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Ginny's secret by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 4 : Harry's your father
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The news of Harry home, traveled fast. He never went a day without seeing some of his old school friends or teachers, who always came to say hello and shake his hand.

Ginny, was busy with work nearly everyday, asked if Harry could look after James and was delighted to see that James had taken to Harry really well.

After about a month Ginny knew it was time to tell James the truth.
So, after their dinner, Ginny and Harry sat next to James on the sofa and embraced themselves for the trauma that the child would bring.

" and...and...Harry have something to tell you." Ginny looked at her son expecting him to cry at once before they had even told him the news.

"Well, what we...we have to say is...well, well you see Harry's your father." Ginny whispered this end part, to see if it would help the pain, but she didn't feel any better than she did before.

James looked up at them, then smiled his cheeky grin.
"I know." He said this matter of factly, as if this had been so obvious since the start.

Harry who had been expecting a much more raging answer, looked at the boy uncertainly, then said " know?"

James nodded then turned to his mother, "Can I go now, Mr Tibbles is playing hide and seek with me, and I want to go look for him."

With this, James jumped from his mother's lap and went into the living room to find their cat.

"Well... that went rather well...didn't it?" said Harry who was now watching the spot where James had been, with the mildest interest.

Ginny looked into the bright green eyes, she loved so much and quietly replied, "Yes, it did. Now we can move into your house, instead of living in this dingy old flat."

Harry looked back adoringly into Ginny's Hazel eyes, and she saw how much he loved her. "Great, I can't wait."

With this he bent down and kissed Ginny lightly on the lips. They spent a few moments in this embrace when they heard James calling out.

"Daddy, I can't reach my model wizards... can you get them for me please."

Harry's face lit up and pulled out of the embrace.
"Did you hear that, he called me daddy?" Ginny smiled and whispered back, "Get used to it... he'll be saying it more often when we move in."

Harry smiled then got up from the sofa. "I'm coming James, don't try and climb up and get them will might hurt yourself."

Harry turned back to look at Ginny, smiled and walked into the living room.

Ginny scooped up the plates from the table, made them wash themselves, and started tidying up the living room. After an hour or so Harry came in, holding James in his arms.

"He just fell asleep as soon as I started reading the story that he picked out."
Ginny shook her head and sighed; this boy is just like his father.
Taking James from Harry's arms, Ginny went into James room and undressed him. After this she placed him effortlessly into his bed and tucked him in.

"Sweet dreams, little snitch."

A/n: sorry this chapter a bit short, I just didn’t want to put moving day into all one chapter, I thought it would spoil the chapter. Thanks to you people that liked my last chapter and left reviews.
Please review.

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Ginny's secret: Harry's your father


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