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When A Rose Blooms by JerseyDreamerx123
Chapter 2 : The Train Ride Part One
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Disclaimer- I do not own the wonderful world of Harry Potter. That belongs to JK Rowling. I only own the OC's and the Plot that does not go along with the PoA.

Chapter 2: The Train Ride Part One 

“Huh?” asked Jennifer as all four of her friends were looking at her with expressions of ‘you’d better tell us or we’ll kill you’.

“You must tell us about you and Oliver Wood,” said her one friend Ashley Goodings. Ashley had shoulder length blonde hair and light blue eyes. She had a pale complexion and she was 5’4.

“There’s nothing to tell,” replied Jennifer as she placed her trunk in an overhead compartment and then claimed the window seat.

“You call that nothing?! That was definitely something,” exclaimed Jennifer’s other friend Patricia Stardust. Patricia had curly brown hair that was a little longer than shoulder length. Patricia had a tan complexion which she got from summer vacation and she was 5’3. The feature that stood out the most in Patricia was her green eyes.

“No it wasn’t. Oliver and I are only friends. Just Friends!” exclaimed Jennifer. How many times would this go on? Jennifer could tell that this would be a very long train ride.

“You just keep telling yourself that, girl. But Oliver Wood definitely likes you,” stated her other friend Christine Porter. Christine had blonde hair that went a little past her ears, but was not quite yet shoulder length. Christine was taller than all four girls. She was about 5’5 and she had pale blue eyes.

“I’m sooooo jealous of you. I wish Oliver would notice me!” pouted Jennifer’s other friend Angela Townings. Angela had long black hair that was almost waist length and she had bangs which almost covered her hazel eyes. Angel was one inch taller than Jennifer which made her 5’1. Angela was blessed with a tan complexion the whole year around and didn’t have to go tanning at all during the summer.

“Stop it! How many times do I have to tell you that Oliver Wood does not have a crush on me!” exclaimed Jennifer.

Then Jennifer suddenly realized that Liam was also sitting in the compartment with a bunch of seventeen year old girls.

“Oh my gosh! Liam I’m sooooo sorry. I totally forgot about you. Girls this is my younger brother Liam. Liam this is the gang,” said Jennifer.

The girls said hello to Liam who looked terrified by the amount of seventeen year old girls he could get in one day. “I need to find myself some friends,” said Liam which made the girls burst out laughing.

While the train was in motion, they were all silent. After what felt like an hour, it started getting cold and dark very suddenly.

Suddenly the train stopped, and the girls and Liam all lurched forward or to the side. Jennifer felt an impact with the window next to her with her head. “Oww!” yelled Jennifer as she rubbed her head.

“Why did the train stop? We’re not at Hogwarts already are we?” asked Angela. Then all of the sudden the lights started to flicker and they went out.

Then there was another jolt and the train moved again. “I think someone’s coming aboard the train,” whispered Patricia fearfully.

Jennifer was looking out the window, but all of the sudden everything began to freeze. In a matter of seconds it was cold and the window was frozen.

There was a gasp as the compartment door was opened. Everyone tried to look to see what it was, but they could not see clearly.

The creature turned towards the window of the compartment where Jennifer was shivering trying to see what it was.

“Uh…I think that’s a dementor!” suddenly shouted Ashley, but it was too late. The dementor locked on its target, which was Jennifer and started sucking out her energy.

The next thing that Jennifer heard was the compartment door open again and then she saw a flash of white light before she blacked out. 

A/N- Hey guys. Sorry about this super short chapter. I just started my junior year of high school and you know what they say about junior year (It's the hardest year here in the US). And sorry about not submitting in the summer (I was super busy with work). Well hopefully now I will be able to focus on my writing and school work. I promise that the next chapter will be longer than this because as you can see I have abandoned my other stories to work on this one. Well enough of my blabbing on. If you want to hear my other nonsense you can IM me at JerseyDreamer123. Until the next chapter. 
xoxo JerseyDreamerx123 xoxo
P.S.- Please Review! I think my author's note is longer than the chapter. lol. :)

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