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Snape's lost child by malfoychild
Chapter 14 : Chapter 14
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Hermione woke slowly, groaning at the assault of pain on her body. Then her head felt as if it were splitting in two when five different voices yelled her name. She opened her eyes painfully. To her right stood her uncle and Draco. To her left stood Harry and Ron. And at the bottom at the bottom of the bed stood Blaise.

Bed? Hermione looked around. 'I'm in the hospital wing. Why am I hear?' Suddenly everything came back to her. Hermione started to cry from the memory.

Draco saw the tears slowly and silently . "Oh, Hermione." He sat on the edge of her bed a carefully picked her up and brought her to his chest. "Shh, It's alright. I'm here. He'll never touch you again." He crooned, softly stroking her hair.

"That's right Hermione." Ron said, sitting down and patting her back. "We'll always be here, we'll never leave."

Hermione looked up and stared at him. "Will you swear? Will you swear you'll never leave me?" She pleaded. Ron nodded. "I swear it."

Hermione looked up into Draco's eyes silently asking. He nodded as well, " I swear." She looked at the others and they all nodded and swore. She smiled and snuggled closer, but ended up wincing in pain.

She tried to hide it but Draco saw the pain in her eyes. He gently laid her back down and put the cover on top of her. He started to get up but Hermione grabbed his wrist.

"Where are you going?' She asked. He smiled down at her. "I'm going to get Madame Pomfrey. You need something for the pain." She started to protest but he cut her off. "Don't even try to deny it. I saw that small flicker of pain. Now I'll be back in a few minutes." He gave her one last reassuring smile and walked towards Madame Pomfrey's office.

Rupert sat down next to her and pushed some hair out of her eyes. He smiled down at her. "You look so much like your mother. I'm surprised Severus never realized who you were." Hermione smiled back. Then she frowned. "Do I really have to meet the family this weekend?"

Rupert laughed lightly. "No. I'm sorry if that stressed you so much. I just thought it would be best of you met your real family. But it seems I was wrong. You need some adjusting time. Ah, here comes Poppy and Draco."

"Ah, Miss Snape," Madame Pomfrey said, walking up to her. "How are you feeling?" Hermione smiled slightly, "I've felt worse, unfortunately."

"Oh, well that's all right. Just drink this and you'll be right as rain." She said, handing Hermione a small vial.

Hermione stared at it doubtfully. "What is this?' She asked.

"Nothing more than a sleeping/heeling draught. Don't worry. It's going to put you to sleep and then while your sleeping it's going to heal you. All right?" Hermione nodded and opened the bottle. She looked at the others and asked, "You'll stay won't you?" They all nodded. "There will be at least one of us here with you at all times." Draco said smiling at her. She smiled back, and quietly said, "Thank You."

She put the vial to her lips and quickly drank, resisting the urge to gag. Finally, after all of it was gone she put the vial on the nightstand. She smiled at everyone as there figures began to blur and she fell into a deep sleep.

Once again Hermione awoke, but this time without the pain. She smiled as she stretched her arms. Then she realized that it was dark. 'It's night. I wonder how long I've been asleep.' She looked to the left expecting to see a sleeping Ron or Harry, but found an empty chair. Then she looked to the right expecting to see Draco, but she didn't. But she did see someone.

Hermione gasped in horror as James slowly walked towards her.

"Hello Hermione, my love. How are you?" He said, smiling evilly. "Last time I saw you, you were whimpering in a puddle of your own blood." He reached out towards her but she shied away.

James tsked at her. "Hermione, luv, please don't act like that. I thought you loved me."

Hermione didn't answer. She just stared at him, eyes wide. James laughed, "Oh, well. If you don't love me now, I'll make sure you do in the future. Now I did come here so we could enjoy one another again, but I think your just a little too weak, so I'll go.” James laughed. "And remember Hermione, my love, what happened on the train is our little secret. And if you tell, your precious boyfriend pays." 

I hope you all enjoyed that. Sorry it took so long but school just started and I'm a little overwhelmed. Thanks bye.

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