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Ginny's secret by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 3 : The golden trio reunited
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The next morning, Harry knew that he had to visit his two best friends: Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. They had been his friends since their first year at Hogwarts. Harry had asked Ginny one their date, if he could have Hermione and Ron's address so he could go and visit them.
She told him the address and said that they lived in a small house near Diagon alley.

Harry had aparated outside number 24, Weeden Avenue and looked at the little cottage in from of him. It had a thatched roof, brown oak door, the garden was covered in beautiful flowers and a huge willow tree was in the right hand corner with a bench underneath it.

Taking a deep breath, Harry knocked on the door and waited for it to be answered. He heard footsteps and a voice shout out "Ron for Merlin's sake, stop complaining and get on with it!" Harry smiled to himself; Hermione was still telling Ron off, even though they were in their mid-twenties.

The opened and Harry saw Hermione standing in front of him. She screamed, and Harry's vision was blurred by a mass of bushy brown hair. "Hey...Hermione" said Harry between big gulps of breaths.

"Hermione? Why are you scr..." Ron broke off when he saw Hermione let go of a strangled Harry. Ron's face darkened and he said "Oh..." He turned around and walked back inside, shutting the door behind him.

Harry stared at the stop where Ron and been moments before; his face full with sadness. Hermione looked at Harry with the deepest sympathy and whispered "He's missed you, he's just a bit mad that you show up now, and you never sent a letter to us."

"I didn't want you to get hurt, doesn't he realize that I care for him." Harry anger started to rise and he clenched his fists.

" Oh Harry, of course he knows, it's just that we always used to adventures together, and I suppose... he's just mad that you didn't invite him to go."

"It's not my fault he didn't become an Auror, it's my job and I had to do it." Harry's anger was at its limit and Hermione simply replied, "I know Harry, but you can hardly blame him, his best friend gone away for five years and not even one letter is a bit upsetting." She sighed and opened the door.

"Come on, I'll make you a cup of tea." Harry followed Hermione into the cottage and sat down on the couch.


Ron came in looked around the room, saw Harry and turned to walk out but Harry caught his arm.

"Ron your gonna have to speak to me at some point so we might as well get it over with." Ron looked at his shoes for a moment, then replied "Fine." He turned round and sat in the little armchair.

"So..." said Harry, he realized that being away for such a long time, it was hard to talk to Ron. All of a sudden Ron blurted out, "Whydidn'tyouletmecomewithyou?" Harry looked at Ron with utter bewilderment and replied "What?!"
Ron took a deep breath and repeated his sentence. "Why didn't you let me come with you?"

Harry looked at Ron with an expressionless face and said " Well, youíre not an Auror for a start, but itís mostly because...because youíre the brother I never had and I didn't want you to get hurt mate." Ron looked back down at his feet and nodded once.

"So, are you staying for good then?" Ron looked up hopefully at Harry and Harry replied "Am I the youngest seeker in a century?" Harry smiled and He and Ron laughed.

Hermione came in with the tea and they spent a couple of hours talking about the past five years.
Apparently, Fred and George had gone global with Weasleys Wizard Weases. Fred was dating Angelina and George was dating Alicia.
Bill and Fleur had a little girl called Arabella and Fleur was 8 months pregnant with a baby boy.
Charlie was marrying a woman called Isabel and Percy was married to Penelope. Ron and Hermione had been together since the death of Voldermort.

Hermione decided that she would start dinner and Ron and Harry talked about the years in Hogwarts.
"Do you remember when Moody turned Malfoy into a ferret." said Ron threw tears.
"Yeah after that whenever Moody went near him he'd squirm and run away." replied Harry through an equally amount of tears.
"Oh and do you remember when we had pollyduce potion and Hermione turned into a cat." They burst out laughing but laughed even harder when Hermione came out bringing the dinner to the table.
"What are you to laughing about?" they just looked at her and shook their heads, unable to speak as they were in hysterics.
They ate dinner and talked until early morning and Harry stayed for the rest of the night.
A/N: sorry that this chapter was a bit short, hope that you like it though

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