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And sometimes it's a sad song by lunadragonfly
Chapter 2 : ~ Things ain’t how they used to be
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AN:: Hey there again everyone, Thanks for the Reviews. I'm really glad there are some of you out there liking it. So here's the second chapter.

Just to make sure everyone knows,
The Lyrics are by Maroon5 :D

Chapter 2 ~ Thing ain’t how they used to be

Take my breath away
Make everyday
Worth all of the pain that I've gone through

Remus sat there happily reminiscing. Remembering little moments they shared together.

Tonks stood in the hallway that lead to her bedroom.

Her body leaning against the bookcase.

Her wild pink hair sat every which way, while her small toned body was only covered by one of Remus’ old muggle t-shirts.

A silvery white wolf head, with piercing blue eyes hung in a black abyss of the shirt.

Tonks smiled seductively at Remus and shifted her weight from one leg to the other.

Remus’ eye’s moved up the length of her legs, until they came to her mid thigh, were the t-shirt hung loosely.

He looked up at her heart shaped face, as she gave him a sweet smile and a very un Tonks like giggle.

She started walking backwards towards her room.

Her eyes never leaving his,

Remus watched closely as she reached her room.

Turning at the last minute, she wiggled her backside before looking over her shoulder smiling at a very flustered looking Remus, then disappearing into a room.

“Ha ha” Remus chuckled out loud.

That had been the last time they had spent together, before Remus had gone and lived with the werewolf’s to gain information for the order.

All the things He had done, all the transformations he had endured.

Remus repeated that night over in his head.

The night had started out so wonderful.

“Reemmmussss” Tonks cooed, a cheeky smile on her face.

“Come with me” She pulled his hand, and dragged him to her bed room for the first time that night.

Till he had broken the news to her, telling her where he was going.

What he was undergoing.

“Hey you, come back to bed” Tonks stood in the door way to the kitchen, her eyes glowing with happiness and lust.

As she watched a very sad looking Remus sitting at her small kitchen table.

“Nymphadora, I”

“Don’t start with me now” She held up her hand to silence him.

“I don’t want you to do this now, Please come back to bed, Just a few more hours” She whispered.

“I cant, I have to go” Remus looked at her solemnly.

“Why?” She stood with her hands on her hips, a fierce look in her eyes, although she spoke softly still.

The happiness and lust a distant memory.

“I’m leaving, I have an assignment” Remus hung his head, not looking at her

“You WHAT?” Tonks asked loudly, forgetting her soft voice.

“Please, let me explain” Remus stood, and walked to stand in front of her, eyes pleading.

“Where?, Why?"

“I have to go live with the were-wolfs for a while”

“WHAT” Tonks shouted, as she jumped back out of his reach.

“I cant believe this”

“I had to do this, For the order” Remus looked at her

“No you did this because you wont admit, cant admit your feelings for me” Her eyes were fierce with fire, and Remus had to look away

“That’s not the reason”

“Like hell it’s not” She snapped at him, before exited the kitchen, an walked into the lounge room.

She took up a seat on her sofa, Remus came up behind her slowly.

“I’m not leaving because of us” He reasoned

“Is there an ‘US’ Remus, because you seem so sure there is not, then you come here.. and” She couldn’t finish her sentence.

Remus looked at her, his eyes said what he couldn’t, what she couldn’t.

”Oh my god you’re so infuriating” her voice echoed around her small apartment as she stormed off to her room.

Remus hot on her heals with reasoning words.

He had left that night watching her eyes change to a painful honey brown and her hair slowly darken, falling lifelessly around her shoulders.

The pain that had filled her eye’s that night was unbearable to watch.

Knowing he had caused it, made it all the worse.

Months had passed with out seeing her, but when he did see her again, no matter how much sleep she hadn’t got, or how lost her eyes looked.

She was still beautiful to him.

And mama I’ve been crying
Cause things ain’t how they used to be

Remus remember a awkward conversation they had shared.

He remember how he felt before hand as he had walking up the stairs to her apartment, the feeling as he stood out front her door for 10 minutes, before getting up the nerve to knock.

“Remus” she whispered softly to as she opened the door to let him in.

“Nymphadora” Remus said, his voice was low and soft.

She smiled at him and let him in.

“What brings you here” she asked inquisitively,

There was no aggression in her voice as she talked to him.

It was neutral, and very unlike the tone she had taken with him only 3 days ago in the hospital wing of Hogwarts.

“You of course” Remus answered, and placed himself on the edge of the blue sofa couch.

She smile at him, but didn’t say anything as she walked passed.

Remus fleered his nostrils, taking in her beautiful sweet aroma.

Closing his eyes, he saver the smell that ran through him head, but he was pulled out abruptly.

“Tea?” came a sweet whisper from the kitchen door,

Remus looked up at her quickly, she stood there gazing at him.

Her eyes mirrored his own, and not just in colour, they also held the same sadness and longing, love and lust.

Remus nodded shortly and without so much as an, ok, she disappeared behind the kitchen door.

Returning only moments later with two steaming hot cup’s of tea.

“Peppermint or Chai?” she asked, standing in front of him.

“Chai, please”

She placed a blue mug in front of him on the small coffee table, then took up a seat next to him on the couch.

Tonks sipped her peppermint tea out of her purple and orange flower mug, Remus smiled to himself.

It was the mug he had gotten her two months before Sirius had departed.

Tonks had known very well that Remus would choice the chai tea over peppermint.

As Remus knew how much she love her peppermint tea, even if she didn’t admit it.

“Remus I”

“I wanna” She tried to start the conversation up, but Remus was to quick for her.

He spun around to look at her, she was looking into her cup of tea. As if all the answers where in there.

He grabbed her chin and turned her face to look at his. This wasn’t the tonks he had known.

The Tonks he knew was fiery, she would look you in the eye all the time. There was no stuttering, or gazing into a cup.

Tonks opened her mouth to say something but stopped. Remus’ hand was still on her chin and she didn’t fight it. She looked deeper into his eyes.

“Dora” he whispered so softly she almost don’t hear him.

She didn’t say anything though, just sat there and looked into his eyes.

“I have missed you so much” Remus looked deeper into her eyes as he said this.

“But were is my fiery Nymphadora gone. Where is she, tell me where she’s gone, please tell me where” he pleaded with her.

She looked at him, her eyes had been hollow when they had first made eye contacted, but there was something there. Something stirred behind her irises.

“With you” she said simply.

“When you left, you took her with you, and you have no idea how hard its been to try and get her back” As she said this tears started to fill her eyes.

She was right, and Remus knew it.

Even without her saying it, he knew it.

Things had changed, they weren’t like they used to be.

Remus sat there and watched as tears spilled over her eyes and down her checks, and as this happened he felt his heart fall into his stomach, and he felt his insides twisting around.

Slowly without realizing it, something cool started to run down his face.

He lifted his right hand to wipe it away, but Tonks had already lifted up her young warm hand, and placed it on his check. Whipping the tears he had cried away with her thumb.

“How do we do this?” He asked looking into her eyes, searching for an answer.

“How do we go on, tell me how we do this, Tell me this is the right thing to do?” He pleased with her to give him the answers he was asking for…

She said the battle’s almost won
And we’re only several miles from the sun

She smiled at him, put her cup down on the table and kissed him fiercely.

Remus felt all the emotion inside of her flow into him with her kiss.

After their bitter sweet moment, they parted gasping for air.

“Everything will work out, You’ll see” She said, a sad smile on her beautiful heart shaped face as silent tears had rolled down her flustered cheeks.

“This is meant to be, I Love you, Merlin I love you so much Remus, This is the right thing to do. This is what you and I both want, I know you want this” With every word she seemed to get louder, and slowly her eyes changed.

As if filled with new life, they changed to that beautiful vibrant violet colour Remus had grown to love.

“And we’ll do it the only way we know how, Just living each day as it comes. We’ll fight this war, fight for the people we know and the people we don’t. Fight for what we believe in, our love and our freedom. And By Merlin, no one, Not even Voldemort himself will stop us”

Her eyes blazed with passion and lust as she jumped into his arms. Remus wrapped his arms around her and soaked in her warmth.

And as he held her, he saw out of the corner of his eye her hair had lightened and was slowly changing to a violent shade of pink.

They pulled apart and looked at each, then started laughing in each others arms.

As the haze of the memory faded Remus found himself sitting in the now darkened apartment, as the sun had shifted to the other side of the building.

Remus took a big gulp of coffee, and to his surprise it was still oddly warm.

He sat there, he thoughts still back to what she had said, ‘ fight for the people we know and the people we don’t’

She was such a strong women in his eyes. So fierce and inspiring, with an off-beat personality.

AN:: The end of yet another chap,
I will submit the third chapter in about a week :D
~ Keira

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