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Let Your Fantasies Unwind by wild4harryp01231
Chapter 5 : Brawls
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Chapter 5: Brawls

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fic that you recognize. All characters that you have seen before today belong to J.K. Rowling, and in no way belong to me. The Phantom of the Opera and the characters contained in that musical all belong to Andrew Lloyd Webber, and I don’t claim any credit for them, either. Any other works (The Phantom of the Opera movie and book, etcetera) do not belong to me. All that I own is the plot and the right to poke you with a sharp, pointy cattle prod if you plagiarize.

Author’s Note: Now with my normal new chappie author's note. I am sooooo sorry for making you guys wait! I know, I know! I just love you all for supporting me through this! Thank you!


“Harry, come off it,” Ron told his friend, his temper wearing thin. “You’ve been in there for a bloody half hour. I don’t even get why you’re angry at me. It’s Hermione and Ginny who you should be mad at. I mean, you’re not talking to me, and it’s for something I didn’t even—”

“Ron?” Harry said as he lay on his back, the drawings of his four-poster adamantly shut. “Shut up. I’m not mad at you. And I’m not all that upset with the girls either.”

“But why? If it were me, I’d be furious!”

Harry got off of his bed, opening the drawings. “Because that’s the natural reaction. I mean, what were you all supposed to do, run up to me and congratulate me or something?”

“You didn’t try out for that part, did you?” Ron asked suspiciously.

No. I hate the part just as much as you hate yours, which is a lot, by the way you reacted earlier.”

“It’s just…Seamus! What does that woman see in Seamus Finnegan?” Ron spit out the name in utter disgust, obviously waiting for this rant. “I’d almost prefer that you or…or…Neville or someone like that got the part! Seamus doesn’t deserve it!”

“Did you ask her to reconsider?” Harry asked calmly.

“Yes, that’s what I was doing when I burst out of the room. She said it wouldn’t be fair to precious Seamus because Seamus already proved himself worthy of the part.”

“Oh. Well….”

“There’s no way to get out of yours?” Ron asked.

“Nah, I heard Draco went and screamed at her, and threatened to sic his father on her, but it didn’t help. But for yours, all you have to do is get Seamus to give up his part, you know? It's not brain surgery.”

"It's not what?" Ron asked, and Harry closed his eyes, snickering.

"Muggle expression. Means it's not all that hard. Just bribe him or something; get him to give up the role."

Ron’s eyes practically bugged out of his head. “Harry, that’s—that’s the best ruddy idea ever!” And at that, he stumbled down the stairs to the Gryffindor common room.

Harry walked down to the common room about five minutes after Ron, and was instantly barraged with sounds of yelling.

“Pavarti, how could you?” asked Lavender Brown tearfully, practically screaming at her friend.

“Lavender, it’s not my fault!” Pavarti screamed back.

“Then whose fault is it? Then whose fault is it, Pavarti?”

“I tried out for the part, just like you did. Just because I got—we had the same—I was better….” Pavarti ended right there. She realized what she’d just dug herself into. And it wasn’t at all good.

What did you say, Miss Patil?” Lavender was scorching mad, this was obvious. It was only a matter of time before she erupted. Pavarti knew it, too. And she was planning on going out with a bang.

“Are you hard of hearing as well as a bad actress? I got cast as Carlotta, and you, Parkinson, and that Ravenclaw girl got cast as my servants. Just because I’m better than you doesn’t make it okay to blow up at me! Live with it, Lavender!”

Half of the Gryffindor common room’s jaws almost hit the floor. Pavarti had always been Lavender’s best friend, a soft-spoken girl. This was definitely not Pavarti-ish behavior.

“How could you, Pavarti?” Lavender asked, a horrible venom in her voice when she said the girl’s name.

“How could I try to do my best? Is that what you want to know? I didn’t let you have the spotlight for once, right? Suck it up and live with it, Lavender! For once, I can be the star of the moment instead of you!” And at that, Pavarti walked over to her other friend, Emmy, and pulled her out of the common room with not even another glance at Lavender.

Over in the corner, however, was another fight going on, just as loud as the other one. “So you expect me to just give you my part, right off? Oh, Ron, you want it, so here it is! Is there anything else that I can do for you? In your dreams!”

"But Seamus, I need this part!"

"You don't need it! Why would you need it?"

Ron looked uncomfortable at this. "I...Seamus, I have my reasons...." He tried to convey his meaning through his tone and expression, but it was thoroughly unsuccessful.

"I don't even know what you mean, and I wouldn't let you have it anyhow, no matter what half-ass reason you have!"

Ron was looking more and more uncomfortable by the second. "Seamus, couldn't we talk in private? Please?"

"No, I don't think so. I'm not giving up the part anyhow, no matter what you tell me, so what's the point of telling me? Have a good day, Ron." And at that, Seamus walked away, leaving Ron alone in the corner looking utterly distressed.

The next day was the first rehersal for the play, and Ron hadn't managed to corner Seamus again. He'd finally accepted his fate, though he wasn't at all happy with it.

"Ron, it's not bad at all," Hermione had told him harshly at breakfast that morning. "It's just acting." However, he still wasn't convinced.

After dinner that day, he headed down to the Great Hall with Harry; Hermione and Ginny had already rushed down the moment the stage was erected. Harry seemed even more nervous than he was. "Don't worry, mate," Ron told him, clapping him on the shoulder. "You know how your popularity tends to go. This'll make everyone laugh at you for a few days. Maybe less, if you battle another dragon or something."

Harry snorted, but seemed to perk up considerably. "So no luck with Seamus?"

This turned Ron bitter. "No, the conniving son of a--"

"If you're not nice to him, Ron, it'll just make your life harder."

Just then, they reached the doors to the Great Hall without even realizing it. Harry raised his eyebrows at Ron, and he nodded. He was ready; he could do it. Taking a deep breath, Harry opened the door…

A/N: Feel free to kill the cliffy and uneventful chapter. Chapter six will be more eventful (and fun), and I will get it up ASAP. But review, please.

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Let Your Fantasies Unwind: Brawls


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