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Playing Cat and Mouse by SkinAndBones_
Chapter 12 : [12] Surprise, Surprise
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Chapter 12
Surprise, Surprise

"Get up Blaise, we're going to miss breakfast." His voice sounded rather distance as Blaise fell away from the beautiful peace of sleep and woke to reality, a reality that made him feel sluggish and still extremely drained. He should have come in earlier from his night with Hermione. Then again, he had a feeling that no matter how much earlier he had come in, it still would have taken him just as long to get to sleep.

Blaise had given nothing but a groan to his friend's voice, not wanting to face anyone or anything that day, even though he knew he had to. Today was the day that they set the plan in motion, and Hermione would have his neck if he didn't show up to class.

There was no point running away from reality his mother always said. But maybe he could delay it, just a few more minutes. At this thought he rolled over, burying his face in his pillow, refusing to let his eyes open, even as he felt a weight fall down onto his bed.

"Blaise." A hand ruffled in his already bed-messed hair after a moment, but again Blaise said nothing.

Perhaps he shouldn't have been so surprised by what happened next, considering it was Draco that he was ignoring, and that was something you just didn't do. But for some reason, Blaise hadn't expected it. Maybe because after the night before, the last thing on his mind was carrying on with Draco like they had been doing for so long, but he forgot that this was Draco, and he probably hadn't even picked up on Blaise's stress about their situations.

Draco's lips touched the skin of Blaise's neck, hot breathe that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up following, and the boy turned his head to the side to free his mouth before muttering.

"Don't." It hadn't come out as forceful or believable as he had wanted, and for some reason this word made the blonde grin. Blaise saw it out of the corner of his eye, blurred but easily recognized through morning vision. Maybe Draco could hear the pleasure that had swept over Blaise at the light touch of his lips, and knew that that word had been a complete cover up.

"Oh common Blaise, you can't really be a grouch with me in your bed can you?" Draco asked into Blaise's ear, husky to Blaise even though he knew Draco never meant it to be, and the boy saw Draco's silver gaze catch his as he peeked out again from being buried in the fabric of his pillow, a slender eyebrow rising slightly at his suggestive words. Blaise chose to ignore him once more. And of course, that was the wrong choice.

Draco had decided to nip at Blaise's ear as a last resort for attention, and Blaise hardly had time to be annoyed with himself that he finally gave in. At the gentle bite Blaise felt his skin shiver amazingly, and then his blood boil as he found himself furious that he was being toyed with again. Before he knew it, and before Draco had time to prepare himself, Blaise had flipped over and pinned Draco roughly under him.

What he had expected to do to Draco, he wasn't sure. Maybe hit him? After all, he had felt his anger peak viciously fast and the need to shove the boy or inflict some sort of pain in retaliation to the frustration that Draco was causing him seemed necessary. But as he sat there on top of the blonde, both breathing slightly heavier then before from the sudden movement, he knew he couldn't hurt him.

He watched the blonde's gaze flicker with amusement. Blaise was sure he had seen concern in those silver eyes for a moment, but once Blaise's anger had settled again he knew Draco had caught his blue gaze soften, and for some reason this pleased him. Blaise held back from smacking the boy. Of course it would please him. It just proved how much power he had over Blaise.

"If you wanted to be on top you could have just asked." Draco said after a moment, getting a smirk on his face that Blaise had the greatest urge to get rid of in a most violent way. He didn't understand it. After last night, after what happened, after what had been said, and what hadn't been said for the mere reason that it did not need to be, Draco was going to sit here and act like it was all a joke again?

He really was infuriating at times.

Draco had let the smirk fall to shining only in his eyes after Blaise had replied to his evocative comment with nothing but a glare. Blaise knew what was coming next, because it was the same every time they came close to an argument. They resorted to the only thing that seemed to keep their relationship going at times. Slender fingers touched the side of his face as Draco lifted himself the slightest bit, bringing his lips in contacted with Blaise's. Blaise wanted to ignore it, to just stand up and start getting ready like Draco had come to wake him up for, like he would have to do eventually, but he couldn't overlook the kiss. Because it was different this time.

It had been light, as if his lips had barely been there, very different from their usual rough, demanding kisses. This one had been like, Draco was asking permission, or consent, surprising because Draco would never ask permission for anything out loud. Draco took, he didn't ask. It left Blaise's lips sweetly numb because if the tenderness of it, chills on his skin as he expected Draco to continue. But he wasn't; Instead, he was waiting, silver gaze watching Blaise with annoying precision before Blaise sighed. A sigh for his frustration, for his anger for the blonde who's lips were hairs from his, for the weakness he held towards him, and for what he was going to let himself do.

He returned the kiss, the slightest bit more pressure put into his, but not enough for it to deepen easily. He would not give Draco that satisfaction. Unfortunately, as Draco reacted he found the kiss becoming much more then a polite peck as he has intended. It had turned quickly into what he had hoped it wouldn't.

Blaise had been praying all night while he laid awake thinking about the feeling in his gut that Draco had caused, hoping that it had only been a once occurrence. That it had just been the moment, the lust of it all, and the thrill of their secret, that it was only the risk that was such a turn on. But this kiss proved all his hopes and lies that he had told himself the night before, so that sleep would fall over him, completely wrong.

Could Draco tell? If he could he did a wonderful job pretending otherwise, because he seemed just as cheeky as usual about their awkward relationship, even if Blaise was not returning the jokes. Or was Draco simply trying to act blind to it? After all, Blaise could understand why he might want to. If Blaise could pretend he didn't feel what he did he defiantly would; It would make everything a lot less uncomfortable.

They parted a moment later; Blaise taking a second to try and swallow the sudden terrified feeling that swelled in him, but found his throat tight and dry. And as he felt Draco's lips curl slightly from they're held closeness, Blaise felt that annoyance bite at him again and he got to his feet, moving towards his trunk to get a fresh uniform. He would not sit there and go along with it while Draco was getting a sick laugh from his confusion.

"Blaise, what the..." Draco stayed laid on the bed, propped up on his elbows like Blaise had left him, but the smirk had disappeared from his face once Blaise had the nerve to look back at him. Instead his face was written with confusion, and Blaise shrugged slightly, willing himself to be confidently casual when answering.

"You said we were going to be late for breakfast. I'm getting ready." He couldn't even believe how convincing those words had been, and he had been surprised at himself that he had let a smirk fall over his own lips, as if the sudden departure had been to do his own toying. Blaise held back from scowling himself, for he was getting too good at this lying thing.

"Merlin youíre an prat." Draco muttered, letting out a sigh and falling back to lay flat. Blaise found a laugh at his lips, bitter sweet on his tongue.

"You love me for it." He had to force the words out, just because it would be what he would say if it were any other regular conversation. And just like before, they had sounded as casual and playful as ever. Blaise was proud of himself the slightest bit, glad that he could hide his emotions, that he could play dumb too, whether or not Draco was.

He did not get a reply from Draco as he moved quickly to the bathroom with his clothes to get ready.

Blaise's walk up to the Great Hall with Draco was filled with his thoughts, and the absentminded voice of Draco complaining about Tracey yet again. This time it was about the night before, and how she had interrupted them to talk about her and Draco's 'relationship'.

"Like there is one." Draco had commented offhandedly, rolling his eyes in annoyance. Blaise couldnít help but laugh sullenly at the blonde, and he regretted it afterwards when Draco had giving him quite a glare.

"Sorry, I just, I can see why she feels like the relationship is in danger. For example, the fact that you don't even like her, and that you just admitted that there is no relationship. Oh and let's not forget Hermione." Blaise said, finding himself unable to include their own affiliation into the mix of reasons. It's not that he hadn't thought of pointing it out, it was just when it came to his tongue it refused to be uttered, as if saying it out loud would break his confidence.

"Hermione? There's nothing going on there anyway, that's not a reason." Draco retaliated, and Blaise felt another burst of frustration towards the boy. He was still going to deny the kiss, as if it was still a secret. Blaise held back from strangling him.

"Your still trying to get her to like you, and you wouldn't be happy if Tracey found out, therefore I see it as reason enough." Blaise replied, calmly, swallowing his anger as he had for most of the morning. He needed to hold it together long enough for the plan.

And Hermione couldn't have shown her face any sooner. As they walked she appeared around a corner up ahead. Blaise had expected her, and vice versa, but Hermione never glanced at him as her and the two boys walked opposite directions of the hall. Blaise had told her not to, or else the whole thing would be ruined. Instead, she made eye contact with Draco, a look that said something plainly in the pupils of her eyes. Draco noticed it almost immediately, and did a poor job in covering the smirk that twitched at his lips.

They bumped into each other roughly, and Blaise saw what was not suppose to be seen by his eyes, even though he had been the one to suggest the idea of a collision. Draco had done it before with girls to exchange flirtatious comments; or notes in this case. Draco's hand had come to mingle with hers for a moment, not even a second, as their shoulders hit, and a flash of white exchanged hands.

"Pardon me Malfoy." Hermione spat, turning to walk backwards a few steps so that she would be facing the blonde she had sent the harsh words too.

"You're excuse Granger, after all, I wouldn't expect you to be able to see all to well through that bush you call your hair." He retorted, also turned to face the girl, sending the smallest of roves over her form, which she caught and flushed in reply, before he turning back around to continue walking. He fisted his hand that held the note and placed his hands in his pockets casually, a motion that would have went unseen if Blaise hadn't known what had really just happened.

"Bloody Granger, I don't see why you say she's confused. Looks to me like she's still dead set against me." Draco said, lying through his teeth as his fingers played with the note in his pocket, itching to read it, but knowing he couldn't do it in front of Blaise. He watched the other boy shrug slightly, and they brushed off the conversation until they got into the Great Hall.

It was mostly empty, for they really were in the last minutes of breakfast, but they didn't rush. Draco never rushed, and Blaise had really learned well from him.

They sat in a usual silence, for the fact that, like always, Blaise was looking over the Daily Prophet while eating. Draco watched him carefully for a few moments; also like usual, but this time he found a slightly troubled look burdening Blaise's features. A frown pasted Draco's lips, but he brushed it off, and instead used the other boy's distraction to his advantage to read the note that was still crumpled in his pocket.

Third floor broom closet, before class. I need to talk.

Draco balled the note again and replaced it in his pocket before clearing his voice. He took a last drink of his pumpkin juice before tapping the back of the newspaper that Blaise was reading to get his attention. Blue eyes raised from the print and Draco smirked slightly.

"I'll meet you in class. I forgot my potions book." He said, and thought he caught something flick in that gaze, but was replied to simply with an 'okay.'

He would not push the subject, because he had somewhere to be.

Perhaps Draco had expected something to come of the day before, after the mention of her being confused from Blaise, and how upset he had seemed about it; it was only time before Hermione confronted him and either told him that she that she was going for Blaise or was going for him. Maybe that was why he wasn't as surprised as he should have been. Of course, if Blaise hadn't said anything he would have probably been astounded that it happened so fast, but the fact that she had mentioned it to Blaise the night before already told Draco that she had thought about it a lot.

Draco walked at a brisk pace, knowing he had limited time before he had to be back down in the dungeons for potions class, but also knowing that he would skip the class again if necessary. After all, it had proven in his favor last time he did so, and Blaise would be easy to make up an excuse to, considering how many classes Draco actually skipped without good reason.

As he came to the door of the broom closet that he knew Hermione had written about, he looked up and down the hall careful, searching out anyone who might accidentally lay eyes on his entrance, and when he concluded that no one of the sort was around, he turned the knob and entering quickly.

It was pitch black inside, and Draco held back a groan of annoyance as a dread came to his mind. It would be like her to send him to a broom closet that had Flitch inside waiting to catch him 'in the act' or something of the sort, so why he had been so quick to come here was beyond him now that he was engulfed in dangerous darkness.

He really was act before think sometimes. Blaise had always said that to him, but he never really took the fact to heart.

He saw a wand tip lit and her face came into the white glow of the light. She had it pointed at him slightly, it could have been to have the light between them, but at the same time he was aware of how straight it was aimed to his face, and how she was very capable of inflicting pain to him of she wanted to. He, of course, remembered well.

"I've been thinking all night, and I've decided something." She said finally, moving forward slightly, and he smirked the smallest bit. Despite the fact that he had taken a step away from her and found the door with his back, he acted as if this was on purpose, and leaned against the wood, putting his hands in his pockets casually. After all, he couldn't look too afraid, he couldn't show her that there was the smallest dread mingling in his gut as he stood there.

"Did you?" he asked, keeping a level tone of interest as he caught her gaze strongly. She had nodded, and he caught her lips twitch slightly in what could have been a smile.

"Blaise is going to hate us." There it was, a mischievous grin that Draco had rarely seen on the girl's face. He couldn't help but mirror that grin, finding a very satisfying feeling taking over him. Had he managed to make the one girl in Hogwarts that hated him more then he hated Harry actually want to be with him?

Merlin, he was good.

"I'm sure he'll get over it." He said after taking a moment of thought. Would Blaise really? Draco could imagine the boy sulking for a few days, which might be made a lot worst by Draco's gloating, but he always got over a lose. The girl simply nodded, taking another step forward, this time lowering her wand the slightest bit, and making him all the more comfortable.

"I still feel horrible. I would have never considered him if I'd known you fancied me, I just thought it would never happen. After all, you hid your feelings fairly well." She looked hurt for a moment, torn, and Draco knew he had to take some sort of action before she started having second thoughts. After all, if her thoughts cleared and she realized exactly how cruel he had actually been to her, she might not want this anymore.

"Hermione, believe me. He'll be happy after he has time to fume. And I've dealt with him angry before. Don't worry, I'll handle Blaise." He had moved a hand out of his pocket and grabbed her arm delicately, pulling her closer to whisper the words in her ear. He lead her hand up around his neck, and after he spoke he started away with gentle kisses on her neck, which caused her hand to tighten slightly as she held around his shoulder.

"I don't think I'm ready for people to know though." She said after a moment, letting out a sigh before her words, a sigh that was beautifully content, and mirrored the feeling that had fallen over Draco after she had said these words. He had to hold back from laughing at how perfectly everything was unfolding.

"I'll keep it quiet as long as you want me to." He said, hiding how giddy he was to be making this promise.

"You'd do that for me?" She had seemed slightly surprised by his reply, but nonetheless pleased. He nodded faintly, catching her lips turn up into a small smile before he was distracted as her hand came to the column of buttons on his shirt, and he watched her fingers trailing down his front and to the line of his trousers, snaking the tips of her fingers just beneath the fabric, causing him to suck in his stomach slightly and bite at his lower lip.

"Of course." He replied, just managing to make his reply level. He put his hand on the one that she had held around his belt as his head fell back slightly, trying his best to hold back his urge and listen for a reply; hard, for she had moved to wiggling her fingers the slightest bit between his belt and his stomach, and the feeling was almost too overwhelming.

"Mmm, Draco, you were worth the wait." She had whispered, and Draco watched her lean against him, no longer being able to resist himself, and he soon had her against the door, hands on her hips firmly as his body was now pressed on hers and his eyes roved over her lips. She had laughed the smallest bit, a dazzling laugh that made him want to kiss her even more, just to perhaps taste the giggle on her lips.

"There's no time. Class starts any minute." She sighed as he brought his face down to kiss her. He sighed also, swallowing as he felt her hand petting up and down his side, and then asked.

"When then?" She took a moment of teasing consideration, which he growled at and made her laugh again.

"Tomorrow. I have an empty block during second class." She replied, and then kissed him finally, once, long and sweet, finishing it with the slightest tug on his lip before she grinned and pulled herself free of him. Draco knew kisses, and somehow that one touch of her lips had convinced him that she wasn't playing any games with him, that she truly wanted him, because that kiss had been real. Something twisted in his gut. He never thought he would be pleased to know that Hermione Granger wanted him.

Then again, all he could really think about was how she would no longer be a problem when it came to Blaise.

She had left him in the closet with a small wave, erupting into the hallway and setting off determinedly as if she had never been hidden in the small room with Draco Malfoy at all. Hermione looked around casually, to make sure there was no spying eyes, before she took a corner sharply, being joined in her brisk walk immediately.

"How'd it go?" Blaise asked, and she smiled at him before linking herself to his arm, letting her lips pass his cheek.

"He's hooked." She replied simply, and Blaise smirked, returning the kiss, but this time being quick on her lips.

"How'd you pull it off? I was nervous all morning. He's good at reading people, I thought for sure he would be able to see through your sudden change in personality." Blaise commented, and she shrugged in reply, a accomplished grin on her face still. She also had been nervous, and found herself practicing what she was going to say well into the night and for most of the morning. Of course, she had known she would have to do something other then act like she had been in love with Draco forever to convince the boy. That was the other thing she had been pondering all night.

"I had to kiss him." She said again simply, and caught a frown on Blaise's face. They had not agreed on that, she knew, but it was an improvise that she knew would be the only way to make things work. He was silent for a long moment as they walked, his fingers mingling with hers as the entered an empty hallway.

"Now I really don't know how you pulled it off. Draco specializes in snogging. How'd you make him believe it was real?" Blaise shook his head slightly; Hermione could tell he was completely confused. She smiled again.

"I imagined it was you." She said simply, and watched as a grin found its way onto Blaise's striking features, letting out giggles as he rolled his eyes playfully at her before pulling her off behind a suit of armor by the hand.

A/N: yes, pointless Blaise/Draco at he beganning, but you know what? It's really not pointless, because anything Blaise/Draco totally has a point even when it's pointless.
did that make sense? No, then I did my job xD
hope you liked :D

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