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Moonlit Nightmares by MickeyMadison
Chapter 10 : Exposure
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Moonlit Nightmares

Chapter X – Exposure

You leaned against the wall, leaning to the side so that you could hear what Angelique planned to say.

“Oh, where did Lacelinen run off to?” she asked, feigning innocence.

“I’m…not sure.” you heard Remus reply quietly. You felt bad for just taking off.

“Oh well, that just leaves you and me.” you heard Angelique giggle. You turned and peered around the corner. The French beauty was standing very close to Remus, too close.

“Seems to be.” Remus replied uncomfortably.

“It iz…too bad that you ‘ave a girlfriend.” Angelique pouted.

Your heart dropped into your stomach. Oh Merlin no….

“What?” Remus looked confused.

Angelique blinked, also confused. “Izn’t Lacey your girlfriend?”

Remus shook his head. “No.” Was it just your imagination or did he sound disappointed? It had to be your hopeful imagining.

Angelique looked and sounded anything but disappointed however. “Oh, I see….”

You leaned back against the wall, hiding your face in your hands. What were you going to do? How could you possibly explain this? You could say that it was Lily’s idea, but would he believe you? He must think you the fool now. You felt so hopeless.


You jerked your head up to see Remus looking at you. You immediately pushed yourself off the wall and ran away. You didn’t look back, even when he called for you to wait. You didn’t stop running until you reached your dorm where you tossed yourself onto the bed.

Tears leaked through your eyelids. What now? You could just stay in your dorm. But for how long?

“You lied to me, Evans!” you heard Angelique’s voice shout from the common room.

You only heard the mumble of Lily’s quiet response. A couple minutes later and Lily emerged into the dormitory.

She immediately made her way to you and sat down on the edge of the bed. “Lacey, I’m so sorry….”

“He must think I’m an imbecile….” you muttered sadly.

“No,” Lily rubbed your back comfortingly, “I’m sure he doesn’t.”

“I can’t face him.”

“Lacey…You really do like him now, don’t you?” Lily asked quietly.

You nodded, trying to swallow the lump in your throat. “I have for awhile….”

Lily gave you a quick hug. “Go talk to him. I’ll go with you if you want.”

You shook your head, though the offer was tempting. Lily respected your decision and just rubbed your back as you cried.

x – x – x

A few hours passed and you realized with horror that you’d totally skipped your last class and dinner. You hoped your professor would understand. You didn’t want another detention.

Your dorm was empty; everyone was still at dinner. So you grabbed your bag and snuck down the stairs. Checking to see if the common room was clear first, you scurried across the floor and out the portrait hole. You ran straight for the library.

You found a table in the back where you hoped to be hidden. You pulled out your homework and tried to occupy yourself with it, but your mind couldn’t concentrate. You sighed, laying your head on your arms. When would all this be over?


You looked up in surprise to see Remus standing there, looking down at you. You jumped to your feet and started to leave, but he held his hand out to stop you. “Wait, we need to talk.”

Your stomach began to squirm and churn in a nauseating way. Your nerves were working totally against you as you stared into Remus’ kind eyes. What would you do? You thought you might pass out.

“Why did Angelique think I was your boyfriend?” he asked bluntly, visually swallowing.

Something inside you seemed to topple over causing sick to rise in your throat. You covered your mouth with your hands and flew from the library towards the girls’ lavatories. You almost didn’t make it and lost your lunch in Myrtle’s toilet. You wished that you had just flushed your nerves.

x – x – x

After that embarrassing incident Remus stopped trying to talk to you. Sirius and James also didn’t speak to you, but not out of contempt. You avoided their gazes and just tagged along after Lily everywhere hoping that you wouldn’t cross their path. You almost even followed her to the classes she had without you. She was kind enough to escort you to all of your classes though.

Angelique had started rumors about the both of you. She said that Lily used her friends and lied constantly. You were the quiet accomplice that she used in her ridiculous schemes. You had been able to successfully ignore them so far. You were worried more about Remus and what he believed.

If only you didn’t like him so much! It would have been so much easer if you didn’t want to watch his every move, hang on his every word….Something about Remus was hard to break away from. You could almost confidently say that you loved the boy, but you didn’t know if it was true yourself. You’d give just about anything for a hug from him or a kind word, but you only dreamed now.

You confided this in Lily one day as you both walked along the lakeshore.

“Everything will be okay.” Lily said encouragingly, smiling kindly at you. She had been your pillar during this week.

“I hope so, I really do.” you replied softly with a sigh. You paused in clear sight of the oak tree where the four boys sat. You turned your back and gazed out at the lake, the water glittering like diamonds in the sun.

Suddenly, you felt a tug on your clothing and looked down just in time to see it tear down the middle and fall to the ground behind you, leaving you in only your undergarments and shoes. You screamed and immediately wrapped your arms tightly over your chest, closing your eyes as tears began to stream over your cheeks. Your face was beet red and you wished with all your might that you were invisible.

Lily reacted immediately, quickly removing her robe and wrapping it around your shoulders, shielding you from the many stares that were directed your way. You swallowed a sob as you allowed the redhead to usher you across the grounds. You opened your eyes as you passed the oak tree only to see Sirius holding his wand and hear laughter from that direction. You jerked your head away in horror, not able to believe what you’d just seen.

You didn’t leave your dorm that night and Lily stayed with you every second, trying to cheer you up. It seemed all you ever did now was cry and blubber.

Had it really been the marauders who cast the spell? You didn’t want to believe it, but it made so much sense to you. Why else was Sirius holding his wand and laughing? The only hope you had to hold onto was the fact that you didn’t see Remus laughing, but you’d been in such a hurry and your vision had been a watery blur, there was no telling.

When would all of this be over?

x – x – x

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Moonlit Nightmares: Exposure


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