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After the Ending by windgoddess878
Chapter 1 : Visiting the grave
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After the Ending




Disclaimer: I in no way, shape or from own Harry Potter. It all belongs to JK Rowling. As much as we hate to admit it.






Hermione walked through the graveyard of Godric's Hollow, past rows of graves and memorials, till she came upon three graves close to each other.

Two of them were for James and Lily Potter, but it was the last one she had come to visit. It was the grave of Harry Potter , her best friend. She stared at the grave for a moment, then sat down next to it, placing a small bouquet of flowers next to his headstone.


“Hello Harry” she started “It's been a while...nine months. Sorry I haven't come before this , but...”she trailed off.


“Ron stopped talking after your funeral. Took him a month to say anything at all. Neville took it hard too. It was like he shut down, all he would do is stare out into space and mumble. When ever we'd ask him something he'd just give us a short answer or tell us to go away. You were his hero, you know.


“Luna's okay I think. Who can really tell with her? She put a charm to keep the Humbrumble Grambils away.” Hermione made a face after saying this like she didn't believe this was true. Which she didn't.


She let out a sigh. “ Ginny...well Ginny...she...uh. She never got to tell you. She was pregnant. Two weeks when you died. She had them three weeks ago. Twin boys. James Arther Potter and Sirius Harry Potter. Ron and I are the godparents of James.”


Hermione looked around the graveyard and her eyes fell upon a deer at the edge of the woods. When it saw her looking it bolted back in the shelter of the trees. She turned back towards Harry's headstone.


“I came...I came here to...I don't know. I guess...I guess I just came here to say..say goodbye and to tell you something. You told me once that you have no family because you didn't think of the Dusleys as yours. They said you were a burden. But your not a burden and you had a family. I was your family. I am your family We're both only children but it didn't feel like it, because I had you. For all purposes you were my brother. And I love you


She stood and dusted the dirt off herself. “That's all I came to say. Talk to you later, Harry.” With that she turned and walked away.




A few hours later found Ron walking through the same graveyard to the same grave. But he did not have the same calm expression Hermione's face had held.


“Your a jackass, you know that, Harry. You knock my sister up, then you go and get yourself killed. The whole Wizarding world thinks your so great , but your not. Your a selfish jackass, thats all. A daredevil.”


“ Ever since First year. You went after Voldemort only being in school a year. Then again in Second year. In Third year you went after Sirius even though we thought he was a mass murder at the time. Then in Forth year there was that stupid tournament.”


By this time Ron was nearly yelling, his face red.


“The next year you took us all to the ministry because of a dream you had. A dream! But this time someone close to you died. Sirius did. And the next year Dumbledore did.”


Then he took a step and kicked the headstone to vent. This, of course, made his foot throb with pain. After doing this he took a deep breath and said


“You were supposed to be there. You said you would be there to help me pick out Hermione's engagement ring. You might have been kidding but you still said it ,and I believed you. You were supposed to be there to talk me into going when I'm nervous on my wedding day. You were supposed to be there to be my kids godfather, but you went and died.”


“You thought no one need you, but I did. I still do damn it! I still need my best friend. But I don't have him anymore. All I have is this stupid headstone.”


Tears slid down Ron's cheeks and his voice and his voice wavered as he continued “ I still need you Harry.” With that he turned away and walked out of the graveyard, tears still running down his face.




Ginny walked into the graveyard Ron had just left with two infants in her arms. One asleep and the other awake and trying to grab her hair. Both twins had a little trif of red hair and the awake one had bright green eyes, just like he's fathers. “okay boys, say hi to your daddy. Harry this” she said nodding to the sleeping one “is James and this” nodding to the awake one still trying to catch her hair “ is Sirius. I thought you would like the names if you were still with us. I made Ron and Hermione the godparents of James and Neville and Luna Sirius's godparents.”


Ginny smiled sadly as she looked at them. “I don't blame you, you know. You always were good at playing the hero, no matter how reluctantly. You did what you had to, or what you thought you had to. Every one saw you and they interpreted you as they liked. Some saw you as a saint, some thought you were insane, and some thought you were just evil.”


“ But none of them saw the real you. The you I'll tell our sons about. The caring, funny, stubborn guy I fell in love with. The guy who always said “ I never go looking for trouble, trouble just finds me.” “Which it did. Thats who I'll tell them about. The real Harry Potter.”


“We're living with Hermione at her flat in London. I love my mum to death but she would keep telling how to take care of them. And I need to learn to take care of them myself.”


Right then there was a little and Ginny looked down to see James opening his little green eyes. “ I loved your eyes, you know that. They shined. I loved all of you. And I'll always love you. No matter what.


A man watched from the shadows of the woods as Ginny Weasley carried her children From the graveyard and walked away. When she was gone he stepped out and walked over to the spot she had just vacated. Pushing his blond hair out of his eyes, Draco Malfoy looked down at the grave.


“ Harry Potter. Let us all remember he gave his life for us.” Draco read off the stone. “ Come on, Potter, thats cheesy even for you. I'd like to think Weasley came up with it, but I doubt he could spell all that without a self-correcting quill. Granger and the Weasley girl wouldn't have come up with something that stupid. As much as I hate to admit it there too smart for it. It was probably the Minister, Merlin knows it sounds like him.”


“ But I didn't come here to make fun of your headstone. I came here to ask you something.” He lowered his voice a tinny bit. “ Why did you save me? That time months before the battle, when my father was about to kill me for not killing the old fool. Why? That's all I want to know. I mean, I know i wouldn't have saved you.”


“Why? Answer me, damn it, Potter!” He yelled “ Why did you save me! I hated you. And you hated me! Thats how its supposed to be!.”


His voice dropped low again. “ You were supposed to let me die. I wanted to die. I was ready to die. But now I'm confused. And I WANT TO KNOW WHY!” He screamed as he kicked the headstone as Ron had done earlier.


“ This is stupid. Its not like you can answer me. Or even hear me, but I still had to come here to ask.”


“ But I guess the big reason I came was to thank you. You gave me something I thought I'd lost. My life. My purpose. While I was trying to find out why you saved me, I met someone. Her name is Angie. She works at a café where I went to eat one night. And get this, she's a muggle. No magic genes in her. She knows about magic though, I told her. She finds it all brilliant.”


He sighed and looked around. “ I'm going to ask her to marry me. Just waiting for the right time. Oh, and I'm no longer a Malfoy. My father disowned me before he died. I took the Black name and the money my mother left me, But I still have to get a job. I'm in training to become a healer. I know, me but I'm pretty happy now.”


I'll look after your kids and girlfriend to pay you back.” With that he apperated away and no one else visited the grave that day.




Harry sat back on the bench he was using to watch people at his grave. He sat for awhile trying to take it all in. From Hermione's calmness to Ron's anger to Ginny's sadness to Draco's confusion.


The first thought that came to him was I'm a dad. I can't believe I'm a dad. But I'll never be there for them. And I can't help Ginny take care of them. My kids will grow up with out ever knowing me. And it's my fault.


At least they still have Ginny. And Ron and Hermione. And then they have all the Weasleys. They have Neville and Luna too. Mal...Bla...Draco said he'd look after them too. Okay, at least they won't have the same up bringing as me. They'll have a large loving family. And I can keep an eye on them from up here.


Mm so Draco changed his last name to Black. And he's marring a muggle. I never would have thought.


I wish I could tell Ron I'm sorry. And tell Hermione that I thought of her as my sibling to.


A female voice cut into his thoughts “Harry, it's time for dinner”


Harry got up off the bench and walked through the garden to the back door of his house. As he went in, he saw his dad and Sirius already at the table and went to join them. Lily just finished what he was doing and sat down between James and Sirius.


“So Har, what did you see going on in the lowly lives of the living?” asked James before taking a drink on his drink.


Harry smirked “ Oh nothing much. It's summer, I'm a father, it looked like it was about to rain. Oh and Sirius, Draco took his mothers last name so your not the last Black and he's marring a muggle named Angie. Mum, can you pass the potatoes?


Harry looked up to see three faces staring at him and all at the same time say “ What?”


He laughed as he looked between the three faces and thought Life is good. Well Afterlife.



THE END...of this story.


Hope you all like it. If you did push the little review button.

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