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My Daughter's Father's Fiancee by HPsmartone32
Chapter 10 : Epilogue
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The Epilogue *tear*

The Daily Prophet

April 23, 1998 (the day after the wedding)
The Wedding Is Off
Contrary to what was published yesterday, member two of the golden trio did
not wed yesterday. The extravagant wedding was called off only an hour before it was to take place! Many of the guests had already arrived and were utterly shocked when they heard “the wedding is cancelled, but you are welcome to continue to the reception!” Molly Weasley, mother of the supposed – to – be groom said happily. At the reception, guest danced, conversed, and enjoyed the delicious food and drink, not knowing that the biggest surprise of the night was yet to come… (cont. pg 4)

Paige Ginerva Weasley

    (from front page) Yes, as the guests went along their lovely way they did not know that, even if their wasn’t a wedding to toast to, there was definitely a new road ahead for Ronald Weasley – and this road included Hermione Granger and Paige Weasley.
    Who is Paige Weasley? You might be asking yourself? Well, when Ronald appeared at the reception with Hermione Granger and a smiling little toddler, I was wondering the same thing. According to his speech, Ron could not go through with his previously planed wedding because a realization hit him only yesterday: he had a daughter. Paige Ginerva Weasley is the one and a half-year-old daughter of Ronald and Hermione. When this was announced, the tent fell silent. Every person in the room had their eyes glued to the little red-head in a light blue dress and matching jacket who sat happily in her mother’s arms. Finally someone spoke up, “Why are we just now hearing that you have had a daughter for almost two years?” called a voice.
“Because I just found out, myself,” Ron answered as he put his arm around Hermione. They exchanged a glance then all three were gone with a faint pop.
What is that supposed to mean? Was Paige a secret, even from her own father? Is the old “most obvious couple in Hogwarts” back together? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The Daily Prophet
May 5, 1998

Meet the Parents
    If you thought that no baby in the wizarding world would ever get as much public attention as Harry Potter or Lilia Potter did, you thought wrong. Lately every news article and magazine has featured Paige Ginerva Weasley on the front cover. I, Parvati Patil of The Daily Prophet am proud to announce that I have been the first to interview the family of this girl, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley.
    Hermione explained that she found out that she was pregnant with Paige after a huge argument with her then-boyfriend Ron that resulted in him moving to America. Ron confessed that if the argument – which they laughed and said was on a stupid topic – hadn’t taken place, he was going to ask her to marry her.
    So Hermione told her other good friends, Harry and Ginny Potter, and when Paige arrived, they lived happily in a flat in London. Hermione confessed that she was nervous about telling Ron about his daughter and that she was completely blown away when she found out that he was engaged. “I couldn’t believe it! And, I think I was kind of jealous.” She blushes and Ron smiles and takes her hand.
    Ron called off the wedding when he “realized he still loved Hermione” and the two are now living in the flat that Hermione and Paige once inhabited alone. When asked if Paige knows her dad, Hermione laughed, “I can’t separate them! It’s like he’s been there all along… I guess in some ways, he has.” She tells me.
    The new family asks for their privacy to be respected.

The Daily Prophet
October 20, 1998

Members Two AND Three of the Golden Trio Wed Today
    “I would have asked her the day after I found out about our daughter, but I didn’t want her to think that was the only reason I was marrying her.” The groom commented shyly.  Just six months after they were reunited, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger are to tie the knot today – with their daughter as the flower girl. The two have been “on the way to this marriage their whole lives,” says Arthur Weasley, the groom’s father, “they just took this long to realize it.” The Wedding is to take place in the backyard of Ron’s old house and is just a small wedding with family and close friends.
    Paige Weasley, who recently turned two, will stay with her Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry while the newlyweds honeymoon at a private beach resort somewhere off the coast of America.
    When we asked Fred and George Weasley, joint owners of the booming joke shop Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, if they thought Ron would back down again, they laughed at the ludicrousness of the question then replied, “Never. He’s always loved Hermione. He would never lose her again.”


The Daily Prophet
August 13, 1999

    Congratulations are in order for two families today as they welcome the new additions into the world.
Yesterday morning at approximately three a.m. Hermione Weasley went into labor with her second child. With Ron beside her and Paige, Ginny, Harry, and Lilia in the waiting room, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Carson Ronald Weasley was born at 8:15 a.m., 22 inches long, weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces, and already has the trademarked Weasley red hair. The Potter’s and Paige were happily admiring the new baby when Ginny doubled over in pain.
Yes, two months before her due date and four and a half hours later, Ginny gave birth to a premature, but healthy baby girl, Eleanor Christine Potter.  Eleanor, or Ellie as we are told she will be called, was born at 12:45 p.m., weighed 5 pounds and 1 ounce, and was 12 inches long.
“We really couldn’t be happier!” grandmother Molly Weasley told the press, “two grandchildren in one day? What could be better!?”
The new sisters, Paige and Lilia are said to be absolutely amazed by their little siblings. On their way out to get a present for her brother, Paige and her Aunt Fluer stopped, “I love Carson, he’s so tiny.” the four year old squealed before her aunt rushed her away.

A Letter Home

September 1, 2009

Dear Mum and Daddy,

    You told me to write you the minute I could, and I (being the responsible fourteen year old that you love) am writing this, on my blue, comfortable bed to tell you that both Carson and Ellie were sorted into Gryffindor. They both looked over to my table guiltily but Zeanna and I smiled and waved so they sat next to Lilia and her friends Megan and Zach Finnegan.
    I remember three years ago when the sorting hat told me that I would be great in Ravenclaw, even though I kind of wanted to be in Gryffindor. But now, even though I don’t see my family as often (darn!) I love my House. Anyways, Zeanna would be lost without me to help her brush that long blond hair of hers and talk to her about those blasted Crumple-Horned things her mum loves so much.
    How is cousin Brian? I know he tried to sneak on the train to come to Hogwarts but was caught because, as a six year old, he’s not the sneakiest boy. And had Aunt Ginny found out if she’s having a boy or a girl? I know that they are hoping for another boy (especially James!).
You must owl me once she finds out.
And tell Janie that I’m going to send her a letter tomorrow, and to please write me often.
And send tons of pictures of Rose, I miss her three-year-old smile already.

Love to Mum, Daddy, Janie, and Rose,

P.S. Mum, I know you’ll read this first, so rip off this part:

There’s this amazing Gryffindor boy a year ahead of me, Jacob Jordan. He’s so cute and he kept looking at me from the Gryffindor table. Then, after dinner he caught my hand and asked if Carson Weasley was my brother. I told him yes and he smiled and said that he’d look after him and, if I wanted him to, give me updates on how he was doing.
So now, every morning, he has an excuse to come and talk to me!
But don’t tell Daddy, I think he might come here and kill Jacob because he touched me. I don’t want my future husband to die.

Hermione finished sticking the latest letter from her daughter into the scrapbook. Whenever she looked back at this, she remembered how far she and Paige have come in twelve years. She glanced at the diamond wedding ring that rested safely on her finger. Twelve years and three kids later, she was the happiest she’s ever been.

“Mummy!” cried a little voice as Rose ran down the stairs and jumped onto the couch beside her mother, “I need parchment!” It was about nine o’clock at night and this little girl was about to go to bed.

Hermione looked down at her daughter, she looked so much like Ron, and was a replica of Paige. She smiled and pushed a stray strand of red hair out of Rose’s face, “Why do you need parchment, baby?”

“Janie is writing to Paige and I wanna too!” she explained.

“Where’s daddy?” Hermione asked.

“Writing in your room.”

“Let’s go see if he has some extra parchment for you to write to Paige, but you can’t write until tomorrow, because it’s your bedtime.”

“Mummy!” Rose cried, “Janie’s doing it!”

“I’m going to tell her to go to bed, too. You can both finish your letters tomorrow.”

“Fine,” Rose sighed, agreeing as long as her sister had to go to bed too. Hermione set her precious scrapbook on the table and scooped up her youngest.

The two walked up the stairs and by Janie’s room. The door was slightly opened and the newest Weird Sister’s song was blaring through the crack. Hermione stopped and put her head in, Janie was bent over her desk, her auburn, bushy hair hiding her face, “Janie?” she continued writing, “Janie!” Hermione said louder.

She jerked her head up, looking at Hermione with chocolate eyes, “Yeah?”

“Could you turn that down a little? Aunt Ginny needs sleep.”

“Mum, she’s all the way next door!”

“I know, but that’s really loud.” Rolling her eyes, Janie reached over and turned the radio down.

“Thank you, ” Hermione smiled.

“Welcome,” Janie replied absentmindedly and went back to writing.

“And you need to get ready for bed, wrap up the letter, you can finish it tomorrow.”

“Mum! It’s only nine.”

“And you’re only ten.”

“Fifteen more minutes?”

“Fine, I’ll send Daddy in to tell you goodnight.”

“Okay. G’night Mum.” Janie said as she walked over to Hermione. Hermione kissed her forehead, “G’night, baby. I love you.”

“I love you, too. And you Rose.” Janie told her sister.

“Love you, Janie.” Rose said and leaned to kiss Janie’s forehead, too.

After saying their goodnights, Hermione left the door cracked open, readjusted Rose in her arms, and headed down the hallway to her room. When she walked into the bedroom, she heard the shower running from the adjoining bathroom. Tossing her daughter on the bed playfully, she made her way over the to desk on which was an open bottle of ink, a quill, and a long letter. Looking back over she shoulder she saw Rose roll over to her belly and crawl onto the pillows while popping her thumb in her mouth.

Hermione looked back to the letter and saw that it was to Paige. As curiousity overcame her, she picked it up and sat down in the desk chair.

    Thanks for writing to Mum and me so quickly. We already miss you and it’s only been a few hours. Rose cried all the way home wanting her Paige. But she’ll be okay. I’m glad that Ellie and Carson got into the same house, at least they won’t be as nervous if they have each other.
    Brian is in trouble for giving Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry a scare (I actually was trying not to laugh as they scolded him, as Aunt Ginny and I tried to do the same thing at eight and nine.). You know that Aunt Ginny doesn’t find out until next month, asking in every letter won’t make it come any faster, dear. Janiw is presetly in her room writing you a novel and I heard Rose running downstairs to ask Mum for parchment to write you.
    How is Zeanna? Mum and I met Luna and Newt on the platform but I didn’t see Zeanna or Xavier. And the Finnegan twins? We saw them the other day, though, went they were next door with Lilia. Is it just me, or did I notice something between Lilia and Zach? Uncle Harry sure was trying to keep them apart.
    Oh, and before I go, I must inform you that your mother had not ripped the P.S. off before I read it. Don’t worry, the boy will live... as long as he doesn’t ever touch you anywhere but the hand. Actually that might be pushing it, why down you keep two feet between you at all times? I think that would be in your best interest. And if he was watching you during dinner, you need to make sure that you go nowhere alone. Watching people boarders the line of stalking, it does.
    You see, when your mother and I where fourteen, Viktor Krum came to the school and stalked Hermione trying to get information on Harry’s winning tactics. I tried to warn her, but you know how stubborn she can be. Anyway, that was a terrible incident. The poor boy actually thought that he had a chance with my Hermione.
    Remember, at fourteen boys only want one thing and you should under no circumstances give that to them. Do not give in. I knew his dad when I was in Hogwarts, quite a prankster, he was. Friends with Uncle Fred and Uncle George. So, in the case he tries to grab your hand again, or, Merlin forbid tries to make a move on my baby, I’ve included on a separate piece of paper some useful spells. I think that the one that crusts the persons eyes together might be best. Or the one that dangles him upside down by his ankles.

Write back soon,

Hermione shook her head and laughed to herself.

“What are you doing?” Hermione jumped and turned to see Ron in the door way wearing boxers and a t-shirt, his hair in a wet mob on his head.

“Er…. just reading, “ Hermione said guiltily, “Oh, look, Rose is asleep. Better take her to her room…” she sneaked the letter back to the desk and stood up.

“You read my letter to Paige.” Ron narrowed his eyes.

“NO!” Hermione jumped then sighed, “Fine, I did.”

“Ha!” Ron pointed a finger at her.

“And,” Hermione walked towards him, “I’ll have you know that Viktor did not stalk me.”

“Right, and I’m the Minister of Magic.” Ron rolled his eyes.

Hermione waved a hand at him, “Well, I think it’s great that Paige has a little crush,” Hermione said as she sat on the end of the bed and took off her shoes.

“She is too pretty for her own good! All the boys at Hogwarts and going to fawn over our daughter! How come you’re not more worried!” Ron sat beside her.

“She’s not a baby anymore, Ron.” Hermione looked at him.

“Well, she’s my first born baby girl. I told her, when she was five, that she couldn’t ever like any boys except her relatives and that when she was about thirty, you and I would find her a suitable husband and they could adopt a baby or two.”

Hermione laughed.

“I’m serious!” Ron smiled.

“Okay, then. So, let me get this straight,” Hermione started, “Paige can never do this,” Hermione leaned in an kissed Ron passionately, one hand moved to his wet hair, the other to his cheek. She felt his strong hand on her back. Slowly, she pulled her lips from his.

“No,” Ron told her.

“What about this?” Hermione grinned and she pushed Ron back onto the bed and kissed him again, Ron closed his eyes. Again, Hermione pulled away.

“No, no, and no,” he smiled, “And, for your educational purposes, I’m going to put Rose in her bed, tell Janie its time to go to bed, then come back here and show you what Paige can never, ever, not in her whole life ever do.”

Hermione laughed, “Sounds like a plan,” she told him as he gently picked up the little girl and walked out of the room.

Hermione looked over to the picture frame above her bed frame; Ron, Hermione, Paige, Carson, Janie, and little Rose smiled and waved back at her. Sometimes, everything does turn out perfectly, she thought.

A/N: So that's the absolute end. *sob* i can't believe its over! it sure took me long enough, eh? haha. i really can't believe its done.

BUT some people asked about a sequel and i don't think that i could really write a sequel BUT maybe, Maybe, MAYBE after i finish this new story that i started called Along Came Sirius i MIGHT think about writing a prequel if enough of you guys would read it. Like telling what happened between the time that they first *ahem* concieved Paige until the time that they fought, or maybe even until the start of this story. But i really don't want to like overexaggerate it, you know?

SO... thats a long A/N, i guess i just don't want to end this story. I know that as soon as i press submit today, September 10th, 2007, at 6:36 p.m. that MDFF will basically be OVER. wow. just wow.

PLEASE review and tell me what you think. i'm going to need some consoling. I love everyone that has reviewed and stuck with me here.

okay, now i'm procrastinating. i'm going to end it. really.



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