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Harry Potter and the Final Countdown by Lopie
Chapter 1 : A Beautiful Start
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A/N: I am not J.K. Rowling, so I own nothing but the idea of the story and how I managed to word it. All the characters and the world belong to her. I'd gladly trade her though :). Please review and let me know what you think. If you don't like this its cool, but please no 'you suck' comments, as I have a very bad sense of humor and will make the inappropriate jokes. Constructive criticism is begged for however. Tell me any way you think I can improve. Thank you all for reading. And now, without further ado, the story begins.

Chapter One
A Beautiful Start


Harry woke up and stretched before heading downstairs. He nodded at Remus and Tonks as he drank his coffee and ate his breakfast. This had become a daily ritual for them over the past three weeks. They would sit for breakfast every morning before starting what they had to do. Harry had been helping the centaurs as had Remus and Tonks was working. Harry had yet to get a mission and was actually starting to expect one.

“Good morning.” Harry greeted them.

“Morning.” Tonks said looking half exhausted.

“Morning.” Remus answered with a lifeless tone.

“What the bloody hell happened to you two?” Harry asked.

“Long meeting.” Remus answered.

“I don’t see why I needed to be there to listen to Severus go on for four hours about how angry Lucius Malfoy is and how Voldemort wants to kill Harry.” Tonks said with a shake of her head. “We already knew these things beforehand.”

“So he wants me dead again eh?” Harry asked in forced cheerfulness.

Remus nodded. “Nothing new, but we were forced to hear it anyway.” He said.

“I take it you aren’t coming to help today?” Harry asked.

Remus shook his head. “I’d cause more damage than good today. Would you apologize for me?”

“Sure Remus.” Harry said. “But before dinner I want to go see them.”

Remus nodded. “Are we going to give Sirius his medal?”

“Yeah.” Harry said with a smile. “I think he’d like to have it.”

Remus laughed at that. “Sirius would have worn that everywhere.” He said. “He would try and use it as identification if he could, just to show it off more.”

Harry laughed. “Now that would have been brilliant to see.” He said brightly.

“You know I’m surprised you haven’t been complaining Harry.” Tonks said. “After the Minister’s new auror training program I thought you’d be up in arms against it.”

“What are you talking about?” Harry asked.

Tonks’ eyes widened. “You didn’t read the letter Kingsley gave you did you?”

“What letter?” Harry asked.

“The letter you got before Ginny kissed you.” Remus said with a smile.

Harry thought for a second. “Oh! That letter!” He exclaimed. “Nope, but I’ll get to it.”

“Get to it now.” Tonks said sternly. “That’s an order.”

Harry stood up. “This is why you should never live with your boss.” He grumbled.

“I heard that.” Tonks called after him.

Harry continued grumbling as he walked up the stairs. He had a feeling this would keep him from helping the centaurs and he’d grown to love working with them. Every day he’d be down there by the time they were ready and he’d work till sunset. It was a peaceful time and it helped Harry with his exercise as well. Harry suspected he might like doing that kind of work in life for fun. He wondered if centaurs would hire a human to help build homes for them.

Shrugging as he got to his room he stopped for a second. He thought about where he put the letter. He hadn’t seen it since that day at the station. He remembered he put it in his trunk and began spilling the contents on the floor quickly. He found the letter and opened it in a rush to find out what was so important. He read it quickly.

Mr. Potter,

I thank you for your help in the new training program. Without
you I feel this entire program would be impossible. Since you
do not know of what is being done you are to be informed now.

In our effort to recruit aurors we’ve begun the auror trainee
program. This will take a student who has an interest in being
an auror and places them under your care for a month.

You must show him what it is to be an auror. I hope this doesn’t
prove problematic for you as I know you have a full schedule.
Your trainee will start August 1, and his name is Ronald Weasley.

Also, I’m very pleased that you agreed to take over teaching the
new class of auror preparation in Hogwarts. I hope you teach
our future aurors well. Thank you for your service(also, bonus


Rufus Scrimgeour

Minister of Magic



“What!” Harry yelled and stormed down the steps faster than anyone had ever imagined he would. Remus looked serious and Tonks looked lost. Harry just threw the paper down on the table. “When did I say I’d teach a class?! I agreed to have a student attached at the hip, not teach a class on how to be a bloody auror! I don’t even know how to be one myself!”

“You are an auror.” Tonks said.

“No, I’m part of the ‘kill Voldemort’ squad.” Harry retorted. “When have I done anything aside from fight Voldemort? When have I done normal auror work? Tonks, I don’t even do my own paperwork!”

Tonks shook her head. “Its not in my control.” She said. “I figured you should know because you’re supposed to send Dumbledore a book title for the students.”

“Aurors for Dummies?” Harry asked and Remus laughed.

“Be serious Harry.” Tonks said. “It should have been in by now.”

“I am serious.” Harry said. “I really don’t want to do this.”

“Well you’re stuck with it.” Tonks said. “You agreed to the new training program.”

“I didn’t know it meant teaching!” Harry exclaimed. “I thought I would have to work with an auror already being trained. I can deal with teaching Ron the auror lifestyle, but I can’t teach a class.”

“You already have.” Tonks said. “You taught the students in Dumbledore’s Army.”

Harry fell into his chair. “I don’t use normal auror methods.” He said. “I use skills they won’t have. So do all of us.”

“Then teach them.” Tonks said. “Show them your way of being an auror. It seems very effective to say the least.”

“Any books in the magical world for getting the body in shape?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, I had one when I was training to be an auror.” Tonks said.

“Good, I’ll go to Diagon Alley and find out the name of the book after I finish helping Bane today.” Harry said and stood up. “That’s the last time I don’t ask for the fine print of someone’s plan.”

With that Harry walked out of the house and into the forest. He found the very familiar path and walked through the woods and breathed in the fresh air. Harry loved the woods here. It was a peaceful place. Bane agreed and often said he’d like this land for his people. Magorian agreed to allow those unable to be fed to come here until the number of animals in the forbidden forest grew. Harry was slightly saddened by this as he’d hoped to have such wonderful neighbors forever.

As he saw the village in the making he smiled. He’d been helping them since they arrived. They worked on one house at a time, and with fifteen centaurs, Harry, and Remus a lot of things get done quickly. They were on the sixth house already. It was suspected that they’d be finished before school started.

“Good morning Harry.” Ronan said as he saw Harry. “You’re later than usual.”

“I got some very disturbing news.” Harry said. “I have to teach.”

“What is wrong with teaching?” Ronan asked. “It is how others learn to be great by studying under those who are.”

“But I don’t feel great.” Harry said. “Even though I’m legally an adult I’m still a student myself. I also have a job as an auror. Then there’s quidditch. It just feels like too much.”

“All feel the weight of the world at times.” Ronan said. “You seem to bear it all the time. That is why you feel you have such heavy burdens. Perhaps you should share your burden with others now that you know there are those who will help.”

Harry nodded. “Ask for help?” Harry asked.

“Generally.” Ronan said with a smile. Ronan was the only centaur Harry knew who spoke ‘human’ as it were.

“I have so many things on my mind Ronan.” Harry said. “Voldemort, school, passing the NEWTs, being an auror, not letting Ron down with quidditch, and now I have to be a trainer and a teacher. It just seems like it’s too much now.”

“Then you must take things in order of priority, then ability to accomplish that priority.” Ronan said. “Help me with this house today and we’ll talk as we work.”

Harry nodded. “Sorry, didn’t mean to hold you up.” He said as he started working beside Ronan. “Priorities are simple. Voldemort, passing the NEWTs, school, quidditch, auror, trainer, and then teacher.”

“Can you pass me the nails?” Ronan asked and Harry did. “You see this house.” Harry nodded. “It was once nothing but wood. Think of that as your priorities. You say the NEWTs are more important than school.”

“Yes.” Harry said.

“When do they come?” Ronan asked.

“At the end of term.” Harry answered.

“Then you have that long till you must worry about them. They are finishing, and we have not got there yet. We still have boards on the ground.” Ronan said. “Do you know where Voldemort dwells or are you able to draw him from hiding easily?”

“No.” Harry replied as he put up another board. “I have no way of even trying to get around him.”

“Then he is the windows and we have not yet constructed them.” Ronan said. “We still have boards on the floor. Now what of school. It is coming soon.”

“Sooner than I wish now that you are here.” Harry replied.

“But now we see the boards shift to the foundation.” Ronan said. “For without proper knowledge you cannot pass your tests or defeat your enemy. Quidditch is a dressing which we have not gotten to yet. We’ve just laid the foundation.”

“But I can’t let Ron down.” Harry said.

“But as your friend he would understand if you could not build a house with the dressings because you ran out of supplies. He would forgive you, as friends do.” Ronan said. “You must build the house, then make the dressings. Now for your job as auror. Is that not important?”

“It is the closest thing to facing Voldemort. I’m always fighting death eaters when I have a job.” Harry said.

“Then you see the frame has now been collected.” Ronan said. “More nails please.” Harry passed him more nails and continued with his work. “Who will you train?”

“Ron.” Harry said. “It’s a new program for students who wish to be aurors.”

“Is that not Ron Weasley’s dream?” Ronan asked. “You have said as much a time or two.”

“Yes. It is his dream and I’d love to help him along the way all I can.” Harry said.

“Now you see we are at the part we are doing in reality.” Ronan said. “We are setting the walls. Now for a teacher? You will teach others who wish to do what you do, is this correct?”

“Yes.” Harry said.

“And you are one of the four youngest to do so?” Ronan asked.

“Yes.” Harry answered again.

“And now we set the roof.” Ronan said. “Then we set the finishing and add the dressing if we have the supplies before adding the windows. Now it appears your priorities have been reordered. Now they are School, work, trainer, teacher, NEWTs, quidditch, and Voldemort last. Now your priorities are set to show you the true order of things.”

“So basically work my way up to what I worry about the most?” Harry asked.

Ronan shook his head. “It is a matter of setting your priorities in order. If I were to try to set walls with no frame the wall will fall. A house with no foundation is doomed from the beginning. A house without walls is merely a skeleton of what it could be. I merely shifted your priorities to what will help lead you towards your goal in the best and correct manner.”

Harry nodded. “Have I ever told you that you remind me much of Angierian?” He asked as they finished the wall and moved to the next.

“No, but I am honored to be held in such high esteem.” Ronan said honestly.

“Most of the centaurs never understood how we could talk for hours.” Harry continued. “We’d speak of philosophy and the stars. He tried to teach them to me but always gave up saying that they’d be different in a thousand years and so not worth teaching then.”

Ronan nodded. “I believe that would be correct.” He said. “However, if you wish to know of the stars I could help you.”

Harry smiled. “That sounds like a great idea.” He said. “But when we talk like we just did, you sound like Angierian speaking to me of philosophy.”

“He was a great philosopher.” Ronan said with a nod. “I try to be as he was in that sense.”

Harry nodded. “You are very close.” He said. “But he told stories as opposed to teaching.”

“I see. That is very enlightening.” Ronan said thoughtfully. “More nails please.”

Harry handed him more nails. “I like your way better. I learn as you speak. So in that way you are my teacher and I learn from every conversation we have.”

“I am glad I can help you become more enlightened.” Ronan said with pride. “Even centaurs try to become more so. But it’s rare for a human to do such.”

“With the things I have to do to save my people I couldn’t go on if I didn’t keep striving for enlightenment.” Harry said. “If I didn’t I’d fall to the dark arts like-“ Harry cut himself off quickly. “Never mind.”

Ronan stopped and looked at Harry. “You should stop bottling up feelings as you do Harry. It will serve you no good.”

Harry nodded and continued to work. Ronan joined him soon. “My previous other, she fell to the dark arts after the battle with the acromantulas. She thought it the only way to get stronger as quickly as I and my friends and blood brother have.”

“So she tried to become a great warrior by taking the cowards way.” Ronan said. “Think not of her anymore Harry. It will do you no good. It could well lead you to follow her in accident.”

Harry nodded. “I know, but it was what she said to me Ronan.” He replied. “She told me that it was because she’d seen that I and the others had fallen and do great things. I never thought someone would think of us in that way.”

“When people begin their fall they blame everyone because their morals want to adhere to the old ways, but as they grow in those arts they see it’s truly themselves who betrayed them.” Ronan replied. “I have seen your bravery. That is not the practice of a dark wizard. Be warned and remember, dark witches and wizards will all try to take as many with them as possible.”

Harry nodded as he worked. “You see Ronan. You always know how to get through to me.”


“Honestly, the title of this book is ridiculous!” Harry said as he dropped it on the table between Remus and Tonks. “It tells you all the proper ways for exercising but the name is nearly insulting. Do it the muggle way! Horrid. Hermione will hex me to next week if she sees this book.”

“What’s so bad about the title?” Tonks asked.

Harry laughed. “It sounds like a sex manual.” He answered.

Remus laughed. “It does at that.” He added.

“How can I give this as required reading?” Harry asked.

“Just hope parents know Hogwarts doesn’t have that kind of class in school.” Remus replied and tried to suppress his laughter when Tonks scowled at him.

“Master Potter.” Clank called as she popped into the room. “You is being getting mail.”

“Thank you Clank.” Harry replied and took the letter. “It’s my Hogwarts letter. That’s early.”

“Maybe it’s not your letter.” Tonks said. Harry nodded and opened the letter.

Mr. Harry Potter,

I am pleased to see you teaching a class at such a young age.
I am proud of you. Now there is the matter of your classroom
and course book.

Please send information as to what’s needed and the book for
the class so we can send out the Hogwarts letters.

Thank you for joining our staff and I cannot wait to see you here
as a Professor.


Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

Hogwarts School of
Witchcraft and Wizardry.



“Is Dumbledore just stalking me or something?” Harry asked.

Remus laughed. “No Harry, this letter is kind of the ‘get to work’ letter.” He said. “Basically, they’re saying your late.”

“Of course I am.” Harry said with a shrug. “Well, I’m not going to teach them magic. They learn a fair amount and a lot of my powerful spells are dark magic. I don’t think the Minister would approve of that. The only one I would like to teach I won’t because Dumbledore and Madam Pomfrey would kill me.”

“Which one?” Tonks asked.

“The cutting curse.” Harry answered.

“What are you going to teach them then?” Tonks asked. “It is a magic school.”

“Yeah, and because it is the teachers forget that the physical is also tied to the magical.” Harry said. “Strong body, strong mind, stronger magic.”

“Is that what you’re going to teach then?” Tonks asked curiously.

Harry shook his head. “I’m going to teach them to keep themselves alive.” He answered. “Starting with Ron.”

“You’ve taken to the idea of teaching a lot easier than I expected.” Remus said. “I thought you’d take it worse than Tonks’ did.”

“It’s all a matter of priorities.” Harry said. “But why haven’t we had any work lately Tonks?”

“Well, your team is split up right now.” Tonks said. “Jen is in Devon, Kei went back to Japan, though he keeps in contact, and Rena is a mystery. Not even her parents know where she is right now. You’re helping the centaurs in the forest, so we just chose to wait until something good came up for you guys before calling you. Somehow a truckload of cauldrons seems beneath you now.”

“But we’re not even training.” Harry said. “Weren’t we supposed to learn spells this summer?”

“That comes after your five day vacation next week.” Tonks said.

“It feels like I’ve had the last three weeks though.” Harry said.

“But you haven’t.” Tonks said. “You’ve been working in your own way. You’ve been showing centaurs, even if it’s a select few, that there are humans they can trust. That’s an important thing.”

“I’m just helping friends.” Harry said. “It feels like we are making deals though, Bane and I.”

“What do you mean?” Remus asked.

“He’s said that while I’m gone he’ll watch over the house.” Harry said. “Since I had to take the fidelius charm down for them. I promised to keep their home and lands away from humans they don’t know. It feels like we’re allying ourselves to protect our homes.”

Remus nodded. “That’s because you are.” He said. “I find no fault with that though Harry. You are neighbors now, and friends. They’ve even accepted me as a friend and I’m cursed in their minds. Ronan and Bane offered to have centaurs guard the area around where I hide to keep humans out if I wanted it.”

“What did you say?” Harry asked.

“That I didn’t want to take the risk that they’d get too close.” Remus said. “They are good men, and I don’t want them in danger because of me.”

Harry smiled. “Your coming along well with your centaur manners too.” He said. “Bane calls you Remus the Wolf. It may not seem an honor to you but to get a title, any title, from a centaur is a good sign.”

Remus nodded. “I know. They told me I was always welcome in their lands too.” He said.

“I would like to meet them sometime.” Tonks said. “Do you think they’d permit that?”

Harry nodded. “I believe they would, but I’m not sure if they’d let you until the village is finished.” He said. “Remus was allowed because he offered to help, but they don’t let the women build.”

“I see.” Tonks said. “So not until it’s finished?”

Harry nodded. “Hopefully by the end of summer we’ll be done and they’ll want to celebrate. Bane has already asked me to come to the celebration. Magorian taught him well too. He’s a great leader.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Remus said. “And with you showing him humans can be trusted he’s learned more. He actually asked me to teach him human speech.”

Harry laughed. “That would be good for you.” He said. “You’d have something to keep you busy.”

“Has he talked to you about his father yet?” Remus asked.

Harry nodded. “He wants me to ask if he can keep this land for his and the people who came with him. He has three brothers so the centaurs of the village won’t be without a chief when Magorian’s time comes, but it’s clear that Bane was the first choice.”

“What do you think will happen?” Remus asked.

Harry shrugged. “I don’t know, but I know Magorian trusts Bane’s judgment.” He said. “Magorian said it could only be allowed that they came if Bane led the centaurs. Maybe he suspected this would happen. He is definitely familiar with the stars.”

Remus nodded. “Well, I hope it all goes well.”

Harry nodded. “Me too.” He said. “Remus, during the five days I’m away will you be able to help the centaurs every day?”

Remus nodded. “Without fail.”

“Thank you.” Harry said. “Now, time for important things. I know adults are supposed to pay bills and such. Why haven’t I?”

Remus laughed. “I’ve had your bills taken care of.” He said.

“What does that mean?” Harry asked.

“You employ the sevices of a goblin in Gringotts.” Remus said. “He pays your bills and charges ten galleons a month for ten minutes work.”

Harry nodded. “So what do I have to do as an adult that I didn’t do before?”

“Work.” Tonks said. “Take the responsibility for your actions, and try to be a functioning member of society.”

“So I do what I do now?” Harry asked.

Tonks laughed. “Yes.” She said. “You’re more than functioning though. You are a valuable member of society.”

“I could calm down a bit.” Harry said with a smile.

“I’d never want to see that.” Tonks said.

“Harry.” Kei’s voice called from Harry’s mirror.

“You still keep it on you?” Tonks asked.

“I’m on call. Never know when I’ll need it.” Harry said as he pulled out the mirror. “Kei.”

“What’s up Harry?” Kei asked.

“I just found out I’m teaching a class and I have a trainee.” Harry said.

“Really?” Kei asked. “I’ve know about the trainee forever. But what class are you teaching?”

“How to be an auror in ten easy steps.” Harry said with a grin.

Kei laughed. “Well that will be easy. Step one; Be one of the founders’ guardian. Step two; Learn more magic than most ever begin to. Step three; Return to Hogwarts a month late. Step four; Meet the other founders’ guardians. Step five; Swear an oath to destroy a dark wizard. Step six; Use dark magic in front of friends. Step seven; Piss off the headmaster of Hogwarts. Step eight; Protect students during an attack. Step nine; Stand up for your actions. Step ten; Speak with a Minister who thinks it’s fun to mess with the Wizengamot.” He said. “Yup, ten steps is enough.”

“Being the-boy-who-lived helps.” Harry said with a grin. “No, it’s a class for people who want to be aurors. I’m supposed to teach it.”

“Well if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask.” Kei said. “But we can talk about that when you visit next week. How are things going with the centaurs?”

“Almost half done.” Harry said. “We’ve been building sunup to sundown. It’s good to work with your hands sometimes.”

Kei nodded. “I know. My father made us work in gardens and stores when we were little to teach us the value of hard work. Need any help?”

Harry shrugged. “I don’t really know. We’re coming along fast considering the amount of people we have.”

“Okay.” Kei said. “So, who are you training?”

“Ron.” Harry said. “How about you?”

“Somebody named Parvati Patil.” Kei said. “Know her?”

“She’ll be a good one.” Harry said. “She was in the DA. Her and her sister were both quick learners.”

“Good, at least it wasn’t a Slytherin.” Kei said. “I really hate them. I wish they were true Slytherins instead of this twisted version we have at school now.”

“I agree.” Harry said. “So, why the call?”

“Oh!” Kei said. “My father asked me to call you and ask if my brothers and I can stay with you after our break till school starts. He said we’re to work to help the centaurs if they permit it and if not we’re to mind your garden to show our thanks.”

Harry smiled. “You guys don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He said. “You didn’t even have to ask though mate. Of course you can stay. Your father too, if he’d like.”

“No, that’s just it.” Kei said. “He’s got something he’s working on that’s top secret. He can’t even tell me, but he’ll have to go for a while and wants us safe.”

Harry nodded. “I’ll have rooms set up for you.” He said. “How many brother do you have?”

“Two.” Kei said.

“Okay, I’ll have Tinky and Clank prepare three rooms, but your brothers have to leave them in a horrid state so they’re happy to have them.” Harry said.

Kei laughed. “They will agree to that.” He said. “I’ve got to go for now. I have to get back to training.”

“Have fun.” Harry said.

“Okay. Bye.” Kei said.

“Bye.” Harry replied then looked at Remus and Tonks. “The house will fill up again soon apparently.”

“Oh, I’ll definitely start keeping away then.” Tonks said with a grin. “You kids can kill an auror with the way you are.”

Harry laughed. “You’re still our boss, and until Rena is seventeen you’re still supposed to protect her.” He said. “You’re stuck here.”

Tonks laughed. “I wouldn’t be anywhere else.” She said. “This is a great place to be.”

“It’s like a part of the family, this place.” Harry said thoughtfully. Then he stood up. “Well Remus, it’s time to go.”

Remus stood up. “Okay Harry. I’ll meet you there.”

Harry nodded as Remus apparated and then noticed Tonks’ look. “Problem Tonks?”

“Where do you guys go to?” Tonks asked.

“To the cemetery.” Harry said. “You know that.”

“But I can’t go.” Tonks said sadly. “He’s my cousin, and I miss him too. But I don’t know how to get there.”

Harry nodded in understanding. “Grab hold of my arm.” He said.

“What?” Tonks asked.

“I don’t know the coordinates to give you so grab my arm and we’ll go.” Harry said. Tonks quickly grabbed his arm and they apparated to the cemetery. Remus was shocked to see Tonks and looked at Harry.

“What are you doing?” Remus asked.

“Remus, Sirius was Tonks’ cousin, remember?” Harry asked. “I think she has a right to be here.”

Remus’ eyes widened as he shook his head. “I’m sorry Tonks. I didn’t think about it like that.”

Tonks nodded. “It’s okay Remus.” She said. “So this is where Sirius is honored huh?”

Remus nodded to Tonks as Harry went and sat in front of the gravestones centered between James’ and Sirius’. “Well Sirius, you get to be a bit big headed in the afterlife today. You and Dad are equal now. You both have an Order of Merlin First Class.” He said as he pulled the medal from his pocket. “I’ll let Remus pin it on you though.” He finished and handed the medal to Remus as Tonks walked to Sirius’ gravestone and read the epitaph.


Sirius Black


He lived the life of a
hero all his days.

Loved by many and known
by few.

He is and will always be
loved and missed.


Tonks smiled. “It’s very true.” She said as she sat down next to Harry. “Did you know that when I was growing up I wanted to be just like him?”

Harry shook his head. “No. You’ve told me very little Tonks.”

“I didn’t really know your parents Harry.” Tonks said. “I met James once or twice, and I don’t think I met Lily at all. So I think if you were to learn about them you’d be better off asking Remus. I didn’t really know Sirius like he did.”

“But you knew him.” Harry said.

Tonks nodded. “We used to be forced to go to these Black family functions. My mother and I, I mean. Sirius too. No one denied my Grandmother what she wanted, and she wanted us there even though my dad wasn’t allowed.” She said with a slight smile. “I met Sirius when I was three. He’d seen me get picked on by the rest of the children and came over and sent them away. Sirius picked me up and took me outside. He showed me his broom and asked if I could ride. He spent the rest of the day teaching me how after I said I couldn’t. He said that the only thing all our family had in common was that we rode brooms, and did it excellently, and since he was the best in the family it was his job to teach me.”

Harry smiled. “That’s the best story I’ve ever heard.” He said.

Tonks smiled. “That’s my favorite memory of Sirius.” She said.

“My favorite is the day I met him.” Harry said with a sad smile. “He took me aside and spoke to me. He told me that he was my godfather, though I already knew. He said he didn’t know if I’d like the idea, but once he was cleared of his charges he’d like it if I came and lived with him. That’s the happiest memory I have.” He nodded as a tear fell. “It saved our lives that same night when I used it to conjure a patronus to drive off the dementors.”

Remus stayed quite while they spoke of their memories. He knew that they had the least of them and didn’t want to give up too many memories and seem he was trying to show his connection was greater than theirs. He merely listened and smiled as he thought of his friends. It went on like this for quite a while until Tonks and Harry both stood up.

“Okay Remus.” Harry said with a smile. “Time to award Sirius his medal.”

Remus nodded and tapped the medal with his wand before giving an incantation and pointing his wand at the gravestone. He nodded slowly when he saw the medal embedded in the gravestone. Harry smiled and Tonks wiped a tear from her eye.

Harry touched the gravestone and rubbed his hand over the medal. “There you go Sirius. I miss you.”

Tonks put a hand on Harry’s shoulder as he stood straight again. “Thanks for bringing me here.” Tonks said to him.

Harry smiled. “You’re family.” He said. “You’re welcome to come anytime. I come once a week myself.”

“I come here every few weeks.” Remus told them. “Harry, we should get home and get ready for tomorrow.”

“Okay Remus.” Harry replied and put a hand on Tonks’ shoulder. “Take all the time you need.” And with that he and Remus apparated back to the house.

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