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Moonlit Nightmares by MickeyMadison
Chapter 11 : Sweet Victory
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Moonlit Nightmares

Chapter Xi – Sweet Victory

The morning after you woke up feeling extremely ill. You couldn’t move without something groaning in protest. Lily told the nurse, but she couldn’t come into the House. You were to go see her as soon as you could make the trip.

You didn’t want to see the nurse, you just wanted to be alone. You felt so ashamed and embarrassed.

Around dinner you were feeling a little better, so you dressed the best you could and sat on your bed for a little rest. Sleeping all day had given you a good deal of your energy back.

Your eyes fell to your dresser drawer. Remembering the note you pulled it open and retrieved the parchment.

It was blank again and you willed it to show you words, but it did no such thing. You dropped it on your bed and glared at it. Suddenly, an idea struck you. You dug out your quill and ink and spread the parchment on your dresser. You dipped the tip in ink as you thought of what to write. Finally you just wrote, “Hello?”

A minute passed with nothing happening. You were about to give up when—

Hello, Lacelin.

Your breath caught in your throat. Who is this?

…Someone you do not wish to see, but wishes to see you.

You didn’t have to think about who it was. I do want to see you, Remus.

You didn’t receive a response for sometime and then his handwriting slowly crawled out before you.

Meet me at the pitch.

I will.

You left everything were it was and nearly ran out of your dorm. You made it to the pitch, your stomach flipping from nerves and what was left of your sickness. He wasn’t there yet, so you strolled farther along the grass. Your first match was in a few days. You had almost forgotten.

And forget again as you turned to see Remus walking towards you. You had to keep yourself from grinning; you came to learn the truth.

He stopped in front of you, his kind, sad eyes meeting yours. “Lacelin….”

“Wait, answer me truthfully,” you said boldly, swallowing hard. “Th-that prank…did Sirius cast it?”

Remus shook his head.

“Then why were you laughing and why did he have his wand out?” you asked angrily.

“Lacelin, we had just cast a prank on Snape.” Remus explained, his voice pleading for you to believe him. “We didn’t know what had happened until we saw you run by with Lily….”

You looked down at your feet. You wanted to just believe him, leave it at that, but you fought to hold onto your skepticism. “Then who did the prank?” you asked quietly.

Remus frowned. “I don’t know….”

You swallowed hard, trying not to cry. “I was so embarrassed….” your voice shook. You looked up at Remus, your eyes watering. “Lily told Angelique you were my boyfriend, and then I run out on you twice…then that prank….” you fought hard to keep your voice steady, but your eyes were threatening to spill over.

Remus laid a hand on your shoulder. Your stomach flipped at his touch.

“Why did Lily tell Angelique that?”

“She didn’t want Angelique flirting with you because she knew that I fancy you,” you admitted. There was no way you could be anymore embarrassed.

Remus seemed taken aback by what you said. For a moment he remained silent, just staring at your trembling form. “You…you fancy me?”

You nodded, swallowing hard once again. This constant crying needed to stop.

Your eyes widened as Remus pulled you towards him, his arms wrapping securely around you. You remained motionless from shock, and then returned his embrace.

Your heart fluttered and suddenly you could see the sun. The lump in your throat dissolved and you felt light hearted and genuinely happy. This would be a perfect time to cue that Beatles song, “Here Comes the Sun.”

“Lacelin….” Remus said and you shifted some in response. “I fancy you as well.”

You pulled back, looking up at him in surprise. “You do?” you asked hopefully.

Remus laid his palm against your cheek, his thumb caressing your skin. “Yes,” he said softly and slowly leaned forwards.

Your heart soared as you leaned forwards as well. Your lips almost touched, you could feel his breath and yours mingling.


You both pulled back quickly and turned to look at the entrance of the pitch.

Angelique Kincade was marching angrily towards you, her fists clenched.

“You are zome piece of work, Crill.” Angelique spoke your name like poison. “You don’t give up, even when you’re expozed!”

It took a moment for what she said to sink in, but when it did you could feel anger boiling within you.

You casted that spell?” you asked through clenched teeth.

“Who elze?” Angelique asked and laughed. “It was genius, wazn’t it?”

“Wrong answer!” said two voices in unison. A spell was uttered and a light flew past you, hitting Miss Kincade and sending her flying backwards.

You blinked as she scrambled to her feet. Great ugly, green boils were growing all over her skin. When they got big enough they burst, steam rising from them. She screamed and ran from the pitch, clutching her once beautiful face.

You turned around to see James and Sirius looking very proud of themselves. You hugged them both.

“That was brilliant!”

“We know.” James said with no hint of modesty.

“Go on, get back to whatever you were doing.” Sirius smirked and winked at Remus before walking away with James. Peter was waiting at the entrance.

You looked back up at Remus smiling. “Should we do what he said?”

Remus smiled and laid a hand on the side of her head, under your ear. He leaned forwards and your lips met in an eruption of bliss. You wrapped your arms around his neck. You were flying through the sky, your heart light and cheerful. All time had stopped. “All you need is love,” would be a very fitting cue.

The world seemed to dull when you finally parted. Both faces were flushed and Remus had a sly grin.

“Next moon, let’s share a room.”

You laughed, blushing slightly, and kissed him again.

x – x END x – x

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Moonlit Nightmares: Sweet Victory


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