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All Was Well by JustSuperNmenuncle
Chapter 2 : “Seven Years Later…”
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“Seven Years Later…”


As the train speed through the country side towards Hogwarts, Head Girl Rose Weasley sprawled out with her best friends, in a compartment waiting to start their final year at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. They had spent the last week together talking and gossiping at Roses house before the start of term but now everything was different. This was the last few minutes of Roses carefree life; before she went off to find the head boy and plan the up coming year.


She was lucky. Her best friend had been named head boy and he was as smart and hard working as she was. She had been delighted by his letter, delivering the news. They'd planned bits and pieces through the post but it was hard to get things talked through without alerting her parents. You see her best friend was the one boy her father that forbid her to befriend. "Don't get too friendly" their parents had said on their first day. The famous last words they still joked about today, seven years later.


"Oh Merlin, I can't believe it," Haley said suddenly, awakening her from her thoughts. When Rose looked up she saw a disbelieving Haley, sat opposite her, her hands pressed against her mouth in sudden realisation. Anita turned to her left; she had been looking out the window until this out burst. Debby on the other hand, carried on eating her chocolate frogs and examining her new cards before looking up to see what all the commotion was about. "It's our    last     year- I hope it's a good one."


"What are you so worried about?" Debby questioned, trying to contain her laughter. "With Roses brains to help us, your soul to have fun and give us ideas, Anita’s heart to keep everything cool and my mouth to yell at anyone who crosses us what could possibly go wrong?" Rose smiled at this. It was Debby all over. She was a free spirit and never let anything get her down, unless off course you called her by her first name, Tiara. She really was special and a great loyal friend. She'd stick up for you in a heart beat and when you were down she'd pick you up again, without trying- it was her gift.


"Besides what could go wrong?" Anita said in all seriousness. "With Rose as head girl and 'Skip' as head boy we'll be laughing. You know Skip is wrapped around her little finger and will do anything his Minnie asks."


"Plus we'll have the Heads Common room, which we can ALL go in and have a laugh- maybe even sleepovers every now and then," Debby pointed out excitedly. "Like Anita said, Skip won't mind, as long as his Minnie says." The compartment exploded into fits of giggles. Everyone but Rose was laughing.


"We are not having a sleep over in there," Rose said firmly, the very thought of them being in the Common Room with Scorpius and teasing him was enough to make her feel sick to the stomach. “Do you, honestly, think I'm going to let you lot near Skip so I can die of embarrassment?"


“Oh, lighten up Rosie,” Debby laughed, flicking her brown hair, out of her green eyes so it was behind her back. “It’s not like we’d ever say this stuff in front of him,”


“Debs is right,” Haley smirked widely. “Your secret love for him is safe with us,” Again the whole compartment erupted in laughter at the comment. It off course was not true. She had NEVER felt any kind off romantic feelings for Scorpius, for all the time they were friends- because that was just it. They were just good friends. Rose sent Haley a death glare. “Leave it out Rose,” Haley said suddenly. “We know you don’t like him in that way,” Rose sighed in silent relief.


“But that doesn’t mean we can’t joke about it every once in a while.” It was Debby who added this, her trademark mischievous grin only slightly visible in the corners of her mouth. With that last comment she crossed her legs and examined yet another Chocolate frog card. “Only missing Dumbledore,”


“Well my dad has tons of cards and he has about seven Dumbledores, if you want me to get one for you,” Rose offered, picking up a book and placing it onto her lap.


“Thanks Min,” Debby winked and made it obvious that she was poking fun at Scorpius again, by calling her ‘Min’.


At that moment, the compartment door swung open. Rose looked over to the door, only to see her cousin, Albus Potter, standing with his three best friends Neal Andrews, Gregory Duhurst and Callum Young.


Gregory Duhurst was the most sensible of the group. His hair was a sandy blonde and his face was tanned. His height was average, as was his weight. Rose thought that if it wasn’t for him, Al and his gang would have got a lot more detentions than they already have done. Callum had dark eyes and dark hair. He had always had this air of mystery about him that no one could ever place. He didn’t talk much about himself and he’d always pop up out of no where and know all these things that no one else did. He was also greatly respected and trusted by perhaps everyone in the entire school and this was what made him so special. Neal Andrews, on the other hand, was a slightly chubby boy with mousy coloured hair and I wide grin. He, like Debby, was a free spirit who enjoyed making trouble. He would usually get Al, Gregory and Callum into trouble and Harry Potter, Al’s Father, was continuously worried that Al would make as much trouble as James did, one day. James Potter and the Fred’s were always causing trouble. In fact it was an on going joke that the Headmaster would have to make beds for Harry, Percy and George for the amount of time they were called to the castle. But off course the Fred’s and James had left Hogwarts and now worked in Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, located in Hogsmeade.  


“Hi Rosie,” Al greeted walking into the compartment but only slightly. “Came to give you your Quill- you dropped it on the platform.” He explained, handing over a Quill and then resting his gaze on Anita. “Hi ‘Nita, you alright?” He said politely. Anita and Al had always been very close; perhaps not as close as, her and Rose but they were still good friends. Anita had always stayed the longest at summer, than the other girls- Haley was always conformable at home and Debby’s prejudice parents never allowed her to stay for longer than she needed to- and Anita and Al were always on the best of terms.


“Ok we know you fancy the girl,” Debby teased. “But you could at least TRY to acknowledge the rest of us.” Al turned crimson before mumbling a ‘hi’ to the others. He gave a silly salute to make it up to them; it was part of the Weasley charm he had inherited from his mother. The girls all giggled; which was the desired affect. His friends rolled their eyes and marvelled at how easy Al Potter handled his cousin’s friends. All the giggles were giggling at how charming he was; while Debby chuckled at how easy it was for a boy to impress her friends.


"Oh plur-leese," Debby said. "If you honestly think that, that will work on me then you really are dumber than you look." Rose began to laugh at the comment Debby had made. Al shrugged his shoulders like he didn't seem to care.


"You know you want me Debra Weed," He said in a husky, playful voice, putting on a killer smile and winking at her.


"Oh how did you guess," She replied, sounding serious, standing up and running to his side. "I love you, I need you, and I want to have your babies." Al began to look very worried and this only turned to fear when she wrapped her arms around his neck.


"Erm- I- I- Erm..." He stuttered only to stop as the girls started laughing loudly and then it finally clicked. "That. Is. Not. Funny."


"It so was," Debby said doubling over in laughter and going to sit down.


"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Ally!" Said a sweet, piercing voice from down the narrow corridor. Al’s face fell at the sound of the voice and moments later his fears were confirmed, when Violet Finnigen, the source of the voice and Summer Thomas walked into the compartment.


“There you are,” She said, ignoring everyone else and looking directly at her crush of six years.


“Hi Vi,” Al said in annoyance, clearly trying to stay calm and polite. Violet wasn’t ugly, in fact she was very pretty. Long blonde hair and sharp brown eyes a nice figure and most guys would die to go out with her and yet she only had eyes for Al who didn’t return the feeling.


“Ally?” She began in an I-want-something voice. Al wrinkled his nose a little.


“Yes Vi,” He said in an identical, yet mocking tone, she had used on him.


“Will you go out with me?” She asked, sounding hopeful.






“How many times have you asked me that question,” He said nicely.


“Everyday since the day we met,” She answered, honestly.


“And what have I always said?”


“Yes?” She tried.




“Ok you’ve always said no but come on Ally!” She began to persuade.


“And don’t call me Ally, I hate that.” He said as kindly as he possibly could.     


"You've always asked me not to call you that…" She said, lamely.


"Then why do you still do it?" Al wondered with a look of bewilderment on his face. 


"Because it's sweet and it suits you and it makes you wrinkle your nose in that adorable way." she sighs. Al subconsciously wrinkled his nose at the complement. “See you did it again I promise if you stop looking so adorable when you’re called that or people laugh at you; I'll stop doing it ok" Al nods but pouts. "O Ally you’re doing it again; looking adorable."


"I'm not adorable I'm a Potter- we're too cool to look adorable.” Al said sourly, failing to keep his frustration out of his voice this time. 


"Well, Ally Potter I think you’re both cool and adorable..." Vi sighed lovingly.


"Excuse me, I hate to break up this Love fest; but can the Ally Potter fan club please contain themselves for the rest of the journey because some of us would like to make it to school for there last start of year feast without being revisited by ones breakfast and lunch " Rose said in her best prefect voice "Also, it would be for the good of the entire train because we don't wont Little Ally, or Al Al, or whatever your going to call him next, ego to inflate so much we won't be able to get through tunnels..!” She said standing up so she towered over Vi and an unmistakable view of her head girl badge. "Now if you well excuse me I have the head boy to find" she said but before she could make a dignified exit; Summer Thomas spoke.


"Oh don't leave on our account or mind us. We were just bored and Vi just thought she'd practice flirting with Al because there's a 6th year she has her eye on. You haven't seen him have you?" she said turning to Al, Al shock his head and silently signalled to his friends that flirting with six years wasn't such a bad idea.


"Well, girls we have other people to err interact with cya later." Al said as him and his chuckling friends fled to find some 'entertainment'.


"Rose do you have to find Scorpius now?" Summers said brightly as Vi dithered in the door wondering if she should follow Al and hex any girl he flirted with.


"No suppose not? So how was your summer, Summer? I read your Quibbler article by the way..."


"Well I used Vi here as prime example of the fever I spoke about. It's not natural to be this boy obsessed; I expect it to be the work of narckles. Granddad X said that mum got the same thing over my dad. But it wasn't until I put all the evidence together that the truth was played bare." Summer explained in a dreamy like tone.


"So you believe that Vi and all of us act so loony over boys because of the narkles fever addles are brains for a few years before leaving us alone." Deb asked seriously.


"Then why don't you or why doesn't Rose act that way" asked Haley with a smile.


"Oh that's easy," Summer said looking in her bag for some sweets.


"Scorpius gave Rose that silver charm bracelet with a unicorn on, for Christmas two years ago. I suspected it's that so I got one" Summer said holding up a unicorn shaped necklaces. "However, I have to be honest I'm now having my doubts about how affective it is... Greg was just looking mighty fine a moment ago so you'd better watch yourself around the head boy.” Summer told Rose before she and Violet left the compartment, in the direction of Al and the others.


“Yes Rosie,” Anita laughed. “You’d better watch yourself around Skip,” She winked.


“Oh ha ha- very funny Anita.” She said sarcastically, now putting a book into her large shoulder bag.


“Well I thought so,” Haley agreed seriously, covering her mouth with her hand.


“As much as I love to hear you tease me,” Rose began, standing up and putting her bag over her shoulder. “But I really must find the Head’s compartment and instruct the prefects and whatever.”


“Sounds like fun,” Debs said with a hint of sarcasm.


“I know it’s not the most exciting thing in the world but it’s not like I have a choice.”


“Well actually you could have just not accepted the Head Girl badge,” Debs suggested but then continued at the look of protest on Roses face. “Ok, ok- I know you couldn’t do that- see you later.”


“Bye everyone,” Rose bade farewell.


“See you,” They chorused. 



My dad said that being Head Boy was a thrill to begin with but when he got into this compartment it all felt very real and the thrill turned to dread. The dread could have had something to do with the fact he was a death eater and that his head girl didn't show up... But that was him and this is me. My head girl wouldn't go on the run to destroy bits of the dark lord’s soul. Or if she did she'd take me along too. My family wouldn't be too impressed with me running off with Rose Weasley. But then again my father wasn't very impressed that she made Head Girl either. Although, thinking about it, my dad wasn't that impressed I got Head Boy. Grandmother was; she kept on saying how like my father I was and how I'd do a wonderful job. Ha! My dad was only chosen head boy because he was a death eater; McGonagall even told him that if Roses dad had been 'well' he'd be head boy. So I'm nothing like my father. I earned my badge, fair and square, where as he... he... made a lot mistakes and got thrown into it. And where as his curly haired head girl was a no show - mine is just late...


Yep... Just late...


It's not like her dad would do anything mental and make her give up her badge or take her out of school because of us being 'professionally married' is it? She'll be my other half this year - Head Boy and Head Girl - like Mr and Mrs, for a year we'll share everything even work and live together... Although she did say that her dad went into a rant 'like no other' when he found out about my appointment. She said it got so bad that her mum had to 'distract him'. They went for a drive and came back the next morning humming 'Weasley is Our King'. Gross! Gross! Gross! I don't even want to think about what that means they were up to when they were out there parents they shouldn't be... be... No they should be like my parents usually are and staying out of each others way. Not that my mum wants to dad just likes to be alone with his thoughts. Not like Roses dad who can't get enough of spending time with his wife. I wonder where Rose is. She DEFINATLY said that she'd be here by now... Scorpius looked in his pocket and picked out the lilac piece of parchment, it read:


Dear Skip,


I've just received your letter and all I can say is Congratulations! I honestly couldn't be more pleased- thank god you got it because I don't know what I would have done if some else had. Oh Merlin, what would I have done if Joseph got it- I think I’d DIE!


I'm so happy for you, as well off course. Just think we really are like a ‘Professional’ married couple now, we'll even have to live with each other. Please don't tell me you've got any disgusting habits- I can only imagine!


My dad wasn't best pleased when you got it though. He got into such a state. He was going on about how "cosy" head boys and girls could get and I off course was out raged. Anyway I thought it would be funny to tease him and said that I thought you were quite cute. Turns out that was a mistake- he went of the rails a bit actually. I told him I was only teasing him but it didn't help. It got so bad that mum had to distract him. All I know is that one minute they were off in the car and the next they were back. My dad had cheered up and he was humming "Weasley is our king".


I can’t wait to see you First of September, I might be a little late because there’s something I have to sort out before hand but that’ll only take a few minutes, with hope.


The girls are over now. All four of them are here. We’ve been gossiping no stop and yesterday Al got us to stop chatting long enough to actually play Quidditch- love the sport to death but can you imagine me PLAYING it. Merlin I’m worst than my mum. Anita and Al went of on a private little chat as well- looks like I owe you ten galleons. He definitely fancies her- he’s always talking about her and stuff, it’s quite sweet actually.


How did your parents take the news? I hope they made a fuss over you; you deserve a celebration at least. Our entire family went out for a posh meal in Diagon Ally and then went to Grandma Molly’s House for a party; but this was to celebrate Teddy and Victoire getting married as well so that’s why it was big. What ever your parents did for you to congratulate you I hope you enjoyed yourself- it’s a shame I can never celebrate with you or invite you over for a couple of days in the holidays.


I hate having to be friends in secret; I hate the fact that we can’t even say Hi to each other in the street with out our dads going off on one. IT’S NOT FAIR!  We should be allowed to be friends with whom ever we choose. Why can’t we just tell them the truth? Oh yeah, I know what you’re going to say: “We’ve been through this a million times before and it doesn’t matter what we say or do, if we tell our dad’s anything then we’re finished. There won’t be a friendship anymore because they’ll just split us apart” which, by the way, I completely disagree with. My thoughts are that my mum won’t care at all- in fact sometimes my mum says things I’m sure is trying to get us to be friends- and my dad would go completely mental at first but I’m sure after that it’ll get easier and better once he calms down. Family means a lot to him and at the end of the day; he just wants me to be happy- so he’ll let us be friends after a couple of weeks of persuasion. Ok, ok I know it isn’t possible, forget I said anything!


I hope you’re having a great summer with your family. I really miss you and I’ll see you in the Hogwarts Express! Just think this year we won’t have to sneak around to be friends we’ll have a common room all to our selves- PLUS if we’re seen talking it doesn’t matter because we’re head girl and boy and we HAVE to talk- can’t wait!


You’re Friend Forever,


Minnie x        


She knows me so well. Or have we just had that argument so many times? I feel sick just reading it- I hate how upset Rose get’s on this subject. I do wish that telling our parents was a possibility but it’s not. Rose has asked me many times. She has always gone on about it and it was the one thing she could never let go off. She has never been happy with keeping the friendship a secret, she always hated it and I don’t blame her. I feel the same way. But it just isn’t possible. My dad would go off the rails and do something stupid- probably threaten her dad and Mr Weasley would probably threaten me and keep Rose locked up in the house. Both our mum’s wouldn’t mind- in fact they’d like it. And yes, maybe, Mr Weasley would get used to it after a while but my dad NEVER will and we can’t let them know! We just can’t! But she's right I'm looking forward to be able to talk to her in public rather than just sneak around. Not that sneaking about isn't fun; it is. But it’s so tiring putting on an act all the time. My dad said he didn’t sleep for a week after that night on the Astronomy tower; pretending to be someone he wasn't. Me I have been only myself with Min for six years so this school year should be the best. Her dad and my dad are so alike though.


My dad would have gone bananas if I'd have even joked that she was cute. But she thinks I'm cute.


Scorpius looked at his refection in the mirror. I don't look so cute now with that spot on my nose. Maybe I should get rid of it... No wait what am I saying I'm Scorpius not Joseph...


Anyway what does she mean she would DIE if Joseph had gotten head boy? Die because he's a prat or die because of that stupid crush thing. What does she is in him anyway, I'm smarter and cuter than him, better at Quidditch too... what am I saying this is Rose we're talking about? I mean sure I missed her over the summer but I miss her every summer. Sure I would have liked her to come to my party and been able to go to Victoire and Teddy’s engagement party with her but that's because I'm her friend isn't it?


I just didn't want any of Al's bonehead friends bothering her. Al's so stupid; he probably wouldn't even notice if they did bother her. I mean he gets to be her 'best' friend publicly and he doesn’t even notice stuff like that. Although, if he wasn't so arrogant he would have noticed Rose and I are friends. Now should I make her pay up about our bet now or when he actually asks Anita out? Better get it now because Potter is such a loser he doesn't even realise he likes her...


I would get it now but Minnie still isn't here!!!!


She played Quidditch- Merlin, please tell me she didn’t. I wish I was there to see it. I’ve always wanted her to play Quidditch with me but she always refused. ‘I’m worst than my mum,’ I asked my dad how Mrs Weasley used to play Quidditch when she was a student. I thought it might give me an inkling of what she was like. My dad said that “Hermione was terrible at flying it was the one thing at school she couldn’t do- she was afraid to fly and the only time she did was with her precious Ron... But why are you asking me anyway the Weasley's are below your concern.” when the image of Rose actually being bad at something came into my head I smiled.


I couldn’t help it- it was funny. Rose had always been good at everything. Sure we get similar grades but she is with out a doubt smarter than I am and maybe even her mum- that’s what the teachers say anyway. When my dad asked me why I wanted to know, I froze. I didn’t know what to say. After a fleeting moment it came to me. “Just wondering because she’s trying out for Gryffindor this year and I want to analyse the competition, being Captain and all.” I said quickly. He believed me, he had to- he was really proud that I had been captain and after assuring me that I won’t have to worry about Rose being any good I walked out of the room.


That’s another good thing about this year- I’m Quidditch Captain! I heard Al made Gryffindor Captain as well but I’ll show him- Slytherin will beat Gryffindor this year. That’s the only thing me and Rose disagree on other than the telling-our-parents-about-are-friendship thing- Quidditch teams. She, off course loves Gryffindor and me Slytherin. We place a bet every year on who will win the cup and so far Slytherin and Gryffindor have won three goes each so that means that this year will be the deciding game.      


Where is she? Maybe she's helping first years... Maybe I should ask Hagrid when we see him. With a blind bit of panic, Scorpius looked in his bag. Then, noticing he still had the three packages, sighed. Good we have Mr Fluffy’s Magic dog treats for Fang Jr. Fancy Hagrid not noticing that Fang was a girl until he- or rather she- gave birth to Fang Jr. I've got this surprise for Gwarp and Hagrid and this small something for Rose. Think I'll give it to her our first night of 'marital bliss'.


Scorpius laughed briefly at his and Rose’s inside joke. Ever since first year they had joked about what, both, Ron and Draco had said about them getting married. They, off course, had no romantic feelings for each other, nor have they ever done but the joke had continued for some time and it never failed to make him and Rose laugh. Smiling to himself, Scorpius glanced down at the letter.


She was happy for me, he thought. She was pleased that I got Head boy and she said that if it had been Joseph she’d die. Was that because she hated him or because she liked him, he pondered the same question again. Then he read the next paragraph.


‘Just think we really are like a ‘Professional’ married couple now, we'll even have to live with each other. Please don't tell me you've got any disgusting habits- I can only imagine!’  I could imagine as well. It’ll be nice to live with her without anyone making snide comments- it’s our chance to be friends without having to sneak around. Luckily for her, I have no disgusting habits, wonder if she has. It wouldn’t surprise me but then again she’s way to Prim and Proper to have habits that aren’t cute. Like the way she sticks out her tongue when she’s thinking really hard- wait! I did not just think that something Rose did was cute! Actually why shouldn’t I think it’s cute- doesn’t mean I like her as more than a friend- it just means that she’s my best friend and some of her habits are sweet. There’s nothing wrong with complementing a friend. My dad would go mental if he could read my thoughts. If he knew that I and Rose had been good friends, he’d go crazy. I can’t believe Rose teased her dad by saying I was cute! I would never have lived it down if it was me and my dad. 


She wanted to know how my parents took the news. Why did she want to know that? My mum took the news as any proud mother, who just discovered that her only son had made head boy, the biggest achievement of his Hogwarts education. She had smothered me with kisses, organised a huge party and had bought me a new state of the art broom, ‘The Firebolt 360’ the newest and fastest broom in the world. My dad however seemed unimpressed at my achievement but then again he never made a big deal and I guess he was remembering his Head boy experience because he acted the proud dad on all my other achievements.


That is the one thing I resent Rose for. Her happy family. Ok, sure my dad and mum loved me, I know that much. They were always telling me how proud they were, how much they love me and I know they don’t mean any harm but they just don’t love each other. Most night’s dad just sits on his own and thinks about all of his mistakes and my mum just watches sobbing to herself and not knowing how to make him feel less upset and guilty of his shadowy past. Where as, from what Rose has told me to my face and in the many letters, her dad loves her mum. Her house is full of laughter and surprises. Never a dull or sad moment- always up beat and happy. The way families should be. Ok, so maybe she didn’t always like their constant bickering, when it was as though they could forget that anyone else was in the room but surly that is better the stale indifference I have at my house.


Deciding that this letter was just making him feel worst, he folded the parchment up and then put it back into his bag. Just then, as though out of no where, Rose came breezing into the compartment with a huge grin on her face that made Scorpius smile in return, forgetting all his worries from the letter.      


“I thought you stood me up?” Scorpius said, getting to his feet and offering his hand, for a hand shake. To his surprise Rose didn’t take his hand but throw her arms around his neck and gave him a platonic hug.


“I’m so sorry I was late- but the girls wanted to tell me something important and then I was about to leave but then Al showed up and gave me a Quill I dropped. Then Vi showed up and was all over Al, who then left- then Summer came in and I really wanted to leave but she thought it was because her and Vi turned up, which it wasn’t, so I had to talk to her. And then I complemented her on her article in the Quibbler, which was about workof narckles and how they invade your brain and make you boy obsessed. Then Haley asked why it didn’t work with me and Summer and Summer said something about the bracelet you gave me and the same kind off necklace she got for herself- only hers doesn’t work anymore and I should watch myself. And when I finally did leave, I had to help a couple of first years- that’s the thing I needed to do in my letter. I know I shouldn’t have but-” She said all of this in a very fast rant, when it got to a point where it was making Scorpius feel a little dizzy, he stopped her.


“Slow. Down! It’s not a blinking competition you know. So do you want to try again?”


“I’m sorry for being late, Scorpius.” She said shortly, smiling to her self.


“Well, that’s more like it,” He said sitting down, as she took the seat opposite. “Now get me a Butterbeer and a copy of the Daily Prophet, while I sit here and look pretty.” Rose laughed loudly at this and her laughter only hardened when he conjured up a stool, in which he rested his legs upon.


“Don’t be such an idiot,” She giggled. She had grown up a lot this year. Scorpius realised. She didn’t look the same to when he last saw her.


She looked a lot older, and seemed a lot older in herself. She had grown at least three inches taller and her body was curvier this year. Her complexion seemed to be completely clear, where as last year it wasn’t and she seemed to have taken more pride in her appearance. Sure, her red head of soft curls stayed the same and her beautiful blue were filled with the same sweet innocence of the year before but everything else about her was different. And Scorpius couldn’t place why. Rose had never cared about appearances before so why does this year seem to be different. She was the one girl who didn’t care about make up as long as her studies were up to scratch and yet this year he could see some lip-gloss poking out of her shoulder bag along with “Hogwarts: A History” Ok so maybe she didn’t change that much. 


She was extremely smart, a troll could figure out that and by the amount of guys that chased after her, there was no denying her beauty, Scorpius thought to himself, especially this year- the guys will fall all over her this year. She was caring and polite. Kind and giving and maybe- no Scorpius, what is with you today? This is Rose, just plain simple Rose- get a grip! Blaming it on tiredness he reverted his attention back onto the girl in front of him.


“Work of narkles?” He said in sudden realisation of the strange thing she had said in her rant.


“Oh, Summer Thomas- she wrote an article about how it’s unnatural to be so boy obsessed. So basically all of us girls act so loony over boys because of the narkles fever addles are brains for a few years before leaving us alone." Rose explained, carefully curling a strand of hair behind her right ear.


“Only Summer could say anything like that- I love how she has such a broad mind- it’s really interesting, even if she is slightly mad. So what’s that got to do with the bracelet I got you?”


“Well Haley asked why summer and I didn’t go all boy obsessed, like everyone else did,”


“And?” Scorpius said with sudden and unknown interest.


“Well she said it was because you gave me that silver charm bracelet with a unicorn on, for Christmas two years ago. She suspected it's that so she got one, as well." Great, he thought, so I’m the reason she won’t get boy obsessed over someone, he grunted- not sure why he even cared at all. "But she said that she’s now having doubts about how affective it is. She said that Greg was looking mighty fine so I’d better watch my self around the- well boys in general.” At that moment their conversation was interrupted, when Joseph Lions strolled into the room, running his fingers through his perfectly, and sandy, coloured hair- while plastering a sickly perfect grin on his face, stuck out his chest so that his ‘Prefect’ badge was showing (the ‘R’ and the ‘E’ had been swapped over to read ‘PERFECT’) and looking at Rose in flirty manner.


Scorpius suddenly felt very protective over Rose, that perv was staring at her and that is the only reason Scorpius could think of that would explain this sudden urge to punch him and throw him out of the compartment all together.


“Morning my little Rose,” He said, Rose smiled politely in return and moved aside so that there was room for him to sit next to her.  


“Morning,” Rose said in a sweet melody, as Scorpius looked on, biting his tongue just in case he was tempted to say something that might get him into trouble with Rose, later.


“How was your summer?” He asked.


“Fabulous- loved every minute of it- missed a lot of my friends though,” Her gaze then flicked over to Scorpius for a minute but neither Scorpius nor Joseph seemed to notice her.


“Bet you missed me,” Joseph said moving slightly closer to her, Rose said nothing and Scorpius’s fists began to clench. It was a well known fact that Joseph was only after Rose because of her looks, intelligence and the fact that he considered himself to be all those things, he thought he deserves Rose as his girlfriend- as a trophy on his arm. As a possession- something that Scorpius knew Rose didn’t deserve. “Now My Beautiful Rose, I was wondering if you,” he pointed to her in the chest, charmingly. “And me,” He pointed to himself, his voice gentle and smooth. “Should be an item.” He finished, smiling an arrogant Grin that Scorpius could tell wasn’t afraid of being turned down.


Scorpius held his breathe for the answer. He felt worried- he wasn’t sure why- maybe it was because he knew that he was a prat and she could do better and he knew she liked him a little.


“First,” Rose said in an identical soothing voice as Joseph, with a sappy smile across her face. “I’m NO ONE’S little Rose- I’m my own person- an individual.” She paused as Joseph nodded. “Second That smile is way to sickly arrogant to believe a word your saying and thirdly I think that if there was a chance that you were doing this because you actually liked me and not because you want to look good in front of the school, then I’d probably consider it but seeing as that is as unlikely as my hair turning blonde then I think I’ll have to pass but good try.” With that note she grabbed a book and began to read, her tongue sticking out slightly with concentration.


Scorpius smirked at Joseph gave him an embarrassed yet angry look in return.


“Don’t look so damn smug Malfoy,” He said coolly. “I have more chance than you have with her.” This hurt Scorpius’s feelings. He was off course aware that no girl would look twice at him. Sure he had his fare share of admirers but none that stuck around as long as everyone did with Joseph- and he wasn’t even a nice guy!


“Actually,” It was Rose who spoke, looking over book for a second and looking directly into Joseph’s eyes. “I would rather have Scorpius than you ANY day.” She said this casually and turned to her book with out looking at Scorpius- he knew she probably only said it to make him feel better about himself but he didn’t care. It was enough to know that there friendship was strong enough for her to go against Joseph Lions, the smartest and most good looking boy in the whole of Hogwarts and that meant a lot to him.


Joseph’s mouth hung open. Scorpius knew that Josephs pride had been dented by Roses comment because the other boy suddenly stormed out with a Gwarp like grace. As soon as he was gone Rose looked up from her book.


There an unnatural quietness descended between them. Rose then stood up so quickly Scorpius wondered whether she had some form of stinging spell placed on her.


She started pacing and muttering to herself which was so unlike his Minnie, it shocked Scorpius. He stood up and placing hands on her shoulders stopped her forward momentum.


“I ruined it. I ruined it. Weeks of work and preparation and I ruined it with my patented Weasley smart mouth.”


“Hey what’s up with you it’s only Joseph being… well Joseph.”


“Skip you don’t understand.” She whispered as she wriggled from his grip. “My first plan failed before it began. So, I’ve spent all summer doing this.” she indicated to herself. “I’ve been working on myself all summer so I could impress him into asking me out nicely and I ruined it.” Scorpius looked at her like he’d never met her before. “I wear make-up now. I’ve been using Uncle George’s special spot removing cream. And I’m even found and finished Uncle Fred’s last magical masterpiece.”




“In the weeks before the final battle my Uncle Fred was working in secret just in notes and things. He was working on a range of witches’ beauty products. The first one of these was a hair taming product that he had invented for my mother. Makes my hair easier to work with… But that doesn’t matter now. Nothing matters.” She said very fast before sitting down dejectedly.


“Hang on a minute. I can’t get my head around this.” He shook his head feeling exasperated. “What was your first plan?”




“You mean to tell me you were going to play Quidditch for him?” When Rose nodded Scorpius couldn’t believe it.


“But what does it matter now. I’ve ruined it good and proper.” She said as she picked up a packet of crisps from her bag and opening them so violently that they went everywhere. “See I can’t even open a bag of crisps! I’m useless.”


“No your not you’re my best friend. So what if you can’t play Quidditch; you’re you. My best friend Minnie, who doesn’t care that she inherited her fathers Quidditch passion but her mothers skill; you loved the game from the sidelines. We couldn’t find a better commentator than you. And as for wearing make-up and doing your hair; that isn’t you. And, to be honest, its quite silly seeing as you rub your eyes when you’re nervous.” Rose laughed.


“Well, that’s where being a witch supported by best-friends like mine come in handy. Means I have access to every girly make-up spell imaginable; had to charm my make-up to stay perfect.” She laughed a little, thinking of her friends and what they had done for her.


“See that’s you!” Scorpius said, with a lop-sided smile. “Always able to make a joke and make everyone smile- that’s special, Min,” He paused, sitting her down and putting a reassuring arm around her. “And as for the make up and the hair- well, one you look pretty enough with out it,”


“Not true,” She said matter-of-factly.


“Yes it is true, come on half the guys in the school want’s to go out with you- even people who have graduated wants to go with you- Merlin knows some girls could turn lesbian because of what a fantastic girl you are,” Scorpius reasoned. Rose smiled.


“Let’s not go to over the top,”


“Let’s not mention Harriet Goldheart.”


“Shut up, you know that was an April falls joke,” She said whipping away tears and giggling.


“Ok, ok maybe the lesbian thing isn’t true but the rest is and anyway make up is not what matters- looks are nothing to me and nothing to anyone else with a sane mind- you’re the nicest, smartest person I have EVER met and Joseph’s not worth it if he can’t even see that. If you want to wear make up, good, wear it but don’t EVER do anything just to impress a boy because you’re perfect the way you are.”


"Arr Skip you’re sweet but..."


"But nothing Min you are." At that moment Scorpius didn't know why but he wanted to hold Rose in his arms for all eternity and make everything alright. He quickly shock off that thought and hugged, shakily, her. She hugged back. Within himself Scorpius felt that this was more like it. He poured all the love he felt for his best friend into that embrace. Then they heard a giggle that made them spring apart.


"Well, well, well you to look very cosy should I come back later?" Anita said smiling a wide and wicked smile.


"No why would you, Skip was just comforting me."


"Min... erm... Rose!" Scorpius blushed. “You told her.”


“Told her what?"


"That you call me Skip,"


"Oh that,"


"Well Skip, my Slytherin friend I've known about it since first year. Had to sneak after you two to find out but I did... So don't go blaming her."


"Who else knows?" Rose moved over to sit by Anita in front of the window.


"Only Hailey and Debs... I promise..!" Automatically Rose pouted and made her eyes sparkle widely at him.


“Wow” Anita sighed automatically.


“What?” Scorpius and Rose chorused.


“I’ve never seen you two interact like this when other people are round.” she said looking between them “I mean usually you’re both so guarded and…” She stopped to look at Rose.


“Hey you’ve been crying; what did he do?” Anita said standing up putting her had on her hip; unconsciously mimicking what Debs does when she’s about to shout.


“Oh sit down I didn’t do anything it was that prat Lions.”


“No it wasn’t it was me and my Weasley temper.” Rose shot back. “He asked me out and I insulted him and I said I’d rather go out with Skip than him.” Anita looked at Scorpius. “Oh don’t be like that… I didn’t mean to… Joseph was just being…”


“Rude, arrogant, up himself, insulting…” Scorpius said counting off the adjective on his fingers.


“Are you finished?” Rose asked sharply.


“No I have a whole Thesaurus of adjectives for that waste of space…” he said brightly.


“It was a rhetorical question; Malfoy!” Rose said pointedly meaning for him to shut up. But Scorpius couldn’t take the hint. He was like a dog with a bone; he had to carry on until the end.


“Malfoy! Hey… I get to watch him insult you and I’m the one who is being called by my last name. Well answer me this Weasley! Why defend him when he was being so… so…”


“Ha I thought you said that you had a whole Thesaurus full of adjective to describe him. And why shouldn’t I defend him? I’ve spent the last six years defending you to Al or Al to you.”


“I don’t need defending to the likes of Potter, Min. What I need to do is explain how come you defend him after he comes in here and asks you out in the most insulting ways.” Then began to mimic Joseph. ‘“Now My Beautiful Rose, I was wondering if you,” he pointed to her in the chest, charmingly. “And me,” He pointed to himself, his voice gentle and smooth. “Should be an item.” He finished, smiling the arrogant Grin Joseph had had.


“Oh he didn’t?” Anita gasped hardly able to control her giggles because Scorpius impression was very good. Rose crossed her arms and looked indigent.


“He flaming well did…”


“Then Min here says that she doesn’t belong to anyone and that he’s so arrogant she doesn’t believe him but and I quote ‘nice try’.”


“Nice one Rosie”


“No it’s not don’t you see I’ve ruined it. We all did all this work this summer so I’d have a chance and he would look at me like a girl that he wants to get to know and respect and I ruined it with my big mouth.”


“Oh Rose don’t be silly. You’re wonderful it’s Joseph that needs to be worried he ruined his chances. You did the right thing. He likes you. Be strong. Let him squirm when he comes in here and jobs a good-un. He’ll be pining over you and he’ll try to woo you.”


“Woo you? Anita you’ve been reading too many romantic books over the summer!” Scorpius nearly shouted. “He won’t try to woo her. He’ll try and get into her knickers and have her on his arm like a trophy. You deserve someone who will love and respect you as much as your friends do. And to some guy who’s going to go around saying. Look I can bag a child of the golden trio. The smartest, most beautiful witch in the history of Hogwarts is my girlfriend…” Scorpius rant suddenly lost momentum; he stopped talking because he noticed the piercing look Anita was giving him.


“Well, at this particular moment Malfoy I don’t care what you think…” Joseph appeared. “There’s my girl.” Came a familiar voice from the corridor.


“Oh hello Potter is there something I can help you with.” Scorpius said with a seething voice.


“Why yes Malfoy there is. First you can leave my cousin alone.” He said closing the door behind him. “Then you can lay down your Head Boy badge before you shuffle of the edge of the planet like a good little ferret-boy.”


“Ha fat chance. I got this badge fair and square, Potter and your fathers influence can’t win you it think; your powers as an orator will induce me to part with what is mine. Besides, Rose is quite capable of speaking and acting for herself and she doesn’t need some would-be-hero to ‘save her’.”


“Enough!” shouted Rose. “Six years I’ve but up with this and I am at the end of my tether with the pair of you. Professor Kingley made us his heads of school so we have to work together!!! Grow up!” Both boys stood silent. “Al, please look in my bag I have a purple parchment in there. Multiply it so there’s a copy for each of you. You sit there and shut up” she said pointing her long manicured finger at Scorpius “And Anita can you help me reapply my make-up… I’m in such a dither today.”


Scorpius was silent. He couldn’t process what had happened for Rose and him to start arguing. They rarely argued over anything that wasn’t Quidditch or telling everyone they were friends.


“What is this anyway Rose?” Al asked snapping Scorpius out of his rivalry.


“It’s the agenda for today’s meeting. As you two are mine and Sk… Scorpius deputy, we need to be united in our thinking this year.”



An hour later, the Prefect carriage had been transformed. Enlarged to fit a rather large round table, the trolley lady had left a vat of hot chocolate and the agenda was disrupted. Al and Scorpius, for once, had been united in their complaining of Roses choose of paper colour; this had been such a surprise to Rose that she'd given in a golden yellow colour.


Once the meeting was in full swing Scorpius sat back and let Rose lead it. It wasn't that he was lazy or anything, more that she enjoyed the challenge of directing meetings. So Scorpius glanced down at the agenda every time Rose added something magically to it. The important stuff like the bathroom password (... insert word here) had all ready been decided in their pre-prefect meeting.


As he looked at Rose he imagined that this was the place she should be. At the head of a meeting being a force for change. He noticed that her make up was perfect again and that all of the prefects in carriage we're awe struck. Joseph, the prat, was sitting so opposite to Rose so he could freely stare at her. Scorpius was sure that his eyes never travelled north of Roses neck. He had the sudden urge to go over there and hex him but he held back for Roses sake.


He decided it was quite enjoyable being Head Boy. He decided to be the silent and menacing type. To try and silently put the fear of... whatever into them so that throughout the year they'd know he meant business and they'd leave him and Rose alone this year.


The first time prefects all looked terrified; especially that clod Harry Dursley. Rose had told Scorpius to be kind to young Muggleborn Harry, who was Roses Uncle Harry’s cousin- and thus had to bite his tongue when he felt the urge to call him a pig in a wig because even though it was true it was unkind to say.


“I think that’s it,” Rose finished with a satisfied smile on her face. “Would you like to add anything Scorpius?”


Scorpius looked around the compartment and saw Hugo Weasley, Rose’s brother, giving him an evil look as Rose looked at Scorpius, waiting to see if she had missed anything out.


“Erm- well Kingsle-” Scorpius came to a halt at Roses warning glare. “I mean Professor Kingsley,” He corrected. “Said that he felt like a ball this year- but Rose and I will let you know more about that, when we know more,”


“Yes!” Lily screamed triumphantly, she was sat next to Hugo and Axel Gland, her straight red hair hung to her sides and her blue eyes twinkled in joy. “I’ve always wanted a Hogwarts ball.”


“Me too,” Axel agreed, his brown, chestnut hair flopping over his right eye, before brushing it away. “Liquorish Wand?” He offered passing a couple over to Lily.


“I thought you said I was sweet enough already?” Lily said, flirtatiously, as Tim Duhurst, Gregory’s brother, eyed Axel carefully, clearly not happy with this obvious flirting. At that moment, Greg Duhurst handed Lily a mug of Coco and glared at her then signalled over to Al- this was a warning Lily understood to mean ‘Stop flirting unless you want Axel to be beaten to a pulp’.


“One thing we do know is that there will be dress code,” Rose informed them, still on her feet, and then, after a quick glance at Scorpius, she continued. “Gowns for girls and Dress Robes for boys,” A few of the boys groaned at this. “And we think we’ll give the boys a rest this year and girls must ask boys to be there dates- we thought it might make a healthy change,” Rose said in her most business voice.


“Guess we all know who my sister will pick,” Piped up a girl with blonde curly hair in the far corner of the compartment. Her name was Lidia Andrews, sister of Neal Andrews, with a identical twin called Carrie.


“Who’s that, then?” Hugo said quickly, trying to sound casual and uninterested but failed.


“That Seventh year, Sam Rhodes,” Lily interrupted. “Dead obvious she fancies him.” Hugo seemed to look disappointed but this only turned to anger at the sound of his name.


“But he’s too old for her!” He said protectively.


“Carrie likes her older men, though, doesn’t she?” Lidia said, waving an arm as if to dismiss the subject, then turning back to Rose who was waiting patiently.


“Well I think we’re done,” Rose said brightly, “So this year we have six prefects from each house, two from each house in every year. So could Fifth and Sixth years sign write there names down on this piece of parchment,” Rose handed her brother Hugo some parchment. “And Seventh years write their names here,” She handed Al the second piece. Scorpius couldn’t help but think how good of a leader Rose was, she’d make an excellent mother, he thought with a grin. “I need your names so I can set up a table of all you’re duties and corridor patrols.” Another groan was audible. 


“Don’t worry,” Scorpius but in. “It wont clash with Quidditch practices and I’ll make sure I do extra rounds so that everyone gets minimum patrols,” A murmur of thanks spread across the heads compartment.


“No Scorpius, that isn’t necessary,” Rose said.


“Yes it is,”


“What are you doing?” She hissed in a whisper pulling Scorpius to one side.


“Ever heard of good cop, bad cop?”




“Well that’s what I’m doing,” Scorpius said smugly.


“You can’t just do extra work so others do less,” She protested.


“Why not? You do it all the time,” Rose didn’t reply to this, it was true, she did always do more work so that she could help other people.


“But you have Quidditch,” She tried.


“I know what I’m doing and that’s final,” Scorpius reassured her.


“Fine!” Rose gave in turning to the group, so I think that’s it, “You can all leave- Scorpius and I can do the corridor patrols for today’s journey, no one needs to worry about it today- enjoy yourselves. Once they all had left Rose turned to Scorpius. “Well, if we’re doing good cop, bad cop- I think I should be the good cop!” She insisted, walking over to her bag and putting it around her shoulder.


“Suit yourself,” Scorpius shrugged. “So that means I do all the shouting and you just take away the points,”


“No I’ll do the shouting and you take away the points and give the detentions.”


“Deal!” Scorpius agreed, shaking her hand. Rose looked as though she was in a world of her own for a minute.


“What are you thinking?” You’re not still upset over that mug, Lions, are you?” Scorpius grunted.


“No- well yes a little but that’s not what I was thinking,”


“What then?” He asked in utter bewilderment.


“We make a good team don’t we?” She said finally, with a smile.


“Well- I’m not sure myself- I mean I just talk to you because you’ll kill me if I don’t,” Scorpius joked. “Not my fault if you can’t keep away from me, I know I’m dead gorgeous but you just can’t have me.”


“Oh no, what will I ever do,” Rose laughed sarcastically.


“You’ll just have to move on,” Scorpius said patting the top of her head.


“You’re so conceited,” Rose said shaking her head and walking to the door, “Come on we better do patrol before we get into trouble." And with that one last note, Scorpius and Rose walked out of their Head’s compartment and went to do their patrol.

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