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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 24 : Chapter 24: Father and Daughter
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Chapter 24: Father and Daughter. 

Lovie chapter image by the amazing Overdose x3. She happens to have a new story out called Lessons Learned which I think is amazing, and you should go read it =D

“Can I hold her,” Sirius asked softly, staring at the little girl. Remus hadn’t lied, nor had the pictures. She looked like a girl version of Sirius. Her hair was dark black and curly. Her eyes grey with a glint behind them. She even had a small grin on her face.

“Of course,” Jamie smiled handing her over to Sirius. Sirius placed her on his hip putting support around her stomach and under her butt. Sirius stared at her for a moment, mesmerized, before turning to Jamie.

“How could you not tell me, Jamie,” Sirius quietly said, “How could you not tell me I had a daughter?”

“What would you have said if I did?” Jamie cried throwing her arms out in an attempt to make him understand.

“I don’t know,” Sirius bit back quietly, trying not to scream next to Rory’s eardrums, “That we should get married?!”

“We couldn’t have gotten married, Sirius, don’t be stupid,” Jamie scoffed.

“Why is that so stupid?”

Jamie sighed, “Because we are too young. We would have never lasted. Besides I was so angry at you, Sirius. I didn’t want to see like I was pathetically trying to make you stay.”

“Maybe, I wanted to stay,” Sirius was being to loose his temper, “Did you ever think of that Jamie? That maybe I wanted to be apart of the ‘big mess.’” He put air quotes around big mess with the arm that wasn’t holding Rory.

“No,” Jamie whispered, “I didn’t. I thought that you were Sirius Black and would do anything to stay with the party.”

“The party, Jamie!” Sirius yelled as Rory’s lip began to tremble, “What party?! I was planning to move in with you! And let’s admit it; you are anything but a party.” Rory stayed quiet as big, fat tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Look what you did!” Jamie said taking Rory out of Sirius’s arms. Sirius looked shocked to see the little girl crying as Jamie rocked her back and forth making calming noises in her ear, “See, Sirius, you aren’t ready for this.”

“Don’t give up on me,” Sirius said as tears filled his eyes uncharacteristically. He had sworn to keep pain away from the people he loved, not to cause it. Yet here he was making Rory cry. “Please, don’t give up on me.” He took a deep breath as Jamie cocked her head to the side and gave him a sad look. “I love you, and I love her. I’m not ready to give you up without a fight. Please give me a chance.”

“Jamie,” Said a timid voice from behind both of them. They both spun around to see Lily standing there with James, “Sorry to bother you, but James wanted to meet Rory. Want us to come back later?”

“Of course not,” Jamie smiled walking over to the couple, “Say hi to Uncle James, Rory.”

“Hi, Uncle ‘Ames,” Rory giggled. James smiled at her as Jamie handed him Rory. Rory immediately grabbed his glasses and put them on her face. “Tank you.”

“Rory, no,” Jamie said stepping forward to grab them back. James laughed and shook his head showing Jamie it was fine.

“Hello, Rory,” James said back, “Now do you know what a boy is? A boy is a dirty filthy creature that Uncle James is supposed to protect you from. Especially the ones that stalk you for seven years and ask you out.” He shot Lily a grin, “Now kissing boys is very bad. It leads to dieses called Mono, which is gross. So never kiss a boy. Actually never touch a boy, they have cooties. I’m sure your mommy or Lily can teach you that weird circle-circle-dot-dot-now-I-got-my-cootie-shot-dance-thing. It’s a girl’s way to defend herself against weird boys like your daddy.”

Jamie stopped laughing as she felt Sirius tug on her wrist. “Hey, Lily and James,” She said as they both glanced up, “Can you watch Rory for a minute?”

“Of course,” Lily smiled as Jamie and Sirius made their way towards the grounds. Lily and James walked back into the Great Hall with Rory.

“Oh, congratulations, sweetheart,” A voice called from behind them. Lily and James swerved around to see Mrs. Potter coming towards them. James gently handed Lily Rory before engulfing his mother in a hug.

Mrs. Potter was a rather thin woman. Her hair, which was black with a few grey wisps, was in a tight bun on the back of her head. She wore an expensive looking, but nice, red dress. Her blue eyes smiled with warmth at James.

“Thank you.” James smiled wrapping his arms around his mother’s shoulders, “Mum, you remember Lily. And this is you granddaughter, Rory.”

“My what?!” Mrs. Potter sputtered, turning around to face James, “You mean to say that you and that girl Jamie?!”

“No,” James said quickly before his mother smacked him, “Not me! This is Sirius’s daughter.”

“And he never told me,” Mrs. Potter cried, looking at the tiny girl. She certainly did look like Sirius. Mrs. Potter furrowed her brows, worried.

“Well…he didn’t exactly know,” James slowly said, taking Rory from Lily again. “He sort of only found out a couple of days ago.”

“How old is the poor dear?” Mrs. Potter asked stroking the baby’s hair. James looked towards Lily for this one.

“Well Rory is twenty months, and Jamie is seventeen.” Lily smiled slightly at Mrs. Potter, “I know that this is a shock but Jamie is the best mother Rory could ever have. The experience and age she lacks she makes up for in love.”

“It is quite a shock. I’m sure that Jamie is a lovely girl and mother. Poor Sirius that must have been quite a surprise.” James smiled as he put his arm around Lily.

“Can I…,” Mrs. Potter trialed off for a moment, “Can I hold her?” Lily grinned and held Rory out as the elderly woman held her in her arms.


“You say it like its so damn complicated!” Sirius yelled breaking the peacefulness that the other couples strolling had created.

“You say it like its not!” Jamie screamed right back.

“When her birthday,” Sirius finally sighed after a long silence.

“September 29th,” Jamie sat down beneath a tree as Sirius stared down at her.

“What were her first words?”


“What’s her full name? Who are her godparents? Who else knew?” Sirius said throwing his arms out in attempt to make a point, “Did you start her out on peas or carrots? Does she even know who I am?!”

“Her full name is Lorelei Lily Smith. Her godmother is Lily and her godfather is Professor Dumbledore. Tyler and Lily were the only students who knew until Regulus saw us at a park together. Then Remus overheard my parents talking about it. Kara found pictures of her in Regulus’s room. I stated her out on carrots.” Jamie began to cry, “And of course she knew who you were. Even single night I would show her your picture and say that’s you daddy. How else would she be able to know to call you daddy?” Sirius collapsed next to Jamie. He hesitated before putting his arm around her. She cried into his shoulder.

“I didn’t want it to be this way, Sirius,” She sobbed, “I really didn’t.”

“I know you didn’t,” Sirius whispered into her ear. “But we can fix it now. Let’s fix it.”

“How?” Jamie said sitting up straight, “How can I fix the fact that I lied to you? The fact that you missed a year and eight months of her life?”

“You can’t.” Sirius watched Jamie take a deep breath, “We can however decide what to do about the future. We can get married, and make this a family.”

“We cannot get married just because we have a child. That’s not how it works, Sirius.” Jamie watched Sirius stare at his hands, “I’m not saying we’ll never get married. I’m just saying that we can’t get married right now.”

“So what do we do?” Sirius stood up and brushed himself off. Jamie bit her lip and looked away from him.

“Sirius, I’m not going to say that you cannot be a part of her life. I’ll owl you some type of schedule. Maybe you can have her every other weekend.”

“You want me to see her four days a month? No way.” Sirius grabbed Jamie’s wrist as she tried to walk away. “What about you and me?”

Jamie lifted her arms in a shrug before dropping them down. “What about us? Things can’t be the same. Our relationship is constantly changing.”

“That house I was telling you about?” Sirius watched Jamie’s face closely, “It has a bedroom for Rory.”


“Doesn’t she look like me, Mommy P?” Sirius said kissing Mrs. Potter on the cheek as he came into the hall. He scooped Rory out of her hands and held her close. Mrs. Potter, being careful not to hit Rory, smacked Sirius off the side of the head, “Hey!”

“You idiot,” She snapped with a smile on her face, “How could you do this to that poor girl?”

“Hey,” Sirius grinned, “She practically tied me down.”

“Don’t believe him, Mrs. Potter, everything he says is a lie,” Jamie smirked coming over to the group. Lily quickly wrapped her arm through Jamie’s and pulled her aside.

“So,” Lily muttered when far enough from the group, “What happened?”

“We decided,” Jamie said slowly, “To not get married like Sirius wanted. We will however move into together in the house that Sirius bought and continue to date.” Lily smiled and hugged Jamie quickly.

“That’s great,” She said as she held Jamie tight, “You and Sirius are made for each other.”

“We are, aren’t we?” Jamie glanced over to Sirius who was holding Rory in his arms staring down at her.


Sirius watched Lily practically drag Jamie away as he stared down at Rory. Rory giggled as Sirius as she locked her eyes with his.

“It’s weird, you know?” Sirius glanced up at James and Mrs. Potter who were watching him intently. “I barely know her but I feel such a strong love for her.”

“That’s parenthood,” Mrs. Potter laughed. “Sirius, are you sure this is what you want? You’re so young.”

“You had Jamesie boy here when you were seventeen,” Sirius squeezed James’s cheek, “I’m sure Mommy P. I love Jamie and I love Rory. There is nothing I want more than to be her boyfriend or to be her father.”

“You do realize you’ll be giving up a lot, right?” Mrs. Potter said giving him an affectionate pat on the head.

“Now that you mention it I do, but before you said that it was the last thing to cross my mind,” Sirius sighed, “I’m willing to give up everything and anything just to make the two of them happy.” Mrs. Potter didn’t question it again as she turned to James.

“So when do you and Lily move in together?” Sirius zoned out of their conversation staring at his daughter.

“Hey,” Jamie said lightly tugging on his sleeve. She kissed him softly before going into his arms. “So ready to go? I promised my parents I would stay there for a couple of days before I moved in with you. Well before I moved out, they don’t know it’s with you yet.”

“Now the important question is what colour shall the little one’s room be?” Sirius said grinning.

“Well at home its yellow, but here is starting new so any colour really,” Jamie smiled.

“I’m thinking a light green,” Sirius kissed Jamie lightly. “I love you.”

“I love you,” Jamie said taking Sirius’s hand. Then the three of them walked over to the fireplace where they would floo to Jamie’s parent’s house. As a family.

A.N.: Hehe a happy ending. BUT THIS IS NOT THE END! There is one more chapter!!!!. Epilouges are fun right? Okay so MAJOR favor to ask you all. I have a new story called Liar, Liar. that I need you guys to R & R. I know it's a bit cliche at the moment but I swear it gets better. So add it to your favorites =D. hehe love you all and until next chappie. =D READ AND REVIEW! Both stories!!1

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