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Object of Their Affections by ReignLee
Chapter 6 : The Spy in the School
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“What was that about?” Harry asked Rosevine when she finally returned.

“Not much. Just him being annoying,” she responded. “Will you show me to the Headmistress’ office Harry?”

“Of course. Let’s go," he said.

“Thanks,” Rosevine said as they once again left the common

“Do you mind if I stay with you?” Harry asked.

“No that’s fine. You know more about him than McGonagall and I do so it would probably be better for me to know what I’m getting myself into,” she responded.

“Ok,” he said as they walked up the stairs and knocked on the door to McGonagall’s office.

“Come in. Hello Ms. Parkinson, Mr. Potter. I take it that you will be joining us,” said Professor McGonagall.

“Yes Professor, if it’s alright I would like Harry to be here. He’s been such a good friend to me,” Rosevine said.

“Yes that’s quite alright. As long as the two of you understand, that if Rosevine decides that she is going to spy for the order, that the two of you can not be so obvious with your flirtations,” Professor McGonagall clarified. “Obviously Rosevine, you will need to remain friends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, you’re such a strong willed person that if you gave them up Mr. Malfoy would suspect you are up to something,” she said.

“I’ll do it,” Rosevine said. “I had hoped to be able to play a more upfront role in the war because of my abilities, but if this helps and I’m the only one that can get this close, then so be it,” Rosevine responded.

“You will have the chance to fight. We will need everyone we can get at the final battle. And as you’ve said, you’re abilities will certainly be helpful. I have a feeling you will be one of the key fighters in the battle. But before I can allow you to take on this responsibility the two of you must make me a couple of promises,” she said.

“Yes Professor,” Harry said.

“Rosevine, you must promise not to let anyone else know about your curse. If it gets back to Voldemort you will be in more danger. And Harry, you must not allow him to see that you have feelings for Rose. If you do, she’ll be in more danger than anyone can save her from, possibly just as much danger as you.”

“Yes Professor,” Rosevine and Harry said agreeing.

“If either of you need anything, any advice or even just a place to get away for awhile, come and find me. It won’t be hard,” she said ushering them out the door.

“I don’t like this,” Harry said as they walked down the cooridor.

“Harry, you know I have to do this.”

“Yes, but you’ll be close to Voldemort, and if I let my occlumency slip just once, your life is on the line, because of me. I broke up with Ginny to try and save her and now I’ve put you in even more danger than you already are,” Harry said.

“Harry, I’ll be fine. Just do your occlumency. Besides you can’t exactly break up with me now can you, seeing as we aren’t really a couple, at least not officially. We just flirt a lot. Who knows maybe someday we’ll be able to be more, but while this is going on we are going to have to keep it low key,” Rosevine concluded walking up to the girl’s dormitory.

A/N: I just want to thank everyone that's been reading and reviewing, and thanks to your reviews, I put this chapter up much sooner than I had intended! Keep reviewing and I'll keep writing. Thanks so much guys.

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