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The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill. by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 2 : Apples, Quidditch, Pans And Me
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Disclaimer I don’t Harry Potter. He belongs to JK, I never would be able to create such a unique world as she has and touch lives. I am merely a person who enjoys reading and writing fan fictions.

I created Izzie and Nellie though.

Plus, I would have made the world a little whack. Dobby for Minister of Magic anyone? Harry in a tutu? Peter strutting?

Authors Note:

So here is Chapter Two. Thank you for the feedback for chapter one, It’s one my best I’ve had yet for a first chapter. Thank you so much. It really made my day. Sorry I’m a bit slow with replies. I will reply to everyone though. You people are so very wonderful and I really appreciate it. This chapter is a bit short, but I didn't want to drag it on and thought this was the best place to end it.

I’m not too sure about this chapter, I was going to write it sooner, but I lost the points that I wanted to happen in this chapter, but I found them, along with the plans for Mixed Fruit Jam. So I began writing this. Next chapter shouldn’t be as long though, as I have an idea for it.

I start college on the 12th, so updates might be a little slow, but they will not stop, I’ll have to see how heavy my schedule gets and I’ll get back to you on that.

I wanted to base a character that people could relate too, most times, is paired up with a perfect girl, and I wanted to shake it up a bit. I’m glad people can see a little bit of themselves of Nellie. It makes me really happy.

As always, comments and thoughts are welcomed. If you spot any typos, please tell me.

So 3 hours later, I have a finished chapter; I’m off to do my room.

Amazing Chapter Image By hannahduval@TDA.

 “Well, she tried to drown me, so it counts for something." - Izzie Devereux

Chapter Two
Apples, Quidditch, Pans And Me

"You pulled Sirius Black's hair?" Izzie said, as if she didn't believe it. Then she probably imagined me doing it because she burst out laughing.

We were sitting outside near the lake; the castle was too hot. I didn’t know September could be so hot. Then again, Mother Nature likes surprising me; like that time I went to Izzie’s. It was sunny, then half way there it started to rain. I got soaked and ruined my new outfit. It was a good outfit as well. Mum says yellow isn’t my colour but she really doesn’t know a thing. I mean the woman likes vegetables for Merlin’s sake!

I was telling Izzie all about what happened as we made daisy chains. Classes were now over so we were pretending our homework didn’t exist for a while. It was nice. Peaceful. I liked it.

“Yes. Did you know there are over a couple of thousand stones that make up a wall?” I told her, feeling quite proud of myself for knowing this tidbit. This is actually guess work, I gave up after fifty.

“I didn’t know you could count that high.” Izzie pondered something for a moment “So, let me get this right.” Izzie paused before breaking out into a grin. “You pulled Sirius Black's hair?” She emphasized every word.

“Yes!” I sighed as I wondered whether I was speaking French because Izzie kept on asking silly questions. “Then we shared some biscuits and he said my book was crap.”

“Which book?” Izzie asked as she pulled some grass from the floor and sprinkled it in my hair.

How To Pull That Guy Out of Your Dreams.” I answered as I threaded another daisy to my chain.

“Oh. Well that is rubbish.” Izzie answered without even looking up. She was frowning. "Honestly Nellie, it really is!"

“It isn’t!” I argued. Page one wasn’t rubbish! Page two is another story though; I have yet to read it.

Izzie chose to ignore the comment. “What did he say about it?”

“He said lip gloss isn’t too good as it makes your lips too sticky.”

Izzie’s eyes widened a little as she immediately wiped the lip gloss of her lips.

I eyed her up strangely because I think my best friend just got a personality make over. She had got rid of her wonderful grape lip gloss because of something he said?

What is wrong with this world?

“What?” She shifted uncomfortably. “If he thinks it, so do other boys."

"Oh Isabel, I didn't know you were on the prowl for a suitable mate.” She glared at me as I laughed. "Anyway," I sighed as I chucked my arm over my friend's shoulder, “I think they prefer the term men now. It‘s much more manly.”

Izzie just pointed at a group of boys who were messing around with some joke products. “Those are boys. Other than the teachers, there are no men in this place.” She told me firmly.

Quite a bold statement Izzie, but I'll roll with it.

“Wow Izzie. You must hate men.” I giggled at her.

“No, I’m just not that.” Izzie pointed at two girls who were practically drooling over two boys. Izzie wrinkled her nose in disgust. “That’s pathetic.” The girls must have heard because they shot us a glare. I just grinned at them. I had got used to people giving us dirty looks after Izzie had spoken.

“Some people can’t handle the truth.” Izzie said loudly. Izzie has always been honest except for when she wants a harmless laugh. She never holds back. It is both a curse and a gift. Izzie will tell you when you look awful. Like the time we were going to a fancy dress party. When I turned up at Izzie's house, she immediately told me that my outfit was stupid and I was blinding her.

I was a banana.

A bright, yellow banana.

I thought I looked cool.

Izzie tied her finished daisy chain around my wrist. I smiled before tying my finished one around her wrist. The one she made looked so nice compared to mine, she had picked the better flowers while I just picked any flowers. Izzie’s looked pretty and mine, well, looked like it had one too many tequila's last night. It was looking rough. Some of the petals had fallen while it was being made.

It was made totally Nellie style though.

“Come on Nellie,” Izzie said standing up before brushing the grass off herself.

“Where we going?”

“Zeee kitchens m’darling!” Izzie grinned as she spoke in her favourite posh accent.

Well, she called it posh when I asked her about it.

It doesn’t sound posh.

“Food!” I yelled happily as I practically jumped up from the ground. Izzie just rolled her eyes as she swung her bag over her shoulders and started dragging me to the castle.

We skipped happily until we got to the painting of a bowl of fruit.

“You want to do the honours?” Izzie offered.

I tickled the pear and it became a door handle. Me and Izzie have been going to the kitchens for ages since we heard the Marauders talk about the entrance in first year. I get hungry a lot. Plus the house elves are nice.

Or should that be castle elves?

We sat near the large brick fire place at the end. I managed to dodge the army of pots and pans. I’ve bashed into them far too many times. This one time about fifty came down at once and almost crushed me.

It was an experience, but the house elves weren’t happy. I didn’t have the guts to go there for a month.

It was a sad month.

“Miss O’Neill!” The house elf Sebel greeted us, “Miss Devereux! What can Sebel get for the misses today?”

“Just tea please.” Izzie smiled.

Soon we were drinking some tea as I told her about my plans to turn my trainers from white to rainbow, but the peace didn't last long. No, it suddenly became noisy; four boys had come to wreck havoc.

That’s right; the Marauders.

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter walked in. They were chatting amongst themselves.

I tried to ignore them and remain invisible but it only lasted for approximately thirty seconds.

“Nellie!” Sirius called out cheerily as he gave a little wave. I scowled. “Why the long face?” He teased.

"This is my face. I can't help if it is on the rather long side." I told him, I was a little offended.

Somehow, I found myself sitting with the Marauders on the floor as they waited for whatever they asked for.

I was still scowling.

“Oh, O’Neill.” James began as he looked at me.

“…Yes?” I answered before taking another sip of my tea.

“Trials are in a week on Friday.”

Oh, you might be wondering what James is talking about. You see James is talking about Quidditch practices. I’m actually on the team. I have been since fourth year. When the captain at the time saw me catching my dinner perfectly because I’d accidentally knocked it off.

I know! I can barely believe it at times either. I mean me! Sometimes I sit there and wonder why I’m on a team with such talented players or I wonder how I actually do manage to catch the snitch.

I’ll never understand.

“What time?” I asked.

“After classes.”

“Oh good, I can attend. I won’t be in the detention that you guys made me get.” I glared, as Izzie snorted into her tea.

The Marauders smirked at me.

“It’s not funny!” I huffed. “I’m going to dieeeeeeeeee!” I dragged on the word for emphasis.

“You won’t dieeeeeeeeee.” Izzie said as she did what she does best, make fun of me. The Marauders seemed to find our interactions amusing. “Binns is boring but he won’t actually kill you. I’ll have words if he does.” Izzie smirked, “Anyway, you can always haunt Moaning Myrtle's bathroom with her. She likes you.”

“She chased me out that bathroom.” I answered confused.

“Well, she tried to drown me, so it counts for something.” Izzie laughed, as she thought back on the memory. She offended Myrtle and flooded the toilets. Izzie was gutted as it ruined her shoes until Lily Evans fixed them for her.

"How can a girl who can’t walk into a straight line catch something while on a broom?” Izzie pondered out loud. “It’s a wonder I'll never quite understand.”

“It’s a skill.” I answered proudly.

“That’s going to get you everywhere.” Izzie answered sarcastically. “You haven’t practiced all summer.” Sirius and James gave me a sharp look. James is captain; he’s a chaser and Sirius is a beater. I suppose they are rather good players. “Let’s see if you’ve totally lost the ‘Skill’.” She grinned, “Sebel, Can you get me a bowl of apples please?” She asked sweetly.

“Yes Miss Devereux!” Sebel answered happily.

Izzie sat there smirking.

“I don’t like the look upon your face Isabel.”

“Well, I never like the look on yours.” She teased as she stuck her tongue out at me.

And she calls me immature!

Sebel soon returned with the bowl of apples. Izzie was quick to pick up one and chuck it at me. Unfortunately I wasn’t ready so the apple bounced right off my head.

Izzie is excellent at throwing things. She always gets on target.

The Marauders are laughing at me again. This seems to be a reoccurring thing.

“Ow,” I mumbled as I rubbed my head. “What’s the big idea?”

“Just testing.” Izzie chuckled to herself like the madwoman that she quite obviously is.

Izzie then began chucking apples at me; I caught each one with ease. I’m not too good on my feet; I’m better at things that require your hands.

Just catching though, nothing magical.

Most of my spells don’t work properly. It's funny at times, but sometimes it's not, especially when you almost fail a few classes and have to work your butt off just to get the passing grade.

It’s also quite dangerous. Like that time I tried to change an orange into a mouse, and it ended up being a budgie, which attacked me. I almost lost an eye.

I can do a few spells properly of course; I'm not that ridiculous. I’m just better at the essay part because I can waffle.

I can also fire a mean stinging hex.

I’m quite good at the Toenail Growth Hex too. I think I might make that one my signature move!

Those will definitely come in use later on in life.

“I still have it,” I grinned at I took a bite out of an apple.

“You should try out to be a chaser.” James commented about Izzie, “You threw those apples nicely.”

“No thanks.” Izzie grinned, “I only go to the matches ‘cause Nellie will hurt me if I don’t.” Izzie wasn’t really a fan of the famous worldwide game. Izzie won’t admit it but she’s afraid of heights after I pushed her off a broom in first year and she landed on her bum. She complained for weeks.

“I will not.” I pouted. “You’re the violent one.”

“You look more violent than Izzie does.” Sirius commented. "I think it's your hair." Shush Sirius! About the bird's nest; I happen to be a fan of it.

“Well, you erm, look more male than Izzie does!” I retorted back.

“That’s good then.” Izzie said biting her lip. “I’m not male.”

Sirius began laughing at my lame excuse for an insult. “What next?” He laughed at me. “O’Neill you need better insults.”

Oh my, I do believe he just stated the obvious!

“Yeah, they suck.” James pointed out. “Fish finger?”

I glared. How did he know? I looked at Sirius, before giving him the label in my brain as blabbermouth. “I’ll think of better ones in my detention.” I grumpily answered. “You guys are mean.”

“We’re not!” Sirius faked a horror.

“How could you say that?” James joined in. Remus just smiled. Peter was currently chomping on an apple.

“You arreeee.” I said as I poked them all in the forehead. They all looked bemused.

“How?” James smirked as he too got an apple and took a bite.

Apples are popular these days.

“Getting me detention and kicked out of class!” I answered in a ‘duh’ tone, even though they are probably smarter than me and that sucks because they mess around too yet still get above average scores.

I never figured how they did it.

“Binns did all that. We were only the catalyst.” James answered as Remus shook his head, slightly amused that this argument was going on.

“I visited you!” Sirius teased as he poked me in the forehead.

“Only to mock me, you fish finger!”

Sirius laughed “I’m your fish finger.” He teased with a little wink. Sirius always makes comments like that so I just brushed it aside.
“No.” I replied quite confused about what he was going on about. “You belong to the sea.” I chewed on my nails, “Or do you belong to the fish kind?… Or the breadcrumbs?”

Everyone was laughing.


Is something going around?

If there is, I want some.

“You’re dense.” Sirius teased as he ruffled my hair. “Going for the grass look?”

I sharply glare at Izzie.

“Oh.” She said as she began acting innocent while playing with her hair. “Did I forget to tell you it was still in your hair?” She smirked at me. I shrugged, I wasn‘t bothered getting it out. It is a bird's nest after all.

“Anyway ladies, we’ve got to go.” Remus said looking at the time as he glanced around the room.

“Good riddance.” I told them. “Stupid fools.” I muttered under my breath.

“You don’t mean it.” Sirius grinned before giving a little wave and then the Marauders left the kitchen with their parcel.

I got bored after I finished my tea, so me and Izzie decided to head back to the common room.

The apples were still out and shockingly enough, I accidentally trod on a few and went sliding down the kitchen before bashing into some pans.

I don’t think I’m going back there for another month.

Maybe two.

It was a lot of pans.

Izzie reckons I should never go back.

Damn these feet!

If only I had my hands as feet. I’d be set for life…well, until I wanted my hands back again.

Damn. I just can't win.

I fail at life and that is why I'm awesome.


…To be continued

Next time on The World, Biscuits And According To Nellie O’Neill.

“That wasn’t funny. It was hot.” I grumbled at the very thought of it. People laughed at me because of that. Again. Sirius and James just sniggered. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Remus was trying very hard not to laugh. “Just laugh Remus, It’ll be easier.” I sighed.

Peter was the only one not laughing, because I don’t think he was paying any attention to the conversation and merely trapped within his own thoughts. Peter looked troubled; his small chubby fist was crunched into a little ball upon his lap.

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