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The Brothers Potter by Golden_Phoenix213
Chapter 10 : Sibling Rivalry (With some Weasley cousins thrown in)
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Disclaimer: Well of course i own nothing that you read here, i own neither the charatcters, places, names. All i did was write the words.

A/N: Well seeing as you asked for it, here it is. The Epliogue. I hope you enjoy it.

The piles of leaves stood in clusters underneath the malting trees, if it hadn’t been for the bright blue jumper the small girl that crouched within the mound would have been undistinguishable from the collection of burnt oranges, yellows, reds and browns.

Her vivid red hair was matted with leaves and her face was streaked with dust, the knees of her jeans that leant on the dying grass were worn and faded, she crouched there as silent as a carnivorous beast watching its prey, waiting for that right moment when it pounces on its unsuspecting victim.

Two boys, one with dark red hair the other with jet black emerged into view, she licked her lips hungrily, watching as they made their way toward the bundle of leaves which concealed her from view, along the way the taller of the two kicked piles of leaves, scattering them across the ground so they merged together creating a carpet of leaves underneath their feet. She waited patiently until both boys were close enough, waited for the eldest to raise his feet ready to strike at the pile in which she was sat and then she pounces.

“Raaaahhhhh!!!!” She cried and both boys screamed, jumping at least two feet into the air, Lily’s eyes creased into a smile as she bent over double, holding her sides as she laughed. “Priceless, you’re face James.” She wheezed through her hysterics. James shook his head,
“Didn’t scare me.” He said, folding his arms tightly across his chest, Lily rolled her eyes,
“Ok, explain the jump and scream then?” She asked, although she was easily an entire foot shorter than her brothers, even Albus who was the smaller of both boys, she could see the strength she held over them. Their eyes followed her as she headed back toward the house.

“Tell anyone that and I’ll jinx you a new orifice.” James muttered to Albus who nodded,
“James?” He asked and his brother looked at him, “What’s an orifice?” He asked and James shrugged,
“Dunno, Rosie said it, said she heard it on that telmebision her grandparents have.” He answered and Albus nodded, cocking his head to the side, a trait he had when he did not understand something fully.

Lily skipped into the kitchen of The Burrow, as usual the family were over for their Sunday get together,
“How do you always manage to get so dirtee?” Her aunty Fleur asked as she passed her and her Grandmother who were peeling potatoes, Lily smiled,
“Dunno.” She answered. Fleur shook her head and turned back to Mrs. Weasley.
“I do not know how she do’s it, Veektwah always manages to play without a spot on her.” She muttered and Mrs. Weasley nodded.

“Hey Lily, wanna play exploding snap with us?” Her cousin Fred asked, he grinned widely as he pointed to his singed fringe proudly, Lily nodded and took a seat between Russell and Elliott, both of which were sporting identically singed eyebrows. Lily giggled as Fred begun to shuffle the deck.

Lily had almost had her eyelashes singed off by a rather feisty card that gave off several rather loud explosions before falling lifelessly to the floor beside her crossed legs. Causing the group to fall about into fits of giggles, whilst congratulating each other on a rather amusing and exhilarating game.
When Rose entered the room, her long bushy hair flailing manically behind her, she was twirling her fingers around in front of her which appeared to be glowing, the boys were beginning a rather dangerous game of pile on.

Transfixed by the sparkling Lily was about to ask what she had done when a scream rebounded throughout the house.
“She put what on my daughter?” Ron’s voice bellowed, “She’s only nine for Merlin’s sake.”
“It’s only nail polish Ronald.” Hermione’s voice responded, “How are you going to act when she starts dating?” She asked and Ron muttered something that sounded remotely like,
“Not until she’s twenty-five. She’s still my daughter.”
“She’s mine too Ron, when are you going to realise she’s not four years old anymore? She’s growing up, she’s off to Hogwarts soon for Merlin’s sake.”

Ron fell silent, and the next thing they heard was Hermione’s voice telling Mrs. Weasley that she was, “Terribly sorry for causing a disruption, but you know how Ron can get.”

Lily leant back on her arms as Rose flopped down beside her, still wiggling her fingers in front of her, the colours on her nails flashed different colours,
“Victoire done them. Aren’t they pretty.” She said proudly and Lily nodded whilst the boys pulled faces as they resumed their game.

“Boys only this time.” Fred muttered and the two girls shrugged getting to their feet. Together they pushed passed James and Albus who were entering the room as they left and were halfway upstairs when the bangs and cheering reached them.

“I don’t know why daddy’s worried, boys are yucky.” Rose whispered and Lily nodded in agreement,
They heard a laugh from above them and looked up to where Victoire was leaning casually over the banister, her long silvery wisps cascading over the landing like smoke.
“Say that now, give it a few years.” She giggled, her big blue eyes sparkling, “And they won‘t seem so icky.”

“Yuck boys are gross.” Lily replied and Victoire shrugged,
“Alright. Want your nails done Lils?” She asked and Lily looked down at her chewed, dirt covered nails and nodded.

“See Ron, Lily’s nails are painted and Harry doesn’t care.” Hermione whispered into her husbands ear as they sat around the usual table, that was set in the garden, which was considerably now at the longest it had ever been given the new additions to the Weasley clan over the past seven years, Ron muttered something inaudible under his breath and Harry turned to face him,
“I hope that wasn’t you offending my daughter, you may be my best friend but…” He broke off chortling.

“Yeah ten and three quarter inches, Oak and Dragon heartstring.” Russell was saying down the table, twirling his new wand between his fingertips, Fred was watching it in awe, whilst Victoire rolled her eyes.
“You two are so childish.” She muttered, her eyes drifted to the seat three down from her, where a boy a little older than herself was sitting, scarlet red hair with golden streaks through it was sat, absorbed into conversation with the elderly woman beside him.

She snapped back when she felt her little sister Eleanor nudge her, and begun to make kissy faces until their father shot both of them a look.

“Why were you looking at Teddy Lupin Victoire?” She asked curiously and Victoire shrugged her off,
“No I wasn’t.” She replied firmly, shoving food into her mouth so that her little sister couldn’t inquire her further.

Eleanor shook her head and turned to Rose who was sat beside her, Rose was watching Elliott who was now mimicking his brother and boasting about his own new wand.

“Nine and three quarter inches, Cherry and Unicorn hair.” He said proudly, Russell tutted,
“Mines better.” He scoffed puffing out his chest, his twin shook his head,
“Nah, mine is.” Elliott replied confidently, Bill sensing that this could get a little longwinded and out of hand, jumped into his sons argument.
“Boys, boys…” He began, but his wife smiled and gestured if she could take it from there. Bill nodded and turned to face Fleur.

“To put it simplee, stop bickereeng or none of Grandmuzzer Weazleys desert.” Both boys sighed dispiritedly, “Now give me zee wands please you two.” She ordered and her sons reluctantly handed their wands to their mother who smiled as she took them and pocketed them in her robes.

James and Albus, both sporting singed eyebrows and James seemed to have a few eyelashes missing, whilst Albus was attempting to comb his tousled mop of jet black hair over a rather severe singed patch in his hair, which when brushed away showed what was clearly the pinkish flesh of his scalp.

Both were watching their little sister like hawks, ever since she had been old enough to walk, life had seemed to become a full on battle of the sexes between the Potter siblings. As much as James and Albus detested admitting it, their sister, though being the only girl and the youngest was indeed a very hard opponent to beat, with her own pranks on them outshining theirs by a hundredfold.

But this evening that was going to change, both boys, enlisted with the help of their cousins, Russell, Elliott,, Hugo and of course Teddy, though he may not have been related by blood he was most definitely considered as family. Teddy was always happy to help out James, Albus and their cousins, and seeing as he was now a fully fledged wizard and able to magic legally, he also played a crucial part in their plan.

“I must say that was a lovely dinner Mrs. Weasley.” Hermione smiled and Mrs. Weasley blushed,
“Please Hermione, it was nothing and how many times have I told you, call me Molly.” She laughed as she begun to charm the plates to float up from the table,
“Please, Molly. Let me help.” Hermione insisted and Mrs. Weasley shook her off,
“No dear, it’s alright, I assure you.” She headed off to the back door, humming as she went.

Taking this as their cue, Albus, James, their cousins and Teddy all stood up and made to leave,
“Where do you think you are all going?” Fleur asked and her sons smiled innocently,
“To clear up the living room.” Elliott answered,
“Desert will be ready soon.” She said firmly, though her accent was still strongly French and most likely always would be, her English was almost perfect.

“Mum.” James begun, “Can I go and…” He broke off unable to think of an excuse, Ginny sighed,
“Make it quick.” She said exasperatedly and James, followed by Albus hurried toward the house.
Despite their mothers disapproval, Elliott and Russell rushed off after their cousins and Hugo, looked at his father pleadingly, grinning widely as he nodded. Fred did not even wait for his parents to speak before he disappeared.

“Took your time.” Teddy smiled, “Parent trouble?” He asked and the children nodded, “Alright, Molly said the trifle won’t take long, so let’s make this quick.” He said, “Operation: Sister Humiliation is on.” He chortled. James and Fred high-fived, whilst Albus let his eyes dart from Teddy who was grinning slightly. “Merlin I wish I had a sister.” He smiled, it was at moments like this, when those he called his family forgot that Teddy wasn’t their age and never stopped to wonder if in fact he did see them as his own brothers and sisters, whish was why he was always happy to join in their childish pranks and games, and even once or twice had allowed Victoire, Zoë and Lorna to beg him to play dress up with them. Of course he had been considerably younger at the time.

“So it’s decided the best spell to use would be an Enlargement charm followed by a swift Explosion curse?” He asked and James and Fred’s eyes lit up. They nodded happily, whilst the twins smirked.

Casually the boys filtered back to the table, ignoring their families curious gazes, taking their seats innocently and acting as though they had nothing to hide.

“Trifle!” Mrs. Weasley’s voice carried out over the garden as she approached the table, a large glass dish floating in front of her, she had barely placed it upon the table when the children begun to scramble toward the mound of, fruit, jelly, cream and custard, topped with Honeydukes best chocolate assortment.

The boys eyes sparkled as they watched their parents serve out helpings for their offspring, the boys made sure they had theirs first and were at a safe distance away from the girls bowls when they finally got ready to devour their grandmothers delicious desert.

“Thank you grandma.” Rose said smiling happily, Hermione smiled proudly, her daughter did have impeccable table manners.

The boys eyes were all sliding toward Teddy, who, unseen to everybody else had his wand tucked up his sleeve, tight in his grasp, and was silently muttering spells under his breath. The disillusionment charm that he had cast had already taken effect, so at first it appeared as though nothing had changed, the boys begun to snigger as the girls ate their trifle, unaware of what was about to happen.

Anybody watching the scene from a distance would have sworn a volcano of cream had just erupted, a geyser of fresh cream, melted chocolate, custard, sponge and jelly filled with fruit rose above them, at least fifty foot high, the sight was remarkable. It took the table a few moments to comprehend what had just taken place. The boys were doubled over, wheezing with laughter, banging their fists on the table, whilst tears of amusement leaked out the corners of their eyes.

The girls shrieked, as trifle rained down on them, Victoire screamed profanities in French as a large piece of trifle landed on her head and sloshed down her hair. What made it even more amusing was that no matter what enchantments the adults shot at the unexplainable explosion had no effect. It just continued to gush, raining down on those below, Zoë and Lorna had dived under the table, followed by Melanie and her sister Julia.

Although they tried, none of the girls seemed to be able to escape from the toppling desert. George, Charlie and Ron were laughing hard as they watched their wives covering their heads, Bill was fighting the urge to fall down laughing, as he watched Fleur conjure up an umbrella which seemed to have no protection against the trifle, knowing it would be worth more than his life if he dared laugh at her expense.

“Got you well trained mate.” Ron breathed through his hysterics as Hermione lunged a great piece of trifle at him and it caught him in the side of the head. Percy, Mrs. Weasley, Fleur and Mr. Weasley were desperately attempting to charm pieces of the trifle into confetti, and needless to say were failing miserably.

Teddy, who had also charmed the trifle to go for him, as to not rouse suspicion was effortlessly swiping it away from him with the aid of his shield charm, which in the hail of cascading cream nobody had noticed was the only person whose protection was actually working.

The boys had broken out a full on food fight and were each grabbing at all the pieces of jelly they could reach and lugging at not just each other but anybody else who seemed to pass by.

Teddy was watching James anxiously waiting for the signal to indicate that the girls had had enough but it was not coming, he seemed far too absorbed into keeping himself upright whilst laughing at his sister who was wiping custard off her ear. Sighing, Teddy muttered a spell under his breath and suddenly the geyser stopped, the last of the exploding desert fell to the ground. The trifle covered family glanced at each other amusedly. Fleur looked relieved, yet annoyed that her sleek silvery hair was now coated with trifle, Victoire’s look was identical to that of her mother.

Ginny was laughing playfully at Harry who had custard dripping from his hair onto his nose, whilst Ron and Hermione were too busy lugging jelly at each other to notice the commotion had stopped. Melanie and Julia dashed out from under the table and straight to their mother, who was wiping cream off her glasses.

Rose rushed straight to her parents, Hermione begun to wipe off her daughters face and hair.

“What happened?” Mrs. Weasley asked and the look on each adults face fell blank, it was a comical sight indeed, the large group stood, dripping from head to toe in trifle, whilst each wondering what had suddenly caused their desert to explode. The boys begun to giggle, silently at first before breaking down into loud guffawing, each of their parents turned to their sons. Their faces transformed from confused to a mixture of irritation, wonder and in Fleur’s case anger.

She begun to scream at Elliott and Russell in French, their eyes full of fear at their mothers wrath. Bill stood at his wife’s side, nodding every now and then in agreement, though not completely fluent in French he had been with Fleur long enough to get the gist of what she was saying, or yelling.
“Absolutely.” “I agree completely.” He was saying in agreement.

“James. Albus. Get over here now!” Ginny ordered and her sons sidled over, their mothers temper was not something to get on the wrong side of.

“Totally worth it.” Fred said, grinning broadly, Russell and Elliott nodded in agreement. James and Albus were smiling from ear to ear. Hugo was still laughing at the look on his sisters face.
“Worth not being able to play any more games for the rest of the summer?” Rose asked and the boys nodded.

“Absolutely, poor Teddy though.” James muttered, it hadn’t taken long for the adults to realise that it had been their sons who had planned to make the trifle explode and since none of them were old enough to use magic themselves all fingers were pointed to Teddy who had been severely told off by both his grandmother and Mrs. Weasley.

“Poor Teddy. My poor hair.” Victoire said crossly, though her hair was back to its usual sleek, shiny, silvery self she was still disgruntled at how long it had taken to scrub each lat drop of cream out of her long locks. Eleanor nodded quickly and turned back to her book.

Lily was gazing down at her feet in amusement, her toes curling under. The children were sat in the largest bedroom in The Burrow, whilst their parents whiled away the night hours, with their usual assortment of post dinner, coffee, alcohol and adult banter. The children, who has a punishment were meant to be situated in separate rooms had waited until their parents had became so absorbed in their own affairs that they would not remember their children were meant to be separated and snuck off to congregate.

The only one absent was Teddy, who had been escorted home by his grandmother not long after they had been sent to separate rooms.

The boys had begun to bounce up and down on the bed and it was not long before they were wrestling each other boisterously, the girls scarpered to a safer distance as the entanglement of limbs and torsos became too close for comfort.

Melanie who had been perched on a cushion beside the door, tutted something about keeping it quiet, her sister Julia pulled tongues at her and dived in between Lily and Rose as the twins came flying off the bed and almost crushed her.

Victoire shook her head disapprovingly at her brothers antics but continued braiding Eleanor’s hair. Lily watched, amused as her own brothers flung each other around violently.
She leapt to her feet and coughed loudly, the entire room came to a standstill, Elliott stopped still holding Fred mid headlock.
“Can I play?” She asked and the boys broke out in laughter. She stood there, hands on her hips, her eyes gazing straight at her brother James’s, he sighed, before shrugging.
“Sure. Why not.” He muttered.
“But she’s a girl.” Russell breathed.

Lily grinned as she hopped up onto the bed, her petite frame seeming so fragile against those of the boys, but still she did not back down.
She smiled wickedly and was about to pounce at Albus when she felt the bed dip beside her, startled she looked round and saw Rose standing beside her, grinning widely, her eyes staring menacingly at Hugo.

“You think it’s funny to explode trifles?” Rose asked and the boys grinned mischievously. Fred’s sister Alice leapt up beside her cousins and glared at her older brother.

“Oh come on, you three honestly think you can take on us?” Elliott scoffed and the boys chortled, the girls merely glared at them, not in the slightest bit intimidated.
“No.” Piped up Julia, as she appeared beside the other three, she was soon joined by Lorna and Zoë.

“No fair.” Albus said as Melanie hopped up beside her sister, “We’re outnumbered.”
“Should’ve thought of that before you decided to coat us in custard.” Rose replied and the girls nodded in agreement.

Victoire and Eleanor had stopped talking animatedly in French and were watching the scene amusedly. In a flash Eleanor was up beside her cousins, squaring down at her twin brothers, Victoire rolled her eyes and sighed as she hitched up her skirt and clambered up to aid her sister.

It was pandemonium. The crashes echoed downstairs causing the adults to stop and fall silent as crashes resounded, shaking the entire house. They were on their feet and up the stairs in a matter of seconds, throwing open the bedroom door to see their children, wrestling. Fleur shrieked and her hands rose to her mouth as she watched her daughters, pinning their brothers to the ground, and grinning broadly.

Ginny watched proudly as Lily tackled James and sent him flying onto the mattress, before turning and taking Albus out.

“Girl power!” Alicia said as Alice lunged her arms around Fred’s legs causing him to topple.
Charlie’s wife Arielle was applauding as Zoë and Lorna pinned down Hugo and Rose pinned his arms down. Mrs. Weasley cried as she pushed her way into the room. The women rushed fathers to pry their daughters off their brothers and cousins.

Ron chortled and said proudly as he watched Rose, who was being pulled away by Hermione,
“Now that really is what I call sibling rivalry!”

A/N-That's all folks! It's over. I wanted the epilogue to show the loving bond between brother and sister but instead decided to show that in fact girls are the dominant gender =] and that you should never ever ever do anything that may damage their hair hahahaha. I am thankful to each and every one of you who took time to read and review this story and of course a big shout to HarryGinnyFan18 who reviewd this first, Lovegood179 for the constructive critcism and of course everybody else who took the time to review every chapter.

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