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All Pent Up by Cedrics_gurl
Chapter 9 : First Impressions
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Disclaimer: If I was JKR would I be writing on a fan fiction site? I doubt it. If I were her would I be making up stories, or spending the money I earnt writing bestsellers? Hmm, could it possibly be the latter? I think so! What I'm really trying to say is that I'm not JKR, and I don't own anything you recognise, surprise surprise, in fact, I only own the plot...which, just to remind you, does not flow as of yet!

Note: I really hope you like this chapter, and for those of you who are/were confused, Lily and James are now together. After the second chapter it says they were overcome by realisation, which I took to mean that they chose never to talk about it least Lily did...

As November drew to an end and the first signs of winter finally began, Lily and James were closer than ever. For some people, however, this was not exactly what they would call "a walk in the sun".

Standing in the Entrance Hall, Lily and Lucy were looking daggers at each other. “But you used to hate him! You hated him for years! You always told me to trust my first impressions! And now look at you!”

“I did trust my first impressions!” Lily yelled, “so much so that I hated him! I reduced myself to tears because of it! I trusted my first impressions; I made myself think that he was an immature, over-confident, egoistic, untrustworthy, sexually oriented, ill-mannered, insufferable bastard!" Lily drew breath before starting on another rant. "I believed that until he gave me a chance to get a second opinion! That’s why I love him! He isn’t any of that! He’s … he’s James! First impressions are deceiving!” She inhaled sharply, the pain rushing straight to her lungs, sharp and cold like walking into a blast of cold air. “And boy, can I see that now. You, unlike James, had a great first impression. Shame about the second!” Lily added as she lowered her voice, she couldn’t believe that her best friend had become this jealous person, so full of envy and anger. She breathed out, trying to force all of her locked up anger from her body. She opened her mouth, ready to yell again, yell at Lucy’s shocked face. But she couldn’t. She didn’t have the strength. Words weren’t strong enough to express how she was feeling. Not a single word could possibly measure up to her fury. So she closed her lips, and made sure Lucy caught a sight of her single tear that was rolling down her cheek before she turned on her heel and ran.

Without an ounce of recollection of how she got there, Lily found herself lying on James’s bed, his arm wrapped around her waist. He was gently massaging her back with his free hand, and making soothing, calming sounds. Her rushed breathing and heaving sobs seemed to seize somewhat slowly. She realised that only a year ago would she have expected James to take advantaged of this situation, force her into kissing him, knowing too well that she would respond with the same amount of passion; she would have never thought that he would have massaged her back, kissed her on the forehead, and hugged her until her tears stopped. He had changed so much. Or had she? Had they both? Lily had no clue, all she knew was that it had to mean something. Not many guys would let their girlfriend make their shoulders wet with tears, not many guys Lily knew anyway. 

“Shh, Lils, it’s okay. She’s just jealous. She has every right to be, you’re stunning, kind, considerate, and bloody smart.” He stopped rubbing her back and began kissing her neck; brushing her hair to the side to reveal her pale, smooth skin.

Lily relaxed as he kissed her tenderly, but then she shook her head, she wasn't ready, not yet. “James … just don’t,” she sobbed, “not yet, I can’t.” James stopped kissing her neck and began to play with her hair, making sure not to tug on it, trying not to hurt her. Her red hair glinted in the sun that shined through the window, the wintery sky both cold a still.

“It’s okay.” He replied, not the response she initially anticipated. But that’s why she loved James so much; he was full of spontaneous surprises. She had never expected him to be so romantic, caring and loving. She had always known he was lustful, cheeky and not even a smidge shy, but the combination of the old and new parts of his personality of him seemed to take her breath away.  She buried her head in his neck, inhaling the scent that made her legs give way. He smelt clean and at the same time there was that boy-smell as Lily put it. She always did that routine when she needed to calm herself. His smell seemed to intoxicate her.

He rolled her over until they were lying facing each other. He pulled her into him, being careful not to let himself give into her scent, fall into the trap he was constantly dodging. He kissed her forehead and let himself be enchanted by her bright, fruity smell. She let out a groan as the dormitory door creaked open.

“Shall I come back later Prongs?” said Sirius’s deep voice; there was a hint of excitement in his voice. Could he possibly be thinking what Lily thought he was? Lily mentally giggled to herself and let a smile sneak it’s way onto her face.

“Please.” Concluded James, not fully content with his friend’s lack of good timing. With a smirk and (not surprisingly, as it was Sirius) a burp, Sirius exited the room as quickly as he had entered.

“Wonder what he wanted,” Lily murmured into James’s uniform-clad chest.

“Probably wanting to chat about the map,” he replied, growing steadily more comfortable with the girl lying on his body. He wrapped his arms around her and embraced her longingly. He placed a soft, gentle kiss on her lips, inviting her to join him in his ideal moment. She obliged.

Soon James opened his mouth and gave into the temptation to softly stroke her bottom lip with his tongue, thanking Merlin that they were alone. Lily opened her mouth and soon they were sharing a hungry, lustful kiss that barely quenched their appetite for each other. 

Lily slipped her hands under his shirt and felt her hands wander over his muscles; she mentally thanked Merlin for Quidditch. He placed his hands in the nape of her neck; tilting her head back and he began kissing her collarbone that was only just exposed. She moaned, knowing full where what would happen next. He began to get a little carried away. He put his hands under her shirt, feeling her back, he knew she wouldn’t appreciate his hands moving to wards her breasts, so he just carried on kissing her. 

He rolled her on top of her body, wanting to do so much more than she would let him, but there was no way he would let himself lose her, he would have to wait, respect her. He would be a gentleman, not the guy Lily first thought he was. 

“James,” she sighed. After breaking away from him.


“Thank you,” she whispered, she didn’t know what she was thanking him for, but it seemed the perfect thing to say, she owed it to him. She pushed herself up onto her elbows, making sure that she wasn’t hurting him. “I’ve got to go, Hannah wanted help with Transfiguration homework …” but her voice trailed off as James kissed her on the nose, her eyelids and finally, he planted soft kisses in her hair, letting the smooth river of fire fall in front of her face.

“See you later?” he asked, not wanting her to leave without promising.

“I swear.” She told her Marauder, and then she walked away from the bed, smiling over her shoulder, and gently closed the door on him. She leant her back against the door, and exhaled. She loved those minutes when they were alone together, but they never seemed to last long enough.

Okay, so it wasn't a long chapter, and it was far from perfect, but why can't a girl add in a little fluff? PLease review, and thank you for reading this far!

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