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Hide & Seek by harrys_angels
Chapter 1 : Some things never change
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DISCLAIMER: I dont own anything that is recognisable thats all JK Rowlings.

  compliments of  ~Mr Darcy~

It was blustery and wet day in London. Many would say it particularly bad luck on a wedding day, but Hermione thought otherwise.

She always loved the rain ever since she was a little girl. Jumping and splashing in the puddles. Glittering jewels falling from the heavens, she would try to catch the tiny drops on her tongue. It was the day she had picked to marry her childhood love, also happening to be the day they had declared, their undying love for each other. Although they treasured each other they had to keep their relationship a secret for both their sakes.

It had been a rough five years since Hermione feel in love. Somehow she didnt think the day would come. Today was her day and it would be perfect.

She was getting married.

5  years earlier

Hermione was sitting the on icy stone steps that lead from the castle to Hagrid’s hut. They had just finished class with the half giant, and now she was waiting patiently for Ron and Harry to catch up. The two wanted to ask Hagrid if he could look after Buckbeack, during the school terms. He would be very lonely in Sirius's house and Harry couldnt really apparate back and forwards to feed him everyday. Hermione knew that Hagrid wouldnt mind, it was the fact that if Buckbeack was caught by the Ministry of Magic Officials in Hagrids care, their large friend would be spending some time in Azkaban.

Hermione had just opened her text book on Beasts From the South when the light was blocked by a tall, lean and blond Malfoy.

“Move out of my way Granger” he sneered, his two cronies Crabbe and Goyle just behind him. Clenching their fists in a way they thought looked frightening but only made their faces turn a violent shade of violet.

“Why don't you just go around Malfoy” she sighed not paying any attention to his staunch act.

"Because then I wouldnt have as much fun moking you, would I"

Hermione kept a straight face. She was head girl and could get Draco back whenever she wanted. Since they did share a commeon room with each other, she could do it while he was asleep. Mentally laughing she quickly stood up. 

Draco was about a head taller than her but because she was on the step, she meet his eyes at full glance. They were a cold gray. Although the more she stared the more they reminded her of the wintry and wet days she admired most. Snapping back to reality she tried to push past him.

His body was close. To close for her comfort. His warm breath and intoxicating smell. She shivered as he whispered into her ear.

“Why are you trembling Granger, it seems I’m having an effect on you”

Remembering about Crabbe and Goyle he quickly cleared his throat and shoved Hermione aside. He quickly dissapeared round the corner . Just as Hermione regained balance Ron and Harry came running up the stairs looking red from exhaustion.

“I ... won” Harry panted.

“Nah yo … you cheated, you pushed ... me back” Ron said just as puffed as Harry

“Shut it you two, your both so immature sometimes. We should be heading to the great hall, lunch will be being served”

Ron and Harry exchanged looks but shrugged their shoulders “ Some things never change” Ron said as they quickly followed her towards the castle .

Hermione didnt know why she didn't tell Harry and Ron about her encounter with Malfoy. He was just being his usual obnoxious self that’s all, nothing to alert Ron or Harry about. Yes that’s defiantly why. After all she didn't want either of them to get into a fight with Malfoy especially in their last year of school.



Hermione had Ancient Runes and then a free period for which she spent alone isolated in a corner of her favorite place in the castle. Hermione felt like the world was lifted off her shoulders when she was in the library. Surrounded by decades of knowledge and stories. This was the place where she was in her element. 

Professor Binns had set an assignment on Stone Henge and how the ancient magicians had levitated the large boulders to form the breathtakingly large sundial. Scanning the shelves she bumped into someone. Hermione’s satchel fell from her shoulder and hit the floor with a loud thud due to all the books already occupying the bag. Everything spilled onto the hard floor.

“Oh I’m terribly sorry, I didn't see where I was…” Slowly lifting her head she gazed at the student she had disturbed.

She broke off as she realized who the person was.

“You really 'ought to watch where your going Granger:” Draco said with a touch of sarcasm in his voice. His sneer planted so artistically on his face. Almost as if he practices infront of a mirror.

“You never know what dark and damp pit you might fall into” 

“With no one to save you”  he looked down into her chocolate brown eyes.

“Just so you don’t worry yourself about it, If I do fall down a dark and damp pit it will be Harry and Ron I will call for not you” Hermione snapped without looking directly at him. 

Leaning down to pick up the contents of her bag, Malfoy kneeled down to help her. Hermione was lost for words, yet did not protest. He handed her, her books and quills. 

Their hands slightly brushed each others and a surge of electricity powered through her veins, Draco immediately snatched his hands back as if she had burnt him.

Just as Hermione went to open her mouth to say thanks, he stood up and stormed out of the library.


“How dare she think I would save her , filthy mudblood and her ideas”. Draco paced the Slytherin Dormitory. 

It was usually empty this time of day since all the Slytherin’s were out in the halls teasing  the 1st years from other houses. He couldn't go to the head dormitory because he knew Hermione would be there. Draco found his way to the elegant green sofa and let out a sigh.  His eyes started wandering the familiar room he called home for the last 6 years of his schooling life. Then his mind flicked to the girl he hated ever since his first year. 

Her bushy untamed hair and know it all act. Every year they grew up she became less and less like the annoying Gryffindor brat. Growing into a woman with delicious chocolate hair and beautiful brown eyes, lovely curves and…

Draco sat bolt up right. Why am I thinking these things. For seven whole years I’ve hated her. Maybe thats been to long. Well were living and working together now, i suppose i should make some kind of effort. 


Hermione was in potions with Harry and Ron her last class for the day. The two boys were drawing their success in the next Quiditch match against Slytherin. Ron drew himself saving a goal, while Crabbe got his head blown off by a bludger. Harry found this highly amusing and earned himself a whack on the head by an angry Professor Snape. 

Hermione was left thinking about the strange encounter in the library with Malfoy. Twice in a day they had bumped into each other. Surely he couldn't be stalking her, could he. After the seven years of feuding Hermione now felt tired. Tired of fighting him.

A/N Hey guys I have edited this chapter, I'm sorry if it was confusing at first. I was jumping the gun a little and did'nt plan my story very well. Not to much has changed, but I have added and taken out a few little details. I hope it flows better now. :D

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Hide & Seek: Some things never change


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