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For Every Single Reason by BlacksBaby07
Chapter 3 : Intensity
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Disclaimer: All the canon characters belong to the great JKR
Chapter 3: Intensity


The meeting for the prefects was long and dull. Rose had already heard James’ drawn out speeches on being the new Head Boy and as she sat waiting on him to finish she noticed Leona Lovegood, who was the new Head Girl. Leona Lovegood was a little odd looking. She had a round face, and crystal blue eyes that always made her look like she was in a daze. Rose was pretty fond of her because Leona always had something to say about anything and everything. She didn’t say much during the meeting though; it was kind of hard anyways with James rambling on about him self and his accomplishments. If you could count almost having the most detentions the school had ever had an accomplishment, he was only beaten out by James Potter, Sirius Black, George Weasley and the late Fred Weasley.  Rose’s attention drifted out of the window, she could see the mountains in the distance and the day was slowly turning into twilight. They would be at Hogwarts in an hour and a half or so.

“So, I shall let all of you little ones do your patrols, and remember I’m James Potter or ‘Oh Great One’ and this is Leona Lovegood,” he nudged her and she finally broke out of her daze.

“Oh, I’m sorry, a wiggleshmurk must be in here,” she said in her soft voice. “What were we saying again?”

“We…I was just telling them its time to do their patrols,” James answered looking at her as if she was some kind of strange new creature. “And what the bloody hell is a Wiggleshmurk?”

“You haven’t heard of them? Mummy says their small purple bear-like creatures that come in the room and if they sniff you, they put your mind elsewhere, it’s how they protect themselves from their prey,” Leona tucked a stray hair behind her ear and looked around the room as if just realizing where she was. “They also come along if someone is talking about themselves too much, but I’m sure that wasn’t the reason they came.”

“Er… right, like I said, its time for patrols…” James replied a little pink in the cheeks. Rose, Albus and Scorpius chuckled as did most of the others. Rose’s eyes met Scorpius’. She hastily looked away but she could still feel his gaze on her, which made her feel oddly uncomfortable. She looked back at him and sure enough he was still looking at her with that stupid, idiotic grin still spread across his face. Rose scowled at him and turned away, the sound of his quiet laugh rang through her ears.

“Let’s go,” Rose said pulling Albus’ arm for of the compartment’s door.

“What’s the rush?” he asked freeing himself from her grip.

“Well… I just thought you had enough of your brother’s boasting that’s all.”

Albus tilted his head back and laughed, “Rose, I’ve lived with James for my whole life, you don’t think I’m used to it by now?”

“I know I’m just saying it’s good to get out of there, it was getting stuffy and there was no point in us being there. This is our second year as prefects and we already know James and Leona.”

“Yeah, true, but you know how James is,” Albus laughed then looked over towards the other side of the train, “but are you sure that’s why you wanted to leave?”

Rose looked over to where Albus was looking and saw what he was looking at. Malfoy was walking with Mira Zabini the other Slytherin prefect.  She seemed to be telling Scorpius an exciting story but he didn’t looked so thrilled to be hearing it. He just kept nodding politely and smiling. What a prat Rose thought, he could at least look like he was interested. Even though she wasn’t sure why she was complaining, she always thought Zabini was stuck-up and annoying.

“Ugh… Albus, how you could you ever think that him being with her would be a reason for me to want to leave?”

Albus just shrugged, “Sorry, I just thought that was why you always disliked him. You don’t seem too fond of Zabini either.”

Rose rolled her eyes, “How could you possibly think that was the reason I hate Mira and him? That must be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Actually I think a Wiggleshmurk is the most ridiculous thing anyone’s ever heard,”  Albus replied laughing in Leona’s direction who was now rocking back and forth humming some unknown tune.

“I think that was one of the smartest things you’ve ever said little brother,” James said, walking towards them, his extremely messy hair flopping up and down. “I don’t know what Professor McGonagall was thinking making her head girl.”

Albus laughed, “Maybe the same reason she made you Head Boy? Not that your head needs to get any bigger than it actually is.”

“Funny little brother, truly funny you should get a job at Uncle George’s joke shop,” James said sarcastically. “Now, if you’d excuse me, you little rascals need to do your patrolling and I need to go find Fred.”

“Shouldn’t you be patrolling too?” Rose asked.

“Oh sweet, little cousin Rose, that’s what they have prefects for, to do that stuff. They have Head Boys, like me, do the real business.”

“I don’t think jinxing random people with the new spells Fred and you created counts as ‘proper business’.”

“Then you shouldn’t be a business woman, cuz’, now good-bye and have fun,” James turned around and starting strutting off. Rose shook her head and laughed. Her cousin’s head was full of air but deep down he was a decent guy, unlike Malfoy of course.

They patrolled their part of the train for a while and didn’t have to do much but scowl at Hugo for telling a small first year girl fake horror stories of Hogwarts.

“I was only telling her about the Giant Squid and how that one time it almost took James and drowned him,” he replied after being asked by Rose what he said to her.

“Hugo, you know bloody well James just likes to make those things up.”

“Well it seemed true.”

“Whatever, just go get your robes on, we will be there soon,” Rose said, leaving for her compartment as Albus set off for his.  Rose couldn’t seem to get his words out of her head though; how could he possibly think that she was actually jealous of Mira Zabini. I mean it was Mira Zabini for god-sakes, what was up with people these days, thinking that she and Malfoy could actually be friends?

She walked into her compartment where Hailey and Serena still were. Hailey was sleeping on one of the chairs as Serena was getting her robes on.

“Think we should wake up miss sleepy head?” she asked nodding her head towards Hailey. She looked so peaceful it was hard for Rose to walk over and shake her slightly.

“Wake up Hailey, we’re almost there.”

But all Hailey did was stir and mumble words that almost sounded like “Mmm…YousohfunnyPorter”.

“Hailey…” repeated Rose but no such luck she still continued to mumble about someone named ‘Porter’.

Then Serena walked over and leaned close to Hailey’s ear, “HAILEY REBECCA WAKE UP NOW.”

This caused Hailey to jump so high off her seat she almost fell on the floor. “Fine…fine I’m up, jeez. I now know to never ask you to be my wake up caller,” she said rubbing her eyes and reaching for her robes.

“Hailey, I am your wake up call every morning in case you’ve forgotten,” said Serena as she rolled her eyes and let out her contagious laugh, which of course caused Rose and Hailey to laugh too. “That’s true,” Rose replied but laughed harder as Hailey threw a Chocolate Frog at Serena which caused a mini food fight between the two.

“Well, well look who it is…” came a voice behind Rose. Rose turned around so fast that she almost lost her balance. “CHIRSTOPHER!!”  She screamed as she ran up to hug the boy in the door way.  She had not seen or heard from him all summer because he and his father were traveling all of North America. She wrapped her arms around him and breathed in his warm scent; she had missed the way he smelled.

“Haha… I missed you too Rosie,” Christopher laughed, finally letting go of their hug.

“How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that?” Rose asked looking up at him; he was a handsome Ravenclaw, with dark brown hair and possibly the most wonderful blue eyes Rose has ever seen. They had been friends ever since 1st year and started to go out in 4th year but decided they were better at being friends.

“Not enough I guess, so how was your summer?” He asked putting his arm around her.

“Fantastic, but you know I just stayed home with the family of course. I’d love to hear all about yours.”

“Well, we have all the time in the world,” he said looking down into her brown eyes.  Either Serena or Hailey made a gagging noise that they obviously wanted Christopher and Rose to hear. Rose glared at them but they both shrugged innocently as if neither of them knew what she was talking about.

“So how were your summers, girls?” Christopher asked politely. 

“Fine,” they both said at the same time, then went back to doing whatever they were doing. Rose shook her head; she never understood why they took such a disliking to Chris. He was always polite to them, but ever since him and Rose started dating and then broke up her friends had always been mean towards him.  She looked up at Christopher and shook her head at him and they both laughed as if it was their own private joke.

“Sorry to interrupt this party but I think I left a book in here,” another voice said behind Rose and Christopher.  Rose closed her eyes and let out an annoyed sigh, she could recognize that low voice from a mile away. She turned to face Scorpius Malfoy, who now was staring intently at Christopher and her. 

“Oh, hello Davis,” he said in a fake cheery voice. He flashed a smile towards Rose, one of those smiles only pretty boys would flash to get girls to be interested in then, but Rose was not impressed. She could feel the room getting warmer as the tension seemed to rise. 

“Hello, Malfoy,” Christopher replied back with not as much enthusiasm. “How was your summer?”

Scorpius seemed to ignore Chris until he picked up the book that supposedly belonged to him and turned back to Chris, whose eyes seemed like they had taken on a strange, icy glow.


“It was fine, but I’m sure Rose could fill you in,” he said, but instead of directing the answer to Christopher, he stepped closer to Rose as he said it. 


Rose felt Christopher’s arm leave her shoulders, she looked up into Scorpius’ eyes, which had an unusual glow about them as his eyes looked into hers. It looked like the sun breaking through a grey stormy day.  It gave her the same discomfort she felt in the prefect meeting earlier but with much more intensity. 


He finally broke their gaze and looked back up at Christopher, “See you around Davis. Bye Hailey, Serena,” He nodded politely towards the two girls who were now staring in awe of the strange conversation, if you could call it that of course, that had unfolded before them.  Then, unexpectedly, he tried to grab Rose’s hand; she finally fought out of her confused trance when she felt his hand touch hers and quickly snatched away.

“Don’t even think about it, Malfoy,” she snarled.

“Whatever you say, Miss Weasley,” and with that he left the room. Rose turned back to Christopher who seemed to be lost in thought.


“I… I got to go, see ya, Rose,” and before Rose could say anything he left the room.


Finally Serena spoke, “Rose you’re my best friend right?”

Rose stared at her with a confused look, “Well yeah, Rena I thought you knew that.”

“Then I think I’m allowed to say you’re the smartest girl I know but you can also be the biggest idiot this world has ever seen.”

“What on earth are you talking about Rena? It’s Malfoy’s fault he’s such a git,” Rose snapped defensively.

“No Rose, he’s only a git because you want him to be. You want to hate him but you can’t. I don’t know how long your going to try to fight it but it’s getting old Rose, everyone can see it and you can’t!”

“And what exactly can I not see that everyone else can?” Rose yelled at her, her temper rising.

Before Serena could speak Hailey spoke up, “Look Rosie, there are some things in our life we can’t control, like when we first get our magical powers. I remember when I first got them, I was so scared, but of course I didn’t know what was happening. Sometimes we’re just blind to what’s always been right in front of us. And sometimes we just have to hold our breath and take the risk and if we get hurt, we get hurt but that’s no reason to stop trying now is it?”

“You have both officially lost me,” Rose said bewildered.

Serena shook her head, “The point Hails is trying to make, which is actually a good point, is that maybe you should stop holding on to something you know is for sure and go for something that you’re afraid to try. But then again, Hailey could take the same advice,” Serena smirked towards Hailey, who glared at her and mouthed, “Shut up.”

Before Rose could ask what her two friends were talking about the train came to a halt. Without a word they all gathered their luggage and walked off of the train. The moon was now shining down on Hogwarts and casting a brilliant glow.  Rose saw Hagrid and waved but could not return his smile; she was too lost in her thoughts.

She did not speak much at the feast either, Serena and Hailey’s words were ringing through her ears, Stop holding on for something that you know is for sure and go for something you’re afraid to try. It didn’t make any sense, what were they talking about?  She was not blind; she saw perfectly well what was right in front of her.  She walked up to the girl’s dormitory alone that night and got into her four poster bed and let her body sink into the comfy bed. She closed her eyes and slowly drifted off into a peaceful slumber. But before her mind drifted off to dreamland she could have sworn she heard the faint cry of a wolf in the far off distance…

BIG GIGANTIC THANKS TO MY BETA Slytherin Princess she really did a great job making this chapter great!!!

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