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Stuck in Paradise with Hell by hermyemma
Chapter 5 : Frustrations and Apologies
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Hermione was all alone on the beach. She removed her sandy shoes and sat down on the gritty, warm, sand. She wondered what Ron was doing. She was confused. If she loved Ron, why was she thinking of Draco as well? She just hoped that Ron came for them. Draco hadn’t changed. She had been right. She remembered Ron’s voice, from several years ago: Dangerous toadstools never change their spots. It was the same with Draco. He wouldn’t change.

But could she blame him for trying to get home as well? With his father in prison and mother who was overcoming the death of her sister, he would want to be home. She, too, wanted to be home. But he had told Ginny about Harry’s anger that had been bound to go down in a few hours and that was something Hermione just couldn’t tolerate.

She did know that certain feelings for him existed. This scared her. She didn’t want to cheat on Ron or worse. She loved him, had loved him since their fourth year. But was it because she didn’t know Ron? No, no. She wouldn’t have loved Draco for what he was.
But said a voice in her head would she love him for what he is now?

He paced up and down the huge hall. The Weasleys had been allocated a bigger and better place with plush furnishings and full length plate glass windows. Life was very comfortable and luxurious now. But Ron Weasley paid no attention to these comforts around him. He had already flooed Lavender about Hermione’s disappearance and yesterday they had received a letter notifying them of Ginny’s absence from school. He wondered where Harry was. In these rough times, Harry had always been there. They had been there for each other and now Harry was gone. He hadn’t even said anything about Ginny’s disappearance and this shocked him. He had thought Harry cared about Ginny! As he was pacing, a smart, tawny owl flew in neatly and Ron unfurled the letter:

Greetings Mr. Weasley,

Hope you are enjoying your day.

There has been a slight problem at the Ministry for Magic and both out heads of the Auror department have not arrived. These are Mr. Harry James Potter and Draco Lucius Malfoy. They have, as of 17 minutes past 10 pm, been classified as missing. Since you are the Head of Defence against the Dark Arts, we request you to head the meeting regarding the positioning of Death Eaters today that will commence tomorrow from 12.30 pm.

Dirk Cresswell

Ron gaped at the letter. Harry had gone missing as well!

He immediately changed and poured the contents of his flooing powder into the fireplace and flooed to the Department of Registration of Trials and Disappearances.


Harry was sitting on a rock his coat around him. A cool wind blew in his untidy hair and making it messier every time it did.
The boat…He almost laughed…a boat…that was what he was upset about. A boat. He wondered why it made him so upset. It wasn’t like they were dying or some animals had come and half-killed any of them. They were fine. As long as they stuck to the stinking shore, they were fine, he thought angrily.


Why did he of all people have to be stuck now on an island when life had started taking pace. He and Ginny were to be married next year and Ron was already making his own engagement plans. The party had been so wonderful. It seemed a whole life ago when he had been sitting chatting with Draco and Seamus about what he thought of his future life and discussing other light issues like suit colors and girlfriends and marriages.

He shouldn’t have been so mad at Ginny. Hermione had been right. She was only scared for him. Hermione. He had been mad at her too. It’s just that, he wanted to go home and relax in his new home with a good paying job and the love of his life. he had been to selfish.

He should go and apologize to Ginny about his behavior. He got up from the hard rock and began making his way back to their site, stopping to pick some breakfast on the way.


Ginny hurried through the foliage wondering where Harry could have gone. He had been gone for several hours now. The very thought of it panicked her. For her, it was like Voldemort all over again. Losing loved ones. She wondered how she became so soft. She had always been independent and strong. She began running and collided against something hard. She yelled but two hands grasped hers and pulled her into a hug.

‘Harry!’ she exclaimed, looking up

‘So sorry Ginny! I shouldn’t have been so angry with you’he said softly

‘Now we’re okay.’ she giggled. ‘We’ll be married this time next year’. He looked at her and smiled.
‘Married!’ she laughed
They laughed together in the middle of the forest with poisonous fungi growing beneath them.

He stopped laughing, and smiling, leaned in and kissed her.


Draco stomped back still looking grumpy but slightly less relaxed. Hermione looked round.

‘Its you’ she said dismissively turning around again

‘I got us breakfast’ he said, sounding a bit hurt

‘Oh’ she said, feeling guilty that she’d just snubbed him

There were onions, soft tomatoes, lemons and apples.

‘Where do you think we are?’ she said wonderingly

‘No idea’ he said, skinning the onion and cutting open the lemon with a pointy shell nearby.

She looked out to the sea, aqua blue. The sun was not there and it was a pleasant kind of day. It was August and bound to rain soon. She glanced upwards and sure enough, grey clouds were accenting the pale sky.

She looked round to Draco and saw him arrange the onions and tomatoes on a clean leaf and realized he had prepared a salad with lemon squeezed on top to give it a taste. The tomatoes had been split by hand and the dish was not very great to look at but she appreciated his work all the same.

Just then Harry and Ginny tumbled out of the forest, laughing. They had bought some fruits with them as well.

Laughing, the foursome sat down, having a laugh together and eating heartily. It was a long time since they all had been friends, had good food and had such a nice day.

But even fresh, creamy, milk left outside for too long turns sour, we all know that.

Author's Note: That's another update for you guys! Hope you guys liked it. I personally didnt think it was great but I'll try harder next time. Please tell me how it was cuz the feedback helps in udating and writing the chapters! Thank you guys!

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Stuck in Paradise with Hell: Frustrations and Apologies


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