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a different ending by bron
Chapter 3 : bitter arguments
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"Well... I used to." She said softly, stepping away slowly, and then breaking into a run.

"LILY!!!!!! Please come back… just WAIT." Severus bellowed after her. She turned to look at him, but couldn’t look into his eyes “Just, let me go.”

“Lily, I told you everything, and now you just run away from me? I can’t believe you!’

"Oh... and you've never ever done anything like that to anyone before have you? Of course not Mr. 'perfect savior of my son'. I thought YOU of all people would understand, seeing as though what you did to me almost ruined my life..." she was cut of as Severus tried to run to her and pull her in towards him, but she was too quick

"Don’t make me hex you Snivellus. We may be dead, but levicorpus still works. I wonder if you ever got around to washing those underpants, or do you want everyone to find out. LEAVE ME ALONE!" and with that, she stormed off as only Lily Potter could, her head held high, although there were tears streaming down her face.

His robes swayed in the wind as he stood on the cliff, his heart pounding with the waves. The only one he ever loved really did hate him, and he couldn’t help the tears flowing freely, and he deserved it. All of it. However harsh reality was, he knew he deserved it. I could've embraced him, helped him. But no, I had to sink down to his level. Ugh…he thought to himself.
“Snivellus? What on earth are you doing here?” said an arrogant voice. Severus turned on his heel to see who else had insulted him, but not before he had wiped the tears away and drawn his wand.
“Oh, its you Black… come to make a snide remark as usual? Or are you finally becoming an individual?” he sneered.

“Don’t get me started on you Snape! Or are you going to rub your greasy nose on me? I was actually just going to say that but get over it. I know where you’re coming from, but it’ll never work, but seeing as though you don’t care, I’ll just go” he said as he turned and left.

Severus turned back to face the ocean, but after a while, he heard a rustle of leaves, and there he saw Dumbledore, looking as though he had just woken up.
“I have just been talking to Lily, she says that she thinks she upset you, but she can’t face you to tell you she’s sorry… Severus you have done the right thing. I have just visited Harry briefly, and he is alive and well, the horcruxes are destroyed, and so is Tom.” He said light heartedly.

“Have you told Lily?” Severus asked tentatively.

“No, I thought it best that you should, seeing as though you two need to talk calmly with each other.” He replied, carelessly

Doesn’t he care thought Severus, Doesn’t he care that my life was useless and I ended up a sour, spiteful bachelor because of her?
“Where is she?” Severus asked

“At your house, waiting, I told her to” and with that Dumbledore disappeared from Severus’ view. Severus turned to face the beautiful ocean. He had never really noticed how amazing it was, just like Lily.

He trudged up the gravel path towards his house, and he saw a flash of red in the window She's waiting for me Thought Severus Good

He opened the door, and was greeted by the smell of freshly baked cookies, and strong coffee.
"Uh... Hello." he called into the seemingly empty house

"Sev... i uh... hi!" the sweet voice he wanted to hear replied "I'm in the kitchen"

as if i needed telling thought Severus typical Lily, making cookies in this situation 
His heart was pounding as he walked into the kitchen silently.
There she was, his Lily, with flour smudged on her forehead, humming softly to herself

"Hello" he said, his deep voice penetrating the quiet kitchen

"Hey there" her sweet voice filling him with hope "So why is it Dumbledore wanted me to wait here?"

"Its your son, he's safe, and... Voldemort is dead." he said

"oh Sev" she said as she ran towards him, embracing him in the hug he had craved for his whole life. he kissed her cheek, and then her lips, but stopped himself.

He despised James, but he couldnt do this to his wife. "Lily, go, tell James, i'm sorry"

Please Notei am suffering from severe writers block and this chapter is just waffle... more of a set up than anything else...

please stay with me! i'm sure i'll think of something soon... also exams are looming and seeing how long this chapter took me, dont get too excited about the next chapter

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a different ending: bitter arguments


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