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All I could hope for by tookool4you
Chapter 9 : Mermaids??
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Draco turned around to find the Dark Lord laughing behind him. Draco backed up as far as he could before he hit a cold stone wall. He looked up into the Dark Lords red eyes and had to look away. He was the only one Draco was really afraid of.

“I said ‘Hello Draco’”

“Hello Dark Lord”

Voldemort made a devilish grin and walked towards Draco. Draco was standing there horrified.

“How have you been Draco?”

”Fine, I am doing really well with my mission. I have played my part well. She thinks I like her and we are going out now”

“Excellent!! But I see your emotions getting in your way”

“Is that why Rafael is here? Because you don’t think that I can handle it?” said Draco growing angry.

“Draco you don’t see her as a mudblood anymore. You dream about her all the time. You call her name out also. Rafael is going to finish your job. If you get in his way you and everyone that you care about will be gone”

Voldemort turned away from Draco and walked away. Draco began shaking with rage. He didn’t really like Hermione Granger, or did he?

“You can’t do that. It was my job,” Draco screamed.

Lord Voldemort stopped dead in his tracks. He whipped around to look at Draco. He was still up against the wall. Voldemort grinned. He had always liked Draco’s wit. Voldemort began to walk towards Draco and could see the fear in his eyes.

Voldemort touched the robe on Draco’s arm and could feel all the muscles. Voldemort took off Draco’s robe. Draco pushed away from Voldemort and began running. Voldemort whipped out his wand and Draco felt the spell in between his shoulder blades. Draco fell to the ground and felt the footsteps of Voldemort on the ground.

“You going to try that again?” asked Voldemort.

“Probably,” replied Draco in pain.

“Crucio,” Voldemort said pointing his wand at Draco.

Draco screamed with pain. He had never felt this much pain before. He twisted and turned with pain. Draco looked up at Voldemort when the pain stopped with tears in his eyes and his perfectly greased hair falling in his eyes. Draco tried to stand up, but the pain was too unbearable he fell back on the floor with a loud thud.

Voldemort picked Draco up with the collar of his shirt and took him to a small, dark room. Draco tried to get out of it, but he was still in pain from the curse. Voldemort put a piece of tape across Draco’s mouth and began undressing him…

Hermione was still shaking from the sound of Rafael’s voice when she got to the Head Common Room. She was half hoping that Draco would be sitting on the couch waiting for her, but when the portrait door came open Draco wasn’t there.

“Draco,” called Hermione.

No answer.

Hermione was worried. She checked every room, but couldn’t find him any where. Then he heard a big thud coming from his room. She ran up the steps two at a time and saw Draco shaking on the bed. His hair was all messed up and his white shirt was unbuttoned. Hermione heard him sob and when she touched his skin lightly he flinched.

“Draco, are you ok?” asked Hermione.

“Yeah, I’m fine baby. I was just taking a nap. You been here long?” whispered Draco.

“I have been here about three hours. Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Yeah, I will be downstairs in a minute. I have to take a shower. After that we can go down to dinner”

Hermione left Draco in his room. Draco tried to get off his bed, but ended up falling off it. He couldn’t tell Hermione the truth. He was too ashamed of himself. He felt disgusting in his own skin. He looked at his right arm which had the Dark Mark on it. He didn’t remember getting it. Voldemort must have put it on him before Draco put back on his clothes with trembling fingers.

Draco just grabbed his robe and headed down the stairs carefully. He was still in pain from the Cruciatus curse. When he got to the common room he saw Hermione reading a book on the couch. He knew she didn’t believe him, but what was he going to tell her? The truth? Not if he could help it.

When Draco got in the bathroom he turned the water on hot and grabbed a scrubby and soap and began to scrub at the Dark Mark. He didn’t want it anymore. He never wanted it, his father wanted it. Draco could feel his skin go raw and began to bleed. He used his razor and began cutting it off of him. It wouldn’t come off. Just then he saw little beady eyes look threw the glass and jet by. He thought he was seeing things, but then Hermione was pounding on the door.

She busted open the door and opened the glass door. She saw Draco crying with a razor in his hands. Hermione turned off the water and just looked at him. Hermione saw the blood dripping off his arm and on the bathtub floor.

“Oh Draco. What did they do to you? Did they force this?”

Draco nodded and Hermione hugged him. She felt his wet toned body around her. Hermione didn’t know what to do, but to sit there.

“I think there is something you should know,” said Draco when he stopped sobbing.

He told Hermione everything. From the time he was given the mission to what happened to him. Hermione just was sitting there in disbelief. He had lied to her; she didn’t know what to think. Should she stay with him? Break up with him? Hermione stood up and ran out of the common room crying.

She had loved him. Their whole relationship was basted on a lie. What was worst about the whole thing is that she put all her friends in danger by going out with him. Hermione knew she had to break up with him.

She was walking toward the Great Hall when she saw Rafael coming in from outside. He wiped off his mouth on the sleeve of his robe. When his electric eyes fell upon Hermione he smiled a crooked smile and walked up towards her.

Hermione wiped her tears on the sleeve of her robe and smiled when he was in front of her. Rafael could see pass the smile and knew she was upset. Rafael gave her a hug and looked down at her again.

“You ok?” asked Rafael with a concerned look on his face.

“Yeah, I’m fine”

“You sure?”


Rafael laughed and walked her to the Gryffindor table. Hermione sat down and was surprised when he sat down right next to her. They were facing the Slytherin table and then she saw Draco come threw the big oak doors. Hermione acted like she didn’t see him and looked back down at her plate. Rafael laughed and Hermione asked him why he was laughing.

“Your boyfriend is wondering whether he should come over here or not,” said Rafael pointing at Draco.

He was right. Draco stood up and sat down five times before sitting back down and stayed sitting.

“Mione, do you want to have fun with this?” asked Rafael in a sexy tone.

“What do you have in mind?” asked Hermione playfully.

Rafael started to whisper stuff in her ear that made her laugh. Hermione scooted closer to Rafael to fill in the gap between them. She could see Draco look fiercely at her and Rafael. Hermione laughed when Draco stand up and walk out of the Great Hall.

Hermione could that every one was looking at her and Rafael. She moved over a little bit and continued eating. Rafael sat there with his head on his arms looking at her. Hermione looked down at him and smiled.

“Hermione, why did you storm out of the Head common room?” asked Rafael.

“How did you know?”

“I saw how Draco looked at you. I told you I was really good at reading people”

“You couldn’t have known all that by looking at him. You would have had to…” Hermione looked down at him wide eyed.

Rafael winked at her and her jaw dropped.

“Don’t tell anybody," said Rafael winking at her.

“You said you can’t read me. Why is that?”

“I don’t know,” said Rafael truthfully. “I think I can’t because you are keeping sort of a barrier against anybody reading your mind. I also heard that I can’t read minds on mythical creatures.  Can you do something no one else can do?”

Hermione thought about it for a moment and could not think of anything. She got wide eyed and her jaw dropped.

“I can fit six eggs in my mouth. It would have been seven, but I sneezed”

Rafael laughed and shook his head. He said something like “What a weirdo”. Hermione put her hands on her hips and looked up at him. He stopped laughing immediately.

“You think its funny do you?” asked Hermione.

“What can you really do?”

“I can stay in the water for like seven or nine minutes before I come up for air. That’s all I could think of” 

Rafael smiled and took her hand. They headed up towards the library, Rafael took five books all about mermaids.

“You’re a muggle born are you not? I don’t see how you can have mermaids as your relatives, but it is possible”

“How can it be possible?” asked Hermione confused.

“Well, you could have magical grandparents in the earlier times. Then the gene became recessive... I have no idea past that"

Hermione began to laugh. She thought about her ancestors being mermaids and it seemed ridiculous. Rafael raised an eyebrow at her.

“Wait…Hold on a minute. You seriously think I’m part mermaid? That is just crazy,” said Hermione backing away from Rafael.

Hermione walked out of the library laughing. She could not believe for a second she believed Rafael Vontay. How could Hermione be part mermaid? She was a muggle born. How could Hermione know that she could fully trust Rafael? She barely knew him.


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