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What if by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Chapter 1

The night Voldemort was ‘defeated’ by a Baby went down in Wizarding history. As did the night that same boy purged the earth of that twisted and evil soul went down in Wizarding history. Harry Potter is a legend, a legend that will be re told by wizards and witches for generations. All rejoice in his victory, but all are rejoicing in the sorrow brought by his death.


The air was humid and the many people still breathing were dripping with perspiration, covered in blood and dirt. It was hot, panting survivors gasped for breath in the dusty air.

A figure could be seen through the dust, framed in a doorway as it straightened up, silhouetted against the flashes of light coming from wands behind her as the battle raged around her. Ginny Weasley lowered her arms from in front of her face, having shielding herself from flying bricks and mortar. The result of a collapsing wall which she had admittedly caused to crush several death eaters standing next to it. In the time it had taken for Ginny to destroy the wall Voldemort and his inner circle of death eaters had disappeared. Ginny was bruised, tired and grubby, but her eyes were bright with anger, and the adrenaline pumping through her veins was stopping any pain or other thought apart from her next curse and who she was aiming at running through her brain. For so long Ginny had been denied the chance to fight for wizard kind, and her family, and her own life, but now she was of age, no one, not even her mother, could stop her.

“Ginny?” She turned, searching for the source of the voice, and found it. Harry Potter was standing behind her, a shocked and worried expression on his face. He looked worse for wear than she did.

“Harry, listen, he’s gone that way.” She said pointing down the corridor in the direction she had seen the last death eater down. “I only saw him for a moment before I collapsed a wall on a load of death eaters, but it’s him, and some of his inner circle.” She took his left hand in both of hers, and held them tightly, knowing this could be the last contact she ever had with him.

“Ginny, you shouldn’t be here, your Mum.”

“She can’t tell me what to do, not anymore. I’m of age, as we discussed the other night.”

“About that…” Ginny put a hand on her stomach, before interrupting him.

“I don’t regret, and neither should you. I know you might not come back, now go and finish this before it’s too late!”

“Whatever happens, I love you. Look after yourself and…” he looked down at the place Ginny’s hand rested. Ginny nodded at released his hand. Harry tore across the hall, wand at the ready, his face set. He had to finish it, once and for all, for Ginny, for his friends. Voldemort had to die. Ginny watched him go, as tears began to well up in her eyes.

“Goodbye.” She whispered

“Harry No!” screamed Hermione as she pounded down the corridor, without Ron..

“Let him go Hermione.” Said a quiet voice, Hermione spun round to see Ginny standing behind her. “Let him go.” She said the tears pouring down her face. She didn’t know if he would come back, she just had to pray.

“How can you let him?” Hermione asked

“I have to believe he can, if he can’t, we’re all finished.” She sank to her knees. “If I cannot trust the man I love, then I am lost.”

“Ginny, you know the possibility of him surviving, don’t you?” said Hermione Gently.

“Yes Hermione I do, but I understand that without risk, there is no hope for anyone!” Ginny shouted. “Let him go!”


“But nothing, where’s Ron?” Ginny said simply and calmly.

He’s with George, if I can’t help Harry I’m going to help them. She turned and left.

Ginny looked in the direction Harry had run, but stayed where she was, she had no desire to meet Voldemort, no desire to meet the man behind her possession and near death in her first year.

A/N: Well Guys and Gals, fist chappie of my new Fic, hope you liked it :D will update soon!!!

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