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Hide & Seek by harrys_angels
Chapter 2 : Late
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Potions had finished, with everyone leaving the dark and dreary dungeon with a new assignment on sleeping draughts. Hermione had earned a fair 20 points in today’s class, but was not rewarded one single ruby. Harry and Ron however had points taken away and earned themselves a detention.

“That was so unfair, I was only telling the truth. Isn’t that what were supposed to do, not lie and all.”

Hermione chuckled to herself then turned to face the freckled redhead.

“I don’t think telling Professor Snape that he is a fat twofaced smelly old Thestrel, is be equivalent to telling the truth.”

Ron looked at Harry and snorted “ No your right Mione, he’s more like an old wrinkly salamander that’s had its insides turned out!”

The three burst into a fit of laughter as they poked fun at their potions master. Walking up the stairs they bumped into Ginny, Ron’s only sister, Harry’s girlfriend and Hermione’s Best friend.

As Ginny caught sight of them she ran towards Harry and gave him a big hug. Harry returned it and gave her a warm kiss on the lips.

“ Oh please mate just cause I said you can date her doesn't mean you can do it in my face”

Ron poked his tongue out at Ginny and gave Hermione a nudge she took as a "do something" nudge.

“ Your so immature sometimes Ronald, When you’ve fallen in love and shared a kiss then you’ll change your mind.” Ginny glanced over at Hermione and both girls giggled as Ron’s Cheeks turned a shade of pink.

“ We should get going, Dumbledore will want to make a speech on our first schooling day.”
Hermione started down the hall, the others close by her side. They wandered over and took their places on the Gryffindor table. Sitting alongside Neville and the rest of the Weasly clan.

While the group shared their stories on the days events Hermione looked over at the Slytherin table, hoping to catch Malfoy. She looked up and down the rows, searching for the platinum blonde hair but to her disappointment couldn't see him. She looked again, yet no sight of Malfoy.

“ Good evening students, I hope you all had a great first day back at Hogwarts, and for all the first years, I hope you got a good taste of your great and productive years to come here at Hogwarts.”

Dumbledore raised his hands and clapped twice, a wave of food appeared from know where, to right in front of them. “ Let the feast begin” Dumbledore took his seat back at the staff table and the students began grabbing the food in front of them. Hermione knew that boys ate a lot despite the fact they never gained a bit a weight, but the fact that Ron and Harry had already stuffed so much food in their mouths, Hermione felt sick.

“ You guys are gross you know that.”

“yaeh, butkh werhe hngury” Ron managed to say with a full mouth.

“Hermione are you planning anything this month?” Harry asked quizzically Ron gave him a small but obvious nudge in the side.

“ I don't know what your on about Harry, what would I be planning?”

“Oh nothing, just thinking about DA meetings that’s all” Hermione still a bit suspicious, waved her hand as if brushing the subject aside.

“Don’t worry about that just yet Harry it’s our first day enjoy it” she smiled and continued with her dinner.

Just as desert was about to be served the doors to the grand hall were swung open and in walked a distressed looking Malfoy. His robes were dusty and crooked and his blonde hair almost black.


Everyone went quiet as they watched the Slytherin walk quickly over to his seat at his house table. Realizing all the eyes were on him Draco looked up. “ What are you all staring at?” he yelled, so even the Hufflepuff table could here him.

Everyone a little disturbed went back to their desserts and carried on with their conversations.

Sure he was late but what was all the silence for. Suddenly Pansy was tight next to him with a silver goblet in her hand, she handed it to Draco. “What’s this for Parkinson?” Draco could get his own drink he wasn't a 3 year old. “ Baby take a look at yourself” she said quietly almost as if she was expecting him to burst out any minute.

Draco raised the goblet to his face and noticed his rugged appearance. Horrified he took out his wand and cast a few cleaning spells on his hair and face.

“Don't call me baby ever again Pansy” Draco said as he grabbed a dessert bowl and filled it up with 3 different flavors of ice cream.

As he sat there stirring away his ice cream until it became a thick liquid, he looked around and suddenly caught Granger out of the corner of his eye. He looked back towards her and noticed her quickly turn her head. Why the hell is she looking at me?

Deciding he needed to leave the hall Draco stood and announced his leave.

Walking back to the Head commen room was a long ordeal, the portrait lay deep in the castle hidden away from view. Draco rounded a corner then went down a flight of stairs, turning right he came across a painting of a young woman in a green meadow, she had long curly hair and big hazel eyes. She wore a long white gown that glowed against the yellow daisies in the meadow. She turned and smiled at Draco then with her beautiful feminine voice asked graciously for the password.

“Decorus angelus” Draco said almost as if he were disgusted in the password and its meaning. The girl smiled and the portrait door swung open.

Draco was welcomed into the large space, warmed generously by the largely lit fire place. There was a big table that was surrounded by a mini library of books and a small kitchen area just next to it. The intricately carved doorway to his bedroom showed the crest of Slytherin, while Hermione's had the crest of Gryffindor’s.  Draco went to his door. He walked through it and saw a huge four post bed with satin green sheets and a dark green velvet duvet.

At the top of the bed there were at least twenty pillows all linned up neatly. His wardrobe had been neatly filled with his clothes and his owl was sitting on the windowsill begging for freedom.

“ Well if I cant have it you cant” Draco said staring at the bird as if to contradict him. It won.

“All right all right Belah you can go but I want you back by dawn, and no rats.

Belah squawked and turned to fly out the window he had just opened. Draco watched his jet black bird saw through the skies, free to do anything she wanted, no rules, well beside his of course. He couldn't wait for Quidditch season to start. Then he’d be able to fly. He missed the way the wind felt against his face and through his hair. He enjoyed flying and it would help take his mind of the ongoing pressure his insignificant family had been putting him through.


Hermione was feeling tired, not only did she want to go to bed but she wanted to ask Draco what he’d been up to. Hermione made her way to the portrait of the beautiful girl. She stopped to stare at the similarities she saw between her and…

“ Hermione, I wanted to ask you about a prefects meeting but you left.” Hermione looked apologetic and turned towards, Colin Creevy.

“Colin can we make it some other time I’d really like to catch up on some sleep before my nightly rounds tomorrow.”

“Sure that’s cool, see you tomorrow then?”

“Yes I’ll catch up with you later bye”

"Decorus angelus" The portrait opened and Hermione walke through. 

She didnt expect Draco to be out in the lounge area. She didnt want to go into his room so decided to do some study instead. She walked over to the warm fire and took out one of the books she had borrowed from the library. Before to long she was sound asleep,  just when a certain presence walked in.


Draco heard Hermione enter the Dorm. He didnt want to deal with her tantrums right now, so he stayed in his bed. Trying to get to sleep he tossed and turned in his elegant bed. Draco's stomach growled. Merlin im hungry.  Draco thought as he sat up in bed. He decide he'd have to face the music sometime so he got up and walked to the kitchen.

As he entered the commen room, he saw a small figure lying on the couch infont of the fire. He tiptoed over and saw Hermione had fallen alseep. He wathced as the flikering embers of the fire contrasted her features. 

Suddenly Draco walked over to pick up the throw of the ground and gently placed it over her body. He smiled then made himself a hot chocolate. 

Sitting by the fire he stared at Hermione for a long time trying to figure out what had changed throughout his years at Hogwarts. Damn you Draco snap out of it.
He keept telling himself this before he fell asleep on the rug beside her.


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