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Twins-The story of Hallyie and Hollyie Stone. by _dark_angel_girl_
Chapter 2 : The unwanted guest...
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When the girls got to their rooms, they saw how messy it was.
 “God! Do you live in this dump?” Sniggered Samantha the pig-head from behind the twins.  “Shut your trap Pig-head!” They snarled as they slammed the door on her shocked and chubby face. 
“Mummm!” Samantha yelled.  The twins grinned at each other.
'Who knew how fun that would be…?’ Hallyie thought, dreamily…

“Totally….”Hollyie fell on her bed exhausted. She then jumped up, as if she was just pocked with a red-hot fire poker.
“I-I-I-I I think that I just…” Hollyie stuttered. She didn’t really believe in magic- just Metamorphmaguses (since she was one...)  
‘-read my mind?? I mean, what else is new… HELLO??? Like we’re identical twins for god’s bloomin’ sake!’ Hallyie thought sarcastically. They fell asleep on the bunk that they shared.

“No! Don’t kill them! Please! Spare your own children for your sake!” Said a female’s voice. Then there was a burst of high pitch laughter.

“I’m sorry Opal…” mumbled a man’s voice. Then the female shrieked as a white light filled the room, making the blurry figures even blurrier.

“You Fool. You’re just like The Potter’s. Now, Step aside… and I shall spare your life.” Hissed a new menacing voice.

“Never! Sev!!! Think about this!! Please! For your daughters’ sake!”

"Move aside you idiot woman.” The voice hissed again.

“Advada Kedavra!” The woman screamed. Green light flashed. Then it was over. The man sobbed quietly, once it was all over.

“I love you Lily…. I’m so sorry…I always will…”

The girls awoke at 3:30. With their scars, on the outside of their necks burning white hot. It was burning where there was a small lightning bolt scar not unlike Harry Potter’s (except his is on his forehead.), but smaller. Hallyie and Hollyie smiled at each other, realising that it was just their re-occurring nightmare. They gradually took their time to fall asleep (since their cousin snores really loud.).



The next morning, they trampled downstairs-past a sleepy Samantha and into the kitchen. Aunt Leah cleared her throat importantly, once all had sat down.

“Girls. Tonight I have an important guest coming over, so I would like you to help in the cleaning up today.” Samantha grumbled something like,” Maid’s work… Why make us do it?” This made Hallyie and Hollyie snigger quietly. Aunt Leah cleared her throat and continued.  “I’m sorry Hallyie and Hollyie, but your birthday dinner will be a bit earlier- due to our guest.” The twins gaped at each other. They had completely forgotten that today was the thirty-first of July. “So who will coming Aunt Leah?” Hollyie asked.  
“Whatchu gunna wear??” Hollyie asked, her head stuck in the closet.
“Geez…. I dunno… Perhaps you can go as me and I as you!” Hallyie said sarcastically, while constantly changing her hair colour from blue to green with hot pink streaks to golden yellow with hot pink zigzag streaks.  A few hours passed by very quickly, with the twins excited and curious on who their mystery guest would turn out to be. “Girls!  Our guest is here!” Aunt Leah hollered up the stairs.

“Coming!” They replied. They ran down the stairs, two at a time and stopped at the kitchen door in shock. At the kitchen table was a man wearing black robes and black greasy hair. He looked down his hooked nose at the girls; with a half smirk half smile on his sallow face.  
"Sit down girls. Sit down. This is Severus.” Aunt Leah said, looking at the man.
 “Call me Professor Snape” He said with a very slight sneer. The girls took the two seats that were as far from this ‘Professor Snape’ as possible. Seeing the uneasiness between them, Aunt Leah cleared her throat and tried to make a conversation.

“Professor Snape was just telling me on what, er… work he does.“ Aunt Leah explained to her grumpy nieces.
 “Can you please continue?” Aunt Leah asked ‘Professor Snape’. He jerked his head slightly (he was busy looking at how the fan switch works and why it was there). He mumbled “Sorry. What did you say?” He asked in his politeness voice, sneering at the same time (though not much) Aunt Leah smiled and quickly got up as a buzzing noise was heard from the kitchen.  
“I said that you should tell them why you came today on their birthday.” She stressed the word birthday, causing the twins to lean forward, following them like a tennis rally. Aunt Leah flashed one more small smile at Snape, before disappearing into the kitchen, closing the door behind her. The twins turned their gaze back to him.

“You look more like your mother than you think.” He commented quietly, smirking. “How would you know that?” Hollyie asked in a hushed tone. 
“We were told that she died in a car crash when we were one.- That’s how we got our scars.” Hallyie explained, more to herself and her sister, than to the unwanted guest. 
“What? Where did you hear that rubbish?” He yelped, surprised. 
“Aunt Leah’s friend’s friend- Petunia Dursley.-“Hollyie started coolly.  “-She lives around the corner and three blocks down.” Her sister finished in the same tone. Snape raised his eyebrows.  
“How would you know that that’s true?” he said. Suddenly he paused. “Are you sure that you are identical twins?” the twins rolled their eyes at him. “Nuh duh!” they said in usion. He smirked.  “ Then why is your eye colour different? Identical twins look identical.” They stared at him, as he brought out two small vials containing a purple-green liquid in one and a blue-green liquid in another. He held them up. 
 “ How do you know that someone didn’t change you’re appearance?”

lol xD soo happy. I had a bit of writer's block while doing this chapter.




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