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Hermione Mosier? by bimah
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5 Unwanted Arrival of the Slytherin Prince
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A/N. This is the beta-ed version of this chapter.


I don't own anything- BLAH BLAH BLAH ...I know already *sighs* I wish I owned Draco though *winks*

Chapter 5 – Unwanted Arrival of the Slytherin Prince

Draco Malfoy was not a happy camper.

It had been a whole ten minutes since his ring had glowed green. He was waiting with anticipation for something else to happen that would prove that they were successful, but … nothing.

Just as he was about to give up all hope, he felt a surge of electricity pour into his defenseless body. He looked up startled, and sent a questioning look, raising a perfectly manicured eyebrow, toward the man half responsible for this whole ordeal.

“I think we have a trail, Mr. Malfoy,” the strange man said, grinning like an idiot, in response.

The next moment Draco’s ring started glowing red and he felt every nerve in his body tingle as if it had just connected with something. He suddenly felt rather dizzy, as if he was surrounded by nothing but darkness. There was a sound. Like a heart beat – no, two separate heart beats. He somehow knew one of the heart beats was his but this other heart beat…. it felt familiar and had a sense of belonging but he could not really interpret it.

In the real world, the beautiful blond woman had screamed and ran toward her son before her son had reached the ground. She cradled her son and looked up, slightly furious at the man standing next to her. He stammered at first, but was able to convince her that this was part of the procedure and that they should go some place from where they can Apparate once he revives. She used a Levitating Charm to lift her son in mid-air and led them toward the Apparition room, which was located quite far from the visitors’ lounge.

Draco stirred; he felt like he was floating in mid-air and when he opened his eyes he realized he really was floating in mid-air. He let out a shrill screech and his mother gently lowered him down to the ground.

“What the – ? ” the grey-eyed blond questioned the Bulgarian king.

“Uh…this is real gud news, Mr. Malfoy, the ring has been connected and the counter part vill be located as soon as ve get to the Apparition room.” The man struggled with his English, trying to reassure the irritated looking young man as soon as possible.

“So this was part of the procedure?” Two grey eyes stared suspiciously.

“Vhy, yes ov course, Mr. Malfoy, it was all mentioned in the book,” the man in question replied.

“What book?” Draco asked, looking genuinely interested. He always found eccentric and exclusive things, books or otherwise, fascinating.

“Oh it’s a really interesting book called ‘Ancient Egyptian Magic and Practices’. I did not bring it vith me, it is a very expensive book, one of a kind. It was banned in the 16th century, and I believe there are only two more copies left in the world, that are owned by the Egyptians who refuse to let anyone read it. When I discovered it, I was so excited that I vent and showed it to Lucius right away. He has been trying to get his hands on it ever since.”

He shook his head chuckling, remembering all the times Lucius had offered to buy the book from him. It ended in a short argument after which Lucius vowed to him that ‘Malfoys will possess this book one day, you just wait Harold…’ He was revived out of his memories by his wife’s prod. “We are here, Harold, where are you?”

“Oh just a visit down memory lane. Well good, we are here now. Let us proceed…” Harold replied, explaining the Apparation part of the procedure to the platinum-haired man.

Draco followed directions by concentrating on his ring and its connections to the other ring and got ready for Side-Along Apparation. As a white glow enveloped them, they vanished from the room. In any other circumstances Side-Along Apparation for five people would not only be hazardous, but impossible. In this case, however, the ring was acting as a Portkey, Apparating all of them to its other pair. They were out of sight and were found standing in a cozy little house in Muggle London with the blink of an eye.

The inhabitants of the said house jumped. All staring, mouths gaped, except for one, commonly known as Draco’s worst nightmare.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?” the frizzy-haired one shrieked, maiming Draco’s ears for life, he was sure of it! If one looked closely, one could even see sparks shooting out of her hair. No wonder she looked like she was recently hit by lightning.

“Hermione!” the good looking woman, yet not as good looking as Draco of course, standing next to the disaster that was called Hermione, admonished her daughter; for the rude language Draco supposed.

On the other hand, he couldn’t help but agree with the shrieking monstrosity and sent an accusing glare towards his own mother. “YES MOTHER! WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING AT THE MUDBLOOD’S HOUSE?”

“Draco! How dare you speak of your future wife in that manner?” His so-called-mother, although he never had any proof, scolded him instead.

Hermione was sure she did not hear the women right. It was just unimaginable! Pigs must be flying somewhere because Malfoy’s mother just referred to her as Malfoy’s future wife. WIFE?! – She felt nauseous and dizzy when a million scenarios ran through her mind. So she did the only plausible thing that any sane girl, in a situation as grim as such, would do and embraced the darkness that was promising to take her to a better place. As a result, for the second time that day, Hermione Granger was found on the floor.

Wife! Granger!? Draco had to really resist from following her dramatic fall, since his ego would NOT, ABSOLUTLEY NOT allow him to faint. Malfoys DO NOT faint.

He also did not want to accept the fact that the girlish screech that was heard following his mother’s words, actually came out his own treacherous mouth. Malfoys don’t screech with horror like little girls either. He quickly squared his shoulders and looked his mother in the eye, wearing a deadpan expression on his face.

“MOTHER! I will NOT marry the Mudblood.” He glared, pointing at the bundle of pain lying on the floor, getting more attention than him for some uncanny reason.

“But that’s just it, son, she isn’t really a Mudblood, is she?” the woman-intent-on-ruining-his-life replied.

“I don’t care if she isn’t, she will always be Mudblood Granger to me,” he said with his usual sneer in place.

This was NOT okay. He was supposed to be ruling the world with his gorgeous new wife from Bulgaria, punishing Pothead and Weasel-boy right now. Marrying Granger was not part of the plan. Why do these things always happen to him? The Boy-Who-Just-Wouldn’t-Die never has to deal with problems like these. He blamed it on himself being the most handsome man alive. Surely that must be it. Being this good looking, he was just asking for trouble.

While he was dealing with the really important issues regarding his good looks, his so-called mother, in-laws to be and the Mublood’s not-so-real parents were paying, yet again, more attention to Granger! Why don’t they understand that it was he who needed saving, not the one-who’s-going-to-scream-the-minute-she-wakes-up, Draco just knew it.

And she did.

Hermione stirred at first; she was just having a horrible nightmare that had to do with a certain ferret-faced blond being her husband. She was dreaming that Malfoy decided to pop in her house, uninvited with his mother and two strangers. How they broke the protection and Anti-Apparation Charms surrounding her house she was not sure. It was probably because she was just dreaming and apparently horrific things happen to nice people in their dreams.

She heard her mother’s voice asking her to wake up, and being the perfect child she was, she obliged and opened her eyes. The sight that appeared did not, however, help her current scenario.

So she screamed.

Waking up to Malfoy’s mother and the two strangers from her dream staring down at her was not something she was ready for. She tried to breathe while everybody, except her loving mother and the strange but familiar looking lady, stood up preparing themselves in the occasion of more screaming. Thankfully there was no more screaming. She just stared and blinked really hard to make sure that her eyes were not betraying her.

“W-what’s going on?” Barely a whisper, but as she had everyone’s attention, to Draco’s ultimate chagrin, the question was not gone unnoticed.

“I think its time we tell you the truth Hermione.” Mr. Granger sighed. “You see, you were adopted when you were only a little child. The things that you found in the shoe box earlier were the only items that the strange lady that brought you to us left you with. She does not look like either of these ladies though,” said, pointing at the ladies in the room other than his wife.

“B-but…” Hermione started but was cut off by the man who raised her.

“No, let me finish. This woman, she was really ill-looking, we thought she might be dying and that is why she was leaving you. You see … she rather sought us out, came and knocked at our door telling us to hide or disguise you; tyour life was in danger. She also said that if she did not return in a couple of days then to raise you ourselves. We couldn’t have any children of our own after your mother’s accident, so we thought ourselves really blessed to have you. When we never heard from her again, we decided to raise you as a child of our own.”

He took a deep breath and continued again.

“After a couple of years, we seriously thought we would never see her again. Therefore we didn’t see it necessary to tell you the truth. You were such an amazing and happy child that we didn’t want to ruin anything by telling you the truth. I know that was rather selfish of us and we are sorry for not telling you, but we are still honored to have the opportunity of raising an amazing young woman as yourself. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us. Just keep in mind that we will always love you as you were our own.”

He turned and looked at his daughter towards the end of his story to find her eyes shining with tears. He quickly engulfed her into his protective embrace. He never liked it when she cried.

“I’m glad that you two are my parents, not my biological parents but my real parents and I love you both to death, no matter what happens,” came her somewhat muffled reply. She looked up at her real father and gave him a dashing smile that left no room for guessing as to how much she loved him.

“We love you too, Minie,” said her real mother through her sobs and joined her husband and daughter in the loving embrace.

Draco rolled his eyes at the heavy display of emotions. Gryffindors, he snorted mentally, always so emotional! He just couldn’t understand why. He was somewhat surprised, therefore, when his mother gave him an accusing glare that clearly meant, ‘why haven’t you ever told your mother how much you love her?’

He sent her a ‘because I’m a Slytherin’ look accompanying a shrug. Slytherins are not really known for professing their undying love for anyone but themselves. Except for his father, who only professes his undying love for his wife when he thinks nobody is watching.

Draco shuddered pointedly, since to his utter horror, he had stumbled upon his parents’ love making, many more times then he would have liked to remember. Oh what he wouldn’t give to obliterate those memories. He didn’t trust any of his so-called friends with Memory Charms and since he couldn’t really do it on himself he was stuck with those memories, scarring him for life.

He realized that the Grangers were still locked in their lovey-dovey embrace. As the only real Slytherin in the room he would have to remedy that, wouldn’t he?

“Well, as nauseating as this is, I would like to point out that WE ARE STILL JUST STANDING HERE!” He just couldn’t take it anymore! Did they not know who he is!

“YOU!” the buck-toothed – well what do we have here, no more buck teeth? What the hell is he suppose to call her now! This day just keep getting worse and worst by the minute. He would have to come up with a new insult and quick. Lets see, frizzy hair – yup still there! Shrieking monstrosity – check! Insufferable know-it-all – he will just have to save that for later.

What else… Honey brown fiery eyes, not helping! Nice curvy asset– wait what! When had she grown those?! Is it even possible to grow curves like those so fast, or had they always been there, hidden behind her baggy school robes? Hmm…he mused, maybe this wedding thing could be beneficial after al-…no, it will never happen, she is too much of a prude to even consider it let alone allow me anywhere near her!

Perhaps he should just become a Muggle; there is no harm- No! A Malfoy being a Muggle is far worse than marrying Granger. Or is it? As he thought about that for a second he realized, horror worse than any horror, that he would have to, he gulped, ‘be nice’ to her to get what he wanted, if he chose to marry her. He wanted to literally dig a hole, so deep in the ground, that no one would be able to reach him and hide in it for the rest of his life.

According to pureblood marriage laws, divorces are impossible, and infidelity is punishable, which means he would have to either ‘be nice’ to Granger and hope that she would let him touch her or it’s a long, hard road ahead, of just Draco and his hands.

Wait… the bane-of-his-existence was saying something that he had missed. What in the name of Merlin’s balls is she raving about now? He hasn’t even insulted her yet! Waving her arms in the air, saying something about unsuspecting people barging in her house and what was that? Did she just refer to him as ferret-face?! Oh if that is how she wants to play, then he will show her, that lowly hell-cat, filthy, repulsive little Mudblood of girl! How dare she remind him of that utterly humiliating incident? There is no way in hell he is going to marry her now!

He cheered up immensely as he realized that he had said his insults out loud because her eyes were definitely spitting fire. Luckily for Draco, she could not do wandless magic, because he would have been turned into a charcoaled corpse otherwise.

“Mr. Mosier, are you certain that she is your daughter? I mean it could be a mistake…maybe I did not Apparate correctly? Just look at her, she can’t possibly be a pureblood!”

“No, young Mr. Malfoy she is most definitely my daughter. For starters we are the people in the photograph that she was waving around and then the lady that they are talking about was our nanny, or we should say her nanny. She was a Squib you see, couldn’t do any magic to save her own life but she was very loyal. When we heard about the prophecy, we knew our daughter’s life would be in danger, therefore we told our Squib nanny to take her far away to ensure her protection.”

At this point the monstrosity’s father heaved a huge sigh. Since the so-called-monstrosity had momentarily ceased her obsessive barbarianism, her father decided to take full advantage of the interval.

“But as you know we had some trouble tracking her down afterwards and when we finally found out where she was residing, the cottage, or what was left of it, did not give us any clues as to where our daughter was or whether she was alive or not. What we did found out was that Androra, her nanny, was dead. Well you can only imagine what we thought after that- you know- that our daughter…”

He couldn’t continue after that and there was no need. Everyone present in the room understood how devastating it would be to find out that their only daughter might have died while she was away, when that was the thing that they were trying to prevent in the first place.

“We didn’t loose hope though, we kept looking for years after that; I think we checked every Muggle adoption agency there is!” He sighed and sat down next to his wife, giving her a comforting hug since she was crying her eyes out. “Then after all these years, the contract, that we had tucked away so long ago, started emitting the red glow, which indicates the approach of the end of the contract, the closure of the period of time in which the wedding can take place…we were both so shocked and yet- how do you say- escatic?

“Ecstatic, it’s ecstatic,” came a weak, yet bossy voice from the sobbing girl standing in between the Grangers, all puffy-eyed and still very much frizzy-haired. Draco snorted pointedly and muttered something along the lines of ‘insufferable know-it-all’. The only response he got was a glare; that was supposed to make him run and hide behind his mummy, except he merely just rolled his eyes. He had been on the receiving end of the said glare far too long to be intimidated by it anymore.

“Well yes, ecstatic, we couldn’t believe our eyes, there it was: undeniable proof that our daughter is alive. We wanted to scream with joy, tell the whole world. But as fate had it, we had no means of finding you- Hermione is it? Quiet a lovely name; yes, I think we couldn’t have chosen a better name for her ourselves,” he said, looking at his wife who gave a nod in return.

“In any event, the only choice we had left was to get Mr. Malfoy here to contribute some of his blood, as it was used originally to initiate the contract and-”

“Wait- What contract? How is any of this related to Malfoy? And most importantly WHY WAS SHE CALLING ME HIS WIFE?! Hermione screamed, pointing at Narcissa and Draco respectively.

“Why are all of you here? How did you find out where I live? And how on earth did you get past my Anti-Apparation Charms?...”

There was no way of stopping her, Draco thought, wait I have a question for her: Why in the name of Merlin’s wench does she ask so many bloody questions? I mean, does she ever shut up? Apparently NOT, he realized, since she was still screaming questions on the top of her lungs. He sighed and quietly walked toward the blu- eyed man, carefully avoiding any kind of contact and trying not to get any attention from the raving lunatic.

When he was near enough he muttered, “Mr. Mosier, the only chance we have of getting out of here with our most prized body part intact, is if we just show her the contract and explain later.”

The older man sighed and nodded; the young girl reminded him far too much of his wife and he understood exactly what his pitiable son-in-law-to-be was trying to tell him. With a flick of his wand, he produced the still glowing contract. The shrieking monstrosity froze, and with a new kind of determination and curiosity she stomped towards the floating contract, snatched it from mid-air and started reading.

Every breath in the room was on hold; Draco felt like he was back in the Forbidden Forest and strange things with deadly purposes could come at him from any direction. He wondered if anyone would notice, if he Apparated from here, he looked at his ring, if this thing could bring him to Herm- Granger then surely it could take him away from her and the sharp pointy object that she was going to hurl at him, he just knew it.

He knew she was going to blame him for this stupid contract and also for giving his precious blood to find her. He looked around the tiny living room area so he could find a place where he could hide at a short notice, just in case.

The settee looked strong and could probably save him for a little while – but he realized he didn’t need it because when she looked up from the ten foot long parchment, it didn’t seem like she would be throwing anything at Draco; in fact it seemed as though she had completely frozen up. She was just staring wide-eyed at nothing in particular as the two dentists approached her.

“What’s the matter, Minie, what does it say? … Minie…” the lady dentist asked, rather cautiously Draco noted.

“What is wrong with her? What did you do to her?” she then proceeded, glaring at Draco and Mr. Mosier.

“We didn’t do anything to her, what is the matter, dear? Why won’t you speak?” Two blue eyes stared at his daughter, filled with worry.

“I-I will l-loose my m-magic if I don’t m-marry h-him.” She looked like she was going to hyperventilate. Her entire body was trembling as her eyes were filled with the horror of the situation.

“WHAT? What is the meaning of this Mr. – uh we didn’t get your name…”

“Oh, many apologies; we have completely forgotten to introduce ourselves. Well, I am Harold Mosier and this is my wife Arnie Mosier, we are the king and queen of Bulgaria,” he said pointing at the woman sitting on the settee.

“And to answer your question, you see when Hermione was born, Lucius, my really good friend and this young man’s father, and I, to make our friendship even stronger, by becoming in-laws. With our money and status combined, the young couple would probably have been the strongest couple in the world. He was, not unlike me, very interested in exceptional and ancient art of magic, so we decided to give it a try. Besides, with our close friendship intact, we didn’t think that our children would have disliked each other. Of course, things didn’t go exactly as planned, did they?”

He frowned, thinking about all the things that had gone wrong since the day they found about the prophecy. It didn’t seem like the question was directed at anyone in particular, but everyone in the room agreed nonetheless.

“King and Q-Queen?” Mrs. Granger whispered, while her adopted daughter, moved on from hyperventilating, and resumed her pacing and arm waving, like some mad women, again, muttering something like ‘can’t marry…loose magic …forever’. Well that would certainly not do, Draco deliberated, he would have to teach her how to panic with impeccable manners and dignity once she becomes Mrs. Malfoy.

He glanced towards his mother looking for an expression similar to his or something on the lines of being critical, but she looked towards Hermione with amusement, as if this is exactly the kind of response she was expecting and it was normal to behave like a wild chimpanzee in a situation like this. Come to think of it, his mother looked like she is trying very hard not to burst into laughter at Hermione’s distress.

Great, he will have to teach Granger everything by himself since his mother does not seem to take this very seriously. If she chooses to marry him, that is. Draco hoped she would choose the latter, since he didn’t think he could handle being a Muggle. He cannot even get dressed properly without house-elves or the use of magic.

That is not even counting the embarrassment news as such would bring to the Malfoy name. No, he would have to make sure she’ll choose to stay with the contract and just marry him. They should actually be thankful that the contract does not require them to consummate the marriage as well. Apparently, he had said the latter part of his musing out loud because she was definitely looking at him with an expression torn between revulsion and something like ‘where can I find sharp scary objects to throw at Draco’s beautiful body’.

He panicked and started toward the settee when his mother put a hand on his shoulder and sent a stern look towards the scary witch, “Yes Draco, we certainly will not be expecting any such activities from either of you. Now you two really need to cooperate and learn to live with each other because as you both know, divorces are illegal in pureblood marriages. This marriage will be binding and you two will have to live together for the rest of your lives.”

Now it was her turn to panic; forever seems like a long time and she certainly did not imagine her marriage to be with someone like ferret-face. She wanted to say NO and just be done with it, but she knew she could not. She had promised Harry that she’d stick by his side until the end and loosing her magic will not help matters.

She needed time, to think, to plan and to somehow solve this problem. The contract, as she read it, was binding. There was no way out of it. It recognized her with the blood that was running through her veins. She cannot even remove the damn ring by herself; it can only be magically replaced by the marriage ring.

She heaved a huge amount of air to get her lungs to start functioning properly and spoke calmly for the first time that evening. “I will need time to think this through. This is a really big decision and I really don’t want to be rushed or forced into anything. I will get back to you all tomorrow to let you know what I have decided. I bid you all good night for now.” She turned around and went upstairs to her room to get some sleep and make the biggest decision of her life. While everyone, including Draco, looked at her with awe and admiration for handling the situation with such perfection. Not too vague, conclusive and polite, yet dismissive.

Yes, she will make a fine Mrs. Malfoy after all’ was the last thought in Draco’s mind that night.


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