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Psycho Path, Cho Chang by Samhria
Chapter 16 : Tonks' Birthday
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Luna couldn’t hear exactly what was worrying her future husband and friends, but they kept whispering on about how ‘she’ wasn’t waking up. Luna wondered who this ‘she’ was.


Harry and Hermione sat on the chairs beside Luna’s bedside while Ron stood over his fiancée, holding her hand, and staring at her face as if his stare would awake her.

“Wake up, please.” Ron whispered, squeezing Luna’s hand one more time. Harry stood up and placed his hand gently on Ron’s shoulder.

“Mate, the nurse said she’ll be fine.” Harry explained, motioning his red head friend to sit down. Ron obeyed.

“I know. It’s just that—I can’t believe this is happening.” Ron replied, shaking slightly. “It’s---my entire fault.” He stuttered, letting his face fall into his hands. Harry sat down next to him as Hermione moved in this time to soothe Ron’s back.

“No, it’s not Ronald.” She said her voice full of worry and concern.

Ron pulled away from her, standing up abruptly again. “It is!” He claimed, walking back and forth from Luna’s bed, to the door. “I should have left with her! It’s my fault she’s injured like this. We don’t even know who did this.”

Hermione slowly stood up as her mind raced wildly. ‘I think I have a hunch about who did this.’ She thought, her eyebrows furrowing.

“Hey, look!” Harry exclaimed, pulling Hermione’s sleeve. “She’s waking up!” He pointed to Luna, who sure enough was moving her head side to side slowly, her eyes flickering.

Ron rushed over to her bedside, reaching for her hand again. “Luna, darling? Can you hear me?”

“R-Ron?” Luna asked as she squinted her eyes open.

Ron smiled and embraced Luna in a half hug since she was lying on the hospital bed. “You’re alright!” He exclaimed, kissing her hand. “I was worried!”

Luna smiled lightly, figuring only she could have made her fiancée worry like that. She turned her head to the side to see Harry and Hermione standing on the opposite side of her bed. She raised her free hand for Hermione to grab.

“Luna, how are you feeling?” Hermione asked, rubbing Luna’s fingers softly with her own.

“Like a ton of bricks.” She replied, her voice hoarse.

The trio smiled to see Luna back in good health again.

“What happened?” Harry asked, speaking up for the first time since Luna’s conscience.

Luna frowned in remembrance. Hermione watched with eager eyes, hoping Luna would admit it was Cho, so Harry and Ron could finally see Chang’s true colors.

“I…don’t remember.” Luna said each word with exactness.

“W-What?” Ron asked, as eager as Hermione.

“I remember leaving you back in the tent.” Luna said her attention on Ron again. “Then…I was crossing the bridge into the forest…and that’s all I remember.” She looked up at Hermione this time, squeezing her hand slightly. She knew what Hermione wanted to hear, but honestly, she didn’t remember who did what or if Cho Chang was anywhere to be seen. She didn’t even remember seeing Cho Chang at all that day.


Cho threw her head forward, cracking her neck. She looked around the room; it was small, but quiet and peaceful. Not too much hanging around in most of the directions. There was a broom in the furthest corner which indicated that she was with a wizard; she sighed in relief. The last thing she wanted was to be with a mudblood.

She tried to raise herself from the bed, but she couldn’t budge. Her body was aching terribly. She touched her forehead, but only to feel a moist cloth.

‘Where am I?’ She thought confusedly. That moment, a tall muscular man walked in, placing a food tray on her bedside. She looked at him with shock and sympathy.

“Alex!” She exclaimed, half smiling and half shocked.

“Surprised to me, huh?” He asked rudely, placing the tray down and grabbing the cloth off of Cho’s head.

“What happened Alex?” She asked quickly. “What am I doing here?”

He looked at her skeptically for a moment, before heading to the window, staring out. “I found you knocked out in the forest.” He replied softly, letting each word sink in.

Cho peered over at him unbelievably. “What are you talking about?!” She asked, her voice rising.

“You don’t remember anything?” He asked his eyebrows high in suspicion.

“No, I honestly don’t.” She replied, nodding her head vigorously. For once in her life, she was telling the truth. “Don’t you believe me?”

Alex laughed cruelly making Cho shiver under the covers. “Believe you?!” He asked, his eyes not leaving the window. “I believed you Cho.” He said, his voice emphasizing his words.

Cho looked away, a tear coming to her eyes. She was telling the truth and Alex didn’t believe her. They were both quiet for a few seconds before Alex spoke up again.

“What do you remember?” He asked, his voice calm again.

Cho glanced at him as if he was asking a trick question. “I…” She gulped as she tried to remember what happened at the Quidditch Cup. “I…remember having a fight with you.” She said, and Alex scoffed. “I met Viktor Krum.” She continued, rubbing her temple. “And then…I…” She left out the love potion part so Alex wouldn’t criticize her…again. “I came back to the tent, but you were gone. I remember leaving the tent to go for a walk…and…” She stopped, her eyes closed.

“And?” Alex asked, nearing Cho this time, concern in his eyes. He still felt love for her…no matter how evil she was.

“And…that’s it.”


“How did you find me?” Luna asked, shocked to find out that she was knocked out cold when her friends brought her to the hospital.
“Actually, we didn’t.” Hermione said, sighing.

“What?” Luna asked, looking at Hermione, then Harry and finally Ron. “What do you mean?”

“You see, I was with Harry and Hermione when they arrived from the bookstore.” Ron started, staring at his friends, who merely nodded their heads.

“We were at the tent chatting when it started to get late.” Harry explained, pitching in. He looked at Hermione for support.

“That’s when we started to head out, searching for you.” Hermione said, gulping nervously. “We looked everywhere, but couldn’t find you.” Hermione’s eyes filled with tears. “We thought you were…” She stopped herself, as Harry embraced her.

Luna watched in silence. She couldn’t believe that they thought she was dead. Although, she probably would have felt the same if someone else was in her position. As Harry held Hermione, calming her down, Ron continued.

“We were worried sick.” He said, his voice quivering, too. “That’s when a young blonde hair teenage girl came running exclaiming that someone was dead in the forest.”

Now Luna understood why they were so worried. “You…thought it was me.”

Ron nodded his head softly in response, while Hermione finally pulled away from Harry, wiping the last of her tears.

“And when they showed us the body…it was you.” Harry finished.

“But there was a healer at the Quidditch Cup that checked for a pulse and found one, but it was slow.” Ron continued, his grip increasing on Luna’s hand. “You were sent here immediately.”

“Where did they find me?” Luna asked her voice a mere whisper after hearing what happened.

“In some bushes.” Ron replied.


“I was taking a stroll by myself when I saw you, knocked out.” Alex finished, as Cho’s mouth fell open. “You were clear out on the path that anyone could have seen you.”

“Y—You didn’t see if anyone was there?” Cho asked desperately, guessing that Granger must have attacked her from behind.

“No, you were out there, all alone.”

“I was knocked out and…you saved me.” Cho said, reaching for Alex’s hand, who sat beside her on her bed now.

“You were lucky.” He said, suppressing a smile. “When I found you, your pulse was barely beating. So, I brought you here since I know you don’t like doctors.”

Cho smiled graciously, embracing Alex in a hug. “Thank you so much Alex!” She exclaimed, filling Alex’s face with kisses. “I could have died if it wasn’t for you!”


A week later…Saturday…

The sun awoke Hermione, bright and early. She ran for the shower, spending her time just letting the water fall onto her skin. She was happy. For the first time since she had left the hospital with Luna, she was happy.

Only three days ago, the nurse at St. Mungo’s hospital released Luna to go home, and take it easy. Ron was obviously excited, as well as were Harry and Hermione. She was worried about Luna ever since the incident.

Hermione frowned. She knew that Cho had something to do with it, but she wasn’t able to prove it since Luna didn’t remember a thing about what happened that day.

Shaking her head of these thoughts, Hermione wrapped a towel around herself and headed out of the shower, drying her hair. As she rummaged through her wardrobe to find something to throw on, the phone rang.

“Hello?” She said, hoping it was Harry on the other line, but instead, it was Tonks.

“Hey, Hermione.” She said, her voice chiming with happiness.

“Hey Tonks! Happy birthday!” Hermione exclaimed as she yanked off a pink tee shirt from a hanger.

“Thanks. I appreciate it.” Tonks replied, her voice becoming some what nervous. “I was wondering if you could come over for a little bit to go shopping to pick something for me to wear for tonight.”

Hermione smiled. She knew what Tonks was getting at. Her boyfriend, Remus was going to be there, and Tonks wanted to dress special, not only for her birthday, but for him as well.

“Of course! What time do you want to go?” Hermione asked, drying her hair with a quick spell from her wand.

“How about right now?”

Hermione felt her stomach fall to the floor. Of course she would love to go shopping with Tonks, but she felt uncertain about the situation since the last time she left to visit her friend, she was being horribly cursed to death. She gulped nervously. How did she know this situation wasn’t going to be any different? How could she know for sure that it really was Tonks, and not Cho, impersonating her?

“Hermione? You still there?” Tonks asked, getting worried when Hermione didn’t respond back.

“Yeah, I’m here.” Hermione said, her voice shaking slightly. Then she had an idea. There was something that Cho couldn’t possibly know. “Tonks, what’s your father’s name?” Even if Cho did pretend to be Tonks, she couldn’t have known Tonks’ real father’s name. Tonks wouldn’t even tell her because she was a tough woman that never broke in anyone’s control. This was the only way Hermione could tell for sure if she was the real thing.

“Hermione---?” Tonks asked confusedly.

“Please. Just answer.” Hermione pressed.

“Ted Tonks.” She replied.

“And what made him so special to your mother?” Hermione felt like slapping herself for going through personal questions with Tonks, but at least she would have confidence.
“My mother loved him because he was a muggle who inspired her.” Tonks replied. “Hermione, why are you---?”

“I’ll explain later Tonks.” Hermione said cutting Tonks off, smiling. “I’ll meet you in a little bit. Bye.”


Later at night…

Harry and Hermione were introduced to many couples at Lupin’s place. There were so many witches and wizards that showed up, the place looked like a convention.

As Hermione was meeting a few of Luna’s friends that arrived at the party as well, Harry smiled at her as he admired her that evening. She was wearing a red, long sleeved dress that reached below her knees. It was a simple dress, with a white lacing on the ends of the sleeves. She wore a pink necklace that matched lovely with her dress. Her hair was tied in a bun behind her head, revealing her soft, white neck. Hermione saw Harry’s gaze and met his eyes. They looked at each for a split moment, falling in love all over again.

“There she is! The birthday girl!” Someone in the middle of no where claimed. Everyone’s gaze went towards the staircase and well enough, Tonks was descending down them, one by one.

Her outfit was astonishing most of the crowd. Tonks, being considered a tom-boy by most of the people she worked with, was wearing a black sleeveless dress that reached her ankles. Her hair was curled in a fashionable way that bounced with her every step. She beamed at everyone, and especially at Remus, who stood at the bottom of the stairs, his mouth slightly open in shock as well.

She reached him and blushed. She couldn’t find anything to say as they both just stared into each other’s eyes, oblivious to the crowd of couples watching them.

A man with blondish hair standing closest behind Remus, slightly gave Lupin a small push, whispering, “Say something.”

Remus stuttered, “Y-you look b-beautiful.”

Tonks blushed again, her lipstick matching her embarrassment color. “Thank you. So do you.”
Remus grinned, and held out his hand for her to grab. She took it with ease and walked though the crowd, mouthing, ‘thank you’ to Hermione as she passed. Hermione merely smiled and nodded her head. Harry met up with her.

“They look great, don’t they?” He asked, as Hermione took a sip from her wine glass. She nodded her head in agreement.

Slow music started playing from no where in particular, and everyone grabbed a special someone and started dancing. Remus and Tonks were in middle of the crowd, since it was her birthday. They were visible under the spotlight someone placed on them.

“May I have this dance?” Harry asked politely, holding out his hand to Hermione. She took it with a smile on her face.

“Of course.” She replied. Harry led her to the dance floor, where he brought Hermione close. She rested her head on his shoulder, as he laid his chin gently on her head, inhaling the lovely scent of strawberries from her hair.

This was the most perfect moment ever. She didn’t want it any other way; just the two of them together. Cho wasn’t around to ruin this moment since she wasn’t even invited to the party. Of course, why would she be? She didn’t even know Tonks. If Cho did try to sneak in the party with a date, Hermione sure enough would have a plan to keep her out, but that didn’t matter now since she wasn’t anywhere to be seen; and it was only her and Harry swaying to the music, in each other’s arms.

Just beside them, about a couple away, Ron and Luna were embraced in half hug, stepping to the music. Ron grinned at Harry when he saw his smile.

The music ended after a few minutes. Everyone started chatting all over again. Before any more music could come on, Remus placed his wand to his throat, making his voice loud and clear throughout the room.

“Excuse me, everyone.” He said, his voice causing everyone to stop talking at once. “I have an announcement to make.” He slipped his wand back into his coat pocket once everyone had their eyes on him. Harry and Hermione watched with curiosity like everyone else, including Tonks.

Remus took Tonks’ hand in his own. “Nymphodora Tonks, you have been by my side since the beginning. Whenever I needed help, you were there. Even times I didn’t need it.” Everyone laughed. When they stopped, Remus continued. “When I first asked you out 6 months ago, it was the best thing I ever did. I couldn’t have been happier.” Tonks blushed, as some ladies whispered ‘aww’. “I don’t ever want this happiness to end, but instead, I want it to grow every time I am with you.” He bent down on one knee, and felt inside his coat pocket. Many surprised gasps were heard around the room, including Hermione’s and Tonks’s. “Nymphodora Tonks, will you do the honor of marrying me?” He asked, holding out a scarlet heart shaped ring towards Tonks.

“Yes! Oh, Merlin, yes I will!” Tonks nearly screamed, as Remus slipped the ring on her finger, and hugged her. Everyone in the room started clapping. Ron and Harry whistled. When Tonks and Remus pulled away, the embraced each other in a passionate kiss that made many women in the room sigh romantically.

“Let’s party, everyone!” Remus said, picking up Tonks in his arms, swinging her around. She laughed. Loud music started playing and everyone started going crazy. That’s when Harry reached for Hermione’s hand rushing her up the stairs, as Remus popped a cork off a champagne bottle, spraying it over everyone in the room.

They ran up the stairs, unnoticed. Harry brought Hermione into a random room that looked like a guest room. There was a queen size bed in the middle of the room, with a bed light in the corner and a cabinet beside the bed. The lights were off, but the moon was full outside, casting a bright shinning crescent light in the room.

Hermione fell on the bed, laughing her insides out. Harry landed right next to her, laughing as well. When they finally caught their breathes, the room fell utterly silent. The only noise they could hear was the drumming of music from downstairs, as well as the heavy chatter.

Hermione sighed deeply, as if lost in thought. She sat up and Harry sat up beside her, caressing her arm. “Hey, something bothering you?” He asked his voice of concern.

Hermione smiled softly, her face glowing from the moonlight. “No, I’m fine. I was just thinking.”

“About what?” Harry asked, his hand falling on hers on the bed.

“About Remus and Tonks. I never expected him to pop the question so quickly, but he did.”

Harry chuckled lightly. “Yeah, he did. But he’s smart to do it now before it was too late. I mean, Tonks is a great woman; anyone would want her.”

Hermione blushed, and Harry immediately figured out what she was thinking. She turned her face away to hide the embarrassment, but Harry caught it, placing a finger on her chin to make her face turn toward his. “Hey…Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?”

Hermione knew she couldn’t hide anything from Harry. “I was just thinking…that maybe someday…if you would be like that.” She finished, her face turning as red as her dress.

Harry smiled, but instead of responding, his lips locked with hers. “I…wouldn’t…want it…any other…way.” Harry said between kisses. Hermione smiled again, her face not blushing, but turning into a pleasant expression.

She kissed Harry back with pleasure, making him grasp onto her shoulders, bringing her onto himself.

They fell backwards onto the bed, with Harry below and Hermione ontop of him, her hands sliding through his messy, dark raven hair. Harry’s hands wander from Hermione’s neck and shoulder, down her lower back, holding her body against his.

Soon, the noise of chatter below was no longer a problem for Harry and Hermione since they were both absorbed in each other; ignoring the presence of everything around them.

Now, Hermione was on her back, her dress slowly slipping off her shoulders, as Harry nibbled her neck, while she moaned with satisfication. Upon hearing her enjoyment of his playfulness, Harry continued lower, further into her dress, pleasing her even more..

“I love you Harry.” Hermione whispered as their eyes locked once more in the moonlight.

“And I love you, Mione.” Harry whispered back into Hermione’s ear, making her sigh in happiness. “Always will.” Their lips locked in a blissful kiss that turned passionate, making them press their lips harder against one another, feeling the heat. Harry licked Hermione’s lips, wanting entrance into her mouth and she granted it to him with desire.

As they continued their lust for passion, they remained oblivious to the pairs of owl eyes watching them intently outside the window, on the edge of the tree.

*A/N: Who could it be??? Okay, I know I went over this chapter a little quicker compared with the others, but I had limited time and I wanted to cram it all in one chapter for a certain reason, so please don’t get mad at me. I hope it was still enjoyable. I wanted to add Harry and Hermione’s doing in this chapter specially because they’re a couple and have “needs and wants”. *wink* Please review and let me know what ya think because I’d really like to know, as usual.

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