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Lost Memories by GryffindorGirl153
Chapter 5 : The Dream
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Lost Memories 4
By: Gryffindorgirl153

Hermione came out of the fire place of St. Mungo’s and Jennifer was immediately at her side giving her information on her patient. “Jen, it’s late, shouldn’t you be heading home?” Hermione asked her. They both walked through the corridors with many different witches and wizards walking around, and other healers that were rushing towards rooms with their own secretaries behind them.

“Well, I was heading home when Frank called me and told me to get you since one of your patients started going crazy,” Jennifer said rushing to keep with Hermione’s speed. She walked in her office and took her coat off after throwing her bag on the couch that was put against the wall. Hermione noticed that there were even more papers on her desk that when she left but ignored it and walked over to the coat stand taking her white healer robes and slipping them on. “Room 3447” Jennifer told her. Hermione took her wand out after rummaging in her hand bag for it and exited her office with Jennifer still trailing behind her.

“Jennifer,” Hermione said before they reached the lift. “You can go now. It’s late and you were supposed to be home hours ago,” Jennifer gave Hermione a small smile before saying goodnight and walking to her desk to gather her things and go home. Hermione closed the doors of the lift and pressed the button for the next floor. There were many paper airplanes that were fluttering around the light of the lift, very much like the ones in the Ministry.

Hermione walked over to the end of the hall way and entered Malfoy’s room to see him strapped down by his hands and ankles and blood was once again seeping through his bandages. He was obviously in pain since he had a weird expression on his face, and he was desperately trying to get out of the holds. The door to Draco’s room opened and Hermione’s fellow co-worker Frank Johnson stepped in the room with his wand firmly in his hand. “Hermione,” He said releasing his grip on his wand and letting out a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness you’re here,” Frank said walking over to the other side of the bed. Hermione didn’t say anything but she just went over to the cabinet to get the same red potion she’s been giving Malfoy whenever he threw one of his fits. “I was checking on one of my patients next door,” He said pointing to the blank wall behind Draco’s bed. “And I just heard him screaming along with a bunch of things falling in the room,”

“Frank, didn’t the idea of a potion come into your head?” Hermione asked him. She never really liked Frank since he was always trying to do everything around here, and he never uses his head. Instead of giving a patient the potion they need when they throw a fit, he goes and straps them down which makes them even crazier. Honestly, she didn’t even know how he became a Healer.

“I tried but it didn’t work!” He exclaimed. Hermione looked up to him and saw that he had a worried expression, and that was when she got a good look at his appearance. His tie was undone, the shirt that was tucked into his pants was out, and his hair was a mess and his glasses askew.

“What happened to you?” She asked him. Hermione slipped the potion in his mouth and waited for him to calm down but nothing worked.

“I had to get him to the bed,” Frank replied. “He was breaking everything in this room and when I came in, I saw him on the floor almost ready to pull his hair out,” Hermione looked down and still saw Malfoy thrashing around wanting to break loose of the holds that were put upon him. He was grunting and screaming with additional yells that he gave Hermione.

“One of Voldemort’s beautiful creations,” Hermione said with coldness. She groaned then took out her wand saying some nonverbal spell trying to get him to calm down. “He’ll need rehabilitation after this,” She muttered. Once she finally got sick of all the screaming that were coming out of Malfoy’s mouth, she pointed her wand towards his throat and said “Silencio,” Hermione walked towards the cabinet and opened the door to it revealing a long list of different spells incase a Healer needed help. She placed her index finger to the top and scanned down until she reached the one she was looking for. Within a flash, Malfoy was calm and sleeping peacefully.

“How did you do that,” Frank asked admiringly. Hermione tapped the long piece of parchment that was permanently glued on the cabinet door. She walked over to Draco and took the spell that held him to the bed then took off his bandages and replaced it with new clean ones after cleaning his cut.

“He starts rehab tomorrow,” Hermione told him before leaving Draco’s room and walking to her own office.


“Harry?” Ginny asked as she laid in bed wrapped in her husband’s arms. It was around 11:30 and Ginny had just successfully put James to sleep in the room right next to theirs, as well as the twins. She looked up at her husband’s face that looked peaceful as his eyes were closed.

“Hm?” Harry replied peeking through one eye to see his wife staring up at him with her big blue eyes. He saw worry in them and was suddenly alarmed at what Ginny could be so worried about. “What’s wrong?” He asked sitting up and leaning against the head board, with Ginny following him and snuggling closer against his toned chest. After a while of waiting for his wife to answer him, he asked again. “What’s wrong Gin?” He felt her sigh against his chest and he wrapped him arms around her tighter.

“I’m just worried about Hermione,” Ginny explained slowly thinking out what has been happening. Her life was going perfectly and then suddenly, Draco comes out of nowhere, and her life suddenly took a turned path into the one that she knew was meant for her. Ginny wondered if this was all meant to be, and if she should just support the idea of her best friend being happy instead of letting them suffer without being together just so neither of them would be in danger. “What if this was all supposed to happen,” Ginny whispered. “What if Draco was really suppose to be a part of Hermione’s life?” She thought of him as her angel. Ginny thought of Draco, as someone who had come to save Hermione from her cold heart shutting out everyone in the cruel world.

“We’ll work this out,” Harry reassured as he pulled her shoulders closer to his while planting a kiss on her head. Even with her husband reassuring her, Ginny still had her doubts and kept wondering if she should leave them be, or keep them from each other.

“Harry?” She asked. “What exactly happened to Malfoy?” She felt her husband sigh under her and he started talking.

“We sent him on a mission to find out what Voldemort is planning next since he was a spy for the order, just as Snape was,” Harry explained. “He had no partner, and he never did so he worked this one alone. I wasn’t there, but I was told that while he was there, one of the death eaters, I believe his father, started tempting him to know more and more about his past, and the missing part of his life,” He said. “We believe that Malfoy let it get the best of him, and Voldemort found out about the plan, and that Malfoy was a spy,”

“So he tortured him?” Ginny asked. “Is that why he was sent to St. Mungo’s?” Harry nodded and Ginny thought back on their private conversation in his room. Draco told her that he was attacked by Voldemort since he was so interested in finding out about why there were missing parts in his life. Her head was spinning and she couldn’t think anymore. Ginny didn’t know what to do since she was stuck between two options; keeping her friend safe, or letting both of them have the happily ever after they always wanted. “Should we just let things unfold?” Ginny asked after getting up and facing Harry. “I mean, if we keep them separated, then they’ll both start getting suspicious, and either way, we both know that they’ll end up together even if we keep it from them,” After seeing the somewhat cold look over coming Harry’s face with the thought of Hermione and Draco together, Ginny rolled her eyes. “Harry!” She exclaimed. “I know you weren’t okay with it back then and I know you won’t be okay with it now, but honestly,” Ginny said. “Hermione’s been your best friend since 1st year, you’ve known her for that long. Shouldn’t you trust her judgment by now? Especially when she let him of all people capture her heart?”

Harry sighed the third time that night and nodded his head. “I guess so,” He said moderately. “But what if Malfoy didn’t change?”

“You can only find that out, if we all take a chance,” Ginny explained. “No one can be too sure of anything at this point,” Ginny climbed back under the comforter and laid back down on her pillow followed by her husband, and they laid there facing each other. “Hermione can’t know yet,” Ginny said. “She’ll be surprised and I don’t think it’s a good idea,”

“Then what are we going to do?” Harry asked.

Ginny thought for a moment, and answered, “Hermione’s his healer, she’s in charge of him so I’m sure she’ll be spending a lot of time with him,”

“And if Malfoy Senior finds out?” He asked.

“Then we’ll fight and protect them,” Ginny answered.

“You’ll risk that much just to let them be together?” Harry asked his wife. They kept eye contact the whole conversation, and they were still keeping eye contact now. “Why?”

“I remember Hermione telling me long before,” Ginny started. “When I was in 6th year, she told me that she fell for a Malfoy and I was surprised and outraged. I didn’t understand how Hermione Granger of all people fell for Draco Malfoy,” Harry just stared at her, listening inventively. “So I asked her why, and she answered saying, he saved me,”

“Malfoy saved her?” Harry asked surprised.

“Yes, I thought that the first time too,” Ginny said. “But after she left, it got me thinking,” She continued. “I know that Hermione hasn’t been in any kind of accident or near death situations so it couldn’t have been physically. I then thought of all her flaws and saw the only one that Malfoy could’ve saved her from,”

“And what was that?” Harry asked when Ginny didn’t continue the next 10 seconds.

“Her heart,” Ginny replied. “She has never had a boyfriend other than Krum who was a onetime fling, and she surely never went out with Ron,”

“I never would’ve thought,” He said. “I never knew that they meant that much to each other,”

“Nobody did,” Ginny whispered. A creak came from the front of their bedroom and the door opened just a little, exposing the light that came from the hallway. A little girl who was about 4 years old with curly blonde hair came inside carrying a destroyed teddy bear in her hand, dragging it along behind her as she walked towards them.

“Aunt Ginny? Uncle Harry?” The little girl squeaked. Ginny got out of bed, then grabbed her robe that was placed on the end of her bed and slipped it on before walking towards her niece.

“Beth Anne,” She said softly. “What are you doing still awake?” Ginny carried the small girl in her arms and brought her over to the bed sitter her down in between herself and Harry. “What’s wrong sweetheart?” She asked when she noticed Beth Anne was crying. “Why are you crying?”

Beth Anne hugged her teddy bear closer to her chest and looked up at her Aunt with big blue sparkling eyes that were shiny from crying. “I had a bad dream,” The small girl replied.

“It’s okay Beth,” Harry said. “It was just a dream,”

“But I saw Aunt Moine in it! I also saw two other men with silvery blonde hair,” She explained. Ginny and Harry immediately glanced at each other knowing who it was involving.

Beth Anne was Bill and Fleur’s little girl, and they let her sleep over for the night until they came back from France after visiting Fleur’s parents. “What was this dream about?” Harry asked. Beth Anne dropped the teddy bear and her eyes got bigger as she moved her arms around as she told her aunt and uncle about this nightmare that she just had.

“I saw Aunt `ermoine and she was tied in a chair while another man was on the floor crying and screaming!” Beth Anne told them pointing to Ginny’s side of the bed indicating that spot as to where Hermione was tied in a chair, then she pointed in front of her to indicate where Draco was being tortured. “Then,” Beth Anne continued. “There was a man with long silvery blonde hair who was pointing a wand at the man who was on the floor!”

“Really?” Harry asked. Beth Anne craned her neck up to look at her Uncle while nodding her head vigorously and eyes still big.

“I heard both of them screaming! And the man who had the wand was laughing like a witch!” Beth Anne said. “Then I heard him say ‘Ruso’ then a red light came from his wand and hit the man on the floor!” She moved her hand around as if she was waving her wand wildly in a battle. Harry and Ginny were both starting to get worried, since they didn’t know how this little girl was getting all this information from. “And then, and then, `ermione was crying yelling for the man to stop, and the man said something like ‘mudblood’,”

“Beth Anne, do you know who the men were?” Ginny asked. Beth Anne shook her head causing her blonde curls to bounce up and down. “Okay, Beth,” Ginny said getting up taking her niece by her small and. “Let’s get you to bed,”

“But what if I have another nightmare?” Beth asked looking up at Ginny.

“I’ll let you sleep with James and the twins, how about that,” Ginny asked. A smile formed on her face and Ginny led her out their bedroom door and into the next room where her children were fast asleep. Moments later, Ginny came outside and walked back into her room crawling into bed and falling fast asleep.

The next morning, she woke up, having the same dream that her niece just explained to her, but Hermione wasn’t there and Draco was bleeding severely, and instead of Lucius Malfoy standing over his body, Voldemort was smirking down at him, his pale hand peeking out of his robes while he worked his magic to make Draco suffer. 

A/N: sorry, i took a long time to update. but as you all know, my computer broke down, and i will have to use my dad's computer momentarilly while he gets me a laptop.. SO i had to share this computer with 3 other people, and since there's school now, slow updates will be expected but i will try my best :]. 

I'd give you a preview of the next chapter, but it has not been written yet. =T sorryyy. 

~please visit my authors page and R&R my other story that i am currently working on "Our Hearts".

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