I hope you liked this chapter. Please leave a review!

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Blind in Love: Singing Heart


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