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wild and crazy truth or dare by hermione112291
Chapter 1 : Oh my god
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"Bloody hell this cant be happening!", muttered Ron Weasley, "My worst nightmare stuck in a room with these gits."

"Hey, its not exactly a walk in the park for us Weasel, we dont want to be stuck here for who the hell knows how long with a bunch of pansy Gryyffinndors."

Ron was about to retort but Hermione seeing an imminent fight put a quick stop to it by pulling Ron away. Harry didnt look to pleased about this arrangement himself but he had to admit being locked in a room with Ginny wasnt so bad even if three of her older brothers were in the room.


"OMG, how pathetic can u guys be, i mean at least do something-

"-exactly my thought Fred lets play truth or dare!"

Everyone quickly agreed mostly just to stop Draco, Ron and HArry from fighting.

"I want to go first!!", screamed Ginny, "Dare"

"Ok ummm we dare u to go sit on Harry's lap with Draco sitting on top of u"

"is tht all u can come with; sed Fred; "georgie boy i think we need to make this a bit more intersting." and produced several firewhiskey bottles.


"now this is an intersting sight" sed George

"Yea sed Fred this calls for the camera.

All the Gryffindors and Slytherins had stripped down to their underwear. Hermione and Draco were rolling on the floor snogging each other sensless. Harry and Ginny were nowhere to be seen and Pansy and Ron were passed out on the couch entangled together. Just as Fred and George had finished taking the pics Prof. Dumbledore showed up, he took one look at the scene and went back for reinforcemants. 


Snape, Mcgongall and Dumbledore showed up to the room. When Snape realized what was happening he tried to back out but Mcgnagall pushed him back. 

Dumbledore screamed, "ENOUGH!" 

But a thourougly drunk Hermione just untangled herself from Draco and started to flirt with Albus.

"Oh, Albus, i like older men if u kno wat i mean" and "u always know where to find me.

Meanwhile Draco was serendaing Mcgongall with a rose, down on one knee and Ginny was trying to seduce Snape. Albus immedeitely sent for MAdame Pomfrey who just put  the teens on stretchers and carted them out. 


They all woke up with a splitting headache and no memories of wat had happened that is of course until they went to the Great Hall. They walked in with their heads hung low and not looking at the staff table. When  Snape came up behind Ginny she screamed and and ran out of the room telling Harry she had to go scorigfy her whole body. Ron sent Draco a pic of him proposing to Mcgongall which Draco promptly flipped him off and sent one of Ron and Pansy, which Ron proceeded to flip Draco off. Then Dumbledore stood up and made a speech.

"Ms. Granger, though u are a pretty girl i think i am a little old for u dont u and besides i dont think the School Board would approve." 

Mcgonagal then stood up and sed, "Unfortunately Mr. Malfoy i must turn down ur marriage proposal for the same reason, you might want this back." and levitated the ring to him.

"And furthermore all the students who proceedeed to get drunk last night will lose 50 points from their House each and Mr. and Mr. Weasley you two will serve detention."

"Hey thts not fair", said Fred.

"Yea", sed George idnignanlty. "We're not students here!!"

"Yes Mr's. Weasley" sed Dunbledore. "thts the sad thing u are teachers."

A/N   Ok yea i kno its pretty bad but i thought the ending was kinda funny and i aslo kno about the grammar mistakes but hey its summer vacation!! PLZ dont be too mean in the reviews constructive critism is always good!

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wild and crazy truth or dare: Oh my god


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