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Hermione’s Gift and Harry’s Curse by justadude
Chapter 1 : I'll Fight on for you...
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter JK does, I do not own Yellowcard or their music and I’m just a dude trying to write fan fiction. I do not make any money off of this; it’s just for fun. Oh and yes I did change the words to the song to have it fit my story and they are not singing this song. It’s just there to set the mood for my story- justadude


Hermione’s Gift and Harry’s Curse


Hermione belongs to the words of a song.
I try to be strong for her, try not to be wrong for her.
But she will not wait for me, anymore.
Why did I say all those things before? I was sure.

Harry sat up in his Head-boy dorm room, he just had a nightmare. It was about a boy, alone in the world. And that boy thought that no one would ever love him, not as THE Harry Potter, but as just Harry. He loved a girl, not any girl but Hermione Granger, his best friend. How would he, Harry Potter, ever tell her how he felt?

But he also wanted to keep her safe, away from Voldermort and danger, he thought. But he could not go on his path alone without her.   


She is the one, but I have a purpose,
she is the one, and I have to fight this,
she is the one, a love I can't knock down.

Not know what to do, he went down thinking, “What should I do? Tell her and lose my best friend, or tell her and get her killed by Riddle?” Little did Harry know that Hermione was thinking almost the same thing up in her Head-girl dorm room.

I see your face with every punch I take,
and every bone I break, it's all for you.
And my worst pains are words I cannot say;
still I will always fight on for you.

Harry thinks to himself in the heads common-room “Back in 4th year when I fought at Riddle Manor with Tom himself, I wasn’t scared for myself, but for Hermione. What would happen to all the muggle-borns, muggles, and half-bloods? And when I was under the Black Lake looking for my friends, I would have saved Hermione, because she is my greatest treasure, but Krum came and took her from me, not only in the lake but at the Yule Ball too. I just wish I could tell her how I really feel.”

Hermione's alive in the bright Scottish sky,
the star lights shine for her, above them I cry for her.
Everything's small on the ground below, down below.
What if I fall, then where would I go, would she know?

“I’m now getting up because I can hear Hermione crying. I wish I could just go and tell her it will all be ok. But I can’t, because I will screw up and tell her I love her more then just as a friend. I guess I should just leave and go out on my firebolt to think things over.”  

She is the one, all that I wanted,
she is the one, and I will be haunted,
she is the one, this gift is my curse for now.

”I see her standing there on the ground waiting for me to come down. I fly down to her. I already know that she is going to say thanks for the seven years of friendship, and thanks for loving me from afar, but you have to fight on and die alone with Tom.”


“Hi Hermione,” I say

“Hello Harry. I wanted to talk to you.”


“Ok, what is it?” I thought, here it comes but I’ll take it anyway. Its just more pain to deal with in my life, what’s a little more? “So Harry I just wanted to tell you that…umm… I don’t know how to say this but I will, and if you don’t feel the same I understand… I-I … I don’t fancy you Harry… I love you Harry.”

“Really, umm ok.” I reply stunned. Then I start to laugh like I did so long ago.


“Harry, this isn’t a joke. These are my feelings that you are laughing at!” she yells at me. “I know! I know! It’s just that I feel the same way. I thought you liked Ron all this time.” I say in between fits of laughter. “Ron!!! That git! NO WAY Harry! He’s such a Prat!


 “I love you too Hermione! I love you so much! And that’s why I was out here flying. I was trying to think of how I would tell you.” “Aww Harry that’s so sweet! I have loved you since 2nd year you know?” “Yeah I’ve loved you like all that time, but midway 1st year. And I have this note that I had in my desk in my room from some other Head-boy to a Head-girl years ago.”


 L.E., with every punch I take and

bone I break, it's all for you. My pains are words

I cannot say; I will always fight on for you.




“Wow Harry! That’s like us, huh?” “Yeah.” “Hold on Harry, I think I know who they are. They’re YOUR PARENTS!!!” “Huh? Wow that’s amazing! Your right! We’re just like them!” “Yeah Harry.”


 “When I read it, I knew that I should tell you how I feel, just like my Mum and Dad. And so I guess what I should say with this whole Voldermort thing going on is… umm well… I think that I should come up with a poem of my own.”


“Hermione I’ll fight on for you because

I can have something I can set my sights on

 You’re more then a memory to me.”



Now I hope you guys like my story and PLEASE review it, constructive criticism is welcome I’ll need it I think, lol. - justadude

p.s. this was edited by my beta Slowhand~RSB.





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Hermione’s Gift and Harry’s Curse: I'll Fight on for you...


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