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Blind in Love by HPFchamber
Chapter 1 : Heartbroken Girl
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Chapter One- Heartbroken Girl

I couldn’t help but allow my eyes to trail her as she walked past me, the vision of beauty that no other could compare to. Her wavy chestnut brown hair was floating in a nonexistent wind, her sapphire eyes sparkled as her voice lit up with beautiful laughter at something her friend said, rosy red lips open wide in contrast to her creamy skin and showing off the perfect straightness of her brilliant white teeth.

“Moony, back to Earth,” came the voice of one of my friends as hands grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to the right side of the corridor.

In a trance I turned my head toward the direction the voice had come from only to have myself brought out of it when I saw the group of burly Slytherins that I would have run into if I hadn’t been pulled closer to my friends.

“Sorry mate,” I said, looking James dead in the eyes.

“You need to stop zoning every time that you see Rose Talvis,” he said, shaking his head.

“You are worse than Prongs with Evans,” came the voice of one of my other friends, his bark like laugh echoing in his words.

“Hey!” James exclaimed, punching the owner of the voice in the arm. “My relationship with Lily is perfectly healthy. We love each other, she just doesn’t know it yet.”

Sirius and Peter laughed but I didn’t join in. I walked silently until their laughter died down to an occasional bark from Sirius.

“James’ relationship with Lily is better than mine with Rose,” I said in a depressed tone. “At least James has the courage to ask Lily out. Rose doesn’t even know that I exist.”

“She would know you exist if you asked her out,” Peter pointed out, flipping his shaggy dirty blonde hair out of his face with a jerk of his head. “Merlin I need to get this hair cut.”

“You wouldn’t do that Worms," James said with a laugh. “You are just starting to look cool like me.”

“Looks like somebody needs to deflate his head a little,” I said in a joking way, glad that the focus had been taken off of me.

“Moony, you hurt me so,” James said dramatically, clutching at his heart like he were dying. “Seriously though, Peter’s suggestion wasn’t that bad of one. You really should ask Rose out.”

“I couldn’t do that,” I said, wishing the subject really had changed. “Rose is way out of my league.”

“How do you figure that, you handsome devil you?” Sirius asked, flipping his wand over his knuckles.

“She is way more likely to go out with one of you guys,” I said, sighing. “She would never go out with somebody as plain as me.”

“Nonsense,” James said. “I only have eyes for Lily and I would like to see the day that Padfoot goes out with a Slytherin, especially for anything serious. I still don’t see why you are so obsessed with a Slytherin, even one that seems like she should be in Ravenclaw.”

“The heart knows no houses,” I said, my mind slipping back into thoughts about Rose.

"Since when have you been such a romantic Moony?" Sirius asked, laughing at my statement.

I didn't notice though and my friends just looked at me for a few moments before falling back into the conversation that they had been having while I was watching Rose, knowing that it would be no use to try to involve me in the conversation with my thoughts back on Rose.


The sound of Professor Slughorn’s voice drifted in my ears as I gazed at the cascade of hair going down Rose’s back in front of me. I knew that I should be paying attention so that I would know what the homework assignment would be but it was Friday and I could get the assignment from Peter as always when I was too distracted by Rose.

The ringing of the release bell filled the dungeon room and it took me a moment to come out of the hold Rose had on me so that I could pack all of my belongings back into my bag. I carefully tucked in everything so that  I would be able to easily find what I needed when I did my homework later.

“Hello,” came a girl’s voice, trembling slightly.

I looked up from my bag to find my eyes meeting a pair of brilliant chocolate ones that were not even able to compare to Rose’s. Her face was framed by short, layered ginger hair and I guessed that she could be found attractive but nobody could compare to my Rose. I recognized her from the Gryffindor common room but couldn’t think of what her name was.

“Hi,” I said, slinging my bag over my shoulder and watching the other Marauders gesture from the doorway for me to join them.

“I was just, um, wondering if you would like to, uh, go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend,” she said, nervously shifting and looking down at her hands.

It took me a minute to process what she was asking me but when I finally did, all I could think of was what I would do if Rose had asked me. I was lost in my thoughts for a moment before opening my mouth to speak.

“I am sorry,” I said, trying to let her down easily. “I already have plans for this weekend but I appreciate the interest.”

With that I walked over to my friends and joined in on their conversation, not for a moment thinking about how I had lied and left a heartbroken girl behind me.

A/N- Thank you to Mona for her wonderful critique over at SAYS. I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter and please leave me a review. I will have the next chapter up as soon as I can.

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