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Bex and Co. by Zokara
Chapter 15 : Several Snowballs and Scoffed Shoes
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“What now, Potter?” 

“We go to Hogsmeade tomorrow and…” 



“That’s why.” 

“What’s why?” 

“No, Watt is not why.” 

“Who’s Watt?” 

“The captain of the Gobstones Club.” 

“Oh. Are you going with him, then?” 


“Then why were you talking about Watt?” 

“I wasn’t. You were.” 

“No I wasn’t. I was talking about ‘what’.” 

“That’s what I said.” 

“No it’s not.” 

“How did I even get into this conversation with you, Potter?” 


James walked back to where Sirius was sitting. 

“How’d it go?” asked his best friend. 

“It was very confusing,” James answered, cocking his head to the side and looking puzzled. 

“Wish me luck,” said Sirius, bracing himself to go and ask Bex out. "Bex?” 

“What now, Black?” 

“We go to Hogsmeade tomorrow and…” 

“Sorry, no.” 


“Because you’re you.” 

“No, Yu is over there, playing chess with David. I’m Sirius.” 

“Get lost, Black.” 

“Fine then. Goodbye.” Sirius walked over to where James was sitting. His best friend gave him a questioning look. “I feel you, mate. That’s the most confusing conversation I’ve ever had.” Sirius said.

There was a thump as a clump of snow fell from the roof, burying the assortment of gnomes shivering below it. Emily shivered with them. 

“Hogsmeade is cold in winter!’ she exclaimed. 

“Brrrr…” Jess agreed. 

“Come on, guys, we’ve got to go get Emily a birthday present,” Lily said to Bex and Jess. 

“Cool. Em, keep your eyes closed!” Jess said, but Emily didn’t need to be told. Her eyes instinctively squeezed themselves shut as a snowball hit her in the face. 

“POTTER! GET OVER HERE!” screamed Lily. 

“Wasn’t me!” James said, standing behind them and holding up his hands. They were completely dry. 

“It was Black, wasn’t it?” asked Jess. 

“Maybe,” James said, scuffing his foot in the snow. 

“That’s a yes,” Emily said decisively, brushing ice off her face. 

“You guys stay here. I’ll pay him back.” Bex said, rushing after a shadow in the distance. 

By the time she’d caught up with him, Black was slumped on a park bench puffing steam. He only just heard a mutter of, 

“Accio snowball…” Unfortunately for Sirius, this message didn’t connect with his brain until something very cold was melting down the back of his singlet. He jumped off the bench, pelted a snowball at Bex, and scooped up another. Bex dodged the snowball, and used her wand to chuck what wasn’t so much a snowball, but a snowboulder. It hit Sirius in his chest.  

“Bye bye, Sirius.” Bex said. She walked away, leaving the Marauder wet, cold, and furious. She returned to the Three Broomsticks to find Lily, Emily, and Jess, sitting at a table next to the fire, drying off their sodden robes. Suddenly, her wand flew out of her hand, and zoomed across the room into Sirius’s. Bex looked dignified, but angry. With what looked like only three strides, she’d crossed the pub, and before Sirius knew what hit him, he was lying on the floor, clutching his shin. 

“FOR THE LOVE OF MERLIN!” he yelled. 

“Sorry, Black, but I hate being powerless,” explained Bex, pocketing her wand. 

“If you’re implying that you’re a control freak,” Sirius said bitterly, clenching his teeth in pain, “then I’ll second that.” 

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Emily was on a mission. She had volunteered for it. Her feet were silent as she padded up the steps. Her eyes darted from side to side. She was frightened. Footsteps echoed down the staircase. She pressed herself to the wall, breathing hard. Would they notice her? She was Disillusionised, but at this distance, she could be spotted easily. Thankfully, Bex’s brother passed without incident. Emily breathed a sigh of relief once he was gone, and continued to make her way towards the Marauder’s dormitory. She placed her ear to the door and listened, hard. No sounds were heard, so she opened the door a fraction and peeped in. The room was empty. Emily searched the dormitory, found what she was looking for, and replaced everything where she’d found it. Except for the shoes. They’d go back later. Emily snuck back to her own dormitory where Jess was waiting. 

“You got ‘em?” she asked. 

“Of course!” Emily replied. Lily and Bex entered the room. 

“Hey!” greeted Lily. 

“Hi!” greeted Bex. 

“Hello!” said Jess and Emily in unison. 

“You got ‘em?” asked Lily. 

”Yep,” replied Emily. 

“We’ve got the meat here!” said Bex, triumphantly holding out a plate she’d nicked from the house elves working in the kitchen. The group dipped Sirius’s two pairs of shoes, James’s shoe (Emily couldn’t find the other one), Lupin’s four pairs of shoes, and Peter’s socks (his shoes, Emily explained, were too foul to touch), into the meaty mixture. 

“Mwa ha ha…” joked Jess. Everyone laughed. 

“What do we do if they wear the shoes they’re wearing today?” asked Lily. 

“No problem,” explained Bex. “I used a permanent sticking charm on their shoes. All four boys are stuck to the floor until they think up the brilliant idea of taking their shoes off. Even then, only Dumbledore could undo that spell. It’s pretty permanent. Flitwick taught it to me in a private extension lesson.” 

“Oh good!” Jess said. Emily then sneaked the shoes back into their original position, smelling of meat, and returned to the common room. The next Herbiology lesson was going to be… entertaining. 

The group sludged through the snow. It was soggy and melting, for it hadn’t snowed in a while, but it had rained yesterday. 

“I’m all wet!” complained Sirius. The girls were using their platform spell so they could walk above the snow. “Show me how to do that?” he asked Jess. 

“No way,” she said. 

“Fine,” Black said huffily. He entered the greenhouse with wet robes and a grumpy expression. The teacher at that time, Professor Poddy, asked, 

“Why the long face, Sirius Black? Cheer up!” 

“Get stuffed,” muttered Sirius. 

“What was that?” asked the slightly deaf professor. 

“I was just saying, do we have enough?” Sirius corrected himself, referring to the amount of Venomous Tentacular lining the walls. 

“Yes, I think so!” bellowed Professor Poddy, surveying the plants. Suddenly, one of them lunged spectacularly at Sirius’s foot. 

“What the…?” asked Black. Bex started laughing, as the Venomous Tentaculars forced Sirius to perform a kind of complicated dance round the classroom, as he tried to avoid their sharp teeth. As soon as the other Marauders entered the room, the same ritual was repeated. The girls, of course, were in a muffled kind of hysterics. 

“May Merlin curse you!” said Remus Lupin. 

“I hate you,” said James simply. Sirius swore violently. 

“Hey,” asked Peter, “Why do my socks smell of hamburgers?” Sirius swore again. 

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Later on, Sirius met Bex in the library for their daily animagus session. To annoy him even more, Bex transformed, just within the five week limit. 

“Darn!” he said. Well, he actually said a much worse word but if I wrote it down here this story would be rated Mature. Incidentally, Bex turned into a sleek black panther. However, when Bex told Lily she would be able to receive lessons from the boys, she seemed less than enthusiastic. 

“It’s illegal,” Lily explained, and, regrettably, she never plucked up the courage to become an animagi. Jess eventually managed it, and turned into a chocolate Labrador, but Emily was always too afraid to accomplish it. In the end, only Jess and Bex were animagi.

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