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Why Me? by lil missy minnie
Chapter 2 : Why me? Why her?
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"Hermione. Oh Hermione!"

Hermione opened her eyes and was startled to find herself back at her house. Her house but not her home. Something didn't feel right.

"Hello? Mum? Dad? Anyone here?"

"Hermione. Oh Hermione!"

Hermione warily got up from the couch and left the richly decorated lounge area

Her first incling that something wasn't right was the temperature of the house. Usually the house would be warm and cozy but now, it was cold and uninviting. Hermione wrapped her arms around her body to keep the chill away, and instead of feeling the wool of her uniform sweater she felt silk. Looking down she saw that she was dressed in a thin, thigh length, white silk, strappy nightdress. She was also barefoot.

Suddenly there was a thump from the kitchen and Hermione's senses peaked. Something was very wrong. Usually the kitchen would give off smells of fresh baked bread and cookies, but now it smelt damp and dank, it smelt coppery. In an instant her brain clicked and the smell was recognised. Blood. Without thinking Hermione ran to the kitchen and threw the door open. Instantly bile rose to her throat and she threw a trembling hand to her mouth to stifle the vomit and a scream.

"Oh my god! What in Merlins name?" Hermione thought outloud as she slowly entered the room.

The once white walls were smeared in blood. The breakfast bowls on the table, filled with it. The floor was red and wet. Chairs were upturned, windows smashed. She felt sick but she slowly walked around the counter to the breakfast bar where something on a plate was covered with a towel.

Reaching with a trembling hand Hermione pulled the towel off only to throw up violently on the kitchen floor.

"No! Mum!" she cried at the now soiled floor.

There on a plater was her mothers severed head. A ding from the oven startled her and she yanked open the door.

This time she screamed as her fathers baked head rolled to her feet.

"Oh god, Daddy!!!"

Hermione ran from the kitchen crying, straight towards the front door.

Flinging it open Voldemort himself stood there smirking. He grabbed onto her arms and began shaking her menacingly cackling.

"So mudblood, how does it feel? How does it feel to know your parents are rightfully where they belong? In hell feeding the dogs of the underworld, like the pigs they were born as! Tell me mudblood, how does it feel to have no mummy or daddy to cry to?"

"Stop it. Please stop it. Why them? Why?"

"Because my worthless pet, my world has no place for filth like them, and your next" 

Suddenly his menacing voice changed to a familiar one.

"Hermione! Hermione wake up! Come on Hermione! Wake up!"

She closed her eyes and snapped them open again but this time she was in the common room. 

"Harry?" Hermione looked into his eyes for a second then threw herself against his chest. Harry just let her cry while he held onto her tightly.

"Shhh it's ok, it's just a dream, your ok now."

Ron softly stroaked her leg from his position on the floor. Her screams had woken him up.

"Hermione, what happened?"

As if sensing him for the first time, Hermione's head whipped round and her eyes focused on him. With a shaky breath and haunted eyes she recounted her dream, every disturbing detail. By the end she was holding back tears and both Harry and Ron were pale and haunted.

"Bloody hell!"


"Sorry Harry but what else can I say?

"Harry, Ron, Why me?" 

With that Hermione's whole body wracked with violent sobs and Ron joined the hug, though he met Harry's eyes and an identical thought passed through both their heads.

"Why her?"

 Authors note: Hey guys I'm so sorry about the delay I really am, but im gonna try and update sooner. Please Please review my chapters, it really does help and I really do appreciate it. Thank you so much to the people who have reviewed. your support and comments mean alot to me. :) Enjoy and review!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Why Me?: Why me? Why her?


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