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'Til Death Do Us Part: The 1st Installment by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds
Chapter 36 : Graduation
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*the plot and OCs are mine, the rest belongs to J.K.

Author's Note:: So this chapter is the last of the first part of my little trilogy. Now I won't start posting the second part for a couple weeks. I started school last week and I have a lot going on. And with the second part, I won't be updating so often. I'll designate a day of the week to update and I'll do that once a week. But I hope you enjoy this chapter and remember to review. I love reading what you guys have to say, it really motivates me to write more.

The day had finally come. After waiting seven years for it, the last day of Hogwarts for the 7th years had come. There was a serene silence between the 7th year Gryffindors as they walked towards the Great Hall for their last breakfast. The Marauders started to laugh after seeing Professor Slughorn and the teachers were giving him looks from around the table. His hair was a bright highlighter green afro that seemed to be growing by the minute. He looked confused as to why everyone was looking at him. The brilliance of the girls’ prank was that when Slughorn looked at himself, he saw that everything looked perfectly normal. It was perfect. But the laughing and snickering that was going on in the hall stopped suddenly when the doors violently swung open. Around ten adults marched in and both Shay and Sirius's jaws dropped to the floor.

There they were. Orion and Walburga Black and Arcturus and Elladora Calhoun. Shay looked over at the Slytherin table and Courtlyn, Regulus, and Severus looked oblivious to what they were doing there. Every student in the hall watched as the invading adults talked in hushed tones to Professor Dumbledore. Shay and Sirius were still staring dumbfounded at their parents when her mother turned and gave Shay the look of hatred she knew all to well. Elladora Calhoun was a beautiful woman. No one could deny that. But she was also chilling. She had this thing about her that when she walked by someone, their body would tense up. It didn't matter if they knew her or not. But when Shay received the ice glare from her mom, she knew something was up and it wasn't going to be good. Professor Dumbledore led the group out of the hall and Professor McGonagall round the back. Then she stopped in front of Shay and Sirius.

"Black, Calhoun, come with me."

When Sirius and Shay entered Dumbledore's office, all eyes weren't one the two of them, they were on Shay's stomach.

"Professor, what is this all about?" Sirius asked as he and Shay took their seats, and everyone else circled around them.

"Apparently, some people have concerns about Shay appearing at graduation in front of everyone," Dumbledore said calmly.

"What? Why?" Shay asked.

"You are a promiscuous, immoral girl and you shouldn't be allowed to show what you've done in front of other children. Then every girl will think that they can sneak into the boys' dormitory," Walburga Black said.

Boy did Shay hate Walburga. Her mother may have been icy but Walburga was just evil. She didn't even put on a front. She was evil to everyone, just some more than others.

"Walburga, that is not necessary."

"No, sneaking into the boys' dormitory is so much worse than marrying your second cousin," Shay said smartly.

She felt Sirius shake from trying to suppress his laughter. He found himself being a product of incest was entertaining.

"Miss Calhoun, another remark like that and I'm going to have to ask you to leave," Dumbledore said and Shay could have swore she saw a hint of a smile.

"I'm sorry Professor, but this is ridiculous. They can't keep me from my graduation."

"Yes we can. As your parents, we can say you can't participate," Arcturus Calhoun said.

"You've barely said a full sentence to me my entire life, so don't even try to use the parental card right now."

"Albus, if she walks, we're going to go to the Ministry. There's obviously something wrong with Hogwarts if this is going on," Elladora said.

Shay felt defeated. She didn't want to be the cause of something happening to Hogwarts. She would never forgive herself.

"Why are you guys doing this? We left to get away from you people. Why can't you just let us have a glint of happiness? What did we ever do to you?" Sirius bursted out.

"Boy, you should just be thankful that we didn't drag you back home after that stunt you pulled two years ago," Orion Black said.

Both Sirius and Shay were speechless. No matter how old they got, they would always have that fear and hatred for their parents. Their parents could make them feel like dumb, little kids in the matter of a couple sentences.

"I think that is quite enough. Is there anything else you all want to say?" Dumbledore asked.

"We already said what we had to say. If she takes part in the ceremony then we will contact the Minister and I'm sure he'll take our side," Elladora said.

Dumbledore gave a nod and stood.

"If you all will follow me, I will show you out," he said and left his office with the others.

Tears sprang to Shay's eyes shortly after they left.

"What am I going to do? I worked for seven years to get to this point and now it's going to be taken away," Shay said with a defeated tone and Sirius still had nothing to say.

"I'm shocked that you are giving up this easily," they heard a voice from behind them say.

They hadn't realized that Professor McGonagall never left.

"Professor, what can we do? I don't want to be the reason that Hogwarts gets in trouble."

"Do you honestly think that Professor Dumbledore would let something this small affect the school? It's his life to protect this school and the people in it," McGonagall said.

Both Shay and Sirius felt stupid that they thought their parents could out smart Dumbledore.

"Shay, I have watched you grow over the past seven years, I have watched all of you grow. The both of you have gone through more than anyone your age should. And you've gotten through it with your heads held high. I know for a fact that Professor Dumbledore is proud of you both. And I am proud also. But Miss Calhoun, if you let this little bump in the road totally deter you, then you are not the girl I thought you were."

"Caitlyn Abbott," Dumbledore called the first name for their graduation ceremony.

Lily Evans took in a quick and excited breath. This was her day. She was the top of her class and Head Girl and not only proud of herself but of her friends. The first to come to mind was Sirius Black, who had just been called by Dumbledore. Most people saw Sirius as a pretty boy jokester, but Lily knew he was much more than that. He had grown a lot in the past year and was going to be a dad in only two months. Lily never thought he would become a dad this soon, but she always thought he would make the best father out of all her friends. He was so caring and protective of everyone that mattered in his life. Lily knew that Sirius would always be someone who would have her back no matter what. Sirius wouldn't have it any other way.

Then there was Sirius's other half, Shay Calhoun. Lily smiled and laughed lightly as Shay waddled her way up to Professor Dumbledore. Shay was her best friend, the person that was always there for her. Shay was the sister Lily wished she had. When someone called Lily a mudblood, Shay would be the first person to say something back. Before Lily and James started going out and James would be far past annoying, Shay would be the first to tell him to give it a rest. Shay and Lily would always be best friends and nothing would ever change that. Lily couldn’t wait for Shay to become a mother. She knew that Shay’s whole being would be put into raising the child. And Lily couldn’t wait to be a part of that.

Lily was called, and she walked up with a face-splitting smile. She received smiles and applause from all her friends and she felt herself starting to get emotional. She saw that Shay had already started crying and Niki was right behind her. As Lily reached her seat, she made eye contact with Remus, who had the same wide grin that she was sporting. Remus Lupin was, as Lily always explained it, simply Remus. There wasn't a way to describe Remus, because no one was like him. Remus was loving and sweet and smart and had this horrible secret that he had to carry on his shoulders for the rest of his life. But that horrible thing made Remus so understanding and compassionate. If one person deserved a break in life, it would be Remus. But he would always make time for his friends and loved ones. Lily loved conversing with him. They always had an intelligent exchange.

And then there is always Peter Pettigrew. Peter, Peter, Peter. He was a mystery to Lily, even after all those years. He was a great guy and a wonderful friend though. Peter was another person she felt could be trusted with her life. He had always been so loyal to his friends. He just wanted to fit in and Lily could sympathize with that. When she first started Hogwarts, she didn't want to be the muggleborn and just wanted to be like the rest of her classmates. But Peter was finally doing well. He was the underdog and Lily loved a good underdog success story.

Then to round out the Marauders is James Potter. The James Potter. Her James Potter. After running from him for over six years, she finally gave in, and was thankful everyday that she did. James was her everything, her match, her soul mate, her fiancé. She looked down at her ring and got that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Like she had said before, she didn't need a ring, she just needed James and that's all that mattered. She loved James, she wanted to be with James for the rest of her days, she wanted to have children with James. She couldn't wait to become Lily Rose Potter.

Then last but not least was Niki Smith. Her other best friend. Niki was a beautiful person, inside and out. She was always so calm and collected and that's what Lily loved about her. When Lily would get upset Shay would try to calm her down, but would usually unintentionally get her more worked up. While Niki could say only a few words and have Lily back to normal. She was rarely seen without a smile on her face and was kind to people who didn't even deserve it. Niki had been through some rough times since she found out about her mom. People didn't treat her the same as they used to but Niki didn't care. She had her friends and that's all that mattered.

Lily had realized that she had grown up with these people and in the matter of three hours, they were going to be gone from Hogwarts forever and out in the real world. The thought excited and frightened her at the same time. But she knew that she could handle it as long as she had these six people beside her.

"Well this is it," James said as they piled out of the Hogwarts Express and on to Platform 9 ¾.

"I suppose it is. We won't be back here until we ship our own kids off to Hogwarts," Shay said and gave her belly a rub.

"Yea that's only in eleven years. It's not to long of a wait," Sirius said with a small smirk.

"Does anyone else not want to leave?" Niki asked.

Everyone raised their hand.

"It's going to be horrible not seeing everyone everyday," Lily said.

"Yea but we all have our own things going on. I have to help Niki get moved into my house," Remus said.

"Sirius and I have to go house searching" Shay said.

"Lily and I have to tell our parents about the engagement," James said.

"I'm moving out of my mom's house," Peter said.

"Really? When did you decide that?" Sirius asked.

"About 5 minutes ago," Peter said with a smile.

Everyone laughed and then silence overcame them again.

"So, I guess we'll all see each other at the first Order meeting," Niki said.

They all just stood there in realization of their new lives, none of them ready to face it quite yet.

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