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Interview with a Mudblooded Malfoy by GirlBehindTheRedDoor
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6 – Who Knew?
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Chapter 6 – Who Knew?

The kiss had been quick, wanted, and intense. As much as it was intense it was also new and fearful. Hermione barely new what she was doing when she had kissed Draco but it wasn’t what she had expected. She expected her body to feel on fire, electrical and tingly. Instead she had only felt embarrassed, confused, and slightly fearful. As she broke the kiss she didn’t care look into his eyes. She was scared of what she might find there whether it be good or not. She didn’t want to see if he was disgusted or otherwise.

Her body instantly pulled away from his and she kept her head down, before she gave him a chance to say anything she moved quickly to her room. Draco reached out to grab her arm.


She shook her head as she quickly glanced up at him. When Draco saw her face he dropped his hand to his side. She was scared. Hermione tend turned and fled to her room leaving Draco standing in the middle of the common room.

Hermione was sitting on the edge of her bed. She didn’t need to think about this one. She didn’t need to sit and try to make sense of it like she had with Ron, with Harry or with anyone else. Hermione didn’t feel the need to have to justify this.

The night had been eventful in many ways. She had been made a fool of in front of the entire school. She possibly loss two of the best friends she had ever had. Plus she had kissed Draco Malfoy; bad boy extraordinaire.

Hermione turned off her lamp and slowly lay back on her bed. Thoughts raced through her mind but she tried to push them away so she could sleep.
The confidence it took for her to even do that had been mixed with sadness, panic, and regret. She couldn’t get her heartbeat to slow, or her mind to relax, but most of all she could get her body to calm down. She felt restless and It had been a challenge but within half an hour she was asleep.

Then next morning Hermione had slowly awoken and the sunlight was streaming in through her small window located on the far left wall of her room. She felt relaxed and calm and finally show understood the term ‘sleep on it’. She sat up in her bed and let the calm envelope her. After a few stretches of her arms and legs she got out of bed and got dressed for the day to come. Oh what a day it would be.

The moment she had all her robes on and her hair properly managed she was ready to head down to breakfast and to face the people who only last night had put her into a frenzy.
She opened the door from her room and was surprised by who she saw on the other side.

It was Draco, Draco leaning against the dark wooden doorframe with a small little smirk gracing his face. She saw as his grey eyes looked her over and his hair was slightly out of place.

‘Cute.’ She thought to herself, but cute was not what she said,

“Can I help you or have you just been standing here all night?” She asked crossing her arms over her chest.

Draco smiled watching her cross her arms and he couldn’t help leaning into her slightly.

“Well I was thinking about that kiss, it may not have been the best and we both know that…” He said dragging the words out slightly and slowly he brushed the knuckles of his hand down her arm. “…but I think we could have a lot of fun if we just… practice.” He said before biting his tongue and raising an eyebrow.

Hermione was instantly disgusted. She shoved past him causing him to stumble over his own feet.

“You are a pig!” She groaned out as she hurried down the stairs. She continued talking as she went down the stairs.

“I don’t know if you are making fun of me or you actually thought that would work to get me to…. To….” She stopped in her tracked not really knowing. “To… whatever with you but it would not work? I’m not one of your little Slytherin whores.” She said matter-of-factly. Proud of herself she gave him a small smile and started to leave the common room until she felt a hand grab her delicate wrist.

She looked down at the hand holding her arm and wasn’t surprised it was attached to Draco.

“Got more pig language to peak snake boy?”

Draco let her go and shook his head. “Listen I’m sorry, ok. I do kind of… sort of… like you.” He said pretty quickly and unsure, “I just wanted to get into your good graces.”

“Oh and doing what you did up there was your sad ass attempt?”

He shrugged slightly embarrassed, but he his it well. “Well with Pansy the best way to get into her… good graces is to insult her and I forgot not everyone gets off on hate like Pansy does….” He laughed slightly to himself forgetting for a moment what he was trying to accomplish with her. “You should have seen her last night during that little thing in the hall. Watching everyone become engulfed in their conversations about you… practically clenching her thighs together like a bitch in heat.” He laughed slightly before looking back at Hermione, who for one was not as amused as he was about the story.

“Now I understand why you two are so good together, she gets off on it and you produce it. As they say match made in heaven… or in your case hell.” She spat back at him.

He was truly sorry, he didn’t know how to act around her or what he was supposed to do or say but he was trying and she couldn’t see that.

Draco rubbed the temple of his head and groaned. “Not where I was going with that.” Before Hermione knew what was happening Draco took her hand and gently tugged her in closer towards him letting. As Hermione let her body he pulled in against his she felt her face fluster and her heart beat faster. Not letting her hand go he used his other hand and slowly let his knuckles caress the side of her face as he silver grey eyes penetrated deeply into hers.

Hermione wanted to look away, to break the trace but she couldn’t. She then felt him lean into her. As he did this she noticed he looked different. His face wasn’t hard or mean or cocky, but it was soft and not as intimidating as one would think.

His lips slowly brushed against hers softly and Hermione slowly closed her eyes as he started to gently kiss her lips with his. Hermione nervously kissed back moving her lips with his. She brought her hand up nervously and slowly and touched the side of his face with her fingertips. She felt a warm feelings shoot throughout her body and it was welcoming.

Draco kept his fingers intertwined with hers and soon the kiss was over. With a small smile he looked down at her.

“Now that was a kiss.”

Hermione knew he was right. Last night had been quick, fumbled, and panicked. This kiss had been slow and more intricate.

They stood that way for a few minutes, neither or them saying a word that dare might interrupt the moment or make them realize how foolish what thy were doing was but at that moment it didn’t matter because they were comfortable. They were comfortable with someone who was not quite like themselves and with someone who made them both feel like they could be worth something more than a brilliant bookworm and a future killer.

AN: It’s short and I’m sorry for that and there had been more to this but I’m saving it for next chapter. I thought their moment here should have its own ‘place’ and not be put with drama. I’m also sorry that I haven’t been updating, I started college so I’m a bit scatterbrained. Also there is a something about all the chapter names and I’m curious to see if anyone is noticing, so let me know if you think you’ve got it.

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