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Erin by HPsmartone32
Chapter 17 : Chapter 17: The Trial: Part Two
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Chapter 17: Trial: Part Two

When Ron got home from work, Hermione told him in private about Lucky’s unfortunate incident with the Hippogriff. Ron laughed for two minutes, recalling a similar incident with his old teddy bear before he remembered that the same teddy bear had been turned into a spider.

“Daddy! Mummy!” Erin called. With straight faces and semi-nice clothes, Hermione and Ron walked out of their bedroom and into the hallway where Erin was waiting with one hand on her hip (looking weirdly like Molly) and the other wrapped around a scorched Hippogriff, “We have to get to Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry and Jami’s house.” She told them.

“I know, baby,” Ron said his large medallion swinging as he bent down and scooped up Erin.

Ron, Hermione, and Erin were eating, what Hermione kept thinking could be their last, dinner as a family at Harry and Ginny’s house. Hermione felt badly about letting them do everything, but they had insisted and Hermione didn’t feel like preparing the elaborate dinner that she knew Ginny would. The big day was tomorrow. The trial. The day that Hermione’s heart would rejoice or break. She was trying not the think about it, but, like most things you want to forget about, memories of the first trial, and guesses at what could happen at the next were clouding her mind.

Ron, Hermione thought, was holding up pretty well – in front of Erin. Hermione had seen him wiping away tears earlier in their room.

“Coming, Mummy?” Erin asked from Ron’s shoulder. Hermione, lost in thought, hadn’t noticed that they had already started down the stairs.

“Of course,” Hermione smiled and followed them.

“Jami! No! Poor kitty, come here. Let go of the cat’s tail, he doesn’t like being dragged around on his—”

“Help! Aunt Ginny!” Erin cried when she and Ron stepped from the fireplace. Erin shook her head to clear her white-blonde hair of soot and Ron set her down. Jami loosened her grip on the cat’s tail when she saw Erin and the cat wiggled out of it and sprinted away.

“What’s wrong, Erin?” Aunt Ginny asked forgetting to scold her daughter.

“Look!” Erin held up Lucky by his remaining wing in her left hand as her right impatiently pushed her long bangs out of her face.

“Merlin! What happened? Did you try to burn him?” Ginny laughed, but stopped quickly when Erin’s face fell into a frown and she looked at the floor.

“We had a flooing incident,” Hermione explained, walking out of the fireplace.

Ginny looked nervously from Erin to Hermione, then started laughing. Hermione’s eyes widened in horror, but Ginny said, “Erin, honey, don’t be ashamed. Ron did the same thing to his teddy when he was your age!” she laughed, Erin looked up and smiled at her.

“Really?” she asked looking at Ginny then to Ron.

“Yeah, and then, after my Mum fixed it, Fred and George turned the same teddy into a spid—” she stopped again when Ron let out an involuntary yelp, “Nice, necklace by the way, Ron.” Ginny giggled.

Ron blushed a bit, “Erin gave it to me, and I love it.” Erin smiled up at him but turned back to Ginny.

“Can you fix it?” Erin asked her.
“I can try,” Ginny said squatting down to Erin and observing the toy.

“Buddy Hell!” Jami exclaimed pointing at Lucky, when she moved around her mother and saw him. Ginny looked at her daughter in shock as Ron and Hermione suppressed laughter and Erin looked amused.

“Jami!” Ginny gasped, “We don’t say that! Where’d you hear that?”

Jami smiled when she noticed that she was the center of attention, “Da-da!” she sung.

Ginny shook her head angrily and she stood up, and Ron clamped his hands over Erin’s ears. Hermione looked at Ron, confused, but her silent question was answered quickly. “HARRY JAMES POTTER!” Ginny yelled so loud Hermione thought her eardrums would burst.

“AHHH!” Jami yelled happily.

“Harry. James. Potter.” Ginny stomped up the stairs, “You. Are. Dead.”

“Daddy, can you let go of my ears now?” Erin asked.

“Er – I’m not sure that would be the best idea. Here,” Ron took his hands away, “Leave Lucky with Mummy, we’ll grab the broom and go play outside while there’s still light.”

“Okay!” Erin said and handed Hermione the toy.

“You and Jami go get the broom really quick,” Ron told them and they took hands and walked towards Jami’s room.

“—DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DAUGHTER JUST SAID?” came a voice from upstairs.

“Run,” Ron called after them.

“I’ll go out with you,” Hermione said.

“No, you need to relax,” Ron said putting a hand on his wife’s belly.

“Ron, I’m fine.” Hermione sighed.

“You don’t need to be out in the cold.”

“Ron –”

“And someone needs to watch dinner. And make sure Harry comes out of that alive,” Ron pointed upstairs where more shouts were coming from.

“Fine.” Hermione gave in.

“GO!” Jami yelled as she and Erin brought out the broom.

With a kiss on Hermione’s cheek, Ron grabbed two of Jami’s jackets, slipped one on each of the kids, and left with the girls. Hermione walked slowly into the kitchen.

“Gin, I swear, I didn’t know--” carried a different voice.


“I didn’t know she was there! I was just reading the Quidditch results and my team lost so --” Harry said.

Hermione shook her head. The Weasley women were known for tempers as fiery as their hair, but this was over-reacting a bit. Hermione stopped at the kitchen window and looked out to watch Erin take a ride on the broom. Zooming around the yard quite well, Erin smiled when Ron smiled and said something to her. Hermione watched for a while, then realized one, that she should check on dinner and two, that Ginny had stopped yelling.

Hermione walked over to the pot that sat on the stove. She lifted the lid and smiled as a delicious smell and a cloud of steam rushed from the soup in the pot. She grabbed a nearby stirring spoon and began to stir. What is this? Hermione wondered. She made a mental note to ask Ginny of the recipe.

“Like it?” a calm voice asked from behind her.

“Gin, if this tastes anything like it smells, I think I’ll never eat anything else again,” Hermione replaced the top and turned to face Ginny.

“Yeah, I thought I’d make an old favorite of mine for tonight,” Ginny told her.

“Harry is still alive, right?” Hermione asked, seriously.

Ginny laughed, “I let him off this time. He’s gone out to talk with Jami. I told them to come in soon, I don’t want the kids riding around in the dark.”

“Good thinking,” Hermione nodded.

“Now, let’s set the table,” Ginny waved her wand and plates zoomed out of the pantry and into the next room. Hermione waved hers and cutlery followed the plates.

Ten minutes later, everyone was gathered around the Potters’ dining room table with Ginny’s soup in middle with the lid still on.

“Before we dig in to this wonderful meal that my lovely, beautiful, smart, talented –”

“Harry, today please, I’m starving,” Ron interrupted.

Harry sent a glare at Ron, “wife made for us this evening, I would like to make a toast.”

Hermione nodded to herself, she had such good friends. Harry continued, “I would like to toast to family, but more than that,” He paused and Hermione looked at Erin next to her, Erin didn’t seem to understand what was going on but was respectively being quiet and looking at Harry. She looked across the table and saw that Ginny was uncharacteristically tearing up.

“I toast to the closest family there ever was, which now and will always include, Erin Myra Weasley.” Harry finished. Erin smiled up at Harry, having understood the last bit.

“Family!” Ron, Ginny, and Hermione all answered. As they all sipped their butterbeers or in Hermione’s case, gillywater, Hermione noticed as Ron tore his gaze from Erin and quickly wiped his eyes.

Hermione must have been thinking about losing Erin again, because Erin looked up at her and whispered, “Okay, Mummy?”

“Yes, baby,” Hermione smiled and blinked hard as she looked into Erin’s sparkling pale blue eyes, “Let’s eat!” she said.

Ginny lifted the top of the pot and Hermione took in the wonderful smell again. She charmed soup into hers and Erin’s bowl. Erin looked at hers and winkled her nose.

“What’s wrong?” Hermione asked as she picked up her own spoon and dipped it into the bowl.

“Smells…” she faded off.

“I know, it smells great, doesn’t it?” Hermione said happily as she ate her first spoonful, “Ginny! This is amazing!” she cried looking over to see how fast Ron was going to spoon this great meal down. Hermione raised an eyebrow when she saw him just stirring his soup, holding his head as high as he could. She looked over and noticed that Harry was doing the same.

“What do you guys think?” Ginny asked as she swallowed and lifted another huge spoonful to her mouth.

“Thank you, Aunt Ginny,” was all Erin said.

“Er—” Harry glanced at Ginny, “it’s great!” he exclaimed in a not-so-convincing voice. Ginny smiled at him and Harry lifted his spoon for the first time and slowly put it in his mouth. Hermione watched as he swallowed it quickly, “Mmmm.” He nodded.

Ron watched Harry and scratched his nose viciously, “Thanks, Gin.” Was all he said.

Hermione then looked over at the high chair and saw that Jami was leaning off the right side of her chair making odd gargling noises with her soup pushed to the opposite corner of her table.

Hermione looked at Ginny, who was still eating her soup as Ron usually did “Well, I absolutely love it! Where did you get the recipe?”

“I can’t remember, but the last time I made this was when I was pregnant with Jami. It has all my old favorite things: onions, tomatoes, potatoes, butter, a little milk, and tomato sauce. I loved this back then.” Ginny shrugged.

Hermione laughed, wondering vaguely what she would have said to this recipe before she was pregnant, I’d probably act like Ron is…“Oh, well now that I’m pregnant and insanely love those things, I’d love to have the – oh, Merlin!” Hermione exclaimed slamming her hand on the table and making everyone else jump. Everything made sense. The yelling, the tears, everyone else’s behavior towards the soup...

“What?” the other five asked.

“Ginny!” Hermione yelled standing up as everyone stared at her in shock, “You’re pregnant!” Ginny dropped her spoon into her soup and it splashed over the table and onto Harry.

“What, Hermione?” Ginny laughed, “Don’t be –” Ginny said, then her eyes grew wide, “BLOODY HELL, I AM!”

Harry and Ron stared dumbstruck.

Hermione ran around the table and hugged Ginny tightly, “Our babies are going to be the same age!” she squealed as they jumped up and down.

“They’ll go to Hogwarts together!” Ginny laughed.

“YAY!” Jami clapped, not knowing why.

“Jami’s getting a brother, too?” Erin asked pushing her bowl of soup to the middle of the table.

“Yeah!” Ginny laughed, “Harry?” she looked at him, “Aren’t you happy?”

“We’re having a-another baby?” Harry asked. Ginny nodded slowly and Harry broke into a smile, “Merlin’s Pants! We’re having another baby!” Ginny smiled and Harry stood up and hugged his wife.

“Now I don’t have to eat the soup!” Harry whispered to Hermione over Ginny’s shoulder.

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that, Harry.” Ginny said as Hermione tried to laugh silently.

“Isn’t this great, Ron?” Hermione asked walking back over to Ron and Erin.

“Can’t keep hands off each other.” He muttered quietly, then stood up and smiled, “Congrats, guys.” he said hugging Ginny. Despite his muttering, Hermione thought he was actually happy at the thought of having another niece/nephew.

After all the excitement of the realization, and peanut better and jelly sandwiches for the non-pregnant ones, everyone was in the sitting room relaxing while Ginny attempted to mend Lucky. As the men talked about Quidditch, Hermione stared into the fire wondering if Erin knew all that depended on the trial that would take place the next morning.

“Hermione, what do you think?” Ginny asked.

Hermione shook her head slightly, “What?” she asked.

“Lucky?” Ginny held up the toy, it now had two wings, even if one was blue, it’s recently burnt off leg had regrown but was still a little too short, and it now had a bright pink eye.

Hermione chuckled, and Ginny scowled, “No, no, Gin. You did a great job, I just thought of Buckbeak with a blue wing and a pink eye.”

Ginny looked back at the toy and snorted, “Thanks for that mental picture, ‘Mione.” She laughed, “Erin, here’s your Lucky!” she waved the toy in the air. Ginny and Hermione turned to where Erin and Jami had been playing and saw that Erin was asleep on the floor with Jami’s head on her stomach.

“What if we don’t get her,” said a quiet voice. Hermione turned and saw that Harry and Ron were staring at the sleeping little girls as she was. It was Ron that had spoken, “What will Jami do?” his voice cracked. Hermione stood and walked over to him. She sat in his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. Harry excused himself and gently lifted Jami off of Erin and took her to her room, Ginny tactfully followed him claiming to help her husband. When they exited, Ron looked up at Hermione, “I don’t think I can do this.”

Hermione touched her forehead to his, “You can, Ron. You are my husband, one of the bravest, strongest people ever, and, most importantly, Erin’s daddy.”

Ron smiled, “Don’t forget this one,” he said rubbing Hermione’s belly.

“I wouldn’t,” Hermione smiled at him, “I have found the perfect name for him, by the way.”

“Have you?”


“And that would be…”

“Viktor.” Hermione said simply. Ron jumped up and Hermione slid to the floor. Ron looked down at his wife in horror. Hermione laughed, hard.

“Not funny.” He growled at his wife as he sat back down.

“A little funny,” Hermione smiled, and after about ten seconds Ron did too.

“No more talking to Fred and George,” he told her sternly as she placed herself back in his lap.

“Yes, sir,” Hermione whispered and Ron kissed her.


When they got home, Ron laid Erin in the middle of their bed with Lucky next to her, “Goodnight, Hermione. Try to sleep, Merlin knows one of us should.” He told her as they joined Erin in the bed, after exchanging the usual “I love you”’s .

Hermione smiled weakly and waved her wand, the lights extinguished.

She laid her head on her pillow and turned to face Erin. She put her arm around the little girl’s small frame and met Ron’s arm. She felt Ron’s arm pull out from under her and fumble around to finally find her hand. She squeezed it back and knew it was going to be a long night.


Hermione awoke the next morning from a horrid dream with a jump and first noticed that she was still holding Ron’s hand over Erin. But opening her eyes, she saw that the room was still in semi-darkness so she looked towards the clock and saw that it was 5:00 a.m. She sighed softly, thinking that in one hour, they were going to begin the trial, then looked to find that Erin was awake. She was sitting up in the bed with Hermione and Ron’s connected hands resting in her lap and Lucky on her pillow, she watched the hands intently. Hermione didn’t give any indication that she was awake, she just lay there watching Erin. Erin slowly lifted both of her own hands from her sides and placed one on top of Ron’s hand and the other on Hermione’s. Erin’s hands were warm, but tiny.

“Mummy.” She whispered as she shifted her head to the side that Hermione was on, “Daddy.” She shifted her head to the other side. Hermione studied Erin’s face and saw a mixture of confusion and sadness. It almost broke her heart to see Erin like this, “Don’t leave me.” She whispered. Hermione realized that Erin did indeed have an idea of what rested on the trial.

“I won’t.” Hermione said causing Erin to jump and look at Hermione.

“Did I wake you up?” she asked, “Mummy.” She added.

“No, honey, this one did,” Hermione nodded towards her belly. It was true, the baby had kicked violently through the night, as if he knew something was wrong.

Erin looked down at Hermione’s eleven-week-old barely protruding belly, with a somewhat sad look on her face, “Are you okay, baby?” Hermione asked her.

Erin shook her head ‘yes’ at first but then started shaking it ‘no’ and her eyes filled up with tears, “I don’t wanna go.” She whispered.

“Come here,” Hermione said. Erin crawled into Hermione’s arms, “you aren’t going anywhere. No one can make Ron and I leave you, understand?” Hermione said, knowing that if it came to it, she and Ron would probably kidnap Erin. Erin nodded into Hermione’s chest.

“Good, now, wake up Daddy so we can get ready to watch Malfoy get his butt kicked,” Hermione told her, trying to cheer her up.

Thirty minutes later, Ron, Hermione, and Erin were showered, dressed in their best, and downstairs eating cereal accompanied by the new and improved Lucky.

“So, this trial is just to tell us the verdict for Malfoy and tell who gets custody of our daughter, right?” Ron asked.


“Yes.” Hermione managed to answer. It seemed that with every passing minute her throat closed a little more in anticipation.

“I’m hoping for lifetime in Azkaban,” Ron announced, “That’s the wizarding prison.” He added to Erin, who nodded.

Hermione knew that Ron was just putting on this “everything’s fine” front for Erin’s benefit. She had woken up the previous night hearing him saying things like, “Get the hell away from her” and “of course she’s going to come with us” and not knowing if he was asleep or not.

“Aunt Ginny and Jami and Uncle Harry are coming, right?” Erin questioned.

“Of course, they’ll be flooing here soon.” Ron answered. The little blonde nodded again and went back to stirring her cereal, she had barely eaten any of it.

“Eat your cereal, baby, you won’t want to be hungry,” Hermione told her and Erin obediently took a huge bite.

Harry, Ginny, and a somewhat asleep Jami arrived shortly after and together they all departed to the ministry at five forty-five, wanting to be early this time.

Hermione stepped out of the fireplace and into the main room of the ministry that was already crowded. She saw Ginny and Jami just ahead and walked over to join them. When their whole party had arrived the trudged down to courtroom twelve and sat in the four chairs that waited outside the room.

Hermione had Erin on her lap. Erin kept studying Ginny, Jami, Harry, and Ron as if to memorize their features as fast as she could. At exactly six o’clock a.m. Hermione, carrying Erin, and Ron walked through the door closely followed by Harry and Ginny and Jami.

“Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Mr. and Mrs. Potter,” the minister greeted, “nice to see you arriving on time today.”

“Good morning, Minister,” the four adults chorused.

“Please have a seat while we wait for the Malfoy’s to arrive,” he gestured towards four uncomfortable looking chairs on the side opposite of two with chains.

Taking her seat, Hermione noticed that all eyes were on Erin, who was perched on her lap. Erin turned so that her back was to them and laid her head on Hermione’s chest; Hermione instinctively stroked her hair.

Not a minute later, side doors burst open with a bang and two pale people were just visible as they were led by two burly, scary looking men. Hermione imagined that this is what Hagrid would look like if he was to turn evil. Ron put a protective arm around Hermione.

The men led Draco and Reilly past the last row of the Wizengamont and into the chained chairs, which immediately jumped to life and bound its occupants.

“Now that both the accused and the victims are both present, we shall begin.” Said the minister, “Mr. Draco L. Malfoy, you are brought here from Azkaban with the following charges: you plead not guilty to one count of kidnapping, one count of practicing dark magic, numerous counts of child abuse – including exposing said child to dark magic, numerous counts of using an unforgivable curse, and two counts of attempted murder.”

The minister paused, allowing the inscribing to catch up, “The members of Wizengamont and I have reviewed the evidence that has been bought against you and the interviews and accounts of witnesses from both sides and found you, Draco L. Malfoy, guilty of all charges.”

Malfoy gave the Weasleys and the Potters a look that could kill, “You are henceforth sentenced to a lifetime in Azkaban, your parental rights to Erin terminated.” Jami clapped her hands together happily, the sound echoed through the courtroom. Hermione swore she saw the minister smile.

He then looked to the pale blonde women, no longer sporting the “pregnant” belly, and said, “As for you Mrs. Reilly G. Malfoy, you are brought on the charges of numerous counts of child abuse, assisting in exposing and performing dark magic on a child, one count of impersonating a healer, and one count of attempted murder.”

Hermione clenched her fists remembering how this bitch almost killed Erin. Ron was practically cracking his knuckles.

“The members of Wizengamont and I have also found you guilty of all charges and henceforth sentence you to a lifetime in Azkaban and parental rights to Erin are terminated. Your sister, the first Mrs. Draco Malfoy, I am told is awaiting your arrival with much… anticipation.” The minister added with what looked like a sneer. Reilly’s face fell and her eyes widened.

“Bet her sister isn’t to happy with her.” Ron whispered, looking somewhat delighted.

“Take them away,” The minister told the two half-giants, who grunted in affirmation. The chained chairs released its captives and the guys took them by the arms. Malfoy shot one last sinister look over his shoulder before being violently ushered away.

“Hope you have a lovely stay!” Ginny called after him clutching Jami in her lap. The minister looked at her but said nothing.

“Minister,” Hermione handed Erin to Harry and stood up, “does this mean we can adopt Erin?”

“Not necessarily,” the minister sighed.

“But you just terminated their—”

“I am aware of that Mr. Weasley, but as much as I hate to say, law states that if something were to happen to the parent’s of a minor, said minor must be put into the care of a direct relative or godparent.” Hermione’s heart sunk so fast she thought it might be six feet under.

“Minister, no, no,” Ron started, fuming, “All her relatives are sh–”

“Surely unfit to raise a child,” Hermione cut it not wanting Ron to make the situation worse.

“We have thought of this, too, and preformed a background check on them and found that while Erin’s relatives may not be suitable, her godmother, one Mrs. Zabini, has the financial background to support her and she and her family have agreed to take Erin in.”

“NO!” yelled three different voices. Hermione blushed at her outburst, Erin stood on Harry’s legs, fists in balls, and Ron was one notch from steaming out his ears.

“I won’t let Erin go to her, she’s as bad as them!” Ron said stepping towards Erin.

The minister looked at him, “Have you looked at her career, no? What about her financial statements? Have you spoken to her in the past, say, five years?”

“No, but she doesn’t love her like we do!” Hermione said, almost in tears.

“Mrs. Weasley, this is not my choice. It’s the law!”

“But –”

“ENOUGH!” The minister bellowed, “The law cannot give a four year old girl to two people who didn’t even know she existed until a few weeks ago!”

“But we love her!” Ron and Hermione yelled.

“That may be, but it is not your opinion or love that matters here, nor is it mine. It is the law. Hence, Erin M. Malfoy is henceforth sent to live with –”

“NO. I AM NOT GOING TO LIVE WITH HER!” Hermione turned and saw Erin, pointing at the minister, red faced.

“Erin,” the minister started.

“NO!” she cried, “She is mean. And she doesn’t even like me! I’m going with my mummy (she pointed at Hermione) and my daddy (she pointed at Ron). If you make me go with her,” Erin yelled at the Minister of Magic and probably the most of the respected wizard and witches of the day, “then I will just run away and go back to Mummy and Daddy.”

The members of Wizingamont and the minister were looking at the petite four-year-old in shock. Had this four-year-old just told the minister and Wizengamont off?

Everyone in the courtroom was so deep in shock that they barely noticed as the door to the courtroom cracked open and a shadow of a man slid in. Not until the man had sprinted up and grabbed the wand of the wizard closest to the door and pointed it at Erin did Hermione and the rest of the crowd notice.

“Avada Kedavra!” yelled Draco Malfoy.

Hermione watched as everything took place in slow motion. A jet of green light shot out of the end of the wand directly towards her little girl’s chest. “MOVE!” Ron yelled as moved in front and pushed Harry and Erin’s chair backwards. The ray of light landed in the center of his chest and he was propelled backwards into the wall of the courtroom.

Hermione couldn’t breathe. She didn’t notice that about thirty members of Wizengamont tackled Draco or that the minister was hiding under his chair. She didn’t notice Erin running to Ron or that she was sobbing or that she was now kneeling at Ron’s side. Ron was dead. He was dead and it was Draco’s fault. Ron wouldn’t see their son. He would never kiss her again. Never smile at her for the rest of her life. She was going to die right there beside him. 

“Daddy! Daddy! Wake UP!” Erin sobbed as she shook Ron, but his eyes remained shut, just still as the rest of him.

“N—n—NO! R—Ron!” Hermione cried and laid her head on his chest.

She was going to die, or at least pass out. She felt Erin’s uneven breaths next to her. They were both just going to lay there and listen to the regular thumping of Ron’s heart.

WHAT??? Hermoine sprang up, “He’s alive!” she yelled, “I hear his heart!”

“ ‘Mione, he’s gone.” Ginny cried.

“No, he’s not, Gin! Feel!” Hermoine grabbed her hand and yanked it down to Ron’s heart, “Feel it? Do you?” she looked at Ginny with desperation.

“Tell me that you feel it, damnit!” she begged.

Ginny stood still.

“Ron, wake up! Please!” Hermione looked back at her husband, “Please!” She put her hand to his cheek, using the other pulled Erin into her lap.

“ ‘Mione.” Ron whispered. Erin shrieked.

“DADDY!” Erin flung her arms around him.

“Baby.” Ron opened his eyes. And looked at Erin, then at Hermione, “I’m back.” He smiled.

Hermione hugged him, “Never scare me like that again.”

“How?” Harry asked. Hermione remembered that they were in a courtroom, she looked at Harry, Ginny, and Jami. Then noticed that behind them were the fifty-plus members of the Wizengamont.

Erin and Hermione sat up and helped Ron to do the same, “Erin saved me.” He said, his voice like a whisper, as they leaned him against the wall.

“I did?” Erin asked as all eyes turned to her.

“Sure did,” with concentration, Ron managed to reach his hand up and pull on the necklace Erin had given him. The medallion poped out from under his shirt and rested on his chest, it was cracked down the middle, the face of the hippogriff looked down right pissed.

“The medal, the curse was absorbed!” called someone from the crowd.

“Have you ever seen anything like it?” another asked.


“Love’ll do strange things.” Ginny whispered as Harry slipped his arm around her and Jami.

“Minister, give Erin to them.” Called the first voice.


“You have to!”

“No other way!” called various voices in affirmation.

The minister, still in his chair, looked at the nodding crowd then back at the papers that still resided on his desk. Taking them he threw them into the air and they burst into flames, “To hell with the law.” He announced, “When can you sign the adoption papers?” he asked the new parents.


A/N: ITS OVER! *tear* its so sad. but i guess i still have the epilogue, but then its OVER! i can't believe it, really. i began this story soooo long ago and now its almost over.

I want to thank everyone who read and especially thank everyone who reviewed! I love you all!

I will write the epilogue after i write the epilogue to MDFF, so look for it!

Please Leave a review and tell me what you think!

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Erin: Chapter 17: The Trial: Part Two


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