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When the Sun sets by HHrDanceLvR
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Disclaimer: When you grab a Harry Potter book, the name of the author is J.K. Rowling. This may come as a shock for some of you, but I am not her. I don’t own Harry Potter and the gang either. I know- shocker. Also, please don’t sue me; I barely have 5 dollars to my name, so it’s not worth the legal fees.

When the Sun sets


The little girl, she didn’t look a day over 7, silently dropped her backpack and began to climb up the monkey bars. When she reached the top, she sat down, and brushed a strand of curly honey-brown hair from her face.

Meanwhile, a young man looked up from his newspaper. When his eyes landed on the girl, he admitted a sad sigh. He had seen the girl here at the park everyday for nearly two weeks. It was always the same, she arrived in the afternoon- always by herself, and then she would lay down her backpack and sit at the top of the monkey bars. She would look almost longingly at the little girls with their fathers.

Then, exactly before the sun started to set, she would disappear, only to repeat the cycle the next day. He knew something was wrong with the girl- he could just feel it.

While he was lost in his thoughts, he didn’t notice the girl leave. When he was shaken out of his trance, he knew what he had to do. Remus Lupin was going to talk to her.

While Hermione Granger was walking home, her mind began to wonder. “Why do all those girls get to live in a good family?” she thought.

Hermione was almost too absorbed in her thoughts to make the turn onto her street- Magnolia Crescent. When she arrived at number 14, she was startled to see her father’s blue car in the driveway. She gulped. She was late.

She quietly crept in, and then slowly sat down at her spot at the dinner table. Michael Granger spoke first, “In this household Hermione Jane, dinner starts at six. You’d do well to remember that.”

“Yes sir,” Hermione replied.

“And what was so important that you couldn’t even come to dinner on
time Hermione?” Emma Granger asked, her voice full of hatred.

Silence followed.

“Answer your mother’s question,” Michael ordered.

“I-I just lost track of time,” Hermione whimpered.

“GO! Get out of my sight!” her mother screamed, pointing to the stairs.

Hermione didn’t need telling twice. She scrambled up the stairs as fast as she could, and then ran into her bedroom.

She tried to hide under her bed when she heard a set of footsteps, but she was too late.

Hermione felt a hand grab her shirt, and then she was thrown into a corner.

“You think you can come home late?” Michael asked.

“Daddy please!” Hermione pleaded. “I didn’t mean to! I swear I’ll never do it again! It was all my fault! Daddy I promise I won’t ever do it again!”

After an hour of beating, Michael left, leaving a battered and bruised Hermione on the floor.

It took a couple of tries, but eventually, Hermione was able to stand. When she turned, she saw a figure in the doorway. It was her mother. “I hope you get everything you deserve- demon child,” Emma spat. She then left.

The words kept repeating themselves in her head, “Demon child… demon child…” The second she heard the door slam, she collapsed onto her bed sobbing. Her back hurt too much to lie on, so she was going to have to sleep on her stomach… again.

“Why does everything happen to me?” she asked herself. It all started with because of the flying thing she did on the first day of preschool didn’t it?

She looked out the window, and wiped some of her tears away. She noticed one star shine brightly. She was too tired to remember what it’s name was (and frankly she didn’t care). She knew it wouldn’t work, but she wanted to try anyway.

“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight,” Hermione recited. “Star,” she began, “I wish that I could find someone, anyone really, that could help me with my parents. If that isn’t too much to ask,”

With that, Hermione fell into a fitful slumber. Little did she know that her wish would come true- soon.

A/N: Well, there’s the prologue- congratulations. This will be a very depressing story, (in some parts) so it’s not for the faint hearted. Please leave a review, telling me if you liked it. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISMS ARE WELCOME- tell me how to improve my writing. But please- NO FLAMES!!!!! Oh, before I forget, please read my bestest buddy bubbles_r_better13 first fic, what if…, it’s really good, and I’m gonna be in it soon! Don’t forget to leave to leave a review, and if anyone knows how to make a banner, please tell me.


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